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March 25, 2013, 3:51 AM
In the Distant Future, The Earth has been rendered uninhabitable and Mankind has reached the Stars…Humanity has become a widespread and prospered citizen of the universe, Colonizing the Cosmos from planetoid to artificial colony. But alas, the Galaxy was not without its troubles…

The year was After Earth 410…In the wake of brutal Civil War and revolts from the outlying colonies, the United Nations of Terra Collapsed, and the Earth lost to the Stars. In its stead, Republics, Commonwealths, Guilds, Kingdoms, Shogunates, and Imperiums rise and fall, But only Four Superpowers managed to fill the void…The Imperium of Ziebach, an Autocracy mirroring the Roman Empire, has risen to power, claiming one system after another and are poised to collect all under their Iron Fist. The Shogunate of Tokugawa, A Tribal Confederacy under the rule of the Ancient Dynasty of Tokugawa Ieyasu, has existed since before the fall of the UNT and is one of the Oldest of the Superpowers, and the only one to counterbalance the Ziebach Imperium. The Commonwealth of Anglia, a Constitutional Monarchy that while benevolent and Democratic, has a one of the most formidable MS Forces the Cosmos has ever seen, while year wise young in comparison to Ziebach and Tokugawa, it is still to be reckoned with. And finally there is The Merchants Company of Piratical Practices, a Guild of individuals’ hell bent on surviving by any means necessary, even if it means keeping one Superpower from conquering the other, using methods from warmongering to their bread and butter…Piracy.

The Year is After Earth 1000…The Superpowers are in the throes of a Cold War, waging Proxy Wars within minor independent systems for supremacy…Battles are Waged with Mobile Suits, The Key to Military Dominance…and the Citizens within the Superpowers and the independent systems get caught in the Crossfire…and because of that, this Cold War will soon get hot…The only hope for the Cosmos: The actions of gifted individuals and their legendary mobile suits called GUNDAMS…In the coming Chaos, these Pilots will Shake the Foundations of the Superpowers and Change the Course of history…If they can stay alive…

Prologue: “The Drums of War”


December 24th, 997 AE

3 Years Earlier…

It was cold…The Pilot began to see his vision returning, only to be met with darkness. Suddenly, he saw flickering lights and sparks all around him. As his vision came back to him, he found he was inside his Mobile Suits Cockpit. It appeared to be damaged and inoperable. He looked around to check himself and saw that his Cooling Suit was still intact. With that out of the way, he unbuckled his harness and punched a button under the console. Seconds later the hatch popped off and the pilot climbed out. As he did, the cold chill of Thark’s hellish winters slammed into his chest like a sledgehammer nearly sending him back into his trashed mobile suit’s cockpit. He looked around him as the winds died down. To his horror his comrades and their mobile suits were utterly destroyed. Some had single bullet shots to the cockpits at close range; others had sword wounds on their armor and pseudo muscle fibers. Some had green coolant fluid oozing out, while others had blue plasma discharge belching out of their damaged reactors. The pilot flinched when another mech exploded, smoke enveloping the machine and rising to the sky, as if carrying the pilots soul to the heavens. The pilot then looked up when he felt someone…some thing was looking at him…Standing before him, hidden behind clouds of snow was a silhouette, which dissipated when its eyes flashed…it was a mobile suit alright…and the pilot didn’t take long to find out which one it was…when the snow settled the V Fins of the Mobile suit were the first to pierce the clouds…followed by the rest of it…


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March 25, 2013, 3:53 AM
The Pilot inside the Gundam gripped his Controls in anger. He eyeballs the Pilot emerging from the wreckage of his suit. He took a deep breath, but that didn’t stop his rage from building up…

“This is what happens when you cross me!”

The Gundam raised its right foot and stomped on the mobile suit…

March 25, 2013, 3:56 AM

Chapter 1: “The Hammer Strikes”


April 14th, 1000 AE

Present Day

It was a blue and sunny morning as Warrant Officer Walsh walked down the marble stone of the Parliament Building on his way to the war office of General Cricks Marsden. As he entered the spacious room, he observed an old man with Salt and Pepper hair, Gray eyes and a cheery demeanor wearing the same uniform of the Anglian Military but with the Stars of a Brigadier General on his collar. He was writing a report on his desk when he noticed Warrant Officer Walsh standing in the doorway…

“Ah! Owen, Come Sit!”

Owen Walsh had been only a Warrant Officer for a year, but it already felt like an eternity since he was awarded his Bars in the Corps. Owen sat down in front of the large desk and straightened his back. He took a deep breath.

“You wanted to see me sir?”

“Yes I did…First off; I wanted to say congratulations for your promotion in the Warrant Officer’s Corps.”

Owen winced.

“Thank you sir…”

“Damn fine determination on your part and I look forward to that kind of determination for the mission…”


General Marsden picked up a manila file and handed it to Owen.

“I am sending you to Ristar…It appears our ally, the Republic of Gladstone is suffering from an insurgency…and it appears that…”

Owen noticed Imperial Mobile Suits in a photo…

“…Ziebach may be supplying them with equipment and training…and seeing you’re experience with them I believe that you’re the right man for the job…”

Owen couldn’t help but think that last remark was insulting…Suddenly the two men heard a knock on the door…



April 15th, 1000AE

The Hall of the Ancient Imperial Palace in the city of Palatine Glowed pearly white as the columns gleamed in the sunlight. Its façade was that of a classic Roman villa but on a much grander scale. Storm clouds brushed over to envelope the sun. Inside, torches illuminated the dimmed chamber, with supplemental light coming from a skylight in the ceiling. Then a small man in a business suit covered by a toga stepped from one of the shadows…he cleared his throat…

“His Eminence! Emperor Caracalla Damascus! 214th Emperor of the Ziebach Imperium!”

A roar from an unseen crowd could be heard as an imposing man of 6’4” with white hair and Blood Red eyes walked from the right of an extravagant platform and sat upon an equally imposing Throne of iron and gold…He sat upon the throne as the fanfare ended…as he sat, an eerie quietness fell upon the massive throne room..

“Send them in…”

With the echo waves of the man’s booming voice still settling, two men in Ziebach military garb stride toward the throne…

“Commander Devros Maximus of the Special Forces…and his Excellency, General Nero Lunar of the 95th Javelins!”

