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December 20, 2015, 10:23 PM
Choose ten characters from any Gundam series the crew of a ship. Presumably there's more than the ten, but these are probably the main ones we see on screen most often. Still, remember that this is a full team and not just mobile suit pilots or else you might have more things to worry about than other ships and mobile suits attacking.

Anyway, for my crew I wanted to keep all the characters from coming from one universe/timeframe/show, though it did end up skewing very U.C. And I didn't want any kids on board.

Hmm, considering the main mechanic, I'm wondering if the pilots are using Shaldoll variants. But Shaldolls can tank beam vulcans and use DODs rifles and mega beam launchers so that wouldn't be bad at all. Plus, the G-Exes is Gundam level.

Name: Murrue Ramius
Series: Seed/Destiny
Role: Captain
Reason: I didn't want to choose Bright and she seems to be a very competent, compassionate captain. And apparently a lot of Seed fans like her.

Name: Steiner Hardy
Series: War in the Pocket
Role: Pilot, Second in Command
Reason: He's special forces and cares about his troops. He'd probably lead the other pilots and could maybe take over things if something happens to Ramius. And he can lead the others for fights outside of the mobile suits. I think him and Emma would make a good team. I think he'll be a lot more professional and crueler than Ramius, so they can balance each other and have conflict.

Name: Mukured Madorna
Series: Age
Role: Mechanic/Engineer
Reason: He's really passionate about mobile suits and darn good at making them. He made a fine grunt, could make customs of other suits, and was able to modify one of his grunts into something just as strong as the Gundam at the time. Of course I want him on my ship!

Name: Steer
Series: G Reco
Role: Helmsman

Name: Rain Nakamura
Series: G Gundam
Role: Medic, engineer/mechanic
Reason: Rain is just a wonderful character in general and just one of my favorites in the franchise. She's also a scientific genius so of course she'll be a great addition to the crew. Between her and Madorna, I'm sure we'll always have our mobile suits in top shape! Not sure if she could pilot without mobile trace system or not, but that isn't her main role anyway.

Name: Tamura
Series: 0079
Role: Cook
Reason: Mouths need to be fed. Plus, how else will they know when they've run out of salt?

Name: Sven Cal Bayang
Series: Stargazer
Role: Pilot
Reason: I liked Stargazer. Sven's a good pilot. Plus, I felt like I needed a younger guy since most of the dudes I have here skew older.

Name: Karen Joshua
Series: 8th MS Team
Role: Pilot, assistant medic
Reason: I liked her character and her backstory. She seems like a fine pilot too. Plus, she was a medical student before the war. Chances are she could at least assist Rain in medical duties.

Name: Emma Sheen
Series: Zeta
Role: Pilot
Reason: Because she's Emma Sheen! She's my favorite character in Zeta.

Name: Crank Zent
Series: Iron Blooded Orphans
Role: Pilot
Reason: He was a noble solider who I really wish had more screen time.

December 23, 2015, 10:14 AM
Ship: Argama (Zeta/ZZ)

Captain: Grodek Ainoa (AGE)
Skilled Captain; Tactical genius; Always awesome.

Executive Officer: Natarle Badgiruel (SEED)
Capable Captain in her own right; Not afraid to challenge the captain if she thinks they're wrong.

Helmsman: Mirai Yashima (0079)
Good Helmsman, and more importantly, a good mediator.

Doctor: Hasan (Zeta/Unicorn)
Every ship needs a friendly (perverted) doctor.

Chief Mechanic/Engineer: Rain Mikamura (G)
Scientific genius, and the fact that she's cute and friendly is another plus.

Mobile Suit Commander: Emma Sheen (Zeta)
She's fracking Emma Sheen. She's a nice person, a more than capable commander, a Newtype, and she can be a real hard ass when necessary.

Mobile Suit Subcommander: Seric Abis (AGE)
Excellent tactician; excellent pilot (can kill enhanced people despite being normal); excellent mentor.

Pilot/Hand-to-hand specialist: Athrun Zala (SEED/Destiny)
He's Coordinator Athrun Zala, the melee master; he's also an excellent defender, so he will automatically go after the toughest foe to protect his allies. He knows how to enter the atmosphere with just a mobile suit, if need be. He knows how to fight outside of a mobile suit. He will also keep his side righteous with his devotion to doing what's right. Just don't let him be the commander, as he doesn't have the people skills for it. Finally he can also make Haros.

Pilot/Morale officer: Woolf Enneacle (AGE)
Super Pilot; Excellent mentor (see arc 2); cool guy; flirt (watch out Emma).

Pilot/Backup Engineer: Seabook Arno (F91/Crossbone)
Newtype; Natural pilot; Willing to protect people when needed, but is a calm, peaceful person at heart. Knows how to renter the atmosphere in a mobile suit.

