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Zeon's RedComet
December 18, 2016, 9:07 AM
Okay here's the skeleton for the bio's, and if anyone wants lineart sources for pictures of their suits (to illustrate color schemes) then I can provide, but I'm sure most of you already know them.



Mobile Suit:

Picture (Optional):
Backround (optional):


Name: Lance Bonaparte
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Appearance: Slim build, just under six feet tall, Sandy Blond hair, combed back, outfit similar to Baltheir's from FFXII ( https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/0/00/Balthier.png ) wears a silver and Gold Mask ( http://i.imgur.com/xsMk74p.jpg Looks like that, but with the main part gold, and the part sticking off of the side silver) equiped with smart lenses hooking to his suit's VR targeting systems.
Faction: Highway Star
Rank: Captain

Backround: Surfacing in the last few years of the Decade Conflict, he quickly made a name for him self as a pirate, mercenary ship, and occasional information broker in the asteroid belt, and Mars Sphere both, with his Ship Highway star an old Earth Style high speed cruiser, lance and his crew quickly formed a reputation as a ghost ship early on due to their hit and run tactic's and use of stealth in ship to ship combat, though they more often worked as smugglers, during the last stages of the war the Highway star was one of a few ships to conduct smuggling runs between Mars and their allies on the moon. All of this has led to a reputation and active hostility from a few groups.

Before all of this, not much is known, Lance as expected keeps his past mostly to himself and his first mate Katarina Pailsen. He speaks with a north american accent, seemingly west coast, and seems well educated leading most to think he was a well to do Terran, on top of that his ship being an Earth Union design leads to some claiming he's a former captain in the Earth fleets, though some due to his younger age theorize that he's a mercenary who got lucky in a power play and managed to steal the ship, while other's say he's a martian revolutionary who wasn't happy with the Earth Union or Mars confederate Those who ask him usually get the same response, that the mask is just a tool to give him more presence, that it's not hiding anything, a bit of a character to help bolster reputation.

On top of his reputation as a captain he's earned one as a MS pilot as well, favoring close quarters head to head fights, contrasting to his hit and run engagements that he deploys in ship combat.

Personality: On the surface seemingly out going though he holds most everything close to his chest, has a pechant for mercy mostly to acure allies when it's feasible, noted by many as being charming, or annoying depending on how you view it.

Mobile Suit:

Name: Blackguard Gundam
Model: ASW-G-66
Armaments: Same as Vidar though it's rifle is a beam version of the Alex's machine gun

Picture (Optional):

Backround (optional):
The blackguard has been Lance's Mobile Suit of choice since the closing days of the Decade Conflict, not much is known about it aside from it's focused on high speed head on engagements mostly it's only substantial ranged weapon being a beam Machine Gun utlized during approach and straifing runs, albeit rarely. The only obvious factor is the suit is based off of a prototype frame once utilized by the Earth Union, aside from that the armor, armaments, and even computer and propulsion systems are all said to be custom designed and tailored for him.


Name: Katarina Pailsen
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Appearance: Long White hair, grey eyes, about five foot ten inches tall, wears a black sweater and olive cargo pants most of the time.
Faction: Highway Star
Rank: First Officer

Backround: Katarina grew up in the martian city of Ginsis, known as a haven of Martian organized crime, she grew up as the daughter of a middling gangster and lived a rather content life until the time of his arrest near the beginning of the Decade conflict, her father being arrested due to suspicion that he was tied to the group that carried out the bombing of the Earth Union embassy that would eventually trigger the war. During integration he died, and Katarina and her mother were also questioned though far less brutally. As the war broke out they were left without a source of income, her mother now working two jobs Katarina eventually quit school and began working as a mobile worker pilot at a scrap yard, before eventually needing more money and going to for the same organization that her father did.

During her time with the Ginsis Mafia, she went from being a package courier to more intensive jobs, she didn't like most of the implications of them but kept going with them eventually though scouted by the boss as their ringer for the MS battling competitions that had gained steam in the outer edges of the city that had gained popularity. Though eventually six years into the war the city was taken, Martial law was established by the Earth Union, over time a good deal of the mafia was arrested, especially those involved in the MS batling racket, at the age of 19 she was sentenced to hard labor and was sent to the olympus mons labor camp.

It was here she first met Lance, or who would become Lance, though it isn't said if he was an officer in the Earth Union or a fellow prisoner, he gained her trust and the trust of other inmates while there, and eventually helped with their escape, and a good chunk of his crew is either from that camp as prisoners, or ex EU soldiers. In the last three years of the decade conflict and the years since she has served as the Highway Star's First officer and has over time became lances Lover which has led to several rumors sprouting up about the origin of their relationship, though mostly spread by outsiders and hired Guns that aren't full members of the crew.

Personality: Laid back most of the time, sometimes teasing and has a seemingly aloof matter when it comes to most of the world's issues the only thing concrete being her loyalty to Lance and his goals, as well as some loyalty to those back home. Often times while lance is turning an old enemy into a friend she is often thinking of contingencies should the friendship go sour.

Mobile Suit:

Name: Highwind Gundam
Model: HWND-66

x1 Large Lance basically a larger version of the Kimaris' Lance with thrusters hidden at the back end of it
x1 140mm Cannon (Hidden within the Lance, the tip moves to be revealed)
x2 30MM Vulcan Gatling Guns hidden with the Shoulder Launcers are on the Kimaris
x2 Cannon boosters, Boosters ala the Kimaris' that are put on it's back though they can be swung over the shoulders to use beam rifle power beam cannons on them

Picture (Optional):

Backround (optional): Devloped on the same base frame as the Blackguard the Highwind was developed by Lance as Katarina's personal MS, despite the looks of the lance, the Highwind is primairly focused on mid range to long range combat, with hit and run lance charges to break though enemy armor, making the MS deadly at close range as well. Typically isn't deployed at the same time as the Blackguard does due to her commanding the ship while lance is deployed and visa versa.