The two men continue to the Throne…

Somewhere near an asteroid field

April 15th, 1000AE

A glass Wall showing the outside world was the only source of light for what appeared to be a large room. A man in the shadows can be seen sitting in a massive swivel chair smoking a pipe behind a small desk when a beeping noise interrupts the quiet atmosphere…

“Um…Mister X, that man you wanted to see is here…”

“(Sighs)…send him in…about damn time…”

Mister X turns to the door as it opens…

New Kyoto

April 15th, 1000AE

The Castle of Tokugawa, a symbol of the blend of nature and technology, stood atop an artificial mountain as gunships cloaked by the clouds ran patrols around its magnificent façade. It resembled a tradition Castel found in Feudal Japan with angry dragons striking in all directions. An ancient Asian man sat upon his “Throne” as stringed instruments play in the background…after a few more minutes of the music it dies down…

“Bring him in…”

By his command, a group of the Shogun’s finest soldiers suddenly raised assault weapons and aimed at the door…as they did
the doors opened to see a man heavily bound in chains being led into the throne room by even heavily armed escorts

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March 25, 2013, 4:09 AM
New Kyoto

April 15th, 1000AE

The Castle of Tokugawa, a symbol of the blend of nature and technology, stood atop an artificial mountain as gunships cloaked by the clouds ran patrols around its magnificent façade. It resembled a tradition Castel found in Feudal Japan with angry dragons striking in all directions. An ancient Asian man sat upon his “Throne” as stringed instruments play in the background…after a few more minutes of the music it dies down…

“Bring him in…”

By his command, a group of the Shogun’s finest soldiers suddenly raised assault weapons and aimed at the door…as they did the doors opened to see a man heavily bound in chains being led into the throne room by even heavily armed escorts

"Tokugawa-Sama.....apologies for this disrespect.....these oh so comfortable chains make it impossible for me to give his Lordship the proper kneeling...." as he gives a minor heh heh at the end, he's unaware as to why he's here yet still cold sounding and respectful

March 25, 2013, 4:13 AM
The Shogun Stands up...all bow...a slight nod from the old man commanded the guards to bring the bonded prisoner before him...

"You know why youre here?"

March 25, 2013, 4:16 AM
".....I have an....idea as to why. It's about Waypoint isn't it....." he subtlely asks

(ooc: am i unmasked and not in my standard clothes?)

March 25, 2013, 4:28 AM
(unmasked but his face is shadowed...for your convenience :p)

"Yes...among other things...Many call for your death...others imprisonment for all time...But all fail to realize what you have done...all shadowed by one little act of what i like to call a TEMPER TANTRUM!"

some of the Daimyos cringe...

"They Fail to Remember that because of you...we would never have captured Scheizel from the Imperium had it not been for your, what some call, brutal tactics...We would never have dealt with the Tenver Revolt had it not been for your interference...and more importantly, they fail to remember that as long as we have Kappa like you on our leash...the Zeibach Emperor and his little 'pet' would be constantly pawing at our door...and for that reason i have demanded your audience...'Demon of Sekigahara'..."

The Shogun's eyes met with the Prisoner...

"I may not like you...but i cannot forget the deeds you have done for the Glory of the Shogunate...Dont take this as favoritism...im just reminding my lords that i can turn you loose on them at the drop of a hat..."

March 25, 2013, 4:31 AM
*Tachibana merely grins and bows as best he can*

March 25, 2013, 4:33 AM
"Glad that you still know your place...unlike some..."

a few Daimyos wince...the Shogun growled and sat down...

"How long have i kept you in your cell?"

March 25, 2013, 4:35 AM
He looks up for a second and mutters a few numbers, "....Six months....give or take....my Lord..."

March 25, 2013, 4:37 AM
"You must be awfly hungry for an Oni who hasnt had blood in a while?"

March 25, 2013, 4:41 AM
"hmm......bloodlust? Sounds like an...emotion. The only thing I "feel" is uselessness to your Shogunate...."

March 25, 2013, 4:44 AM
The Shogun couldnt help but unleash a bellowing laugh...

"Then i think its time i put you back to work then..."

The Shogun threw his hand and in seconds the bonds that held the "Oni" Fell from him as they were laxed...

Meanwhile at the Imperium...the two men bowed before the Emperor...

"Rise men..."

March 25, 2013, 4:48 AM
*Tachibana's first act after the chains drop is grabbing at his face, before digging his nails into his flesh and dragging them down his face*

"Ahh....." he drops to his knees and gives a proper bow, "I await your word, Tokugawa-Sama."

March 25, 2013, 4:57 AM
The Shogun stood up with his chin held high...

"The Imperial Dogs, who see themselves as the new Powerhouse...believe that with with you locked up, they can just waltz in and take whats ours...and what i mean is they have taken the Planet Shinjiku...They have already created a settlement and installed a 'Governor'...Tachibana...I want Sinjiku back into our hands at all cost! Can you take it back? for the glory of the Shogunate?!"

March 25, 2013, 5:07 AM
"So long as Shiboushaken hasn't been taken apart and repaired I can take it back my Lord."

March 25, 2013, 5:14 AM
The Shogun Grinned...

"Your armor is waiting for you...and if im not mistaken...Its blade hungers for our enemies...Go forth...the Shogunate will provide whatever you will need..."

The Shogunate stampted his right foot...all stood up and bowed...



March 25, 2013, 5:19 AM
-- New Kyoto, Palace Gardens --

Although Nobuyori's family had their own palace in NeoKai, visiting the Imperial palace could never help but feel a bit off-putting. Its grandeur and opulence were something to behold to say the least. But being under the constant, suspicious glare of armed guards at every turn made even an invited guest feel like an intruder. Having to dress in his family's kimonos was another issue. The stiff, heavy red, white and black garments were a bit difficult to move in. And though they were supposed to make him look like a fierce tiger, the robes were a bit larger than they should have been and couldn't help but make him look like a child trying to be more mature and refined than he really was.

The large size of the palace had caused him to lose his way. He felt too embarrassed by it in order to stop and ask a guard where to go, so he just kept traveling-- no doubt causing some servants to briefly question what he was up to before deciding they shouldn't question a daimyo's son aloud. Somehow in his travels, he managed to cross the terrace before a grand garden. Although the garden was perhaps the most beautiful and impressive in all the shogunate, Nobuyori would have happily kept walking without taking a second glance if he hadn't heard a voice suddenly call him.

