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February 12, 2015, 5:19 AM
"What's all this commotion?" young Sami Hart asked, walking down the snowy sidewalk in his hometown of Vancouver. There was a rather popular Comic shop that had a big crowd in it, watching something. He looked at the people cheering about something, his icy breath fogging the window. He walked inside to get a better view. Seeing two guys around a table, competing in a gunpla battle. "hey, Mr. West. Is this that Gunpla battle stuff?" Sami asked the owner.

"Yeah! Just got my battle table for the store the other day, and holding a tournament to celebrate. Don't tell me you've never seen it before, Sami." Mr West replied, pushing his orange hair out of his eyes, smiling.

"well... i've heard of it. Never payed much attention to it though. Is it... fun?" sami asked, innocently enough.

"ofcourse! And good for business too. We just started the first round, you should enter a gunpla, my boy." Mr. West replied excitedly enough.

"well... I dont really have a gunpla you see." sami scratched his head.

"not a problem. I have rentals for free for newcomers. I have a few leftover still. Come look." He said waving Sami over to the counter. Sami walked over to look at the choices. "Most of them have been taken up. I just have Mass Produced type units, but they are reliable." Mr. West said opening a case. there were three gunpla, a green one, a blue one, and an red one. sami scratched his chin.

"Hmmmm... Whats that blue one?" sami asked.

"Hygogg. A Zeon aquatic unit. Strong underwater, and durable still even out. A solid choice." the owner answered.

"noooo.... What about that Orange one?" sami asked.

"That is a Rick Dias. A good general purpose unit used by the Anti-Earth Union Group. It's variety of decent firepower makes it a rather good offensive choice." West answered again.

"hm... Sounds neat. aaand the Green one?" sami said

"ah-ha. that would be a GuAIZ. a high performance unit built by ZAFT. use dby masses and commanders alike, its unique advanced weaponry makes it very strong too..."

"...." sami was quiet as he just stared at it.

"no? well actually i think I do have a special 4th unit around here." Mr. West said pulling out yellow colored Hyaku Shiki Kai MP type. "right here we have a Hya-" he went on, but suddenly saw sami holding the GuAIZ.

"I'll take this one pops." he said. "GuAIZ right? enter me in."

Mr West chuckled. "you got it kiddo."

Round 1: Sami Hart vs walker Mueller. Field: Forest

"Sami Hart, GuAIZ. launching." sami announced, setting his Gunpla in. He found himself lost in the plavsky [articles beautiful detail. "whoa. thats kinda awesome." he said itneracting with trees and dirt with his gunpla. "toats life like." he smiled as suddenly bullets showered down on him. "Ack! what the!?" he quickly moved to get out of the way. He looke dup pass the trees, seeing a grey Aries flying over, holding a machine gun.

"heh heh. I've been watching Gundam for years. I ain't losing to some newbie." Walker boasted and fired his gun more.

"jeez. what a punk. maybe I should use this!" sami said and rose his shield blocking the bullets. "alright so far so good.... but cant win on defense." he muttered to himself. Looking through his weapons. "Beam Rifle, huh? like a laser. sounds promising." he said and drew his rifle from behind behind the GuAIZ. He then quickly dove to the side to get out of the Line of Fire. Aiming quickly up at the enemy he fired 3 shots. The Aries dodging the first two, but the third scraping against it wing and booster.

"Aaah crap, I got careless." Walker said as his Aries went down, crashing into the trees. He was stuck in the branches and vines. "o-oh no!" Walker struggled to break free.

"if you had some kind of blade you can cut yourself out. Too bad." sami said, switching his weapons to his beam claws. "let me give you a HAND!" sami smirked and dash forward, slicing into the Aries, cutting it into three before it exploded, winning the fight. The crowd cheered for sami, he just rubbed his head. "heh heh. People get into this huh? I can dig it." Sami said

Mr West clapped and chuckled. "nice One-Liner kid. and good win." he complimented.

"thanks. I just kinda... followed my gut." the young first timer confessed. "I guess I just had natural instinct for it."

"a lot of the best started that way. Now then, your shield is pretty banged up. let me teach you repairs and such before your next match." Mr West said and got a gunpla kit out. The two working on the GuAIZ together.

Round 2: Sami Hart vs Arnold Loch. Field Desert.

"Nice work beating that punk before. But Im gonna warn you newbie, I'm using a personal Gundam for this. My Lochness Dynames ain't losing to beginner with a snap fit." Arnold bragged.

"you named your gundam... after the Lochness Monster? ppft." Sami scoffed.

"Shut it!... Nessie is cool.... and you're in my sights!" the enraged opponent said. Sami's GuAIZ was just walking about the barren sandy wasteland, as suddenly a long purple beam flew pass him, melting up gunpla's shoulder.

"Holy! Where did he!?" sami quickly turned to look in the direction the beam shot from. On a craggy rock formation, the Lochness Dynames, with an extended 'Nessie' Sniper Rifle pointing towards his GuAIZ. "SO far... better get hoofing!" he started running towards the rocks. The Dynames started shooting several beams at him, he having to serpentine and side hop to dodge, struggling.

"Sami! use your Boosters for the love of-!" Mr West coached him.

"boosters? Oh right, they're robots" sami said, messing with the controls. His guAIZ thrusters fired up, and he sped up, dashing and hovering over the ground slightly, and sliding about to dodge some, doing some spins and tricks too. "heh. now we are talking!" Sami said getting close. He went to pull his rifle out but it was suddenly shot out of his hands, blowing up. "Ahh, damn!" Sami grinded his teeth. "I got cocky and carried away..."

"Heh Heh. How soft..." Arnold said and aimed directly for the chest.

"No you dont!" sami said and went to jump. the thrusters taking him high in the air, he dodging the would-be fatal hit.

"nice try, but you're just open in the sky!" Dynames went to aim at him again and fired another shot. but the GuAIZ swiftly rose its shield to block, but the power blew the shield and part of his arm off.

"this is no good. what else do i have?" Sami asked himself searching through his weapons. Seeing the Dynames readying its next shot. "vulcans? no... SP? Special. what does this do?" he asked and selected it. "take this!" sami shouted and fired the GuAIZ's Extensional Arrestors. the wired blades flew down at the Dynames, one of them hitting his rifle before he could shoot, breaking it in half.

"Oh no!" Arnold exclaimed. The second Arrestor blade slammed into its chest, blowing a big hole into the chest. The Dynames exploding.

Sami sighed in relief. "that was too close..." he said picking up his GuAIZ. its shield and arm damaged badly, and rifle broken. "damn, sorry pops. Kinda messed it up." he apologized.

Mr West chuckled. "Nonsense my boy. it happens. and when it does, we rebuild what was lost, and make it better than ever." he encouraged young Sami.

The boy smiled "heh, what a way with words you have pops." sami said walking with him to repair the GuAIZ.

"Got that right. Now then... remove all your hesitation, sami. you and your gunpla will need to be at it's very best... if you plan to beat the man next on the brackets.

To Be Continued....