Dom Tropen MS-09D
December 18, 2016, 3:39 PM
Name:Adam Pacer
Appearance: At 6"5 tall and somewhat skinny, blonde neck length hair, green eyes, often wears brown leather jackets and grey jeans
Faction:Highway Star, former Earth Union
Backround: Adam was born in the city of Los Angeles, at the west coast of the North America. From a very young age Adam was adamant to become a teacher. A history teacher to be specific. Ever since he learned to read, he was reading history books of increasing complexity. By the age of 22 he had majored in history and was studying to become a teacher. However, at this point in time the Decade Conflict was ramping up in intensity after successful Martian landings and their lightning fast capture of Eastern and Southern Europe. Several American cities where occupied, especially on the East Coast as where parts of India and South East Asia. Earth Union issued a mass draft to get as many troops as possible to repel the Martian invaders. Adam was drafted and was initially placed into the Infantry but was soon transferred to Mobile Suit Corps, due to his vast knowledge of mechanical machines. He started as mere grunt but was soon promoted to Sergeant, after several successful missions, during which he displayed immense courage. He managed to lead his squadron through several campaigns culminating on the final major assault against the Martians in Russia, Operation Varsity. Earth forces managed to almost completely destroy or capture the Martians but with massive casualties. Up to 83% of all participating mobile suits where destroyed, including Adams whole unit. except him. Circumtances in which this high casualty ratio happened is still, years later, shrouded in mystery. Conflicting reports where submitted, many mentioning an unknown mobile suit entering the battlefield. Union High Command dismissed these reports as simple excuses from the officers to cover their incompetence. Aftermath of Operation Varsity saw substantial number of Union officers incarcerated and dismissed from service. Adam was demoted to corporal and sent to space for the final two moths of the war, where he saw very little action. After the war he tried to return to his teacher studies but dropped out very soon, feeling simply bored of the idea. He spent the next year unemployed and suffering from intense night terrors. After support from his girlfriend Olivia and many of his friends, he realized the he had missed the piloting. Gathering all the funds he could, he set off to space, aiming to begin a career as mercenary/freelancer and maybe in the progress help to make the lawless space a bit better place.
Personality: Social and friendly though sometimes rather distant. Loves old school music and culture. Bit of a bookworm.

Mobile Suit(s):

Name:Dom DP(Dual Purpose)
Modifications:Additional thrusters, Higher output generators
Armaments:Heat Sabre, Giant bazooka II, 120 mm Zaku machine gun
Picture (Optional):http://i.imgur.com/tUgmlmz.png

Modifications:Various equipment packs.
Armaments:Nu Gundams beam rifle, beam saber attachments at the arms where shield connectors usually are, can be removed, sub arms on the front skirts. Loads of equipment packs.
Picture (Optional):

Armaments: Nu Gundam's Beam rifle, beam sabers, Beam diffusor, shoulder shields, micro missiles
Picture (Optional):http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/gundam/images/a/af/Rix-001.png/revision/latest?cb=20161030182210

December 19, 2016, 8:44 AM
Name: Even he can’t remember that, but he does like Bob, Dodge. (See below)

Age: Older than some younger than others.

Gender: male

Appearance: 6’2” Lanky and a bit gaunt. He wears long coats, gloves and cloths that never seem to quite match, yet he pulls it off. His hair is how ever he woke up that day. He always has a bit of a far away look in his eyes. If he is looking at you it is almost like he is looking at something behind you. Not too many people can look him in the eyes for long with out feeling a bit put off and uneasy.

Faction: Who pays well? And more to the point who is winning? And can I f**k that up?

Rank: Not to bad, I did take a shower today. But you know how it can be out here, a bit cramped and the humidity WOW that will get to you after a bit….

Background: Tricky part. His parents were part of a deep space covert mission led by the Jupiter faction. The mission was to get to the outer rim planets for resources and to claim them for Jupiter. Kind of a westward expansion with force, it did not end well.

We may never know what REALLY happened but the ship was never seen again. The mission started with 1100 souls on board. He is the only survivor of that mission. The Government of Jupiter tried to find out where the ship is and what happened, but the vast void and solitary life spent in that ship has pushed him a little off center. Feel free to ask him what happened, but take notes it changes every time.
He has gathered up a few names over the past few years. None of them have taken to his fancy. But he does like the way “Bob” sounds. Or “Dodge”. He likes that one because it tells you what to do when he is coming. So he tends to go by Bob Dodge.

He has a small freighter that he has been using for smuggling and a bit of salvage work. This paid the bills, but it never was to his liking so time to sell and get out. His ship is a medium size freighter, with a few weapon upgrades that he took from the mother ship. It has a hanger big enough for 2 MS and his cargo, what ever that might be. It is a good ship but way to much responsibility for the likes of him. Time to sell it off and go back to just being him. Plus this will give Bob more time to ponder the nature of the universe, and how best to disrupt it.
What happen to the original ship? Good question that this was at least 1.5 miles long where do you hide that kind of ship? That would be a good bit of salvage…

Personality: Growing up alone he never really got past being a kid. If there is a red button, He WILL push it if only to see what will happen. A bit odd at times, but like a child he has no inner monologue or brain to mouth filter he is not to good with proper etiquette. He never means it in a bad way he just doesn’t know any other way. (But that might be just what he wants you to think) He will have full conversations with people that you can’t see, but to him they are very real and he will protect them. Sometimes he will push you just to see how far you will let him. Other times you might wonder what happen to him and where is he? He will not hurt or harm anyone who he is being paid buy, or someone he is working with, he won’t make it easy but it will be fun. Frustration is his toy.

Mobile Suit:

Name: Big Buddy.

Model: Sazabi:

Armaments: Where the funnels are, they are anti MS missiles Fire and forget. (I personally never really liked the funnel system anyway). He has multiple Beam Heat hawks and beam sabers. Along with a beam rifle/grenade launcher. (Not shown in the line art) A shield made from the armor plating of the ship. (the normal looking sazabi shield)

Background: This suit was built from the suits that were on the Mother ship. If asked Bob will tell you that his “Big buddy” told him how to build himself. He just put things where he was told to and so in a way the suit built itself. The coloring was all Bob and he is rather pleased with how it came out.
He will eventually make it into the Sinanju.

This is the first draft of Bobs coloring plans

This is how it turned out. Bob is pleased.