"Hey!! TAKEDA!!" it was a friendly voice, almost mockingly friendly, loud and full of complete confidence. It was a voice that pretty much all members of the Shogunate could recognize, but few had ever encountered so personally-- and certainly hadn't been personally addressed by in such an informal manner. Nobuyori froze in place, suddenly feeling a bit more nervous. He turned slowly giving his best attempts at a confident smile.

And quickly approaching him was the boy that people across the shogunate would easily call the most handsome, charming and all around impressive boy alive today. Perfectly cut, silky black hair, strong heroic features, kind but determined dark purple eyes, perfectly smooth fair skin, a body that was the perfect athletic balance of strength and grace-- how could anyone help but envy him? Ietsugu Tokugawa was dressed in a manner that hardly seemed fitting for the court and had sweat dripping from his brow. No doubt the result of the constant training necessary to keep Ietsugu's body in such pristine shape. As he came up closer, he did a quick half-quarter bow before chiming before Nobuyori could even respond, "I knew you were coming today, but I didn't think I'd have a chance to see you."

Nobuyori bowed about half-way before responding to Ietsugu, "Yes, I was summoned and I was just on my way when I..." he began to blush, again being humiliated that he actually lost his way inside the palace. He certainly didn't want to admit it to Ietsugu who would no doubt laugh at him, the 'genius' of the Tokugawa Knights, getting lost in the place Ietsugu lived everyday.

Upon seeing the blush, Ietsugu jumped to his own conclusion. Throwing an arm around Nobuyori's shoulders in a way that nearly knocked the smaller boy off-balance he shouted out without any hint of shame, "You couldn't pass up a chance to see Suzuka."

Nobuyori's eyes widened and his embarrassment deepened. This was about the only thing worse than having lost his way. Suzuka Tokugawa hadn't spoken a kind word to him in about five years though he had done his best to quell her anger with kindness. And yet both of their families seemed to be in a conspiracy to accuse them of being madly in love at just about every opportunity they could. Nobuyori began to protest, "No, I..." but it was too late.

Pulling Nobuyori close as though to whisper secrets to him, Ietsugu continued, "When she heard you were coming, she couldn't talk about anything else for two days. Then she heard she might not even see you and she's been depressed ever since." Although Nobuyori didn't doubt that Ietsugu had that impression, he did have every reason to believe that he was reading his sister incorrectly due to his own desires for how he thought things should be.

In fact, as his gaze shifted from Ietsugu to the garden, he could see two girls within it together on a blanket on the grass. One, dressed in a pink flower kimono with long loose black hair, dark eyes, fair skin and a thin, delicate, graceful body sitting with a bunch of flowers before her that she was turning into makeshift jewelry and putting on her younger sister-- a slightly shorter and heavier girl dressed in a black kimono with red frills and white lace at the edges. She has bright red lipstick, heavy dark eye shadow and her black hair had been twisted into a pair of big curly pigtails with big red ribbons on both sides. She was laying back, listening to music on a pair of headphones that could be slightly heard even from Nobuyori was standing and playing a hand-held game. The two sisters could hardly have been more stylistically different-- but one look at their faces left little doubt that they were sisters and the perfect boy grasping Nobuyori was their brother.

Nobuyori wondered if it was perhaps not too late to escape this confrontation. Perhaps he could just tell Ietsugu that his sisters looked busy and he shouldn't disturb them and then he could just slip up along the terrace and down the next hallway. He opened his mouth as his mind raced to try to find the most tactful way of saying 'I don't want to talk to your sister.' But he couldn't find the words. Instead, he had to wince as the Ietsugu shouted loudly right next to his ear.


And suddenly Nobuyori was shoved off of the terrace and stumbling across the grass as he tried to regain his footing. He made a quick glance over his shoulder towards Ietsugu who was grinning like a Cheshire cat presenting its owner with a prize. He then looked before him again towards the two sisters who were looking at him with varying degrees of surprise and then recognition. He bowed half-way before them and spoke up as confidently as he could given the situation, "Excuse me for being an inconvenience. Good afternoon."

March 25, 2013, 5:29 AM
The Shogun Grinned...

"Your armor is waiting for you...and if im not mistaken...Its blade hungers for our enemies...Go forth...the Shogunate will provide whatever you will need..."

The Shogunate stampted his right foot...all stood up and bowed...



*afterwards Tachibana is lead to another room, where his clothes are*

"....good to see you again..." as he looks at his mask, he gets dressed, laces up his boots, puts his mask on and then his robe, ".....where is Shiboushaken?"

*he's lead to the hanger where his suit is, he hops into the cockpit and checks the underneath compartment*

"Good.....nothings been touched", as he looks about 13 blades, dozens of small throwing weapons and vials of poisons, "....All I need is a shuttle and I can begin my mission."

March 25, 2013, 5:33 AM
"You will have your shuttle...but there is a catch..."


A Guard came forth towards where Takeda was...he did a respectful bow...

"Master Takeda...The Emperor Demands your presence..."

(ooc: Were gonna take a break till everyone gets up to speed so for now lets call it a night eh...RP wise id say it was a smashing success...but its too soon to clebrate lets see how its plays out tommorrow...)

March 25, 2013, 5:45 AM
"Of course there's a catch......"

(ooc: kay.....dunno when I'll be online, I'll be probably go to sleep in a few hours)

March 25, 2013, 7:54 AM
Devros rose and stood at attention, still somewhat reeling at his most recent transfer. He pushed those thoughts to the back of his head, however, as being in front of the Emperor was not something that happened to everyone.

March 25, 2013, 8:20 AM
- New Kyoto Palace - Gardens -
Nobuyori heard the guard and turned his head. Finally! He had a way to escape. "Oh, yes. I will come immediately," He spoke loud enough for the guard-- and everyone else to hear. Looking back towards the princesses who had already risen and were approaching him, Yume leading the way. However, perhaps naturally, Nobuyori's gaze fell on Suzuka.

Upon a closer look he recognized the kimono she was wearing. It was from NeoKai, a Takeda family design. Several months ago when together with his father looking for a kimono for his sister, he recalled his father asking him which of the kimono in the shop looked most like Suzuka's style, a pretty routine tact to make him think of the princess, and he had quickly chosen the one she was wearing now. His mind quickly pieced together the puzzle-- his father must have bought it and sent it as a gift to her. And no doubt she had likely been forced or tricked into wearing it now.

