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Ginga Bishōnen
October 3, 2014, 12:49 AM
***Hey guys, as I said I would do, here is the third thread for the Build Fighters RP. This thread is only for character bios, faction info, critical story info, and other important stuff like that. It will basically serve as a reference guide for everyone else, to look back at when they need to. Any discussions about story ideas, character development, random stuff, etc. will be done in the discussion thread.***

Anyways, here is my own character bio. I will put up the faction info and other stuff as soon as I can compile it all together.

Name: Vicente “Vin” Alvarez (Going to use this as his text color)
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Nationality: Mexican, from Mexico City, Mexico
Faction: Xur Empire

Backstory: Born and raised in a working-class neighborhood in Mexico City, Vin’s family has owned a hobby store for four generations, with his great-grandfather opening the store in 1919 to sell wooden models, wooden tops, marbles, etc. During his grandfather’s ownership of the store in the 1940s, it became one of the first places in Mexico to stock plastic models.

Finally, during his father’s ownership of the store, Vin’s father took a business trip to Japan in 1990 and discovered Gundam for the first time, and imported several model kits and VCR tapes of the various Gundam series, making the family hobby store the first store in North America to stock and sell Gunpla. Vin and his siblings grew up with Gundam, and fell in love with it.

The hobby store had always made a modest profit for the family to live off of, but it was in a twist of irony the 2nd Gunpla Boom, which the Alvarez family thought would bring their store more money, which drove the store to ruin, after several big corporations entered into the Gunpla/hobby business and stole their customers. Vin’s father was forced to turn to loan sharks to keep the family business running, but died shortly afterwards. Vin decided to become a Gunpla fighter/builder to support his family, starting from the bottom, fighting his way to the top. He has won several tournaments, both in Mexico and around North and Latin America, and paid off much of the debts his father left behind with the prize money he earned. Finally, Vin’s skills have matured to the point where he has won the Mexican National Gunpla tournament, becoming their representative in the World Championships. Vin hopes to win the tournament and the prize money to pay off the last of his family’s debt, so their future will once more be their own.....

Personality: Due to his father’s death 3 years ago, Vin had to grow up fast to take care of his mother and siblings. Therefore he is more mature than most teenagers, and level-headed in any situation. Vin processes a proud nature, sometimes to a fault, but is also very determined, bravem and strong-willed. Vin can have a bit of a temper, especially when someone does something he deems wrong or he sees an injustice happening. He tends to be very trusting, which is why Vin is going to end up getting tricked by the Xur Empire into fighting for them, but break his trust and he will show you no mercy.

Appearance: 5’6”, brown skin, dark brown eyes, wavy black hair that he keeps medium length, falling just past his ears. A bit scrawny-looking but he is stronger and tougher than he looks. He has a very proud and determined look to him, especially in his eyes.

Gunpla: MSC-002 Gundam Astraea Guerrero





The Suit is now light grey where it was formerly white, now jade green where it was formerly blue, and now black where it was formerly yellow and red.


GN Beam Rifle x 1
GN Long Blade x 1
GN Short Blade x 1
GN Beam Saber x 2
GN Hyper Beam Sword x 1 (it is the saber located behind the left shoulder, only usuable in Trans-AM mode, where it makes a miniature Raiser Sword about the size of a SEED-style Anti-Ship Sword, specifically the Destiny's)
GN Shield x 1 (creates a mini-GN Field, like the GN-X series' shields do)

Special Features:

GN Drive (a true one)
Trans-Am System

Zeon's RedComet
October 3, 2014, 12:55 AM
Name: Seras Belle
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Nationality: Australian
Faction: (TBD)

Backstory: Raised in a rather rich family, Seras went to the finest private schools money could buy, was taught to be a formal lady, and all of that...of course...she hated all of it.

She eventually found an outlet in Gundam when she was arround 11 and has been building models ever since, starting with G Gundam as her first series and working her way arround, becoming one of the best builders in Australia.

Before entering the world tournament she met her partner at School, a boy by the name of Edward Mass who was also a massive fan of gundam, bigger than her even, and was an Exchange student from the US. (More on this dude in the next bio)

Personality: Tomboy-ish but also not afraid of her feminity, can be loud, likes to fight, is nice when you get to know her. Has a quick temper

Appearance: Shoulder Length Black hair with Silver Highlights, dresses in a dark Navy and Red Japanese Sailor School girl Uniform.


1. GF13-050NSW[B] Nobel Breaker Gundam
Appearance: The most standard looking of her Nobel's it's painted in a Dark Navy and Red Color scheme like her own outfit she normally wears, that said it's also her most powerful Gunpla taking several prototypes of sorts to get it to where it is

1. Armaments:
x1 Beam Ribbon
x2 Beam Saber's stored on the Hips
x2 Beam Sheild/Brand Marker (Taken from the Crossbone Gundam)
x2 Heat Knife (Crossbone style though it's hidden in the high heels)

Special features:
Beserker System
Nobel Holahoop
Hyper Mode System (Can't be activated with Beserker Obviously)
Nobel Finger (Like Burning Finger, just Pink and butterflys and such arround it...very girly)



2. GF13-050NSW[V] Nobel Victoria Gundam
Appearance: Green and Black/Grey kind of like Dynames, has a stocking painted on one leg like the nobel Deco, but it's in Camo patterns, the Hair of the mobile suit has been shortened and is brown. Instead of a standard V-fin it has a Ez-8 style comunications antane and as such the hair has bangs so to speak.

