View Full Version : New ~ MG Tyler ~ Football Gundam (MG Titus)

July 13, 2015, 2:36 PM
Customization Photos w/ Before and After (http://imgur.com/a/QPqm3)
Final Photos (http://imgur.com/a/fdd7G)

This custom MG Titus goes out to my little-big brother's football team. About 93% of this kit is painted. I gloss coated most of this kit and the final coat I used testor's wet look lacquer clear coat and had a bubbling problem but I continued to finish.

Paints used: I mixed the primer with the nail polishes and then I thinned it down a bit and airbrushed it straight onto bare plastic without a problem.
~Tamiya Grey Primer
~Model Master White Primer
~Green Nail Polish
~White Nail Polish

Panel Lines/Paint
Testor's :
~Sky BLue

Kits Used: MG Age-1 Normal Fighter

~Custom Thrusters (MIlliput & Pen Caps)
~Epoxy Football ( Sanded, Panel lined, Airbrushed w/ Nail Polish)
~Glow in the Dark Eyes ( Dried Shaped)
~Glow in the Dark Chest ( Blocked the hole and syringed glow in the dark paint into the chest like a mold)
~IC Sockets
~Allen Wrench Screws/Screws
~Fuse Amp
~Stickers for masking "# 71"
~First time scribing
~Sanded Down some of the legs and thighs for design