Yume gave a wide smile and bowed before speaking softly in a gentle manner that made her so popular and convincing, "Suzu-chan has been waiting nearly a year, I am certain grandfather would forgive two minutes of delay to spare her pain." Then, reaching behind her, she grasped her sisters hand then pulled her forward, holding the younger princess before her as she whispered to her, "Now, Suzuka--"

The younger princess' gaze was at the floor as she uttered in a distant, distracted, barely audible voice, "Good afternoon, Lord Takeda. It makes me very happy to see you again." It was the tone of a child before forced to say something with no real sincerity behind it. She paused briefly, her gaze flicking up towards him for just a moment as she seemed to struggle for what to say.

Deciding to ignore her tone, Nobuyori responded to Suzuka in a warm, genuine manner. "I am very happy to see you as well, Princess Suzuka. I wish I could see you more often." he reached out a hand and touched her shoulder before running it down her upper arm gently, "But, you become more beautiful every time I see you."

Suzuka responded to this first by blushing and then her gaze shooting up towards his own again, this time shocked and then frustrated and then angry. Responding with sudden violence, she reached up and slapped his hand away before crying out in a frustrated voice, "Don't touch me!! I'm not yours! I hate you!!" She then stormed past him, her brother and the guard before standing on the terrace and glowering out over the garden.

As she departed, Yume looked quite bewildered and then embarrassed by her sister's actions. Stammering for words, she finally gave a quick bow before speaking a rushed apologizing manner. "I'm very sorry, Takeda. I don't know why she is acting like this. She doesn't mean that, she really, really doesn't mean that." It was hard for anything that Yume said to sound anything other than completely convincing, but it couldn't help but sound as though she was more afraid of the political impact of Suzuka lashing out at Nobuyori than actually certain that her sister had been anything but forthright.

Ietsugu gave a brief sigh before apologizing himself, "I really thought she was going to be different today."

Nobuyori shook his head quickly before bowing before the prince and princess and speaking in an assured manner, "No, please. Don't apologize. It is my fault. I must go anyway." He then hurried back to the terrace to where the guard was waiting. As the guard led him towards where the Shogun was waiting, Suzuka's body tensed up as he approached and just as he passed a barely audible whisper arose from her.

"a lie..."

It was enough for Nobuyori to halt in his tracks as though he had been seized by something. He turned his head to look at Suzuka who kept her back to him as she continued to whisper so softly that no one else could hear. "it was a lie... you know..." Her voice was shaky, the tone was not begrudging, but rather sorrowful-- almost sobbing. Although one could perhaps interpret this to mean that she was lying about being glad to see him, Nobuyori had known her far too long to think that. He reached out a hand and placed it on the princesses back gently. After he did, her body tensed for only a moment more before relaxing.

"I know. That dress looks just as lovely on you as I thought it would," he spoke in a kind and sincere manner. It really did suit her just as he thought when he first saw it, even if he had no idea it was actually going to be given to her by him simply speaking so.

Suzuka still never looked at him, her head instead hanging. She took a deep breath as though preparing to say something important... but her words failed her and she simply released it silently, disappointed in herself.

Nobuyori then lifted his hand and headed with the guard to where the audience would take place.

March 25, 2013, 9:38 AM
Nobuyori entered the Throne Room, The Daimyos still quivering from what the Shogun just did...

"So youre the young comet i have heard so much about?"

On Anglia...an intell officer came in and handed him another report...

"anyway...can you do it?"

"Yes sir...I can..."

"Good...Im counting on you Warrant Officer Walsh."

The brigadier General Stood up and Saluted Owen...Owen snapped his best salute and proceeded to where he would be taken...

Back on New Kyoto

"The Catch is my lord, is that you will have to hitch a ride to Shinjiku with a force being sent there to deal with the Imperials as well as you...the Diamyo Takeda believes this will prove as a blooding ground for his son..."

On Zeibach

"So...Commander Devros...General Lunar...What news from the front?"

March 25, 2013, 2:24 PM
"Victory, your Majesty, as I have always brought you." Devros salutes sharply, "If we continue as we have, you will have control of everything, my lord."

March 25, 2013, 3:16 PM
- New Kyoto Palace - Throne Room -
Nobuyori bowed low before the shogun, he'd have felt quite intimidated by the older man's presence even if it were not for the onlooking daimyos. He could sense the tension in the room, but was blissfully unaware of what could have caused such a stir. He had to wonder to himself if he had done something wrong and didn't raise his gaze from the bow for a long moment.

He answered in the most humble manner he could while still showing pride in his family, "I cannot know for certain what you have heard, my lord. I hail from the noble Takeda family, and I am hardly but just a man who aims to serve the shogunate with the same loyalty, devotion and honor with which my ancestors have always served."

Inwardly, he couldn't help but wonder what the shogun had heard. His father talking him up by speaking of his intelligence, charm and handsomeness in a way he could never hope to live up to? But then the shogun would be hearing about such things from all the daimyo about their children.

The generals of the Tokugawa Knights speaking of his potential or his failings? It seemed possible, but despite being personally serving with the popular young prince, they weren't the most elite unit in the whole army. Plus, he was the youngest and least distinguished of the team.

Then there were his grandchildren's opinions about him-- varying greatly between the three. But surely if their fiances were ever to be discussed at all, Ietsugu's and Yume's were far more deserving of attention-- particularly given both their weddings having been postponed due to the recent turmoil.

Perhaps with so much that could have been briefly mentioned about him, the question was rather-- what did the Shogun remember?

Zeon's RedComet
March 25, 2013, 5:04 PM
(OOC: @ Keni I figured since that Ship we talked about in PM is in my back-story I’ll begin on it for now)

A man twiddled a mask between his fingers as he paced in front of a Mirror he finally put it on. He stood about five foot nine inches tall and had slicked back hair that went to the end of his neck. "I might as well get this show on the road for the day." he walks out of the Bathroom and though his private Quarters and begins his way to the bridge.