x2 Beam sabers
x1 GN Drive
x1 GN Sniper II
x2 GN Pisol II
x1 GN Field (Can only be deployed in front of the Machine)
x24 GN Missles (Stored in Dynames Style front skirt)



3. GF13-050NSW[T] Nobel Gundam "Tex"
Painted pure Black, Orange Visor over the eyes. Focused on Melee and Mid Ranged Combat as well as hit and run stealth. Blonde hair. This one is mainly used for fun fights, not serious Combat, it's general Weaponry though was the basis for the breaker.

x1 Gerba Tetra Beam Machine Gun
x2 Beam sabers
x2 Feet Beam Sabers
x2 Burst Knucles (From the Striker Custom)

Special Features:
x1 Mirage Colloid System
x1 Beserker System

(Anyone who whatches Red Vs. Blue will know that this is obviously based on Tex...who had active Camo, and could be pissy as hell, was good in close combat, and not bad with a rifle either)

4. GF13-050NSW[C] Nobel Gundam "Cyble"
Painted Haman's quebley's color, has Haman Sytled hair, and Shoulders modled after smaller versions of the Quebley's. Has a Quebley tail binder on the back with thrusters on the back, flips upwards to let the funnels out. This one served as a basis for the Hyper Mode

x12 Rose Bits
x2 Qubley Beam Saber/Beam Guns (stored in the forearms)
x2 X-3 Style I-fields (same operational limits)
x1 Beam Ribbon

Name: Edward Mass
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Nationality: Australian (Well US Technically but as an exchange student helping the australian contender as their support staff)

Faction: (TBD Odds are gonna go Dustari at first with Seras, then they'll flop over the Arian)

Backstory: Born in the Pacific Northwest, he was introduced to Gundam at the early age of 8, his first show much like Sera's was G-Gundam, which still retains a bit of a place in his heart though he over time became more of a Universal Century fan.

And a Big Fan of char, mimicing his speech and battle style, and often showing up with a Boom Box either playing Gallant Char, or Here Come's Char to mess with other competiors. That said he stays in character...allot, which while amusing to Sera's puts a strain on their relationship at times which during the battles they shared in Australia evolves into more than just friends.

Even though he mimics a character's from a shows battle style he's shown the ablity to adapt, and while his main mecha are just made to be like Char's the build Quality is outstanding, and it's in part to him and Sera's efforts that Led to the Nobel Breaker. That aside he also builds other models for display and just random battles, as well as his own Char Customs from AU's and even the UC it's self including but not Limited too A Char Zeta, a Char Flag, and Char Shining Gundam.

Personality: It Varies. Normally he chooses OYW Char, but he has an affinity for Quattro as well (using his Zeta he personally made, or a Gold or Red Hyaku Shiki) Occasionally he'll go CCA Char, and once or twice cosplayed as Full Frontal (but was hounded by an Angelo cosplayer...as such he's avoided it since then) Deep down he's caring, especially where Seras is concerned, and is troubled by her insistance to use the Beserker system untill she's able to use the Hyper Mode.

Appearance: Looks shocking like Casval Rem Deikun, Blonde Hair and all. While he does look a bit young for the CCA Char and full frontal depictions he does OYW Char and Quattro Very well.

Gunpla: (Normal Char MS, From Zaku II-Nightengale are in his repitore Including the RX-78CA)

His What-if customs are as follows:

MSZ-006Q.B Zeta Gundam Quattro Use Type
Armaments: Same as Zeta

GF13-017NJ[CA] Firey Comet Gundam
Appears for the most part like a Normal Shining Gundam, though it has the Burning's Core Fighter, when the Wing Biders are out it makes a red rainbow effect rangeing from Pink-ish red, to deep Crimson on the bands.

Armaments/features: Same as the default shining, though it now Carries a Gelgoog beam rifle, a Gelgoog Beam Naginata and heat Rapier. Hyper Mode though he hasn't been able to activate it yet. Has a Red Comet Kick attack, as well as Comet Finger. He and Seras have been trying to get a Combo Sheika Tenyoken going, but so far...nothing sadly.

October 3, 2014, 1:04 AM
Leaving this RP, no point to keep these bios up.

October 3, 2014, 1:04 AM
Name: Alan Rhew Blaidd (Pronounced ROO Bl-IDE), prefers to be called by either his first name or Al.

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Nationality: Welsh (Technically he was born in America, but raised in Wales)

Faction: Arian

Backstory: Born the US, Alan's family eventually moved to Wales after his dad died. During the time, he discovered Gundam, Gunpla, and found surrogate fathers in the likes of Slegar Law, Mu La Flaga, Lockon Stratos, and the like. Al grew up wanting to know the lore of Gundam (along with other mechas) and the gunpla along with it. When the Gunpla tournaments came to his home town, he turned out to be completely horrible at it. Not only was he hesitant to put his creations into what turned out to be a break fest for them, but he lacked the confidence in spite of all the shows. It took the encouragement from his mother (who ironically didn't even like the hobby at first) and step dad (who introduced him to the hobby and the world of gunpla) to jump into the ring. After a few more losses, He practiced constantly to the point when Alan was 18, he was one of the best gunpla builders and fighters in his country, if not the UK. Now at age 23, Alan intends to bring home the gold and prove that he is one of the best to both himself and his friends and family back home...

Personality: Great sense of humor (a real joker sometimes), only time he's ever serious is when there is a fight of any kind (whether it be in the Arena or in Real Life). He tends to be in a cheery mood, even in the heat of combat. Is a genuinely approachable guy. Will go to defend anyone he deems a friend and is a mean fighter. Gunpla fighting style utilizes close-range combat, high speed tactics, and heavy weapons to gain his victory.

