View Full Version : Problems with the 1/100 Tieren

December 7, 2011, 8:29 PM
Not sure if this was the right section or not.

Anyways I'm having huge problems with the Tieren legs and posing. The parts that connect the legs to the main body always come off when I'm trying to pose the Tieren. The Poly-Cap connecting the leg to the waist has become severely worn down for how little I've messed with the model and I'm just wondering if this is a common problem with the tieren or if I just got very unlucky. The PC part is PC B if that helps at all. I did look through my extra parts and found 2 spares so I'll probably replace them soon but I've been forced to pose the Tieren in a crouching position, if I stand him up he falls over.

Besides that I really enjoy the Tieren but the legs were just a major disapointment.

I can post pics later if need be.

December 8, 2011, 1:51 AM
Well I think I figured out the problem it seems that one of the polycaps had a crack going down the side. The leg that had the cracked polycap was the one giving me the most trouble so it explains why the leg was so flimsy. Although I'm sure the odd design of the legs helped with the problem. I replaced them and it feels just fine now. However I don't understand why they got so worn down...