December 19, 2016, 11:18 AM
Name: Izrail "Izra or Z'rai" Gehenna
Age: 29
Gender: Male

Appearance: 6'0", 180lbs., medium platinum colored hair with two dyed braids that reach the shoulders, one's dyed all black and the other is dyed all crimson, typically just stays in his race suit (https://i.imgur.com/apOLhMr.png just without the sentai add ons and cheetah motif helmet), otherwise it's random, armed with a kukri strapped to his ankle, a 1911 on a shoulder strap on the left, the right holding ammo and a few belt pouches of throwing knives (also armed on his right thigh on a bracer, holds 7 blades), flechettes (also armed on his left forearm on a bracer, holds 10 flechettes), injector darts (filled with sedatives most of the time, can be filled with poison), poison and antidotes to them. Has a preference for throwing knives over his gun. The hoverboard is pretty much just a longboard skateboard that hovers and can lock the feet in place, he uses his old pro board which is still leagues above an model that could be bought off the shelf, at its fastest it can go 40mph in a straight line, the board is all red with a few black and silver streaks over it.

Personality: looks for where the speed and action is but prefers to act after gathering info, can be social but can just as easily tell someone to go away as he could say wanna chill, childhood played a bit of a role into how he acts

Faction: Highway Star (unknowingly, receives jobs to haul cargo from one spot on Mars to another via scrambled vid messages, after a jobs done money gets transferred into an account)
Rank: Unknown supply chain

Background: Born in Hera City, one of the medium sized Martian cities. His parents fought for Mars until his mother became pregnant and they went AWOL and over the next few years had a daughter and another son. Trained from a young age to defend himself by his parents, his father taught him how to handle a gun while mom taught him how to use a knife and poison usage. He can make anything from a poison to induce vomiting and sweating to a poison that causes death in days for prolonged suffering, something that dad didn't approve of but didn't get any say in the matter. As a teen his training lessened as his siblings were in the middle of training and so he found himself a hobby. Hoverboarding. Even as he kept up his parents training he would sneak around and ride, tinker with the board, then ride some more trying to make an old model faster than it could go. Caught the eye of a sponsor for a "hoverboard competition" while free riding, it being used as a way to help take peoples minds off the way the world was going. It went good enough by anyone's standards, people seemed to enjoy the event despite the worlds events taking place. Convinced his parents he had found his calling and went pro for a few years before getting tired of trying to outdo himself with each new event. During the 10th anniversary of the Hoverboarding Championships he aced his run, being the only one with a perfect score, performing three of the four most dangerous tricks he could do as the fourth one was banned after a rider died after failing to complete it. His run started out with back to back 1080s right out the gate, then as he rode his board backwards up the ramp he completed a double frontflip, landing he didn't bother to add in another trick opting to gain the speed needed to launch himself 40 yards up and soared for 150 yards as he completed an excruciatingly slow 360, landing at the finish line. After the crowds calmed down and the event was over he announced his retirement to the sport using the excuse that his body wasn't getting any younger and it would be best for him to step down while on top and while he was still able to walk away on his own terms, not some doctor or sponsor's terms. Someone from Highway Star was in the crowd to check him out, thru some talking and drinking, CB-01 was "accidentally" revealed. After the mystery man paid the tab there were many thoughts about it but in the end he ended up going and getting a job, that as far as he knows is just hauling normal cargo from one point to another. He's been piloting for almost a year and has been in a few battles, but nothing long. He's felt the stress from piloting but the battles he's been in haven't been long enough for it to get to even half as stressful as it could be. When he's not hauling he's hoverboarding where he can in a freestyle environment, nothing flashy like the competitions he's done.

Mobile Suit:

Name: CB-01 Ace
Model: prototype multiform based on data from the mobile worker to mobile suit conversion and upgrade
Modifications: http://powerrangers.wikia.com/wiki/CB-01
Armaments: missiles in car form, beam eyes in cheetah mode, buster sword in MS mode
Picture (Optional): https://i.imgur.com/c8S31Dg.png
Background (optional): prototype multiform, using data derived from the advances that lead to mobile workers being replaced with mobile suits, it serves as an in between prototype. Most of it's "standard" parts, some systems, and frame come from mobile worker developments while it's "non-standard" parts such as weapons, armor, some systems, and AI come from mobile suit developments. Because of this stress on the pilot is strong, with each mode, car to cheetah to MS, becoming increasingly stressful and harder to control due to the complex design. One prototype was finished before the third party that created it moved on to something else leaving CB-01 to its fate of being put into the hands of someone who, theoretically, could possess the ability to handle this beast.

Dom Tropen MS-09D
December 19, 2016, 2:20 PM
Name: Michail Astrom
Age: 35
Appearance: 5"9, average build, brown hair, brown eyes, bushy mustaches, likes to wear shirts and khakis. Sometimes dons a pair of aviators.
Faction: Highway Star, former Mars Confederate
Backround: Descendant of one of the first colonist who permanently settled Mars, Michail and his family where pretty well off. His father was successful industrialist, owning multiple successful heavy industrial facilities and his mother was renowned artist and model. Michail was sent Academy of Advanced Sciences in Ares City, studying to become a chemist.However, by the age of 20, he decided to pursue a career in the military and soon enough he was accepted in to service. He worked several years as a test pilot for Armored Loaders before moving to the newer and better Mobile Suits. He was promoted to Lieutenant and was given his own unit. By the eve of the Decade conflict, he was a captain and was sent to the frontlines. He led his unit of Leos in to many victories, helping to move the fight away from Mars and towards Earth. He was pulled from the frontlines to work as a instructor and technical advisor for the new Martian developed suits. He would remain in this assigment until the last year of the war, when Confederation was being pushed back. He was assigned into a new unit, 78th Reserve Battalion, unit mostly operating captured Union machinery. Unit didn't see too much action, but was used a few times as interceptors and escort unit. After the war, Michail tried to settle down and get married, leaving his military career behind and returning to civilian life. However, he simply couldn't sit still. He was left craving for action. He decided to pursue work as mercenary, using some of his connections to get his hands on a mobile suit, asking his father, who had initially disapproved his sons military career, but ultimately begun to appreciate his work, to loan him some money. His father agreed. Michail set off to the space, looking for an employer.
Personality:Overall friendly and honest man. Loves being around people. Jokey type, but doesn't take lightly being lied to or threatened.

Name:Zaku "The second"
Model:MS-06 R1
Modifications:Frame reinforcements, higher output generator, allowing usage of beam weapons.
Armaments: Beam axe, Antiship-rifle(the one from Origins), 120 mm machine gun
Picture (Optional):http://i.imgur.com/DV2L3j0.png
Backround (optional):Modified version of Earth forces Zaku II, these where pressed into the service with Confederate towards the end of the war.