Appearance: Light Brown Hair, Silver Blue eyes, Not bad looking but still rough. Sports a light stubble across the face while his hair is completely messy. Likes to wear a black sleeveless hoodie over whatever he wears, even when he's completely naked!

Gunpla: RX-78-NT1X Gundam ONIX
Components: Head, Forearms, and entire lower section of the RX-78-NT1 Gundam "Alex"+ Backpack, Shoulders, biceps, and torso of the RGM-86R GM III.

Armaments/Special Features of the Gunpla:
Armaments & Equipment: Beam Sabers, Gatling Guns, Vulcans.

Custom Armaments include:
-"Reaver" Beam rifle (made from the NT1 and GMIII's beam rifles respectively along with some other parts to streamline it)

-"Ballistic Assault Linear Long Buster Cannon" (BALL Buster Cannon for short, made from Astrae F2's GN Bazooka with the Raphael Gundam's Seravee drone's Bazooka barrel grafted onto it. Unlike the rest of the Suit, the Buster Cannon has a built in GN Particle Storage Tank as power, can only use 10 shots for Seravee style firing or 30 Bazooka style shots.)

-"Lobos" Long Beam Sword (Basically, the handle of a Sinanju's beam saber grafted onto the sliced up cross guard of a a GOUF Ignited's Anti-ship sword, with a Master Grade Exia's beam saber blade grafted on as well. Comes with an inactive handle as well).

Custom Equipment include the Alex Shield, The GM III's Missile and Booster packs, The Alex's Chobam Armor.

Paint job: Dark Blue, Offsets of White, and Yellow.


Dom Tropen MS-09D
October 3, 2014, 1:44 AM
Name: Marko Hannes
Age: 28
Nationality:Finland (Suomi)

Backstory: Current reigning Finnish Gunpla Champion. Was Born into city of St.Michel (Mikkeli). Had an interest from a very young age to Gundam, a form of entertainment not very well know till Plavesky particles were discovered. He was running up for the 7th World championship till he got beaten by Aila Jyrkiäinen and her Quebeley. He was angered by his loss, feeling that he didnt lose because she was better, but cause Flanangs tricks . He swore that he would win next time using only his own skills to defeat his opponents, instead of relying on gimmicks. After four years hes back, destroying his opponents with little effort.

Personality: http://www.bubbleblabber.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/hellsing.jpgThis guys persona from Abridged. Except less Vampire and More Gundam related gags. Is very friendly to his friends.

Appearance: 6`2 , 100kg, Black hair, green eyes,normal build

Gunpla: 1. RX-78T_Gundam_Titans_Version 2. OZ00MS Tallgeese Custom 3. GN Zanspine

Armaments/Special Features of the Gunpla: RX-78T uses standard weaponry, Tallgeese Custom uses Tallgeese IIs Beam doper gun and mounts forearm gatlings similar to RX-78NT-1 Alex, Head ornament blue instead of red. Zansbine has an GN drive ,one VSBR and limited Trans Am.

Here it is , my up dated bio.

October 3, 2014, 2:16 AM
Bio listed below.

Name: Codenamed "Twitch"
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Nationality: United States of America
Faction: Arian

Backstory: Twitch is an International Gunpla Battle Official Referee. As a skilled Gunpla builder and pilot, he takes a lot of time to make sure that his Gunpla are just right. When asked why he never participated in the Annual Gunpla Battle Championship World Tournaments, he replied that his skills are better serverd protecting those that put in lots of pride, effort, time, and work into Gunpla and does not wish to thrash their hard work. Unless they are conducting illegal operations and a member of the Gunpla Mafia, in which he is willing to "destroy their world". Twitch uses his experience as an Army Ranger and Interpol agent to police the Gunpla world.

Personality: Twitch can strike people as an odd person. While he normally appears quite serious and brooding at first, he is capable of making a joke on the situation. His habit of switching between brooding and light-hearted can throw people off. He always appears to have something serious on his mind. When the situation is more serious, he is cool, calm, collected, and is an excellent strategist. The tactics that he employed as a Ranger serve him well in Gunpla battles. As such he always goes for the kill and can be very ruthless with his opponents, especially those committing illegal acts. Like Ricardo Fellini, Twitch prefers to use his natural skills in battle, only resorting to "cheap Plavsky gimicks" when absolutely necessary. His Gunpla are made from the Real Grade line and only uses High Grade as a supplement. When it comes to constructing Gunpla he is a bit of a perfectionist; he uses only the best paints and adhesives when constructing and building Gunpla. His tactical and strategist skills are very apparent in his Gunpla as they are always designed to win with the least amount of unnecessary gimicks. Sometimes he makes a few exceptions when it comes to "style points" concerning the Gunpla's appearance. He initially uses Liberty Gundam while he finalizes Gundam Harbinger and the C.O.M.E.T. He drives a black 1973 Pontiac Trans Am SD-455 4-Speed and likes to tell Gunpla builders and fighters that use Mobile Suits from Gundam 00 that his Trans Am is better.

Appearance: He is 5'9" with military cut brown hair and hazel eyes. His casual attire is normally a sleeveless dark blue shirt, charcoal jeans, and black boots. The Ranger Scroll is tatooed on his right shoulder. No matter the situation, he always wears his dark Aviator sunglasses (even at night).

