View Full Version : Just How Good are Bernie Wiseman and Christina Mackenzie as Pilots?

September 5, 2014, 11:46 PM
I'm guessing this is at least sort of revelvant to this section. I've seen this brought up a little bit in other places, but not really much and I want to see what you think. How do you think Bernie and Chris measure up as pilots and how would they stack up against other notable mobile suit pilots?

Let's look at Bernie. Abysmal battle record and very little battle experience. However, he has great planning skills, particulray at staging traps, and ingenuinietly. He was a ahead of his time and deployed dummies far before they became a standard tactics. He also seems competent in melee combat in his mobile suit. He was able to make the the single most powerful and advanced mobile suit around at the time (or at least one them if you count other side story prototypes) inoperative. I think it's generally agreed upon that Bernie is one of the better oldtype pilots. Being played by David Hayter in the dub, he is also Solid Snake, and thus a total badass.

Chris is more debateable, and I'm not even sure about her. She has an exceptional mobile suit, so you could argue it isn't just her doing all that. However, the Alex might be a bit of hinderence to her. The Alex is a mobile suit made for Newtype reflexs and yet she is able to pilot it as if there is no such difficulty. A normal pilot would not be able to pilot the Alex properly. This means that Chris's reflexes are prodigious for an Oldtype, actually on par with those of a Newtype, at least on the borderline in between the two skill levels. As for her fights, she first took out Misha in the Kampher. Misha is an ensign, but in the elite Cyclops team, so he is likely a good for the time with suitable training, worthy of and qualified for piloting the Kampher. The Kampher itself is a late OYW prototype, and thus presumedly on the same level as the RX-78-2 and the Gelgoog. So, the Alex being so advanced likely wouldn't be so much of an edge. The Alex is more of a Gundam plus and the Kampher was able to get through its armor, and the Alex was even damaged in the fight. Not a flawless fictory, but even with the edge of the Alex, we can tell Chris is no slouch. Cue the fight with Bernie. Something you really have to put in account is that the Alex is damaged before this fight begins and could not finish being repair in time. It is also mising weapons and armor. It is not in prime condition and much of what makes it so cutting edge, special, and strong is absent. Bernie also pilots a high performance mobile suit signifigantly better than a normal Zaku II. This is not your standard Gundam vs. Zaku fight. Bernie deployed tactics she had likely never seen before and had to adapt and adjust accordingly in her damaged mobile suit. She was lured into a trap. Still, despite these conditions, she survives and destroyed both the Zaku and kills the pilots.

So yes, I can't be really clear here, there's only so much I know abot Gundam at this point, but as far the universel century goes, I believe both Bernie and Chris are two of the best Oldtype pilots. However, both are likely outclassed by Yazan, with Chris probally a bit closer to Yazan's level due to her almost Newtype level reflexs.

So, yeah, feel free to add anything or dispute what I said.

Dom Tropen MS-09D
September 5, 2014, 11:49 PM
^IMO both were decent pilots and likeable people in general. They might not have chances against Amuro or Char at the time but both were decent, that's what I say.

Psyco Diver
September 25, 2014, 10:33 PM
Well she was a test pilot, test pilots are sometimes not the great combat pilots, but they can at least push the limits of the machine, chances are Christina had zero combat experience but alot of practical MS experience. Stardust memory is a good example of this because Kou, while a test pilot, gets beat and he even has to be reminded to stay calm because while he fought alot of mock battles he never fought a real one where people die. Bernie on the other hand is a grunt pilot forced to come up with a plan, if he tried attacking her flat out she would have wiped the colony floor with him easily.