Name: Woundwort
Modifications:Loads of equipment packs. Racks for regular beam sabers.
Armaments:Long beam rifle/claw, regular beam sabers, sub arm unit. Optional equipment via packs.
Picture (Optional):https://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/gundam/images/7/73/Rx-124-woundwort-ms.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20100424110251

Backround (optional): Part of a Martian development project to create truly modular MS design. Only completed after end of the Decade conflict, the only completed prototype was stolen and hasn't surfaced two years after the conflict.

December 23, 2016, 12:22 PM
Character: Ayleron

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v495/DashPrime/Scaven.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/user/DashPrime/media/Scaven.jpg.html)

Name: Gaven “Scaven” Stromer, Prefers Stromer from his time in the military but usually goes by his call sign Scaven
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Appearance: 6” thin athletic build, Grey hair, blue eyes. Always wearing a mechanics tool belt and often thick working gloves. Warn tan military light coat over a t-shirt, jeans and thick leather boots mag-clamps built into the heals.
Faction: Elegia, highway star, freelance
Rank: Mercenary Mechanic Scavenger
Background: Gaven Stromer grew up on mars being born just before the introduction of the new calendar and age. His parents were industrial design engineers that worked on the development of mobile suits. He grew up with mechs being a normal part of his life and followed in their footsteps by attending a Martian university for engineering with an emphasis on Mobile suits and the development of new technology. He was very good at it, but did not play the bureaucratic game that would have gotten him an internship or corporate position. Instead he ended up being drafted, and served as a mechanic in the war. He was still not the best at following questionable orders and was quickly relegated to one of the looked down on, rag-tag squads. He was sometimes called Scavenger shortened to Scaven, Graverobber, and Mechromancer because of his habit of collecting parts off the battlefield and using them to improve or at least keep his squad running. As a result, while the squad remained misfits they began to be more and more effective as his knowledge of the enemy mobile suit’s strengths and weaknesses from harvesting their parts and designs allowed him to work with his commander to customize their tactics. His whole crew was discharged at the end of the war, as they were seen as no longer worth the hassle. They scattered to the wind and Scaven discovered his parents were killed in a saboteur’s attack on the secret mobile suit development facility they worked in, leaving him no home to return to and an unhealthy disdain for his own government for keeping it a secret. He eventually ended up in Elgia, where he worked as a freelance mechanic and mercenary. He has recently taken a job with the Highway star, in part because the pay is good, but also in hopes of finding new salvage to claim as well as new comrades in arms.
Scaven has fully accepted “Prototype Orange” as an essential part of his mobile suits as he is constantly testing and developing something. He currently has 2 mobile suits, although only one is in a working state, and a highly modified mobile worker. He stole the mostly intact Shiden IO that he currently pilots when he left Mars, along with his personalized mobile worker designed to act as a mobile maintenance platform when needed in the field. Finally he has a Gundam frame that he was able to salvage from an abandoned battleground on mars that he is trying to get operational again.
Personality: Gaven Stromer can follow orders when he believes in his chain of command, and is fiercely loyal to his comrades. He will cannibalize his own suit if necessary to keep his friends mobile suits working and was/still is willing to ride into battle in his Mobile worker to support the team. As previously mentioned Scaven has a preference for his mechs to have orange paint, and spoilers. They make great sensor antennas and look awesome.

Mobile Suit 1: Current Mech

Name: Rust
Model: Shiden
Modifications: Head swapped (GM sniper, jegan sniper, or regular Jegan not sure yet), arms modded slightly to interface with Reginlaze gunblade
Armaments: Reginlaze gunblade, standard shiden gauntlet
Picture (Optional):
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v495/DashPrime/shidan.png (http://smg.photobucket.com/user/DashPrime/media/shidan.png.html)

Background (optional): His current main suit that is mostly the original parts. It has been meticulously tuned and upgraded to enhance the overall performance without making large overall changes. Except for the head, because that was missing when he stole it.

Mobile Worker
Name: Wrench
Model: Mobile worker
Modifications: Heavy maintenance manipulator arms, magnetic clamps, multiphasic welding/cutting laser (think miniature unstable beamsaber), Spoiler for going faster
Armaments: welding/cutting lazer
Picture (Optional): Think mobile worker crossed with the loader mech from aliens
Background (optional): Personally customized mobile worker designed to maintain and upgrade mobile suits in both gravity and 0g environments

Mobile Suit:2 currently in development

Name: Vector Gundam
Model: salvaged gundam frame from mars primarily based on Astaroth
Modifications: Age 1 backpack/spoiler and lightning shoulder thrusters, rebuilt right arm to interface with personally developed energy beam weapons
Armaments: GN-sword3
Retractable rocket gauntlet
Picture (Optional):
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v495/DashPrime/image001.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/user/DashPrime/media/image001.jpg.html)
Background (optional): a gundam frame that he was able to salvage from mars. He was able to salvage some of its parts but not many. Primarily a portion of the chest armor and the majority of the leg armor. Currently he is working on the beam weapon plans he came up with but needs to dismantle and study more examples of working beam weapons to better understand them before he's confident enough to put them together. He needs the legs and thruster backpack from a Mk-II to salvage those thrusters. The different GN weapons are intended to be swapped allowing the mech to fill different rolls depending on the mission. GN-Blaster/ for when he is needed Primary mid to long range-secondary short range. GN-Sword is for primary short range-secondary mid range.

December 24, 2016, 7:37 AM
Name: Nova Rudawski
Age: 33
Gender: Female
Appearance: Nova is 5’9” in height with bluish-silver eyes and long blond hair that is worn in a ponytail. Her form-fitting pilot suit is mainly white and gray with accents of black and blue. She may be fair-skinned but she has a tough demeanor about her. She walks upright without slouching, her stride is authoritative, and her gaze seems to look right through someone.


