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Ginga Bishōnen
April 11, 2018, 11:20 PM
Hi guys,
Opened this thread so you guys have a place to leave your questions, comments, feedback, etc on my FanFic, as well as to have a place to put the backstory, setting info, glossary, character bios for this story.

Setting :
This RP takes place on a large continent called Talidor. Technology for the most part is around the real world pre-industrial era, circa 1500-1600s. There is Gunpowder, printing presses, sailboats, etc, but nothing steam or electrically powered. Magic does exist, but it is generally limited to a specific purpose - the creation and use of Mobile Suits, the key to military dominance.

"Mobile Suit Tech:"
A small percentage of humanity is gifted with the magical power of Evoking, which allows them to bring "Avatars" to life. Avatars are miniature replicas of creatures, machines, etc. that are made of a special resin that comes from a rare, magical type of tree. When the Evoker uses their magic on the Avatar, it grows to gigantic size (i.e. from the size of a Gunpla model to an actual mobile suit height). The evoker then gets surrounded by an orb of magical energy and enters the Avatar, piloting it from the inside.

Avatars have ranged in shape and form throughout the years, from dragons and monsters to knights, but in recent times, the standard form of an Avatar is that of the "Mobile Suit," gigantic humanoid automatons. Avatars are dependant on their Evoker's magic energy or "mana" to function, and when the Evoker runs out of mana or dies, the Avatar returns to its original miniature form.

Simply moving a Mobile Suit uses up quite a bit of mana, and doing stuff like flying or using traditional beam weapons would use up extraordinary amounts of mana, so combat is basically ground-orientated, with suits being able to occasionally use mana-powered boosters to jump high into the air or make quick movements to dodge enemy attacks. Ranged weapons come in two varieties: guns that shoot compressed physical manifestations of mana (basically act as bullets) or rockets/missiles created by using Gunpowder. Mana-based ranged weapons are a bit of a double edged sword in that they technically have limitless ammo so long as an Evoker as the mana for it, but at the same time the mana amount per bullet, while a comparatively small amount, builds up over time, meaning they aren't good for long engagements. Rockets and Missiles meanwhile tend to do more damage, but run out of ammo, and since they are limited by the tech of the setting, don't have the heatseeking/homing features of our current missiles/rockets. Melee weapons come in two varieties as well : Physical Metal Weapons, some with Vibro/Heat-based enhancements, or Mana-based weapons, the most common of which is the Aura Saber (ie a Beam Saber). The problem with Mana-based melee weapons is that to manifest them, the user has to use up a lot of their mana (10-20% depending on the size of the weapon). While simply using them doesn't burn too much energy, if the Saber handle or the arm holding the handle is destroyed, the Evoker automatically loses that amount of mana. Vice versa, if an Evoker turns off their Saber, they automatically regain the amount of mana they used to manifest it.

Talidor is split into several rival nations. The major powers are the Galius Empire, the Minamoto Shogunate, and the island Kingdom of Tristain. Other Factions also of note are the City-State of Jacinto, the Myrine Confederacy, the port city of T'Challa, and the Brotherhood of the Black Banners.

As of the time of the RP, the Galius Empire and the Minamoto Shogunate have been warring against one another on-and-off for over a century. The Kingdom of Tristain meanwhile has traditionally kept out of the affairs in the mainland, preferring to keep to themselves, with the exception of the occasional importing and exporting of goods. Many of the Pro-War senators of Galius have mistaken this peaceful stance of Tristain as a sign of weakness, and desiring more resources with which to finally defeat the Shogunate, they have convinced the Emperor to launch an invasion of the island Kingdom.