Gunpla: Liberty Gundam, Gundam Harbinger, Jesta Enforcer

Armaments/Special Features of the Gunpla:
Liberty Gundam: Liberty Gundam is based on superior firepower and shock-and-awe tactics. Its colors are red, white, and blue. Despite the heavy armaments, it is still surprisingly nimble and agile thank to Wing Zero EW's wings.
Torso, Shoulders, Hips/Upper Legs: Gundam Heavyarms Katoki
Lower Arms, Lower Legs: Strike Gundam
Head: M1 Astray
Backpack: Wings from Wing Zero EW with GN Drive (true)
Armament: RX-0(N) Beam Magnum with attached Revolving Launcher (right hand), Heavyarms Katoki Double Barrel Beam Gatling Gun (left hand), "Bald Eagle" Grappling Claw (left forearm, based on Blitz/Sword Strike but shoots a bald eagle instead), Heavyarms Katoki missiles (shoulders, hips, lower legs), Wing Zero EW Beam Sabers (wing mounted), Vulcan Guns (head)
Additional: Beam Shield Generators (1 each on Wing Zero EW main bird wing), Tans-Am
Picture of Liberty Gundam (old version, newer and more refined version with new armaments is in the works):

Gundam Harbinger: Harbinger is developed after Liberty Gundam and reflects Twitch's fighting style of ample firepower while still being agile and mobile enough to dodge incoming fire. Its speed, overall firepower, situation adapability, survivability, and maneuverability far surpass Liberty's. It is painted black and maroon with dark gray and blue highlights/details (think Nineball from the Armored Core series).
Head, Shoulders: RX-93 v Gundam
Torso: RX-79BD-2 Blue Destiny Unit 2
Lower Arms: Strike Freedom with Beam Shield Generators
Hips/Upper Legs: Freedom with included Rail Cannons
Backpack: Freedom with included Plasma Beam Cannons, mounted GN Drive (true)
Armament: GN Sword III (right hand, beam rifle switched to beam machinegun mode), GN Sword II Blaster (left arm), Plasma Beam Cannons (wings), Rail Cannons (hip), Vulcan Guns (head and torso), Beam Saber (1 each hip), Tube Missile Launchers (1 each side of lower torso)
Additional Features: Trans-Am, HiMAT Mode, Multi Lock-On System, Full Burst Mode (latter three are derived from using Freedom's wings, Plasma Beam Cannons, and Rail Cannons)
The inspiration behind Harbinger, along with the paint setup:

C.O.M.E.T.: The C.O.M.E.T. is a booster unit that Twitch creates to increase the firepower and survivability of Harbinger, although it is compatible with the Liberty. It works by attaching to the back of the Mobile Suit, arms extend to obtain the handheld weapons and retract them, then Wing Zero EW's Twin Buster Rifle folds out and is grabbed by the hands, one rifle per hand. An Epyon Beam Sword is attached to the end of each rifle. The rifles are tethered to the booster unit itself, but can detach if the booster unit is destroyed. The booster is powered by two true GN Drives and features numerous thrusters for increased speed and maneuverability. It also mounts several missile launchers and two GN Field generators, which serve to create the GN Field that surrounds the C.O.M.E.T. and the mobile suit that is using it. Additional features are two moveable wings and two beam sabers that are derived from Infinte Justice's Fatum-01. The two beam sabers are only useable when the unit is detached from the Mobile Suit and are used for ramming attacks. Note: Think of the C.O.M.E.T. as a cross between the SEED METEOR, Fatum-01, and Armored Core: For Answer Vanguard Overed Boost.

Jesta Enforcer: The standard unit for the International Gunpla Battle Official Referees that Twitch developed. The main differences between the Enforcer and base-model Jesta are colors (mainly dark grey with dark blue supplements, gold highlights) and armament. The Enforcer trades the standard Jesta Beam Rifle for the Jesta Cannon's Beam Rifle and can mount either the Beam Cannon or the 4-Tube Multi-Launcher over the right shoulder. It also mounts a missile launcher on each lower leg. This is the standard Jesta Enforcer setup; some Referees make their own variations.

Ginga Bishōnen
October 3, 2014, 2:39 AM
Vin's mid-RP upgrade

Gunpla: MSC-001 Hyaku Shiki Valiente



Proto GN Blade x 1 (attached to right forearm, which has a small GN container in it to allow the GN Blade to keep its GN particle-derived sharpness)
Beam Dagger x 2 (stored in the Stamen portion of its backpack)
Beam Saber x 2 (stored in the hips, can combine to form a double-sided beam saber)
Hyper Beam Saber x 2 (stored in the back skirt, they are the original HG Hyaku Shiki’s beam saber that were modified to hold MG beam saber effect parts. They are equal in power to the ZZ’s hyper beam sabers, but their power drains very quickly, meaning Vin doesn’t use them often)
Beam Rifle x 1 (stored in the back skirt when not in use)
Rail Cannons x 2
Twin Beam Gatling Shield x 1 (the Gatling guns powered by an internal reactor, ejectable when speed is preferable to power)
Shoulder Missile Pods x 2 (The missile pods hold 22 homing missiles each)

Special Features:

Beam-Resistant Coating - A special coating applied to Hyaku Shiki's armor, it provides the suit with limited defense against ranged beam attacks. It is also the reason for the suit's gold-colored appearance. Since Vin used high quality paint on his model, the coating is stronger than Char's Hyaku Shiki in the anime.

Multi-Lock System (derived from the Freedom Gundam) - As implied by its name, this unique system allows the Hyaku Shiki Valiente to target multiple enemies and attack them at once. To use this system effectively, the pilot must have high spatial awareness capability, which Vin fortunately does possess.