He walks on and sits in the captain's chair. The ship was pitch black, designed for stealth ops, to scanners the profile would peg it as an older ship it was long, and had two wing like apparatuses to each side, it‘s name was The Revenant , which it was but it was state of the art at the same time. It glided though the Asteroid field nearly painlessly. "Captain Bonaparte, we've had reports of scattered activity on the other side, should we check it out?" a short black haired Woman asked the masked man sitting in the Captains chair, she looked like she couldn't be any older than 25, and she wore black Jeans and a low cut shirt, an outfit most conventional military's don't exactly like.

The light glinted off the gold and silver of his mask as he fiddled around with his brown leather vest. "No, as much as I like to make money my dear first officer, I have somewhere to get to, just make sure to keep the ship out of sight."

The woman smiled shortly and brushed her long hair out of her beautiful face, and brown eyes and laughed while saying "I never thought I'd see the day when Lance Bonaparte would pass up an opportunity to make money."

Lance smiled and just said "Well my dear Katarina, there are times were priorities must be changed for short times, as is the way of the world...that and there's more money to be made if we get to where we're going on time, so!" Lance stands up and claps his hands, he walks over to the helmsman puts his hand on his shoulder and points out the view screen "Full steam ahead helmsman, first start to the right, and straight on till morning!"

(OOC: I figure where he's going is going to be the meeting place with Mister X Keni)

March 25, 2013, 8:50 PM
(@ZRC:that will work @Jaster-Jesek: you dont have to make your lines in color we do that to diferentiate between our characters and the NPCs.)

The Emperor looks at the young Commander...

"I have read the report of your actions on Shinjiku...What daring...What arrogance, and in blatent disregard of your superiors you snatched a Major Victory for the Glory of the Empire...I salute you..."

the Emperor does a slight bow...a rare occurance and one that whoever is on the receiving end was an honor higher than the greatest medal.

"I read another report by General Lunar made after witnessing your actions on that Campaign...and i quote...ahem...though in a state of insubordination and near-death wish fullfillment, Commander Maximus possess qualities that exemplify what a warrior of the Imperium is to be...In other words Young man, you have proven yourself time and time again...and though you have an insubordination streak a mile wide, you have given results that easily overshadow it...Therefore, im here to offer you an opertunity to move up the ladder..."


"I heard of your ability scores in the Temple of Stratagem...they were more than superb...borderline genius...not only enough to please my ancestor and founder of our Shogunate, but to capture my attention...Tell me...What military Experience Fieldwise do you have?"

Zeon's RedComet
March 25, 2013, 8:56 PM
(OOC: I figure he's gonna be there now.)

"I'll be back." The ship was docking with another ship (I figure he'd be in a ship or a station sorry for this) Lance walks though the docking tube and into the ship, he gets in and notes the guards, they knew of who he was, but they still had an eye on him. At least he isn't being Guarded by Monkies...they know everyone is a threat, that or he's Paranoid, a bit of both maybe?

March 25, 2013, 9:05 PM
"I live to serve the Empire, your majesty. I will accept this new position with honor."

March 25, 2013, 9:54 PM
"thats the spirit young man...as per the Recommendations of General Lunar and with the Blessing of the Holy Templars, I hereby grant you the Rite of Gundamius...You will be Granted the Privilige to pilot the most sacred of the Empires Mobile Suits...A Gundam...Of your own Design of course..."

a small scatter of whispering could be heard even in this spacious of places...the Emperor couldnt help but grin...

"I have a new assignment for you and your new Company...The Loyalist Forces on Rishtar attempting to overthrow the Republic of Gladstone are having some trouble with the Central Government...and id like you to handle that mission personally...Can it be done?"

at the Guild hideout...

"Come in Captain..."

March 25, 2013, 10:57 PM
"If you command it, I shall carry your order out, my Lord. I thank you for this new weapon you have granted me, and am eager to use it in your name." Devros bowed respectfully, unable to keep a large grin off his face. Ideas were already forming in his head in what form would be appropriate for a Gundam of The Imperium of Ziebach.

March 25, 2013, 11:25 PM
- New Kyoto Palace - Throne Room -

Nobuyori could not help but feel a bit embarrassed about the assessment of his skills and his battle experience, he shifted nervously and blushed a bit. Although he had been in the Tokugawa Knights for slightly over a year, the thing about a cold war was-- one didn't tend to see much battle experience. Particularly when they were in a primarily ceremonial unit.

"Only but a handful of encounters with pirates, my lord. I have occasionally served alongside your grandson, Prince Ieyasu, and more often the other Tokugawa Knights to the best of my ability. However, I am thus far personally responsible for vanquishing only but one or perhaps two enemies in your name, my lord."

It was quite embarrassing. But when surrounded by so many ace pilots around him at all times, he found himself naturally relegated to the back of the formation trying to predict for them where the enemy would go, warn his allies of danger and handle laying traps and providing cover fire. With the others competing for kills, there had almost never been an enemy target he had a chance to deal with personally.

Zeon's RedComet
March 26, 2013, 12:02 AM
Lance walked in to the room. It was dimly lit, and what light there was glinted off of the Silver in his mask. "You've called me and my Ship out here." He said respecfully "Here I am."

March 26, 2013, 1:19 AM
the emperor couldnt help but laugh...

"THAT is the Kind of attitude that has earned you that Gundam and this!"

The emperor looked at General Lunar...

"General Lunar, I will need to discuss with you...in private..."

the Emperor nodded and the massive room emptied out...

"...but until then...You may escort CAPTAIN Maximus to the Door so he may begin his new assignment General Lunar..."


"HMMM...Very good...Even 1 enemy slain in the name of the Shogunate is a great victory...I have an assignment for you if you are interested..."


"Ah, Captain Lance...About time you arrived...what kept you?"

Zeon's RedComet
March 26, 2013, 1:21 AM
"An astroid Field, jumping out of it could have proved risky, of course going arround it meant we couldn't raid a Mine on one of the Astroids...granted I did hurry if it dosen't seem that way, I left behind an oprotunity to hit some Freighters for some coporation. The ships and the Cargo both could have fetched a nice price."

Ghost shepperd
March 26, 2013, 1:23 AM
Lunar escorted Captain Maximus to the door and closed it behind him.

"yes my emperor, what is your bidding ?"

March 26, 2013, 1:24 AM
"Not the kind of price as the Item that I want you to retrieve..."

Imperial Throne Room

"Come...Take a closer walk with me..."

the two begin to walk as if old friends...

