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Gouf pilot
July 11, 2014, 12:27 AM
Welcome to my first Gundam Fan Fiction!!

****Under construction****

Lets get get onto the main purpose of this.The whole premise of this is to write short stories about the American Front on either the Feds/Zeon/Civilians side of the story.I will go through states and write what is happening and such if you want to suggest a state or city you are welcome too.I would love feedback and criticism also enjoy:p.

The list below is the state or city I am doing now and what side I am doing.(It might take me awhile to do some of the states depending on how busy I am.)


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Gouf pilot
July 16, 2014, 3:42 PM

****Disregard this till further notice****

Ever since the beginning of the Invasion of North America,Kentucky has had one of the heaviest resistants from Federation Troopers who use the battle cry of "Remember Fort Knox"into battle.Fort Campbell used to be one of the few places still in Federation control in Kentucky but then in August after scouts reported that Zeon forces in the state were weakening a major offensive campaign took place taking most of southern Kentucky including Bowling Green.In September another campaign was launched this time to take all of western Kentucky again it proved successful against the crumpling Zeon forces.October saw a statement between the two sides but the Federation were just a stones throw away from Louisville,the headquarters of the Kentucky zeonic front.The Federation asked for assistants from Jaburo and Jaburo answered.They gave them the RX-79[A]"Screaming Eagle"Unit one and GM squadrons.Now the final assault on the collapsing Zeon in the state is beginning soon.

OOC:It has taken me awhile to do this because of a massive headache that keeps coming back.So if it isn't that great sorry my head sometimes can't think.

Gouf pilot
November 5, 2014, 7:08 PM
Hunter of the Night Part One.

"Up ahead is Grover Creek." Boomed Sergeant Howard Cless,leader of the 22nd EFGF Supply Escorts nicknamed the "Fire Bees". They were deep in the state of Georgia where the the Hills have turned to swamps and Zeon forces have still been able to hold the line.The 22nd was in charge of escorting a line of much needed supply trucks to Americus a city that has been under siege by EF forces for 3 weeks. In the distance explosion and gunfire were heard they were just a mere 20 miles from the city and everybody was ready for anything. The 22nd was equipped with 3 GM units piloted by loudmouth Sgt.Howard Cless,laid back Corporal Yuri Shin,and the play it by the books Private Ryan Finch all used to be Saberfish pilots before the upgrade to GMs and all knew what war was like. "There it is boys,the Creek. That should mean we are close to the Federation checkpoint." The Sgt said right before a loud blast from the siege rang out throughout the forest."Great after this we should grab a couple of beers at base Sir." The Corporal said chiming in. "Don't count on it we are already low on supplies." The Sgt said back and then saw something in the distances shacking the trees."Sir,do you see that!" The private yelled."Damn right I do!Supply trucks stay back and as for us form a defensive position! We aren't going out like last time!"