View Full Version : 1/100 Auldey Full Armor Dussack EV-0666 "Red Knight"

February 10, 2017, 2:31 PM
I have never seen a review of these kits so I figured I would make one in case anyone was interested in them.

I think I read somewhere that Auldey is actually a Bandai owned company that is locate din and sells exclusively too China. However I cannot find the web site I read that on so who knows if that is true or not.

The quality of the casting is sub Bandai and about par with Daban or Dragon Momoko (whom both make bootleg Gundam kits as you may know). 99% of parts fit perfectly but some parts required some sanding to remove seems or "flares" at the edges to make them look perfect.

The packaging is top notch and very impressive IMHO.

It has a slide out internal box, pointless but pretty.

Great packaging, everything nicely bagged and a good thick manual with plenty of reference pics.

Torso portion of frame, nice articulation, this should pose nicely.

Legs connect to a cool "crotch ball joint" I haven't seen before.

Lots of the frame reminds me of IBO frames or Frame Arms kits. Legs are comparable to MG articulation.

Frame mostly done, ready to paint and start attaching armor etc.