Faction: Highway Star, former private sector and Earth Union
Rank: Seniority within Highway Star
Background: Being born on Earth Nova joined the Earth Union military at the early age of 17 in SA 0005. She was quickly recognized as having superb Mobile Suit pilot potential and was drafted into the Tallgeese Development Program. It was in this program that she piloted the Tallgeese prototype Mobile Suit. After the Tallgeese proved to be too unstable for normal pilots and too costly for mass production the scaled-down and cheaper Leo was introduced. Nova continued to pilot her original Tallgeese (designated Tallgeese I) alongside her partner and eventual lover (piloting a slightly altered Mobile Suit designated Tallgeese II) for extended Mobile Suit research and development and quickly became an ace pilot. When what would eventually be called the Decade Conflict started in SA 0009 broke out she was very loyal to the Earth Union and its supposed cause of claiming that humanity should be united. It was in SA 0015 that her unwavering and blind loyalty to the Earth Union was shattered. She witnessed cruel, harsh, and inhumane treatment of Prisoners of War and Martian civilians. Powerless to stop it she later decides to flee and desert the Earth Union. This escape did not come without a cost, however, as her partner and lover gave up his life so that she could escape. The rest of the Decade Conflict was spent as part of a private security force escorting civilian freighters between the Asteroid Belt and Jupiter. During this time she refined not only her skills as a pilot but also her skills of survival, firearms, and mechanics. After the war she also provided security in the Mars Sphere but has never returned to the Earth Sphere due to being a wanted criminal and deserter. About eight months ago she was hired by Lance Bonaparte to be part of the Highway Star after tangling with them and has served him loyally ever since.
Personality: Nova was a kind a fun-loving young woman in her youth and early military career. She grew to be more eccentric and “gung-ho” as the war continued. She can also at times be energetic and well-humored, cracking jokes at the expense of her enemies. The death of her partner brought out her more serious side and she has become more “straight-to-the-point”. She generally speaks her mind and does not take nonsense, foolishness, or tomfoolery from anyone. Her “gung-ho” no-nonsense attitude can come across as tough, tenacious, and aggressive to those that do not know her well. She is a seasoned warrior who has become very unbreakable and resilient. She is extremely loyal to Lance, almost blindly so to a fault.

Name: Tallgeese III
Model: OZ-00MS2B
Modifications: The massive shoulder-mounted thrusters have been moved to the backpack and the armor has been upgraded to neo-gundanium.
2x Vulcan Cannons, fire-linked, head mounted
1x Heat Rod, retractable, shield mounted
2x Beam Saber, hand carried, stored in shield recharge racks
1x Mega Cannon, hand operated, mounted on right shoulder


Background: The Tallgeese III is Nova’s original Tallgeese I with lots of modifications and upgrades. Sometime during her tenure in the private sector was when the upgrades were completed. The original and aging Dober Gun was replaced with the mega cannon, the new shield was installed, and the entire armor was replaced with neo-gundanium (a lighter version that is more durable than normal Mobile Suit Armor but not as strong or durable as normal gundanium). The new mega cannon functions primarily as a regular beam rifle and can switch to its beam cannon mode. A shot in cannon mode incapacitates both modes as it needs a short time to recharge. The addition of the Vulcan Cannons as armament prompted the change of the Tallgeese’s head from the original to the new design. Despite being a much older Mobile Suit it has been very well-maintained over the years and its upgraded armaments and speed easily outclass mass-production models and allow it to keep up with high-performance suits.

Name: Carolyn Jeunesse
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Appearance: Carolyn has a short and slender frame at 5’2” in height. She has brown eyes and dyes her hair purple with teal highlights in her bangs. Her pilot suit is gray with charcoal-colored gloves and boots.


Faction: Elegia
Rank: Senior Pilot
Background: Carolyn was born on Mars and was taught throughout her life that all entities not on Earth should be independent from it, to include the orbiting colonies and even the lunar installations. It came as no surprise that she joined the Martian PMC “Elegia” as soon as she became of eligible age to fight for Mars’s independence. She joined a PMC instead of the regular Confederate Military so that she had less restrictions and more free reign to make the planet’s independence a reality. She was originally a regular infantryman and excelled on many saboteur operations. Her potential was seen by her immediate chain of command and she was recommended to be trained as a Mobile Suit pilot. For the last few years of the war she piloted a Gelgoog Jager to great effect, quickly becoming an ace pilot. Her beliefs fueled her ruthless and effective tactics. Once the Decade Conflict ended she stayed with Elegia so that she could continue working for the independence of all space-faring people.
Personality: Carolyn carries herself with a “holier-than-thou” attitude because of her pilot skills, believing herself to be one of the best pilots in existence. She is not against working with others as a team, but only to accomplish the mission. She can be flirtatious at times but will quickly dismiss any advances towards herself.

Name: Gerbera Tetra
Model: AGX-04
Modifications: None
4x 110mm Machine Cannons, fire-linked, 2 mounted in each forearm
2x Beam Saber, hand carried, stored in hip recharge racks
1x Beam Machine Gun


Background: After the Decade Conflict an incomplete Gundam Frame came into Carolyn’s possession through a mixture of black market dealings and piracy. The armaments were kept the same but most of the armor was reworked to fit Carolyn’s personal tastes so that it more closely resembled her faithful Gelgoog Jager. A “sturm booster” was cobbled together with spare parts that when equipped on the Gerbera Tetra’s back will increase its already impressive speed.

Name: Tumbili Kijinga aka “Deathlock”
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tumbili has an athletic and toned build at 6’0” in height. He has golden brown eyes and his black hair falls down around the red bandana that he wears around his forehead. His shirt and pants are dark brown while his boots and belt are a lighter brown. His vest and fingerless gloves are black, and white accents highlight his vest.


Faction: Mercenary
Rank: Pilot
Background: Not much is known about Tumbili’s origin other than he was born and abandoned on Earth and live the life of a mercenary. During the Decade Conflict he fought for whomever paid him the most, and when he was not actively hired he would sometimes go out and take part in battles between the Earth Union and Mars Confederate and fight both sides. His craze on the battlefield earned him the nickname “Deathlock”. Since the Conflict’s conclusion he has floated from one job to another without any real direction or purpose.
Personality: Tumbili is very much a loose cannon. He says what is on his mind and does not care what others think about what he says or does. He has no regard for human life and will kill without a second thought; in fact he rather enjoys it sometimes. He loves to fight for the sole reason of fighting, and as such has become proficient with a vast amount of firearms, melee weapons, and unarmed combat techniques. He can be very stealthy in combat and eliminate his target without anyone knowing that he was there or he can go in with guns blazing and literally destroy everything. His disregard for life coupled with his berserker-style of fighting has caused most people to outright avoid tangling with him and drawing his attention to themselves. Conversely his effectiveness has made him one of the most sought after and highly paid mercenaries available. He has a tendency to blurt out things that other people cannot comprehend which leads them to either completely disregard what he just said or believe that he is at least partially insane, which he most likely is. Somehow he is also able to know things that he normally should not. His loyalties lie with himself and he has his own reasons for doing what he does.