"I am sorry to do this to you after what you and Captain Maximus have struggled to gain for us, but I am pulling you from the Shinjiku Campaign..."

Zeon's RedComet
March 26, 2013, 1:27 AM
"I figured as much, you only ask for someone because it means money, for the both of us, and our Goals." Lance didn't betray a smile but one could tell his intrest was peaked by his tone of voice. If one thing got him excited in life it was making money, and stealing something to make that. "So, if I may be so bold as to ask, what is this item you'd like me to aquire?"

Ghost shepperd
March 26, 2013, 1:31 AM
"Why Sir, you know me and my men are fully able to take care of the Shinjiku Campaign"

March 26, 2013, 1:35 AM
"Thats the problem...We dont know whats in it..."

Lance couldnt help but cock an eyebrow...Mister X Grinned...

"4 months ago...my scouts near Shogunate territory discovered this..."

Mister X tapped on a datapad and on a holo screen came a ship...a strange ship, one of unknown origin and wasnt like any ship both Mister X and Lance had ever seen before...

"but thats not what concerns me...this is..."

he magnified the screen to show that Imperial, not Shogun troops were encircling the vessle and studying it...

"if its worth the attention of Imperial Minds...enough to violate a treaty for...then it and/or its contents are worth stealing...I want that ship Captain Bonnaparte...And you will be heavliy compensated if you bring me whatever you can...either the ship or its conents..."

Imperial Throne room...

"The Shinjiku system is no longer of concern to me...what is is this..."

The Emperor tapped on the holopad, and a ship of unknown origin in a crater shows up on screen...

"This ship 5 months ago crashed near one of our spy posts in Shogunate Territory...the Shinjiku Campaign was a diversion to keep the Shogun and his foolish Daimyos off this as long as we can...we are ready to transport this ship outside Shogun territory and into our backyard...I want you and the Javelins to see to it no interlopers interfere..."

Zeon's RedComet
March 26, 2013, 1:39 AM
"I do admit it's worth both of our attentions." Lance then thought Is that even a Word...attentions...oh well. "And as impressive as the Revenant is, I don't know if I could get close enough without them noticeing me. Odds are my Ship would be torn to pieces. Granted I could get creative, but that involves them moving this to some sort of debris field in a short time."

Lance rubed his chin for a Moment "And even then the odds of survival would be less than 37% and that's rounding up."

March 26, 2013, 1:43 AM
"I am prepared to provide you with whatever you need to complete the mission..."

Zeon's RedComet
March 26, 2013, 1:52 AM
"I shouldn't require to much." Lance said he seemed to be crunching numbers and then finally added "A Battle Ship, two Jump Ships, and at least Five Drop ships should be fine, a bit more than normal but they'll come in handy. Of course this is all on top of the Revenant."

March 26, 2013, 1:55 AM
"I can have the Garna and Dozer ready with MAG rounds plus the Eye JumpShip and several dropships ready to go...plus a few Mobile Suit Squads if you wish?"

Zeon's RedComet
March 26, 2013, 1:58 AM
"Yes some Mobile Suit squads would be Welcome as well." Lance agreed and then went on in the same excited charasmatic voice "Is there anything else you know about where this Ship is kept?"

March 26, 2013, 2:04 AM
Mister X places a USB like device on a hovertray which floated over to Lance...

"Coordinance is on that Chip...And Captain...This Vessel is of Unknown Origins...Its not in ANY databases...If you cannot secure that Ship...Under no circumstances can the Imperials have that Ship...Understood? And if it comes to that you Will still be compensated either way...but i prefer that you capture it...but if you cant...(Mister X Sighs)...oh well you win some you lose some..."

Zeon's RedComet
March 26, 2013, 2:23 AM
Lance takes the Drive and nods. “It will be done either way. We’ll be on stand by untill the Ships are ready to go.” Lance nods politely to Mister X before leaveing.

*A short time later.*
Lance is in his private quarters Katarina is paceing. She only seems to be five feet tall. "Why are you pacing so much my dear?" Lance said as he was sitting on a couch arms spread on the back of it relaxing.

"This ship, it could be the mother load."

"Could, might, maybe." Lance said cocking his head looking at her. "But there's just a posiblity it's nothing more than a new frieghter modle no body has seen." He said as she sat down next to him and looked into his eyes. He was no longer wearing his mask, as he usually didn't when it was just them.

"Nine Years ago, when I was only 15 you saved me from some petty slaving ass wholes in bum f*** no where, you told me that life would get better, and I told you there was a fat chance at that...look at me now, I'm first mate on a lucritive pirate ship and I have you...odds don't apply to us do they?"

"Come now, you act like you had me all of those years, we've only been going out for one now isn't it?" Lance said looking at her both eyebrows cocked.

"There was this book I read a long time ago, there was this Knight sworn to protect the Princess, now the queen when she was only seven or eight, but ten years later, he came back form and Exile, she was in danger, and he was 40, she got out of said Danger and they married...she said that even then, he was hers, it was only a matter of time for her to get old enough and take what she wanted, I took you Lance."

Lance sighed "That you did I guess. It was you wanting me that whole time, now that you have me, are you content my princess?" he asked.

"I am." She said leaning over to kiss him slightly. The both chuckled a bit.

Ghost shepperd
March 26, 2013, 2:39 AM
"Yes Emperor, I shall do as you command...Give me the coordinates and my Javelins will be there"

March 26, 2013, 3:04 AM
"Good...go forth for the Glory of the Imperium..."

on Anglia

Walsh looked at his Wyvern...its assault rifle being raised by cranes into its right hand as its Heat Sword was sheathed onto its backpack...Owen had it since entering the Corps and was prepping for combat...He was going to Rishtar...and was looking for blood...

"You better be there you son of a bitch...You better be there..."

Owen turned to see a Tech Head nod that it was time...He Zipped up his Cooling suit and mounted up in the Mech...As it powered up the Monitors in the cockpit flashed to life...his eyes turned toward the sky as he took a deep breath...


Owen moved his suit to the Dropship and it along with about Seven others like it launched to the stars...an hour later all Eight Dropships docked with the Jump Ship Lao Ziong which was followed by its sister ships, the Wu Fang and the O Tsun. Two Battle Ships fell behind them the Roth and the Gentry. Another hour would past before the ships Jumped to Rishatar in a Vale of Blue Light...

