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Feel the Bern
July 5, 2016, 1:23 PM
Trying to bring back this somewhat dead side forum.

So lets do another battle

Quarte gets Sandrock Kai (No zero system as he used it in 1 battle and it didn't do well)

Duo gets Death scythe hell of course

they fight at barge, Normal gear only.

July 5, 2016, 3:36 PM
Duo would win.

1st of all, Quatre is a pacifist and isn't a great pilot. His Sandrock attacks at close-mid range and doesn't have any extra armor unless it's the sandrock custom and even then some extra shoulder armor and a cloak doesn't do much. I said mid range earlier because if he chooses to throw his shotels then that is pretty much his only distance attack besides maybe a few missles he will won't use because he'll be busy crying. If he had the armadillo armor 1.0 he'd have way more defense and possibly stand more of a chance if he fought back and shanked Death scythe Hell at some point. Armadillo 2.0; quatre would have +defense and +long range attacks. He could try and spam the missles he'll never use and miss because he has bad aim and too much condensation in his goggles he wears from crying too much.

Duo's death scythe hell is a superior gundam because it has defense and a mid range weaponry (scythe). Also duo is a better fighter and if for whatever purpose they got into a death match, duo would be more likely to take a life.

Just my opinon.

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It sounds like I'm hating on Sandrock... but I actually really like Sandrock as a gundam.

July 5, 2016, 4:14 PM
Duo and his DHell would win, hands down.

The worst thing about the Sandrock is that it does not have any ECM. DHell has 4 Hyper Jammers and an active cloak. How in the world would the Sandrock get through that? DHell would probably rip the Sandrock in half with its beam scythe before the Sandrock can even decipher the DHell's location.