View Full Version : DMD's (mostly) finished gunpla

Dark Matter Dynames
June 20, 2015, 9:27 PM
There's a reason I haven't made a showcase thread until now: I'm never really finished. I snap-build a kit, realize I missed a half-dozen of nubs, remove them, then put it on a shelf. One week later, I walk by the shelf and think "you know, those vulcans really could use a splash of silver to make them pop...", and so I do some detail work. Then back on the shelf it goes for another week, and the process repeats itself. No end point, no " finished " projects. Just an ever-growing shelf of wips. But sometimes, i'm so happy with how something comes out that I just have to share it. Hence this thread.

Jesta Cannon

I snapped this one weeks ago, but I did a little modding today. The changes?

-separated front skirts
-applied marking seals
-fabricated a magnetic clasp for the shield

This last part is why I made this thread. I'd never done any kind of physical modification before, but I really didn't like the way the shield was mounted. The armature was limiting, and you couldn't use the cannons and shield at the same time. So I got to thinking. The left arm is pretty hollow, perhaps hollow enough for a magnet? I opened it up and sure enough, a 1/8" (I think) neodymium cylinder magnet fit in the arm perfectly. So I glued a short screw into a hole in the shield, and done. Arm-mounted shield. It spins around more than I'd like, though. Oh well, maybe I'll fix that next week.