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November 28, 2014, 1:25 AM
Well was hoping to get more votes in, but likely just need to let it get out there more. But regardless, Show goes on, even with just 4 votes, the clear winner was Domon vs Setsuna. So That'll be coming soon,and this will just be a little prelude to the battle of looking at the combatants, as well as to place their bets and voice on who the winner will be, and why. So lets kick this off.

For every ounce of skill in battle these warriors have, they have equal in a fighting spirit. A spirit that powers a gundam to levels seen as completely unnatural.

On one hand there is the eccentric, bold, Charles Atlas Super Power of a man. Domon Kasshu, the King of Hearts, and champion of the 13th Gundam Fight. And his unit of choice, the victorious Gundam of Neo-Japan, God Gundam.


On the other, there is the True Innovator of Celestial Being, the Gundam Meister Setsuna F. Seiei. Calm and collected, and dedicated to the mission and his unit. With the great Gundam known as the 00 Raiser.

http://cdn.myanimelist.net/images/characters/9/76517.jpg http://i.imgur.com/bZDrn7I.jpg?1

Both represent champions of the Super Robot genre, in a franchise that litters in Real Robots worlds. With soul and emotion as powerful of a weapon as Guns and Swords, which one of these warriors would come out as the strongest? A man set to end War? Or a man who settles war in sport.

Domon Kasshu:

* Trained in the martials arts School of Master Asia, previous Gundam Fighting Champion for many previous years. These skills won him the title of the 13th Gundam Fight Champion, strongest in the universe.
** Also Trained in sword play.
* Beyond Human Pinnacle strength, into High Super Human Levels.
* Trained with Shwarz in the technique of 'Meikyo Shisui' or 'Serene Mind', the ability to clear all anger and distraction, and enter a new state of perfect focus.
* Can tap into the power of Anger, Serenity, and Love (in that order of strength) to increase power output.

God Gundam:

* Mobility, technique, and Power relative directly to the Pilot.
* High Melee capabilities include; power changing beam sabers, the signature God Finger/Heat End, and the energy dashing technique Super King Electric Bullet, on top of an affinity for Domon's Martial Arts style.
* Lesser, yet still powerful Range capabilities include; Standard Mobile Suit Vulcans and Machine Cannons, and Domon's Ultimate technique: Sekiha Tenkyoken, a massive energy blast powered by the spirit of the pilot.
* Can use Bushin Sapou God Shadow, a technique that multiplies the God Gundam into several clones.
* Can enter Hyper Mode, a powerful golden state of increased abilities, powered directly from Domon's Emotions. Increased performance by 30% and unlocks Domon's ability to use his strongest techniques. Domon NEEDS his Meikyo Shisui state to enter Hyper Mode.
* Can call upon Fuunsaiki, an additional Horse piloted Gundam to serve as a ride to increase mobility. Also contains energy wings for flight and a powerful Unicorn Horn attack.

Setsuna F. Seiei

* Child Militia Soldier, trained by Ali Al-Saachez, became a master of War by Age 10.
* Is aTrue Innovator, an evolved human who can use Quantum Brainwaves. True capabilities of this is undefined.
* Innovator powers include; Telepathic capabilities, sensing others thoughts, enhanced reflexes, and danger precognition
* Ages half as slow as normal humans.

00 Raiser

* Mobile Suit family line-up designed around Setsuna's abilities from before.
* Powered by GN Particles, uses Twin Drive System to generate.
* Equipped with the Raiser System, a support system piloted by Sanji Crossroads. Needed for 00 to safely use it's powerful capabilities.
* Powerful Melee capabilities include; two GN Beam Sabers, and Two very large GN Swords, and a GN Shield.
* Equally capable Range game includes; two very low out-put GN Vulcans, two low out-put GN Machine guns (with High out-put courtesy of the Raiser system), and 8 GN missile launchers on the Raiser.
* Can enter the powerful Trans-Am state; the power to release all stored GN Particles to reach the full strength of the unit. 00 Raiser's Trans-Am reaches GN particle output to 300%, grants super sonic speeds, and allows weapons to become powerful to to shoot/slice even large battleships/Satellites in a single blow. 00 NEEDS the Raiser system to successfully activate trans-Am without destroying itself. Can release Trans-Am Burst to fill the battlefield with GN particles for Quantum brainwave connections.m System
* Quantum System allows the 00 Raiser to disperse into particles for short range teleports.


Who will win? Will Domon's Super Human power, and Shonen levels of emotion over power the high specs of the 00 Raiser? Or will the seemingly Alien technology and powers of Setsuna's repertoire prove out class the Heart and technique of the God Gundam. Tune in and catch the clash of Super Robots, in Gundam Dream Battles!

November 28, 2014, 4:21 AM
As much as I like the 00 Series, I think Domon is gonna take this one. With Trans-Am having a time limit, Domon should be able to outlast Setsuna and then punish him when the 00 Raiser's performance plummets after using Trans-Am.

November 28, 2014, 7:04 AM
Agree with Sinervale, Trans-Am side effect is going to drag Setsuna down. Kinda sad ending for Setsuna, when the Trans-Am run out, he only able to say, "Oh crap.." when Domon coming at him with Erupting Burning Finger