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October 7, 2014, 11:11 PM
Welcome one and all to the official thread of my newest project. For this thread I will be building the infamous MSN-04-II Nightingale. For a little back story on the Nightingale read the next paragraph (you'll lol at least twice, trust me.) If not, skip to the paragraph after that, and I will detail my plans for the build.

So, the Nightingale, Yoshiyuki's original vision for the common interpretation of said suit we have come to know as the MSN-04 Sazabi. For those who don't know, Tomino's original vision for Char's Counterattack was planned to feature a monstrosity of a mobile suit (I don't believe it would actually be a stretch to say "mobile armor") named Sazabi --"bett waxmesser, I ushaly only watch SEED but they did hav a Sazzeby in that moovie I think!1!!" yes indeed, I know, and UC masterrace btw. The movie did come to feature a mobile suit (not a mobile armor) that was the original Sazabi in name, alone. the Good ol' folks at Sunrise decided that they know what's best for everbody, and the Nightingale design Sazabi was way 2edgy4u and giving Char a MA to fight an MS, was wayyy too crazy (or, 3edgy5me as some may call it.) So they had him re-interpret his original idea into the tame, by comparison, mobile suit that it is Sazabi. Lucky for you and me and everybody that lurves mudkips, I mean loves Gundam, Tomino, in a big F**k you move to Sunrise, still featured the Nightingale in the novelization of CCA, which came out a week before the movie and was devoured by devout gundamheads erryware (in Japan only unfortunately for us weebos and neckbeards) before the movie could ruin Tomino's original vision (HAHA Suck it Sunrise!")

So this is my plan for teh beast:
1. You're gonna want to decant the chloroform for at least 48 ho--err wrong list. Fresh start:

1. I will be assembling/test fitting the beast
2. Before dismantling, I will be mapping out spots directly on the surface of the kit where all the modifications are going to be done (yeah, bud you KNOW there's gonna be mods!)
3. Pla plate will be put down and adhered to the surface, panels may be etched as well
4. Once everything is where it needs to be the kit will be broken down in to sections
5. Individual sections will be primed and sorted according to color
6. Next I will be masking areas within individual pieces that are going to be separate colors
7. All of the main surfaces will be painted and allowed to cure and lightly varnished to protect
8. Main areas will be taped off while the panels and smaller areas are all hand painted
9. All masks removed, decals (and metal etched details if I get them in time) will be applied
10. Clear coat and top coat will be applied -fini

This is the largest project I have ever undertaken, and if all goes well it's gonna look amazing. I still have a few tricks up my sleeve I haven't discuss yet which will come in to play depending on how certain steps play out. All priming, major painting, and coats, glazes, and varnishing will be done by air brush. I will not be preshading; I want a clean build, and I don't want to make additional complications. I will be documenting the build and posting progress as I go. If there's any bumps, I may need help and advice from you guys. Let the games begin!:mrgreen:

Open box, compared to my largest HGUC, Gogg, who came to see us off even though he's in parts, primed, and preshaded.

October 7, 2014, 11:51 PM
"Chosen superior race of UC fandom!"
Whats that i hear? Mods? Scribing panel lines? And general badassery? Im on board. Dis gonna be good

Dom Tropen MS-09D
October 8, 2014, 12:00 AM
"Go, UC Master Race! " Lol. But Yeah, though not an Nightingale fan, I'm looking forward to this project.

October 8, 2014, 12:56 AM
Here we go, parts are out of the bag! Thirty runners, yes THIRTY as in 30, plus two runners of polycaps, a sheet of water slides, and a sheet of foil stickers. Takes up the top of this whole bed thingy!


LoL that's my fish Agent Orange at the top of the pic, he's a Coasta Rican Red Devil cichlid. He said to tell you to say hello to your sister for him, whatever that means....

Dom Tropen MS-09D
October 8, 2014, 12:58 AM
Holy Gold Fish, that's a lot of runners!

October 8, 2014, 9:09 AM
This sounds like an awesome project man. Can't wait to see how this project goes.

October 11, 2014, 3:50 PM
Updates forthcoming. I was working on it for a few hours that night , but hit a snag, have an appointment but pics and info when I get back.

- - - Updated - - -

P.S. work will resume today on ol' Nighty-boy, and I have another kit put together in my downtime, with lesser tools I will share.

- - - Updated - - -

Update 10/11/14

Sorry guys, had a crazy last few days :confused: work resumes!

Day 1 (10/7-8):

Station ready, after watching some of the new season of Trailer Park Boys and getting pumped on Monster, I crack the manual to see lies before me.

It looks simple enough, the manual has a new layout, it shows a diagram of how the parts for this step will come together, and there is a brief tutorial explaining the ALL NEW GATES!! and in removing parts from the trees/runners.

I like to use these heavy duty oval nippers to remove the parts of the outside of the runners as I go so I can get to the pieces uninhibited with my actual flush cutters for the cleanest cuts possible, notice the new sprue gates have minimal contact with the piece you cut.

I remove my first piece, this new gate system is awesome, the parts clean up super easy and leave almost no trace

Progress is going smoothly, I get the whole bottom inner section of both legs done with easy, taking my time, cleaning as I go. As, you can see the pieces that can actually be seen on the outside have a decent amount of surface detail. I would definitely say they are above most HG kits in terms of surface detail, even though you can't quite make it out in this picture.

October 11, 2014, 4:17 PM

As you can see here with the piece held right next to the light, for some reason I was having bad luck and my second cuts were NOT coming out flush! I had to start doing more and more clean up on parts as I went, and I even overcompensted and ended up having to user a little bit of putty on two pieces. I just credited it to being rusty and carried on, started working on the outer armor feet sections.

Whenever I'm going to do mods to a kit or paint it, I always build the kit once as a test fit and modify the pegs for easy an disassemble before painting. I have personally found the best way to accomplish an easy disassemble is to either cut, file, or a combination of cut and file the inner pegs and connections carefully so piece come apart without breaking. I have bad ADD, so I always try to do this before cleaning up a piece so I don't forget by accident (hence the uncleaned pieces in the back.) I always have all the pieces ready , cut and cleaned for a step before I follow it too. In this case I file most pegs and use some cuts too.

Got my first foot done,but my cuts are getting messier and messier on me, and I am getting annoyed!! I stopped and examined my cutters and couldn't believe my eyes.... the blades were misaligned! One side of my cutters had a bent blade! I was confused and awestruck at the same time. I thought to myself 'I had cut through metal with these, no problem,' which upon deeper thought I realized is probably what CAUSED the problem!

I switched to my large blade for sprue cutting, and I finished off the second foot (along with inner leg sections and a few upper leg armor pieces not pictured.)

Top photo: just for scale (oh and mah large blade!)
Bottom photo: he can dream!

October 11, 2014, 4:25 PM
So basically, I called it quits for the night and immediately hopped on Amazon to order some supplies and a new pair of flush/sprue cutters. I was busy all day yesterday, but these came in the night before last and yesterday I got a new pin vise and a new sanding stick set.

Some new Xuron 410 flush cutters
Pla Plate!! Well... The generic kind, way cheaper if you just buy generic styrene sheets.
Tamiya Hobby saws! These are for scribing panel lines and for doing a little Frankenstien action!

And to Complicate things even more these came in yesterday:

So work should resume today and tomorrow when I have time....

October 12, 2014, 4:17 AM
Nice progress man. And those feet are HUGE this thing is gonna be a monster. Youre making me want to get one of these just because its huge and bad ass lol. Even though i do perfer the Sazabi. And American Spirit are good but not cheap lol.