Zeon's RedComet
December 24, 2015, 3:55 PM
Captain: Otto Midas (Unicorn)
Reason: Easy going yes, but dedicated to his crew, and isn't afraid to tell brass to shove it up their ass for their sakes. All around good guy

XO: Natasha Zabigov (G)
Reason: Yes less obvious choice than Kati or Natarle, but a good stand in, here to balance out the the Captain, still like him she isn't afraid to eventually go against her superiors when they're morrally in the Wrong. Also ticks off the obligitory Russian box of the ship crew.

Doctor: Techcs Farzenberg (X)
Reason: The guy is the Doctor of all doctors. Trained in medicne as well as Psycology, puts the health of patients enemies and friend to the same degree, pretty much breaths Hypcratic oath, the only doctor I'd want more on my ship is Dr. House but alas he isn't from Gundam. So dedicated to being a Doctor he litterally kept his name to him self most of the series simply just being Doctor. (And despite not having a name one of the more fleshed out ship doctors in gundam)

Mechanic: Kid Sasamile (X)
Reason: Jamil knows how to field a crew, second one I'm taking from the Freeden, yes he's only 15, but Kid is a genius, with scraps from the wasteland alone, he kept three gundams operational, and then upgraded all of them to preform better at various points. (Only way the X divider was a downgrade was the lack of Satilite Cannon, aside from that it was better as a combat unit) I can only imagine what he'd be able to do with steady resources, and when they're on the field and they aren't available he could still be a great mechanic. Less obvious choice again but better than most Ship based Mechanics in Gundam.

MS Commander: Ramba Ral (0079/The Origin)
Reason: The OG Gundam soldier's soldier. Good pilot, better tactician, cares about his men.

Pilot/Co-Commander: Norris Packard (08th MS Team)
Reason: Have you seen the final fight of 08th MS Team? If that doesn't suffice, it's allot of the same reasons as Above, just a better pilot on top of that. I see Ral as more of a commander hence why Norris is Under him.

Pilot/Long Range Specialist: Lydo Wolf (MSV/Gundam Legacy)
Reason: Third highest ranking Feddie Ace. HE shot down 21 MS in one week on the african front...in a god damned plane. His Nickname is arguably the best out of all the OYW Aces of Dancing Black Death.

Pilot/Arial/Close Range Specialist: Graham Aker (00S1/2/AWoT)
Reason: Watch him kick Gundam's ass all Season 1 in a hopped up Grunt, and you'll see why. Nearly see him destroy the Raiser a good two or three times before people intervene or setsuhax kick in for their last fight and you'll see why, watch AWoT and realize he's the only reason they were beaten with his Sacrafice, and you'll see why. The guy is a stellar pilot of Transforable types, and damn good up close. Even if his antics even before Samurai Graham was a thing were a bit over the top. I love him for it.

Pilot/Aquatic Specialist: Jane Houston (SEED/Destiny MSV)
Reasons: When the enemy becomes so obsessed with hunting you down, that they call you the White Whale you might be onto something. Several aces were sent especially to take her out, she didn't get killed if I recall correctly/checking her wiki. Even while piloting the early Forbidden Blue which was kind of a deathtrap before the Vortex fixed it. Also being based on the normal Forbidden which is already a good suit she'd be decent on land in a pinch as well, but of course you never know when you need a water based specialist, especially when it can help with certain scenarios.

Pilot/Hand to Hand Specialist: Io Flemming (Thunderbolt)
Reason: The wildcard, he is admittedly bound to but heads, but the man can fly a MS, good on foot too, thrill seeker bit of a deathwish, uses Jazz to f*** with his opponents. He has his reasons but he is admittedly a bloodknight of sorts ala Yazan. When it comes down to it though if a Suicide mission need be done, he'd do it, and possibly even make it out alive, sans MS maybe, but he might make it though.

Dom Tropen MS-09D
December 24, 2015, 5:05 PM
Ship: Dogosse Giar-class General Revil (Unicorn)
Reason: Massive, heavily armed and filled with mobile suits. What more do you need?

Captain: Aiguille Delaz (0083)
Reason: Ruthless and determined to achieve his goals. Strong leader, perfect for the lead.

Second in Command: Nanai Miguel (Char's Counter Attack)
Reason: Strong and cool headed leader.

Doctor: Doctor J (Gundam Wing)
Reason: he is one, right?

Mechanic: Mora Boscht (0083)
Reason: Very skilled and takes no s''it from anyone.

MS Commander: Brave Cod (Sentinel)
Reason: Because his the God Damn Brave Cod.

