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Ginga Bishōnen
April 11, 2018, 10:47 PM
Henry awoke with a sudden sense of unease and a feeling of incoming danger. He was one of the rare few among Evokers that was gifted with "the touch," a sort of sixth sense that let him know what others were thinking and occasionally gave him premonitions of the future. Henry learned to trust his gift, and so he quickly leaped out of bed, grabbing the belt and pouch on the nightstand next to him as he did so. He then kicked the bed next to his.

"Connor, wake up, we need to go, now. The outpost is in danger."

Henry didn't give Connor any time to respond or ask questions as he opened the door and went to wake up the other cadets, but to his surprise they were already outside his door.

"You sensed it too," remarked Pierre, the head cadet and someone who shared Henry's gift of the Touch.

"Yeah, do you think the Coastal Guards were taken out?"

"Probably, otherwise we would of heard the alarm."


The situation looked grim to Henry. The Cadets had been stationed at the Greystoke Bluffs Outpost, the Kingdom's most northward military installation, as part of their last year of training before officially joining the Armed Forces. However, it was supposed to be an easy, boring assignment, since the actual watchpost for enemy detection was on a small island a few miles out to sea, manned by the Coastal Guardsmen. The Cadets were basically there to be glorified caretakers, maintaining and cleaning the facility and making sure the Emergency Beacon was manned at all times.....which it currently should of been, but Henry noticed the assigned Sentry, Alan, was right there with them. Henry smelled the telltale stench of cheap booze on him. Before he could lay into the idiot, Pierre spoke up.

"No time to lose, the enemy probably landed on the mainland by now. Henry, Connor, take the backdoor and make sure the Beacon gets lit. Everyone else, follow me and make sure to spread out. We got to make sure that the enemy's attention is drawn to us and not to the pair trying to light the Beacon. Command needs to be notified, nothing else matters. Now let's go do our jobs."

With that, all fears and apprehension that the Cadets had been feeling disappeared, their training starting to kick in. As Henry and Connor split off from the group, Pierre gave them a quick salute for good luck.

- - - Updated - - -

As soon as Henry and Connor stepped out of the Outpost, they scanned the area for any sign of the enemy. Seeing nothing, they reached into the pouches strapped to the side of their right leg, and pulled out a small humanoid figure, about the size of a child's doll. The two bunkmates looked at each other and nodded, each seeing in the other's eyes the same fiery determination, which filled them with even more confidence and resolve to see their mission through. Henry and Pierre tossed their figures into the air several yards away.

"Rise up, Squire!!"

(OOC A Squire looks like and basically is a GM Command https://www.gundamplanet.com/pub/media/catalog/product/cache/aa72b28f82ebf2d897600ee194018ec6/m/g/mg-rgm-79g-gm-command-00.jpg )

A flash of light enveloped the figures, and when it disappeared they were replaced with two much larger versions of themselves. Henry and Connor were enveloped in a glowing bubble of energy, which entered the large humanoid constructs. The Squires' Eyes flashed green, and they began to move, controlled by Henry and Connor from inside the suits. They looked towards the front of the base, and saw that their fellow Cadets had already activated their own Squires and were engaged with the enemy.

"Those are Leos, from the Galius Empire!! We got to help them Henry!!" exclaimed Connor, with a shocked and frightened tone.

Henry became worried and distressed himself. He had assumed that the enemy was merely a band of pirate raiders, coming to merely pillage a village or two before slinking back to whatever hole they crawled out of. Instead, they were facing professional soldiers from the largest and most powerful nation in the continent. Their presence here could only mean one thing.......an invasion.

However, that just meant that it was even more crucial that the higher-ups be warned at once about this grave new threat. Henry shook aside all his fears and doubts, and steeled himself for the task at hand.

"No Connor, they have their own duty, just as we have ours. We got to light the Beacon, it is the only thing that matters now. Let's go, and make sure you watch our backs. I will take point."

"R-r-roger that Henry." Connor said, feeling more reassured, hearing the confidence in Henry's voice.

They made it halfway to the Beacon when suddenly two Leos appeared before them. Connor hesitated when he saw them, but Henry didn't stop his stride, speeding up suddenly to drive his Squire's shoulder into one of the enemies, tackling them to the floor. Connor fired a burst of rounds into the cockpit of the other Leo as it was distracted by its teammate getting taken down. Henry aimed his own gun at the fallen Leo's torso, and pulled the trigger. The two enemy mobile suits suddenly disappeared, reverting back to their smaller doll-sized forms, and the Evokers fell down to earth, their lifeless corpses hitting the floor with a thump.

- - - Updated - - -

Henry felt nauseous, having realized that he just took a human life, even if it was an enemy. He was just about to throw up when his Squire was suddenly hit with enemy fire, destroying his shield and the left arm behind it and knocking him down, leaving him in a daze.

Connor looked towards the direction of where the shots came from, and saw 3 more Leos closing in. He sprayed a burst of suppressive fire in their direction.

"Henry, make a break towards the Beacon, it's on top of the hill in front of you. I will hold them off."

"But Connor, there is no way you can face against all three of---"

Connor didn't stop to discuss their situation any further, charging the enemy guns ablazing. Despite their advantage in numbers, the enemy Evokers couldn't help but to react at the shots fired towards them by leaping for cover. Henry started a mad dash uphill towards the beacon.

One of the Leos recovered and took aim at Henry's Squire, but Connor threw his shield at it, causing the shots to miss wildly and knocking down the Leo. He then drew his Aura Saber, and slashed down at it, but one of the other enemy Leos ignited his own Aura Saber and blocked Connor's attack. The last Leo fired his gun at Connor, who with no shield and distracted by the sword duel, took the blast to his left leg. As Connor was falling, he aimed a wild blow towards the Leo with the Saber, skewering it in half. The Leo that was on the floor got up, and in rage due to their fallen comrade, the two remaining Leos fired dozens of rounds into Connor's Squire, completely annihilating it and killing the young Cadet.

The two Leos then looked towards the hill for Henry, but it was too late, as he managed to ignite the Beacon fire, which in turn caused another fire in the distance to form. Signal fires would continue to be lit down the line, until they reached the Northern HQ of the Tristain army, warning them of the attack.

"Connor, we did it, the Beacon is lit. Connor, do you hear me?"

Henry looked down the hill and didn't see Connor anywhere. He looked further away towards the outpost, but didn't see any signs of his fellow Cadets. With fear growing in him, Henry tried calling all of the other Cadets' names, but received no reply. Henry's panic grew and grew, slowly realizing that everyone else had already been killed by the enemy, so lost in his desperate thoughts that he didn't realize that one of the Leos had snuck up the hill, and was closing in. Henry heard the snap of a tree, and suddenly the Leo was charging towards him. Henry had just enough time to scream in terror as the Leo brought down his blade at him, and the darkness enveloped him....