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May 7, 2015, 1:36 AM
I started working on this. I admit, I'm just one of the noob builders, and I even lack some tools. All I have is a side cutter and an ordinary cutter and a cutting mat. I'm planning to get some sand papers. I hope you guys can suggest me on how to clean nub marks even if I'm not planning on painting this kit and what sand papers should I get.


May 7, 2015, 2:36 AM
Personally, I find that sandpaper scuffs the plastic of Gunpla. If you're really serious about sanding down the plastic nubs, I suggest investing in metal files of various grits.

May 7, 2015, 6:10 AM
Personally, I find that sandpaper scuffs the plastic of Gunpla. If you're really serious about sanding down the plastic nubs, I suggest investing in metal files of various grits.

Thanks. I'll try and see different sand papers and metal files depending on their availability. So far, I'm using only side cutters and cutters/knife to do the trick. It doesn't look that good though.
I've started working on this kit a couple of days ago, and I already finished building both legs and torso. I'll just upload some pics on my progress. I'm quite not that confident with my work as I think that most of the guys here really have a lot of experience with building. Thanks for the suggestion!

The thing is, after taking some photos, I saw some nub marks that I missed. Maybe it's a bit difficult for me because I'm far sighted.












May 7, 2015, 10:40 AM
Red and blue pieces are your worst enemy when it comes to de-nubbing. The marks show up soooo easily on them, haha.

Your work on the kit is looking good so far, though. You have a solid grasp of the basics. How does the kit feel so far?

May 7, 2015, 12:08 PM
It feels very solid. I love the two shades of white. If you observe the thigh part, the front and the back have different colors. That's really a very positive thing for me.

I built the HG 00 Raiser before, and the Real Grade is a true upgrade of the same 1/144 scale. I love the every detail of the Real Grade. The down side is that some parts are very small. It's a disadvantage for me for being far sighted. Any object within less than 6-8 inches are blurred. I would need magnifying glass to examine the pieces thoroughly. Good thing my phone had a decent camera. I saw the spots that I missed that I would not see under normal circumstances.

Before starting on this kit, I watched Hobby Link's building video of this kit to be familiar with the parts. I was a bit disappointed that the GN Drives aren't as detailed as the RG Exia. Similar to the Minovsky Ultracompact reactor of the MG Zaku II 2.0 (if I'm not mistaken) the RG Exia had details inside the cone of the GN Drive which can only be seen if you take the GN Drive apart. I know it's pointless, but it just blew my mind on the RG Exia. LOL

May 19, 2015, 11:35 AM
Apologies for late update. I had been building this kit at the office before my shift and during break times, and I have completely forgotten to take some pictures while building it. To be honest I have already built it with the main mobile suit and the 0 Raiser.

The details really are superb and a whole lot better than its HG counterpart. I got myself an action base because it's back heavy just like all of its model kit incarnations. There are a few things that I noticed on this kit. Some parts really would pop out constantly just like the shoulder armors. I guess most real grades are prone to it due the design of the shoulder armors and how are they attached to the inner frame. Another thing that I notice that would pop out are the GN Drives if you the Raiser binders attached to it. The GN Drive/Condenser slots on its backpack is pretty much detailed and you can swap the GN Drives and Condenser anytime. The GN Drive itself is a white cone with clear green parts in side attached to a gray underside that would be under the GN Drive slots. However, once the Raiser binders are attached, the white cone would pop out of the gray underside of the GN drive. I guess I would just have to super glue the white cone into the gray underside part.

One thing that I was almost disappointed with the kit is that I thought it's impossible to do the epic Raiser Sword with the GN Sword II because the GN Drive slot doesn't rotate like from the HG kit. What I found out is that you to rotate the GN Drives itself to make the wing binders aim forward. I thought it was a flaw with the design. It turns out that after trying to rewatch some of the episodes from 00 Gundam and moving the scene frame by frame, it really does move like the real grade. The binders are directly attached and only attached to the GN Drives and it rotates with the GN Drive itself.