March 26, 2013, 3:28 AM
*Tachibana was waiting in the hanger, he pulled a katana from his cockpit was busy practicing with it*

"Hah! Hyah! Hah! Hyah!" before slamming the blade back into the sheath, pausing for a second before drawing the blade at a rapid speed (battojutsu) slicing thru a practice dummy, "AARRGGHHH! Who am I waiting on?"

*he puts his blade back in its sheath and puts it in his belt*

March 26, 2013, 3:37 AM
"Just relax...The Shogun is sending some rookie Commander from a Daimyo Clan to see if hes all hes cracked up to be...ive heard the kid is borderline genius according the Monks from the Temple of Strategem..."

The Tech was busy loading other MS onto a Dropship located outside the hangar...

"Sir...Do you want us to load your Suit up? The Kid theyre sending with us will most likely be brought to the Jump Ship via Shuttle..."

March 26, 2013, 3:39 AM
"Just relax...The Shogun is sending some rookie Commander from a Daimyo Clan to see if hes all hes cracked up to be...ive heard the kid is borderline genius according the Monks from the Temple of Strategem..."

The Tech was busy loading other MS onto a Dropship located outside the hangar...

"Sir...Do you want us to load your Suit up? The Kid theyre sending with us will most likely be brought to the Jump Ship via Shuttle..."

"Ugh....a rookie......figures.....might as well load it up, put the cloak on first, then line it up to drop first."

March 26, 2013, 3:44 AM
"Hey...at least The Shogun isnt putting you under the Rooks command sir...Very well well have you loaded up within the hour...have your Gear ready to go sir..."

March 26, 2013, 4:05 AM
"Gear's stored in the cockpit, anything I'd need outside it I have on me."

March 26, 2013, 4:08 AM
- New Kyoto Palace - Throne Room -

Nobuyori wasn't much assured by the shogun's words. He had been told several times that he was good at avoiding casualties, which was far more important than scoring kills, but it was difficult to measure his impact as a result. Hw bowed once again, speaking in a perfectly diplomatic voice, "Your words honor me, my lord."

An assignment? From the shogun himself? He was so used to hearing about assignments from his direct commanders, that this couldn't help but surprise him. He responded as a proper obedient servant should to the ruler of the great shogunate, "I am ready to undertake any assignment you would entrust me with, my lord. Simply command me where you feel I could do you the most good."

March 26, 2013, 4:12 AM
"Before i Inform you of your mission...I Must ask you this, are you familar with a man named Tachibana?"

March 26, 2013, 4:26 AM
- New Kyoto Palace - Throne Room -

There were few people who hadn't heard of "Tachibana". Well, Tachibana was a not uncommon family name, but in this context there could only be one person that the shogun could be asking about. Nobuyori nodded his head slightly, not sure why the shogun would be asking about him.

"There is hardly anyone who hasn't heard of the monster. A powerful mobile suit pilot who succumbed to the darkness of battle and turned his destruction upon your lord's army. He slaughtered everyone before him and when no more lay in his way, he slaughtered his entire squadron. His example stands as a dire warning to any mobile suit pilots who lose themselves and let the lust for blood consume their soul."

Well, that is what he imagined the Shogun would want him to say, he imagined. But what could this have to do with his assignment? Had another mobile suit pilot gone rogue in a similar manner and he was going out to capture the pilot?

March 26, 2013, 4:35 AM
"Your Father can sure paint a picture..."

The Shogun Laughs...

"Well, The Oni of Sekigahara will be hitching a ride with you to Shinjiku...Do not worry...He will be acting as an autonomous unit for now...but if i were you id leave him to his own devices...and it would be considered sage not to interfere with him...one more thing...hologram ON..."

Suddenly a hologram of a Gundam appears floatng in the middle of the room...The Gundam resembled the Dynames with a Red black and Orange scheme with two Heat Katanas on the Wing binders and Two revolvers on the hips...

"Are you familar with this Gundam?"

Zeon's RedComet
March 26, 2013, 4:40 AM
"Captain we're ready to jump on your order sir." The Helmsmen said over the comms.

Lance stired he was under the covers in his bed asleep, Katarina was beside him asleep, he lifted his head and said "Okay then Jump."

The ships all jumped. "What's going on?" Katarina asked grogidly.

"Nothing, we're just heading out now." Lance said resting his head down on the pillow and snuggling back up to Katrina. "Let's get what sleep we can."

Lance fell back to sleep, as did Katarina.

Lances dreams fell to a time Nine Years ago. Aboard a Ship named the Fairhaven, a plesent Name for a ship filled with illegal Slaves. Lance may have been a theive but there were certain things his Father instillied in him, and freedom was one of them, he headed an assault on the ship. After he killed most of Slavers and took the ship he and his crew were freeing the slaves, one of them he found was a small Girl, 15, Long Black hair, a slightly rounded face and Blue eyes with a Steely look of determination in them, her name was Katarina Katariah.

"Where are you from?" Lance asked. He looked visibly younger, his mask was still on though.

"Nowhere now, my Parents are dead, my house gone." She said. "As if life could get any worse at this point. Right? What are you guys competeing Slavers?"

She was mature beyond her years Lance noted as she finished asking him. "No I'm here to free you. And don't worry Life will get better for you, and everyone here."

"Fat Chance, the odds are against it."

Lance just smiled "Don't worry, odds you'll find that with me, Odds usually don't apply."

That was the day he took her under his wing, taught her what he could about the Pirateing business, even taught her to pilot a suit (OOC: not that this will come in for awhile).

Ghost shepperd
March 26, 2013, 5:24 AM
"yes my emperor I shall do what is asked of me."

Lunar leaves the palace and heads towards the ship yard there boarded a shuttle that took him to the jump ship Piercer.

March 26, 2013, 5:45 AM
Lunar Enters the Main Atrium where he saw a man in Military webbing with the markings of a First Sergeant waiting for him as he came...He had Orange hair and Brown eyes with a grin on his face...This was First Sergeant Bart Hudson...

"So boss, Where we goin now?"

Lunar handed him the coordinance Disk and the First Sergeant read it...

"So an arty hunt huh?"

The First Sergeant turned to the Men of the 95th staring at them...

"Well you heard the MAN...SADDLE UP!"

