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July 9, 2014, 7:56 AM
Hi folks

Well I intend to use this thread as a bit of a personal journey through Gunpla.

It will be mainly a work in progress thread (hence its location) but also Id like it to be for my own thoughts and bouncing ideas off people for projects, as well as a bit of a gunpla diary, and also showcasing my finished work (because I would post them here anyway to finish a work-in-progress and dont think my own work would justify its own finished-gallery in the other section, hope thats ok :)

So at first Ill be setting up a few things.
This introductory post, then hopefully a little post just showing a couple of wip from model painting (just to establish my background and general painting level), and then onto my gunpla works.
At the moment I have almost finished my first.
Its a non painted Astray Goldframe Amatsu 1/100 NG/HG, really enjoyed it. Pictures coming soon.

I also plan to use this place to get ideas for which future kits I should make unpainted, and which I should paint.
Although I enjoy painting, it does take me a long time, and I dont enjoy it quite as much as I enjoy modelling. So that-said, I do want to paint some kits, but only those that would look exceptional from a paint-job, or those that badly need a paint job due to the kits standard colours looking plasticy or cheap compared to other kits.

So thats it, my first post on my own wip thread. Lets see where the gunpla adventure goes :)

Havent had chance to get photos up yet, but would appreciate thoughts on what to paint or unpaint :)
My current kits and plans:

1. Astray Goldframe Amatsu 1/100
This is now almost finished. Decided not to paint as its my first kit, but also the large amount of glossy black and shiny gold makes for it to look great anyway. I might replace some of the stickers with small areas of paint as some arent 100% where they fold around parts to supposedly fully encase certain areas. (Eg parts on the top of the head)

2. Epyon EW mg 1/100
I think I am going to build this as unpainted. It looks really great on the photos anyway and I do neew something to be my next project kit and my first mg will be nice not to have to consider painting.

3.Wing Gundam Zero EW mg 1/100
This I think I am going to build unpainted.
It looks great, but also has a lot of white on it and Ive never liked painting up white (or black) as the shading and highlighting techniques from miniature painting are more difficult on pure white or black surfaces. Ive done it before but have found it difficult.
If I am going to the extent of painting, I dont really want to just give things a plain colour-coat, I do want to put time into shading and highlighting.

4.Astray Redframe NG 1/100
Ok this ones a paint job. It has a lot of white on it which I wont like painting, but the box art shows many areas on the model that have more paint/sticker detail than what appears to be in the kit so I dont think it will look ok without a bit of painting effort into it. Thus it will be a paint project.

5. Gouf Custom mg 1/100
Definately a paint job project. This kit always looked "ok" to me on websites and online shops, but then I saw it here on a guys build info (Eric I think) and it looked just fantastic! So I bought it. The in-box plastic in honesty looks really cheap in colour and the box photos dont impress me, but the model design looks just great and Eric made it look fantastic, so its a paintjob project :)

6. Sinanju MG 1/100
Undecided here. The model looks just amazing painted or unpainted. It also looks complicated with a bigger box than all the others. So do I enjoy making what looks to be a much bigger kit than the others that will be time consuming? Or do I decide that because it is such a big complicated kit it deserves a paintjob? But then so many pieces, the paintjob would take ages. Really undecided.

Any thoughts appreciated :)

- - - Updated - - -

Ok :)
Heres a few pics of my previous work which in this case is purely miniature painting.

First off is a WIP being a miniature not yet finished.
Its 30mm high (fora scale) so only just over an inch, quite small.
white and black areas are areas not yet base-coated (like bits on weapons and the banner above the head).
Been quite happy with how the red shading on the armour turned out, but not happy with the green seals on the armour so might repaint those. I tried them originally in a paper/parchment colour but it didnt go well with the bone colours near it. The green to me just doesnt look right.

July 9, 2014, 8:02 AM
Tried to then add the next troll, failed and bust the post a bit with a mystery thumbnail attached.
Next up is a Troll miniature from a couple of years ago.
Tried a gloss black on the eyes to make it sinister, but now think painting some white in there and actually giving it irises would have looked better. The shade/highlight looked better on my desk than in the photos haha :)
He is about 40mm height for scale. So still a lot smaller than Gundam


- - - Updated - - -

Lastly, a robot titan model.
Was happy with the fade of orange to red on this armour, but rushed the purple body and didnt take enough time or add enough variance or detail, so mixed views on this.
Is about 50mm high for scale:

- - - Updated - - -

I will try and get some photos of the Astray Amattsu when he is fully finished :)

Getting rid of the nub marks without having to think I will be painting over them has been a new lesson. Those 7 step nail buffers are awesome but it has been a learning curve with some nubs a bit more visible than I would have liked.


July 9, 2014, 8:37 AM
Those are some pretty cool looking little figures there man. And it would seem that you have a pretty decent backlog of 1/100 kits. Even a MG Sinanju, I'm jealous.

July 9, 2014, 10:24 AM
Thanks :)

My backlog is because my first Gunpla was a birthday present and so I started researching it all that weekend and became enthralled. This then meant I spent any and all of my birthday-gift-money on many lovelly kits hence the backlog :)

As a family we have a caravan because we cannot go on holiday otherwise (little boys autism doesnt let him settle in strange new places on a night) and so we then go on holiday quite a lot because the caravan is there ready to be used. My moddeling kit is fully self contained in a rolling-toolbox and so its really easy to take it to the caravan and sit making models in the awning while the little boy plays. So I dont know how long my backlog will last :)

The kits I plan to paint will drastically delay finishing those kits, will really take time.
Question is... do I paint the Sinanju??

July 9, 2014, 12:03 PM
I plan on painting mine whenever I get one. But that's just me. If you don't feel like painting the whole thing, you could at least paint the black parts and gold trim. That alone will make the kit pop.

July 9, 2014, 1:06 PM
Can't wait to see all your progress man! And your figures look really awesome. I actually want to see the gold frame amatsu.

July 9, 2014, 4:38 PM
I dont understand your first post. You say you don't feel right posting a finished display, but then you post those fantastic miniatures?! If you can do that, your gunpla should look pretty awesome and should have a thread showcasing it. I mean heck, there are threads in there where its just a snapped kit, whereas you're putting in your painting skills toward a kit.

PLEASE make a thread when you're done! ^_^

July 9, 2014, 6:32 PM
Thanks Setsunason thats nice of you to say :)

Thats very nice of you to say also Squee thank you.
Though as may be evident in my wording above, I always feel critical of my work afterwards and rarely fully happy.
Also, painting a 1 inch figure is different to painting a 10 inch figure and the bigger isnt necessarily easier, i might make a real real mess of it. I might be horrible at painting larger areas.
Its still very nice of you to say though Squee so thank you.
I guess I wil see how the results turn out first and then take a view :) if I feel proud then ill make a showcase thread. Probably be a while before i paint a gunpla though, my next one I think will be unpainted Epyon.

July 9, 2014, 7:39 PM
I see tons of miniatures painted up in Instagram daily and that Terminator looks fantastic so far, much better than some of the stuff on IG. If the quality of that is any indication of how you'll do with the bigger kits, then you really should post up your work.

In terms of your bigger kits, you're fine with not painting the Epyon. I didn't paint mine much (just the clear parts on the feet and chest with the metallic green Gundam marker) and it still looks great. For the others, it might be worth it to find something different to paint on each one if you don't feel like doing a full paint job. Also, with your handpainting skills, you can at least handpaint the eyes on each one, haha.