Name: Gouf Custom
Model: MS-07B-35
Modifications: Additional thrusters have been added to the legs and backpack which give the Gouf the necessary performance and equipment to operate in space and greater speed. While under gravity and in atmospheric conditions the thrusters give a pseudo-hover mode similar to the Dom line of Mobile Suits. Extra armaments have been added to the arsenal.
1x Heat Wire, retractable, mounted in right forearm
1x Triple-Barreled 35mm Machine Gun, magazine fed, mounted on left forearm
1x 75mm Gatling Gun, drum-and-belt fed, mounted on left shield
1x Heat Sword, hand carried, stored in Gatling Shield
1x Heat Hawk, hand carried, stored on left hip armor
1x 90mm Machine Gun, magazine fed, hand carried, stored on rear skirt armor
1x 280mm Bazooka, magazine fed, hand carried, stored vertically on backpack
2x 3-Tube Missile Launcher, mounted on lower legs
2x Heat Saber, hand carried, stored in leg racks


Background: It is rumored that Tumbili won his Gouf in a card-and-dice game many years ago from a man who highly favored the color blue. The pair of dice from that game are still hanging in the cockpit. Most of his earnings from jobs have gone into maintaining and upgrading the Mobile Suit, keeping it in optimal condition.

Name: Carl Hepburn
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Appearance: Carl is a lanky young man at 5’10”. He has brown eyes and platinum hair. He primarily wears black shirts, pants, and boots with a dark colored jacket.


Faction: Freelance
Rank: Pilot
Background: Carl was born on Mars and served in the Mars Confederate military during the last few years of the Decade Conflict. No one knows how he became a Mobile Suit pilot due to his extremely poor test and performance scores. He was constantly causing trouble and not taking much seriously which caused him to be transferred amongst many different units until the end of the Conflict when he was discharged from the military. He has since sought what freelance work he can to make a living.
Personality: Carl is very goofy, lackadaisical, dimwitted, and clueless. He tends to get himself, and sometimes those around him, into very impossible situations with no recollection on how it happened, yet somehow make it out relatively unscathed. These situations are generally attributed to his curiosity and lack of situational awareness. He generally does not think before he acts or speaks, and his comments and actions consistently aggravate and irritate people. His most redeeming quality is the ability to mysteriously “acquire” whatever supplies or materials are needed.

Name: G-Saviour
Model: G-Saviour
Modifications: Armor plating on the upper legs and arms in Space Mode, additional armaments.
1x Beam Rifle, hand carried
2x Beam Saber, hand carried, one on backpack rack, one stored in right forearm
1x Hyper Bazooka, magazine fed, hand carried, stored vertically on backpack (Terrain Mode only)


Background: Through a major fluke and administrative slip-up during Carl’s discharge from the Mars Confederate military he “acquired” a shelved prototype Gundam. His track record as a reliable Mobile Suit freelancer is questionable at best, so his Gundam is maintained with scavenged parts and parts made through backdoor deals.

December 25, 2016, 5:06 PM
Name: Officially Colonel Nathaniel Marcov.
Under cover alias: Ivan "Fireball"

Age: 40

Gender: Male

Appearance: When in his Official position He wares his Jupiter Military SPEC-OPs uniform.
When undercover he Has the basic blue jeans from earth leather jacket or long coat. His hair is well kept but still a bit on the wild side.
He is ruggedly hansom, he has never had a problem with attracting a women. Something about his baring attracts them without even having to talk to them.

Faction: Jupiter Military Special Operations.

Rank: Full Colonel

Background: Born and raised in the Jupiter Faction he joined the Military as soon as he was able to pass the entry exams. He quickly rose in the ranks and was granted an Officers rank. This is when his career really took off. Going into MS division then into the special Operations. His specialty is finding, infiltrating, and disrupting enemy units. During the War He rose higher in the ranks, Becoming a Full Colonel and in command of prisoner relations. A nice way of saying he is the man who hunts down and interrogates and holds wanted people of interest for the Jupiter Government.

Bob Dodge was the beginning of his fall from grace. All though at the time he did not go by the name of "Bob Dodge" he was just a number. His number at the time was 0630B Col. Markov was in charge of finding out what happened to the missing outer rim mission ship. 0630B was the only survivor and Col. Marcov was to keep him hidden from the public and to find out what happened. The need for secrecy was the most important part of this new charge. 0630B turned out to be a bit of a challenge to get to open up. All he could find out was that 0630B knew where the ship was, what exactly happened on the ship. He was never able to find out how he found his way back with a self built ship and MS. Yet the stories of the mission were never the same, so did 0630B really know what happened. Too many questions. Well 0630B got the Col. to lower his guard just long enough and 0630B promptly escaped and took his ship and MS with him. 0630B then started to let a bit of information leak out here and there. In docks and taverns, Bob would find the person who would most likely carry a tid bit of a now growing story of a "lost ship" with untold bounty for who ever found it.

High Command realized that these "stories" were starting to grow and people were starting to ask to many questions. They needed to clean up this PR situation and do it fast. They found Colonel Marcov guilty of dereliction of duty. He was given a choice (if that is what you want to call it) He would either face a full court martial and most likely the death penalty, or he has an unspecified amount of time to find 0630B and either deal with him, or bring him in. Alive preferably, dead is just as good.

He started to go deep under cover as a mercenary and or smuggler. Looking for information as to what happened to 0630B and just how far out of hand have the stories gotten. First thing he needs to find out is what happen to 0630B, and what does he go by now. The Col needs a name and a place to start looking.

Personality: A naturally confident man he can get people to talk to him about almost anything. He has the kind of barring that makes you feel like he is your friend right from the start. He is a very charismatic man

Mobile Suit: MS Kempfer

Name: Unit 1311.5
Model: Unit 1311.5

Modifications: All Military insignias have been removed and it has been repainted from the standard Blue, too greens and black. The shoulders have a dragon breathing fire down the arm.