Full Burst Mode (derived from the Freedom Gundam) - The name of the attack mode in which the Hyaku Shiki Valiente uses its beam rifle, rail cannons and twin beam Gatling guns all at once. This mode is often used together with the Multi Lock-On System to destroy a large amount of enemy units at once. However despite its power, Full Burst Mode can only fire in a forward direction.

Extra Backpack (derived from the GP-03S) – This extra backpack fitted to the Hyaku Shiki’s original backpack provides extra thrust for the MS to compensate for the extra armament giving to the suit. The backpack also contains an extra fuel reserve, to power the Hyaku Shiki’s additional thrusters. The backpack can be ejected for when extra maneuverability is needed, or when the fuel reserve is drained.

October 3, 2014, 5:16 AM
Name: Lyle Delaney
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Nationality: Ireland
Faction: Dustari

Backstory: Born and raised in Dublin, Lyle Delaney's family owed a pub and microbrewery that had been in their family for generations (dating back to the 1879 when it first opened). While his older brother Neil had aspirations to be a an Olympic shooter (and was very good at it), Lyle had no post high school aspirations, no direction (other than helping out at the family pub), and no hobbies.

While walking aimlessly around Grafton Street in downtown Dublin, Lyle's curiosity piqued when he heard a large explosion above. This explosion was not a real one, but a virtual one being played on a large screen where a Gunpla Battle was taking place. Captivated by the awesome sight of two giant robots battling it out like there's no tomorrow, he was then approached by a strange bearded man wearing a white shirt and green jacket. After chatting with the man for a few minutes, Lyle was led to a nearby hobby shop where upon entering the shop, he saw wall to wall Gunpla. The man then asked if had Lyle had previously heard of 'Gundam' before and Lyle said no. The man pressed on in his search to find a good kit for start at, then he found it. The HG Gunpla Starter Set 2. He then explained with stars in his eyes the unique qualities of this kit as if he had remembered them by heart. Beginning to slightly annoy him, Lyle agreed to the man's recommendation. Upon finishing the purchase, the mysterious man led Lyle to room where could build his newly bought kit. Over the next two hours, the man drilled into Lyle every aspect on how build Gunpla from cutting out the parts, to assembly, to detailing, to applying top coat, all while lecturing him on the story behind the MS. With the High Grade kit finished, the strange man with absolute passion for Gundam and Gunpla led Lyle to the back of the store where a battle room for Gunpla Battle was located. Upon filling out his name on the blank GP base handed to him by the strange man, Lyle proceeded to begin his training as Gundam Build Fighter. The field that materialized was the asteroid Solomon. The battle started out okay, with Lyle being able to take down three CPU controlled Zaku II's while receiving minor damage. The battle kept going on for 20 minutes until Lyle's machine was finally overwhelmed. The final score was 10 Zaku II's (including two Commander types), 5 Rick Doms, 4 Gelgoogs (including a Red Commander type) and a Zeong. Observing the battle, the man noticed that Lyle was able to figure out the limitations of his machine as well as his opponents. As such, he figured out how to create different strategies based around not only extending his performance time (such as stealing and using enemy weapons) but to also lure enemy units into traps. Impressed by his first battle, the man left a gift for Lyle: a pair plastic cutters with green handles. His parting words to Lyle were, "You're good, but but you relied too much on the predictability of the computer. You need to face live opponent if you want to get better. You should also delve deeper into the world of Gundam. Who knows, you might just discover something new about yourself." After that, Lyle dedicated himself to his newly discovered hobby.

Five years have passed since then and Lyle's skills as a Builder and a Fighter have improved immensely, winning many small tournaments while building a reputation as Fighter. He is now known as the Irish Wizard, due to pulling some insane tactical maneuvers and for always having an ace up the sleeve. His first major victory came from winning the Irish National Qualifier for the Gunpla Battle World Championship.

Personality: Normally a care-free person, Lyle tends to not care what happens around him unless it pique's his interest or someone he knows gets hurt. However, beneath this laid-back exterior is a brilliant and creative mind. When his mind is focused, he becomes nigh unstoppable and is able to formulate tactical maneuvers on the fly. He has a habit of not trusting others should they be hiding an ulterior motive, as fitting his analytical and logical nature. However, those he does trust, he is very kind to them and will leap to their aid regardless of the situation. Besides Gunpla, he also had a knack for cooking which picked up while working at his family's pub.

Appearance: 6'0", 135lbs, dark brown hair (in terms of length, it's about as long as OYW Char Aznable's), green eyes. Usually wears blue jeans, a white T-shirt, and a brown leather jacket with a wool liner on the inside.

Gunpla: (1) GW-9800V Gundam Airmaster Varia and (2) MS-14Jg Gelgoog Jaeger Delaney Special

Armaments/Special Features of the Gunpla:

(1) A highly customized version of the HGAW Gundam Airmaster. This MS eschews many of the standard elements found on the Gundam Airmaster, and adds new ones such as a new backpack and wing binders derived from the HG Seed Destiny MVF-M11C Murasame to increase mobility. Other modifications include the addition of a modified shield from the HG Seed Destiny Saviour Gundam, and beam sabers from the HGUC Zeta Gundam. These beam sabers are located on the wing binders, behind the shoulders. They can fold down over the shoulders to act as beam guns should the need arise. The final modification to this MS are the signature Varia Rifles. Externally, they look like modified versions of the Busters Rifles carried by the Gundam Airmaster. Internally, however, they contain modified parts from the beam rifles of the RG Strike Freedom Gundam. As such, they can combine to form a long-range beam sniper rifle in a pinch. This MS also gets rid of all of the red color found on the Gundam Airmaster and is instead painted in Irish Green.