Pilot/Co-Commander: Johnny Ridden (MSV)
Reason: Because Johnny Ridden.

Pilot/Long range specialist: Yonem Kirsk (Unicorn)
Reason: Very good shot.

Pilot/Close Range Specialist: Nimbus Schterzen (Blue Destiny)
Reason: Excellent close range fighter.

Pilot Aquatic Specialist: Shani Andras (Seed)
Reason: Is able to deflect beams.

Pilot/Hand to Hand specialist: Visch Donahue (Rise From the Ashes)
Reason: Seasoned pilot who can give any feddie a run for their money.

Zeon's RedComet
December 24, 2015, 5:10 PM
I almost went with Shani then I remembered his an extended and that seems like it'd just be an annoyance to deal with as time goes on lol.

Dom Tropen MS-09D
December 24, 2015, 5:11 PM
Kek. I think rest of my crew will keep him in line. Hopefully.......

Zeon's RedComet
December 24, 2015, 5:15 PM
That said damn good crew.

Ginga Bishōnen
December 24, 2015, 5:34 PM
Ship: Archangel (Gundam SEED)
My favorite ship in all of Gundam, and a pretty tough and hard-hitting vessel overall. It even managed to keep up with latest ZAFT and EA ships, despite being "outdated." The submarine mode was pretty neat too.

Captain: Murrue Ramius (Gundam SEED)
Not the best captain when it comes to tactics and strategy, tho still fairly competent in her own right. I chose her mainly for her ability to keep a crew together, her ability to empathize with a crew, and to act as the "mother" of the crew.

Co-Captain/Helmsman/Back-up Pilot: Jamil Neate (Gundam X)
Probably the best captain in all of Gundam, and would complement Murrue fairly well. He would act as the "father" to the crew. Also in case of an emergency, he could jump into a mobile suit and turn the odds in favor of his team, being one of the most capable pilots in all of Gundam. He will have his Gundam X Divider at the ready whenever he needs it in the hanger bay.

Executive Officer: Kati Mannequin (Gundam 00)
The third part of the "older/wiser" command crew, Kati would complement Murrue and Jamil fairly well, being a bit harsher and realistic than they are usually. She will be there to act as the "aunt" character that will hand out any "Bright Slaps" that are needed.

Mechanic: Kid Salsamille (Gundam X)
There are a lot of good mechanics in Gundam, so this was the hardest choice for me. I chose Kid to give the crew a "spunky little brother" type character running around.

Mobile Suit Commander: Seabook Arno/Kincaido Nau (Gundam F91/Crossbone Gundam)
One of the most experienced pilots in the Gundam universe, and a pretty competent commander/tactician. I am going with the Crossbone version of the character, since he is older, wiser, stronger, etc. He will pilot the Crossbone X-1.

Pilot/2nd in Command of the MS Team/Long-Range Specialist: Neil Dylandy (Gundam 00)
Neil is a great pilot and long-range fighter, as well as an overall good guy that will help lighten the atmosphere if things get too dark and will lift the spirits of the younger members of the crew if they get down. He will pilot the Gundam Dynames.

Pilot: Tatsuya Yuuki (Gundam Build Fighters Try)
I am going with the Tatsuya from Try as opposed to his younger self. He is an great pilot and one of my favorite Gundam characters ever. Also I imagine people running into him randomly throughout the ship as he is building Gunpla and shouting "GUNPLA IS FREEDOM!!" which would make for some nice comedic moments. He will pilot the Kampfer Amazing cuz I like it more than any of his other suits, despite it not being his strongest.

Pilot/Lead Character: Garrod Ran (Gundam X)
Garrod is my favorite Gundam protagonist ever, so of course I would put him in here and make him the main character. He will pilot the Gundam X before switching to the Double X.

Pilot: Fumina Hoshino (Gundam Build Fighters Try)
One of my favorite female characters in all of Gundam. She will be there to add some "spunkiness" to the MS team. Her mobile suit will be the Powered GM Cardigan and some upgrade to that, since the Winning Gundam is too goofy and OP to put into the "Real Robot" setting I am going for.

Pilot/Close-Range Specialist: Graham Aker/Mr. Bushido (Gundam 00)
I am going with the Mr. Bushido version of the character, tho he will eventually return to having the characteristics of the normal Graham. The rest of the crew is fairly low-key and relaxed, and Graham will be there to counter that in his intense Mr. Bushido mindset.

Random Crew Members Floating Around: Patrick Colasour (Comedic Relief and I don't want to split him and Kati apart, my favorite couple in Gundam), Feldt Grace (Operator), Tiffa Adill (Love Interest to Garrod who is the main character, My other favorite Gundam couple, wouldnt want to break them up)