Armaments: Twin shotguns, twin bean pistols, twin Bazookas, and 1 chain mine


Zeon's RedComet
January 12, 2017, 5:40 PM
Name: Boone Harris
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Appearance: Wavey brown hair, goes to about his neck grey eyes, slightly tanned skin, 6'1" wears an armored Pilot suit that's grey and light grey with an orange visor. (Similar to ECOAS normal suits from Unicorn)
Faction: Freelance Bounty Hunter/Mercenary

Backround: Former Earth Union pilot turned bounty hunter, Boone developed a reputation during the decade conflict (of which Boone is one of the few people who served as a pilot for it's entirety being one of the Union members stationed on Mars) revolving around is penchant for search and destroy missions as well as high speed destructive tactics, often utilizing mobile suits geared for high speed maneuvers and bombardment, due to this he often deployed modified Zeta plus type MS. Earning his nickname Red Viper at the first battle of Olympus Mons due to that. On top of that he had a growing love for MS conflict

Over the course of the war he was assigned to the 33rd Night Ops division where he led his own squad though out the majority of the conflict, stationed primarily on mars and then on Luna during the Lunar uprising. It was here in an abandoned factory he found his now Partner, Blackstar, an experimental mobile suit based AI. The AI which was created by robotics company on the moon, and Harris bonded, the AI being one with very few restrictions placed on it, before the AI could be turned over, Harris mounted it on his MS during a struggle with the Luna Millita, in which is squad was pinned down, with access to the MS' scanners and other systems Blackstar was able to devise a plan to push the Milita squad back allowing for his teams escape. After this, he opted not to take Blackstar back instead making use of it, an arrangement Blackstar welcomed not wanting his databank deleted, and his code inspected at every level.

After the war ended, knowing hostilities would arise at Mars, Harris took Blackstar and headed back to his old post, now discharged with honors from the Military, Harris fights as a Mecrenary on the Frontier, often times solo, sans his AI companion.

Personality: Calm, sees Blackstar as a friend more than a tool, enjoys fighting though it still even if less so than originally bothers him as he's tried to settle down a few times since but can't adjust to it, rather personable despite his reputation. Comes off as imposing to most if only because of his large stature and penchant to remain in his normal suit at nearly all times on a job. Has a deep sense of loyalty to whoever he is working for and has never reneged on a contract, or betrayed those working with him on a job, especially those he hires.

Mobile Suit:

Name: Hyaku Shiki B
Model: MSN-00100B (Based on: http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/MSN-00100J_Hyaku_Shiki_J )
Modifications: Backpack Unit, upgraded sensors, and computing equipment
Armaments: Same as standard though with an extra Missile pod on the backpack hidden in the center part, containing 20 micro missiles

Picture (Optional): http://i.imgur.com/hAOCxT0.png

Backround (optional): Bought as a standard Hyaku Shiki from a scrap dealer on mars, the modifications were planned by Blackstar and make use from a few other mobile suits of the Zeta lineage, focused on high speed bombardment and precision.

January 24, 2017, 9:38 AM
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v495/DashPrime/20170122_144426.jpeg (http://smg.photobucket.com/user/DashPrime/media/20170122_144426.jpeg.html)
Name: Merran Adelheid

Age: 23

Gender: female

Appearance: dark shoulder length hair and often dirty mechanics coveralls or simple functional shirt & pants. Welders goggles and an ever present heavy duty tool belt.

Faction: Highway Star

Rank: Head mechanic of the general mobile suit hangar. Third in command of all mechanics/maintenance staff. Hierchy being 1-Head Mechanic of the Highway Star, 2-Head mechanic of the specialty and command staff hangar, and 3- head mechanic of the general hangar.

Backround: Merran was found by Katarina on Mars, in a small maintenance bay of the slums. She immediately recognized both her talent as well as her potential and brought her on board the Highway Star to serve on the special mechanics team. She did well enough there but her years of experience with grunt suits was really where her talents shine. It was not long before was transferred to the general bay where she quickly advanced to head mechanic. She has been flying with the Highway Star all 5 years of its operation and feels it is more home to her than Mars or Elgia ever were.

Personality: Merran has a love of machinery and feels the pressure of keeping the mobile suits under her juristiction in the best working order to protect her crewmates. She can be quick tempered when she feels it is warranted, and does not accept shoddy workmanship from her team. She has fired many mechanics over the years, often handpicking their replacements with Katarina. This has the Highway star's mobile suit and maintenance teams to be full with eclectic diamonds in the rough.

Mobile Suit: none

Zeon's RedComet
January 26, 2017, 6:20 PM
Name: Thomas Hommell
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Pale blonde hair (style similar to OYW Char's) Seafoam green eyes, pale skin, stands at about five ten
Faction: Earth Union (Namely the European Commonwealth and Duchy of Ardun, belonging House Hommell)
Rank: Lt. (Socially he's a Duke, or going to be, 3rd in line for the Throne of the French territory)

Background: Born in northern France, Thomas is the younger brother of well known Earth Union MS pilot Jean-Luc Hommell (Known Famously as 'The White Gale'), Thomas grew up adoring his older brother and his exploits throughout the war, constantly keeping in touch with him as much as he could, the two of them being close. Due to this, as well as his brothers later death, he became an MS pilot taking the lessens he learned from his brother, keeping a rather open political view that has earned him love from some of the common folk, but has gotten him scorn from fellow nobility in the commonwealth and abroad from other member territories of the Earth Union, though due to his young age he isn't given much credence. Due to his closeness to his brother, his death has weighed on him and he seeks his killer Lance Bonaparte wanting to either kill or arrest him.

Following in his brother's footsteps, he became an MS pilot, though there wasn't much call too, eventually he was sent to Mars to be betrothed to Duchess Esmeralda Allune of Ardun, a territory on mars started by a noble house at the beginning of Mars colonization, and the only civilian territory held by the Union on mars, mostly in a political ploy by the Earth Union to keep hold of Ardun (and other territories near by) by virtue of being able to claim it's of importance to them, when in reality it's main purpose is to keep an eye on mars. His second in command, and mentor Captain Teagan is one of two people besides his betrothed who manage to keep him from getting into too much trouble.

Personality: Brash at times due to his youth and innexperience, believes in caring for his people first and foremost, though it's taken as naivete by most. Due to his skill in MS combat he has quite the Ego at times.