(2) A customized HGUC Gelgoog Jaeger. Externally it looks like a Gelgoog Jaeger (except it is painted in Light Green and Dark Green), but it does have some modifications to it. The forearm mounted Beam Spot Guns have been modified so that they can be deployed as beam sabers should the need arise (these are built from the HGUC Gelgoog Marine Commande Type). Additionally, the these beam sabers can be combined to form the beam naginata seen on other Gelgoog models (the combining arts are built from the HG 1/144 Justice Gundam). The left arm as also been modified to fit the shield from the HGUC Gelgoog Marine Commader Type. The Large Beam Machine Gun has been modified so that it can switch between a single-fire and rapid-fire mode, and can take a drum mag style E-Pac.

MSM-03C Hygogg
October 3, 2014, 1:27 PM
Name: Gideon Popov
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Nationality: Russian
Faction: Xur Empire

Backstory: Born in a Russian Orthodox orphanage he devoted most of his time to his studies, until he discovered Gumpla when he was ten. Being constantly bullyed at the orphanage he developed a split personality while using his Gumpla, after a incident where he attacked a fellow orphan he left the orphanage to live alone and train. Later he became involved in Gumpla tournaments using a combination of number crunching and his Mobile suits brute strength till he became one of the top fighters in Russia. A after he won the right to represent Russia in the World Championships by defeating his opponents Bolt Gundam, he hopes to win the tournament in order to show the world his true strength.

Personality: Intelligent, polite, kind (sometime overly apologetic), but during combat he is cold and calculating

Appearance: Green Unkempt short hair, Medium height,skinny and kinda weak, eyes change from kind to serious during battle

Gunpla:Gundam "Physalis" Beam Bazooka type Custom


Beam Bazooka (A beam weapon that is modified from the mobile turret Skiure's beam cannon. It serves as the Physalis's main range weapon after the atomic bazooka is useless. Like the atomic bazooka, it is a two-piece weapon, with one piece stored in the shield while the other is mounted on the right shoulder.)

NR-Sh-02-RX/S-00013 Shield (The Gundam Physalis is equipped with a unique NR-Sh-02-RX/S-00013 model shield. The large shield serves not only as additional protection for the Physalis against physical and beam weapons, but it also features a powerful cooling system designed to help protect the Physalis from the edge of a nuclear explosion. Multi-Directional Missle Launcher System hidden inside.)
60mm Vulcan Gun (A standard defensive armament of the Earth Federation Forces' RX and RGM series of mobile suits is a pair of head mounted 60mm vulcan guns. These shell firing weapons have a high-rate of fire but have little power. The weapons are ideal for shooting down small, fast moving, lightly armored targets such as missiles, small land vehicles, and attack helicopters.)
A.E.Blash·XBR-L-83d/Du.02 Beam Saber(The beam saber produces high-energy Minovsky particles to form a blade-shaped I-field filled with superheated plasma that creates a deadly cutting blade. It is an effective weapon for close-quarters combat. This particular model is manufactured by Anaheim Electronics.)
Emergency Heat Hawk (An axe-like melee weapon, whose name is short for "tomahawk". Thermal energy is used to
super heat the heat hawk's blade, allowing it to slice through the armor of enemy warships or mobile suits.)

Special Features of the Gunpla:Multi-layer Anti-beam Coating

October 3, 2014, 2:53 PM
Name: Emile Peterson

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Nationality: Canadian

Faction: Arian

Backstory: Born in a small city in British Columbia, his love of Gunpla began early. By the time he was 18, he had already began entering tournaments, though usually got knocked out in the qualifier.

Personality: Usually pretty quiet and reserved with new people, once he opens up, he will always speak his mind.

Appearance: Dirty-blonde hair, 6'1" tall, and green eyes. Usually dressed in jeans and a black t-shirt

Gunpla: GN Guncannon: A Guncannon DT powered by a GN drive, with the Zwei's GN fangs

Paint job: Titans color scheme

October 4, 2014, 11:06 PM
Name: Cynbel Tristan
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Nationality: Norway
Faction: Dustari

Backstory: Cynbel was born and raised in Norway. Fascinated by the old ways of the Norse Gods he became a historian of Norse Mythology. In doing so he always learned their fighting methods and how they would train in combat. Learning multiple fighting styles and winning numerous tournaments and traveling to various countries, he discovered Gunpla in Japan. He fell in love with hobby and it became his past time. But when the Gunpla Battle Championship World Tournament began, he decided it was time to meld his passions together.

Personality: Tenacious yet cunning in battle. He uses tactics and ruthlessness to gain the advantage over his opponents. He constantly studies his enemies to find weaknesses to exploit in battle. Outside of battle he’s easy going and easy to talk to. But prefers to be the smartest person in the room.

Appearance: 6’-5” Tall, Thin build with a cut look. Blonde/White hair about chin length. Green eyes and serious tone.

Gunpla: MSN-06SD Stein Dreadnought Gundam

(Sinanju Stein, modified into a Gundam with a custom V-Fin, larger fuel tanks for extended operation times. Armed Armor DE and standard Hi-Beam Rifle.

Armaments/Special Features of the Gunpla: Custom paint scheme include Black, Grey, Light Grey, White, and some Red.


