View Full Version : 1/144 Zeydra Kit Review

March 21, 2012, 7:54 AM
I thought I'd share another kit review I just did.
It's the 1/144 Zeydra.
I had a fun time building it, and I must say, these AGE kits are really impressing me with their quality.
And this time, I really liked the design. I have a whole lot of mods I want to do to this bad boy.


CKai Cydek
March 21, 2012, 2:24 PM
The Zeydra sure stands out as compared to other Vagan units. The bright red makes him look more like the monster of the week on a Kamen Rider show than anything else...in fact, with the various colors of the Vagan MS I see now, I'm convinced Bandai wants to make these guys some sort of Sentai team or something :D

That said, it's a very striking kit. I think I might like it more than the Dorado. Thing is, I really hate how it (and other Vagan MS) holds the sword - it looks so detached and ruins what dynamic it would have had with it. Would it be too hard to mold a right (or left, whatever) hand especially sculpted for holding the sword? Having a beam saber in the hand vulcan barrel gives a better result but sadly, this kit, along with the other Vagans do not come with any. Are HG Beam sabers collector's items now?

I'll be picking this kit up for sure. And I look forward to the one that looks like a dragon later on...

March 22, 2012, 8:18 AM
I agree with you Ckai, The red is....
well actually a big factor in me getting the kit, and what amazes me more is the attention to detail on the age kits.
Usually when bandai starts off promoting new kits for their new tv series, such as wing, or x, and even seed, the 1/144 kits usually are not as detailed as compared to their 1/100 counter parts, but I must say, this time Bandai has outdone themselves with the age series kits.

As for HG Beam sabers being a collector's item, I don't think so. They still print them, but they just don't print them for the Vagan suits, as they use more of the heated hawk style swords. The still make them for the HGUC's , and they fit with the holders for the Vagan suits like the Garfran and Dorado.

The one that looks like the Dragon... do u mean the Garfran? or is it a different suit entirely?