Mobile Suit:

Text Color: Light Blue

Name: G-Self
Model: YG-111
Armaments: Dependent on pack, base arms are two beam sabers and a beam rifle, most commonly deployed with a flight pack, also has an adapted IWSP pack from a strike Gundam, a Sniper pack with a sniper (attached via a cord to the reactor) and long range missiles as well as extra sensors, and a space pack.
Picture (Optional):

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February 19, 2018, 1:45 AM
Name: Jensen Abanfjaeger (Real name is Jensen von Lohengrin)
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Appearance: Sandy Blonde Hair, unkept. Plain looking face with brown eyes
Faction: Highway Star Pilots, Formerally Earth Union, Namely Bavarian Forces
Rank: Lt. Commander technically nothing officially

Backround: Born a third Younger cousin of the current of the Bavarian line, he lived with his family until his father's death when he was six, after that he was fostered by the King of Normandy who was a close friend of his father, it was at this time he met the then four year old Lance, the two grew close as Jensen was raised as a brother along side Jean-Luc and Lance. At 18 he joined the Bavarian Armed forces in SA0006 three years before the decade conflict. He became a mobile suit pilot in the early years before MS combat being assigned to the 189th Armored Hunter Division. When the war started 0009 he was one of the first over on mars.

Around 0014 He and lance were reunited in Person for the first time when Jensen now in charge of his Division joined with Lance's own Union forces. Since then they've worked together though the revelation of the Chancellor's plans up until now.
Personality: Aloof, unlike Lance though he doesn't interact much with people prefering to be the unseen left arm, most of his interactions with the crew are either in the rare case where Lance and Katarina are both out and he's left in charge of the ship and overseeing combat (Usually in ground rolls since he's not a ship to ship combat expert) or with his own Jesta Squadron, most of whom are remains from his personal team during the war, some of them having served with him since Before the decade conflict, this group pilots standard Jesta suits much like Jensen himself.

Mobile Suit:

Name: RGM-96X Jesta
Armaments: Standard

Text Color: Yellow

Name: Hans Geraldson
Age: 65
Gender: Male
Appearance: Six Foot one, thinning grey hair, looks to be in good health for his age, skin has slight wrinkles. Wears a Union Naval forces Dress Uniform, admiral White and Gold most of the time, Sans gap and medals.
Faction: Earth Union (Formerly United States Space Garrison)
Rank: Fleet Admiral

Backround: Born 2161 Old Calinder Hans Geraldson was raised in the Central Washington state, unlike most of his contemporaries of high military station he didn't set out to become a a career military man rather he was studying a Biology major, who only joined when his money ran dry for school, joining the US Space Garrison, a section of the Air force dedicated to the still relatively new field of space defense, he was stationed at the Armstrong colony in orbit of the moon one of a few smaller civilian installations under US jurisdiction. He quickly earned a reputation as a decent Comms officer eventually serving on General Graves' Flagship Democratic Methods as it's XO, eventually being made captain of the Stargazer which he would command during the fateful rebellion of Zephyr along side his mentor General Graves and the first deployment of MS.

He was one of the few that stood against the change over from space military being handled by various governments to a Union Collaboration force known as the EU Space Navy but remained in it after the change earning the rank of Commodore with it. When the war eventually started he was already a Rear Admiral and continued to gain a reputation as a cunning commander using his fleet to hold the Lunar front before the defense cannons. During this time he met the then Union Defense Treasurer Earl Jackson who would later become Chancellor of the Union, their relationship was too fold, and one of the rare cases of corruption on the Admirals part, fudging papers and results to get what the military needs, though it was nothing new and something he had learned from Graves himself decades prior.

Widely considered one of the more successful admirals of the Earth and Martain fronts, and his input along with many other early successful space naval officers have had a hand in shaping the ships of today, his input directly resulting in the Pegassis, Argama and White Room class of ships. He also has shown a working understanding of ground based strategy as well, helping to win the Ares offensive of 0013 when General Offenhaus of Germany died leaving him to take command of the arial troops and the ground troops for a time. He would then take Deimos station in 0014 and utilize it as a launch point for three Years.

Personality:Quite, and well mannered rarely issues direct commands making them seem more like forceful suggestions. He prefers siege warfare to blitz attacks unlike most admirals of his time. Not afraid to use underhanded means to win, even if that means twisting union laws to get his due.

Text colorBright Green

Name: Earl Jackson
Age: 76
Appearance: Mostly bald, elderly stands at about five foot nine now, better shape than most his age, his dark grey eyes and hooked nose from a break earlier in life.
Faction: Earth Union
Rank: Chancellor of the Union

Backround: Born in 2150 of the Old calendar in Thibodaux Louisiana, being the first to leave the state of his direct family in several generations. He broke the family tradition of being Law Enforcement officers and instead decided from a young age to pursue politics. He went to Yale to study law and political theory, dropping out to run for city council of New Haven in 2170, he succeeded and from there he eventually became a Senator over the decades since eventually becoming president of the United states in 2192.

During his tenure as US president he mostly instated economical reforms adding to his reputation as a smart economist, despite demand for him to run for a second term he accepted a Job offer to become the Defense Ministry Treasurer where he'd stay from 2196 until SA0013 when he became the first Secretary of Defense in the Union Defense Force without any prior military experience aside from his time as treasurer this was met with some opposition minus some big admirals like Geralsdon and some ground generals as well, he eventually gained popularity with naysayers due to the Military getting what they needed, mostly because he listened to admirals and because he wanted military loyalties which due to his partnership with geraldson were easy enough to aquire. After that in early SA0017 two and a half years before the war's end he took the helm as the Earth Union chancellor by a landslide vote in the Union Council chambers a position he still holds today. In SA0016 he assassinated Karl Hommel King of Normandy due to evidence he had against several laws JAckson had broke to get to where he is, as well as plans to steal the Chancellorship though Karl had informed Jean-Luc of the Chancellor's plan to secure power over earth sphere prompting to the eventual emergence of Lance Bonaparte in late 0016.

Personality: Cunning, comes off publicly as friendly. Unlike most people who crave power for pure despotism he simply does it for Ego his whole political career basically a case of wanting to sit in the big man's chair something he's accomplished, and now he seeks to redefine said big man's chair's power.

Text Color: Dark Green