Dom Tropen MS-09D
October 7, 2014, 12:31 PM
Name: Cassandra Leon
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Nationality: English
Faction: None

Backstory: Born into an wealthy noble family , Cassandra always had an keen eye for talent. After completing her studies, she was hired by Finnish Gunpla association to work as manager for their representative for the World championship.
Though mostly shows little care for Gunpla battle, she does enjoy building them at her spare time.

Personality: Strict and very professional, tries to keep cool head at all times, despite Marko being, Marko.

Appearance : 5`8 tall, Thin build, natural blonde , blue eyes.

Gunpla: Custom Gundam G-Arcane, orange parts have been painted Navy Blue, white parts Gunmetal Grey.

Weaponry/ Special features of the Gunpla: Custom made beam Naginata, and Rifle , modified from Unicorns Beam Magnum.

October 8, 2014, 3:49 AM
Name: Xgimn (Saddle Brown will be his color)
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Nationality/Faction: Xur Empire

Backstory: A high ranking officer within the Xur military. He normally does not lead troops into battle and instead sorties as he desires. This leads to conflicts with the Xur command, who only keep him around because he is a skilled warrior. The only reason he joined the Xur is because he shares the same vision of domination, albeit in a different manner. He is quite adept in close combat and specializes in staves.

Personality: He seeks to become the ultimate warrior and constantly searches for strong opponents in battle. He sees himself as above others and acts as he sees fit. Since he believes that the rules do not apply to him, he says what is on his mind and is rather blunt about it. He has been known to disengage from battles due to not finding a suitable opponent or finding the fight pointless. Has a serious yet nonchalant attitude in battle.

Appearance: Towering in at 6’8”, his impressive height is augmented by his defined and toned physique. His blonde hair is almost silver and he has orange eyes. He normally wears a long brown/dark orange cloak that is closed in the front.

Gunpla: G-Exes Jackedge and Negal (custom Zeydra)

G-Exes Jackedge: The Jackedge is standard except for the colors. It is dark brown and tan with green highlights.

Negal: Negal is an xvm-zgc Zeydra that is acquired from the Dustari and customized. It is also dark brown and tan with green highlights. This high-speed, high-maneuverable Mobile Suit specializes in close combat, but it does have some ranged capabilities.
Armaments: Beam Buster (chest), Beam Vulcan (hands internal), Beam Saber (hands internal), Altron Gundam’s Twin Beam Trident (hand carried), Gundam Epyon’s Heat Rod (tail mounted)
Additional features: The Zeydra’s backpack has been replaced with four wings from Gundam Epyon. The Negal is also able to produce a spherical Beam Shield around itself for defense. It is also fitted with boosters that give it a split-second burst in speed, allowing the Negal to close the distance to enemies and to evade enemy attacks. This “High Boost” can give the illusion of near-teleportation over short distances; however there is a delay between boosts.

Zeon's RedComet
October 8, 2014, 6:35 AM
Name: Enzo Corvo AKA: C
Age: 40
Gender: Male
Nationality: Italian
Faction: Xur (IIRC that's where Ginga Wanted him)

Backstory: A man who watched way too many crime films growing up Enzo was of Italian American desent and moved to his families homeland when he was only 17, since then he's done less than savory odd jobs as he didn't have a stomach for anything major, but when Gunpla Battle came to be, it wasn't long before the crime family he was part of saw potential in racketeering off of it, even if it was seen as a children's Game at most.

After that he immersed him self in Gundam and Gunpla and built his own machines to do Mafia contracts with eventually helping form a Mafia entirely revolving arround Gunpla battle related crimes, recently being selected to go and Win the world tournament by any means nesisary, the potential bet winning of a no name, in what appears to be a poorly made Gunpla potentially being astronomical.

He just got out of the pen on good behaviour.

Personality: Aloof, jokes allot (usually at the expense of his oponents) while working, Deadly Calm, and not above using underhanded tactics when not under a microscope

Appearance: sandy Blonde hair slicked back, small moustache, wears a suit most of the time with no tie and the collar up. Wears a black coat and Fedora and glasses when doing dirty work.

Gunpla 1: Gambetti Gundam


Armaments/Special Features of the Gunpla:

x1 Beam Garrote Wire (Small beam made between the two wrists used in sneak attacks

x2 Beam Stilettos Hidden in a compartment in the calvs can extend into full length sabers.

x1 Beam "Tommy" Gun

x1 Beam Pistol (hidden on the right hip same type used by the Testament Gundam)

Gunpla 2: YMS-14H Hellgoog


Has a Gundam MK.II back pack on it.


x1 Beam Assault Rifle (cut down version of the Gelgoog Jager's Beam Machine Gun)

x2 Beam Saber stored on the backpack, can combine to form a dual ended saber

x10 Zeong style beam gun fingers, can also form beam claws from the hands as well

x2 Line Dart Wires Launched from the old Wrist Machine Guns can embed into MS and allow him to pull them or be used to tie them down

x1 Beam gun on the face like a Zaku III

x1 Beam Sheild on the left arm, emits into the Shape of the Gelgoog Zulu shield.

October 15, 2014, 1:30 AM
Name: Shannon O'Hara
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Nationality: Ireland
Faction: TBD

Backstory: Raised by her father alone, Shannon had a difficult time growing up. Her mother's death left a profound impact on her, and this caused her to enter a state of depression. As such she was often the target of bullies (mostly girls) when in school. It wasn't until she was 12 years old that she discovered Gundam. It was through Gundam that she found strong female roles like Emma Sheen and Marrue Ramius; she also understood Gundam's message that "despite the sadness we face in this world, we can still find ways to better ourselves if we try." When she discovered that message, it lit a fire in her soul that burned brightly. She was able to let go of her depression, improve her mental and physical health, and find a hobby in Gunpla and Gunpla Battle.

While she was decent at Gunpla Battle, she had never been able to reach the final round on the Irish Nationals.

Personality: While Shannon is a a nice girl, she does not take kindly to rude comments aimed at her (especially if they call her an Amazon). As such, she is known to have an extremely volatile temperament. This is further reflected in her combat style where she prefers to shoot first, and never even bother about asking questions. She's also a bit prideful as a Build Fighter, and and stubborn to admit her own feelings for very close friends (like Lyle).

Appearance: She looks a lot like Lucrezia Noin. She usually wears a navy-blue long-sleeve t-shirt that just end a little above her blue denim jeans. She also wears a Preventers jacket.

Gunpla: (1)HGAC Gundam Heavyarms (initial kit used in Irish National), (2)HGUC FAF91 Full Armor Gundam F91 (mid-season upgrade)

Armaments/Special Features of the Gunpla: (1)The HGAC Gundam Heavyarms is just an exceptional well built model. It has all the standard features of the Gundam Heavyarms, but also all of the drawbacks (such as running out of ammo too quickly, which cost her the match at the Irish Nationals). (2) The HGUC Full Armor Gundam F91 is an HGUC Gundam F91 Twin VSBR Type that has a few modifications. First off, each of the lower VSBR's have been replaced by the one of the Beam Gatling Guns from the HGUC FA Unicorn Gundam (Destroy Mode). Secondly, additional armor has been placed on the torso, shoulders, and legs to improve the F91's durability. The third modification was the addition of leg mounted missile pods and micro-missiles located underneath the shoulder armor (these parts flip up when deployed) taken from the HGAC Gundam Heavyarms. The fourth modification comes in the form of the HG Freedom Gundam's Multi-lock target system installed onto the Full Armor Gundam F91. The final mod are new detachable front and rear skirt pieces. The rear skirt armor has additional thrusters mounted on it in order to offset the weight of the extra armor.

October 28, 2014, 5:01 AM
Name: Tomi (Teal will be his color)
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Nationality: Hungary
Faction: Arian

Backstory: Before becoming an International Gunpla Battle Official Referee, Tomi participated in many local tournaments in his home country just for the prize money. He would also participate in team tournaments, joining whichever team would pay him the most for winning. During a team tournament a Gunpla Mafia-type group attempted to sabatoge the match, which is when Tomi first met Twitch. Together they quelled the opposition and they worked surprisingly well as a team. Twitch recruited Tomi as an International Referee, swaying him with the statement that the pay was better than what he was doing. Over time Tomi's passion for Gunpla grew, and he now enjoys Gunpla Battles for more than just the money, but for the art that it is.

Personality: Overall Tomi is fairly easy going and relaxed, but he can be serious when he is needed to be. When he is serious he still takes a relaxed approached to the situation. During his time as Twitch's partner Tomi has also become somewhat of a perfectionist when building his Gunpla. The pair are constantly pushing and challenging each other to improve both their building and battling skills. Twitch and Tomi consider each other close friends and understand a lot about each other.

Appearance: He is 6'0" with short-cropped dark brown hair and brown eyes. His casual attire is a light blue button-up long sleeve shirt that he wears open, a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and black sneakers.

Gunpla: Blademaster Gundam Kai, Jesta Enforcer

Blademaster Gundam Kai: The Blademaster Gundam Kai is not based on any particular Gunpla and is mostly scratch-built. Its main function is that of a high mobility close-combat Mobile Suit, although it does have some ranged capabilities.
Armament: Anti-Ship Sword (2, backpack mounted), Beam Saber (1 each knee mounted), Beam Boomerang (1 each shoulder mounted), Beam Pistol (2, rear skirt mounted), Beam Shield (left forearm)
Additional features: The installed Overboost system gives the Blademaster a huge increase in speed and creates an afterimage effect. This system functions similarly to the "Wings of Light" used by the ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam

Jesta Enforcer: Tomi's Jesta Enforcer uses the standard configuration and favors mounting the Beam Cannon over the right shoulder, although he has used the 4-Tube Multi-Launcher on occasion.

March 11, 2015, 2:01 PM
Name : Chen
Age : 23
Gender : Male
Nationality : China
Faction : None

Backstory : From an early age, Chen built exquisite Gunpla, melee types that ripped his opponent apart. From the age of fourteen, he had won every single tournament in his local area, soon aspiring to the upper tournaments outside of his hometown. He never left a match with a memorable scar on his Gunpla - a reminder to his opponents that his skill with the Gunpla he used was exceptional. Soon starting to go to the national tournaments, he tore through the places until the finals, where he was finally defeated, but not without mortally injuring his opponent's Gunpla. Now, he tunes his Gunpla to the heights of perfection, readying for the next fight.

Personality : Chen can be outgoing sometimes to his acquaintances, which he has not a lot of, but outside he isolates himself and becomes more secluded, not wishing to speak with strangers or his opponents.

Appearance : The average height of most men his age, he has black hair that hangs over his eyebrows, wears a black hoodie and tracksuit bottoms.

Gunpla : Garazzo (Bring Stabbity)

Garazzo (Bring Stabbity) Main function is the high mobility close combat Mobile suit. Uses Vulcans, head and hands. Uses Trans-Am.

March 11, 2015, 2:10 PM
I hate to break it to you, but this RP is kind of... dead in the water. There is another GBF RP going on, but I've already got a full lineup (three players, one coach, and one International Gunpla Battle Referee).