As the men and women of the "Emperor's Scapel" scrambled to prep up...the First Sergeant and the General entered the bridge of the Peircer and looked on as the Ship Jumped...

Meanwhile...on Rishtar...The Small Fleet that Left Anglia came out of jump near the planet. It was mostly a planet covered in dense forest and rolling plains. Owen was sitting in his cockpit gripping his controls as he eyed his instruments and closed his visor down on his helmet...his breathing was faster than usual...

"Commander...are we ready?"

a vid feed of a young man appeared in the corner of Owens left eye...

"Yes sir...the battle ships will fire Two MAG rounds onto the combat ground and then the Drop Ships will be heading in after..."

"Very Good..."

Owen grabbed his controls even tighter...he clenched his teeth as he saw the rounds spiral down to the planet...next thing he felt was his Dropship detatch from the Jumpship and fly toward the surface of the planet...the next thing he knew he felt a thud of the Dropship hitting the ground. then he heard the pop of the Dropship doors open and the locks on his Suit releasing. He pushed down hard on the right peddle to get his mech into a run...the next thing he knew he was blinded by the sunlight of the atmosphere...then came the thunder of war...and his reflexes were once again put to the test...

March 26, 2013, 6:55 AM
- New Kyoto - Throne Room -
The idea that the oni was loose-- more over, that the shogun had released him to do more harm left was shocking enough. In spite of himself, his draw dropped and before he could regain his composure he further realized-- he was being sent along with someone who had previously slaughtered all his allies. This thought left his reeling. His gaze shot to the daimyo, as though hoping that this was some sort of mistake.

The looks he received in return were anything but reassuring. He murmured gently, "I.. see..."

Aside from the thought he was intentionally being sent to be executed, the only other possibility he could see was that somehow he had been perceived as the most capable of saving people from the Oni if need be.

He turned his attention to the hologram, but there was no recognition in his eyes. He remarked simply, "I only know of Gundams by reputation. They are said to have specs so high that even a child piloting one becomes an almost insurmountable challenge to even the most seasoned pilot in nearly any other suit. However they are so prohibitively expensive that no one uses them because a single pilot in a single suit can only defend so much."

March 26, 2013, 7:31 AM
Once escorted from the throne room, Devros headed directly for the mobile suit production facility. After e brief talk with the person in charge, a custom Gundam began to be built, with Devros watching it every step of the way, smiling at his creation.

Zeon's RedComet
March 26, 2013, 4:06 PM
The Revenant arrived where it was supposed to the two battle ships and hand ful of Jump and Drop Ships ordered to follow it behind it.

"Seems there's more of them than we though there'd be. Engage the stealth systems." Lance told Katarina, he was wearing his mask again as well as the rest of his Clothes. He took note of the extra ships there, little did he know they beylonged to no other than Nero, the emporers fist, and his Javillens.

"Engaged, it should be noted, the other Ships will still be rather easy to locate."

Lance looked over at her "I know they can also take more of a beating generally speaking, anyways only the Revenant needs to get close." Lance got up and noded at Katarina "You have the birdge commander Kataraiah."

"Understood Captain." Katarina was shocked by Lances sudden formality.

Lance walked out and down a few hall ways into a small MS bay there where only three MS, only one of them were going to be used. He got in his Custom Zienna, white and black, with the gold Laural pattern over most of the suit, as he began running Checks the Blue Monoeye came on. "Make sure we're ready within the hour." Lance ordered over comms, adjusting his mask breifly. He looked over the layout of the Field.

"Dozer and Garza Get ready to lay down some MAG rounds, wait for my order, we shouldn't strike untill the time is right."

(OOC: Basically I'm waiting untill Keni or GS say the time is right on this one)

March 26, 2013, 5:01 PM

The Shogun took a deep breath as if nervous...

"Is the Archemedies Gundam...But it is not the Gundam you should worry about...more that is...what should concern you is its pilot...The Zeibach Imperium's Most lethal of Warriors...A General named Nero Lunar..."

The young man could feel the room suddenly feel as cold as a tomb...as if the rooms air was sucked out by the mere utterance of the name...

"...The Emperor's Fist, He is the most formidable enemy that we have ever faced...because of him, in the course of 9 years, he has conqured more terrritory then we had in a century...He is a ruthless warrior...and we have reason to believe that he is on Shinjiku...Use EXTREME caution when contesting Him and his unit, the 95th Javelins...They are the pinnacle of Imperial Combatants and are hard to dig out of a planet unless given a direct order from the Emperor himself...Hence their nickname 'The Scalpel of the Imperium'...They will prove more than a match for any commander...but the reason why i am sending you is because i have faith you will secure the System with minimal collateral...Can It be done?"

On a Moon Near Shogunate Territory...

The Imperial Fleet arrived earlier than expected...seconds later Four Drop Ships deployed to the Surface...

On Rishtar...


Owen was having a hard time getting his retticle on a fast moving target, that resembeld an Enact. Owen flipped a switch and got a confirmation that his micromissile packs were armed...he put the hammer down and got his mech into a charge, attempting to catch up to the enemy Mobile Suit...He moved his Wyvern up ahead of the nimble suit and pulled the trigger. the Micro missile packs on his shoulders and leges deployed thier payloads and jettisoned...the tiny rockets landed in front of the Mobile Suit and forced it to stop...


Owen pulled the trigger again, sending 100mm shells down range...hitting the now static target in the head and left arm, tearing the later off and sending the now damaged mech to the ground...


March 26, 2013, 11:24 PM
- New Kyoto - Throne Room -
"If the rumors about these Gundams are true, I am not certain we carry any armaments that can harm it. Machineguns roll off it like water, heat swords won't sink very far into the armor and only leave the attacker prone to being killed before any real damage can be done. Grenades and Bazookas do minimal damage, at best momentarily knocking it down. A cannon meant to punch through a ship could potentially do enough damage to disable it and maybe even destroy it after two shots. But if the pilot is at all decent, he is going to react far too quickly for such a slow attack to catch him."

He shook his head a bit before giving a wry smile, he could see now why the Shogun had chosen to send Tachibana along. If anyone could destroy the Gundam, that pilot could-- and it would be easy enough to rig Tachibana's own suit to explode if he turned on his allies again.

"I can keep the javelins pinned down and chip away at their numbers long enough to give Tachibana his duel with this Gundam. If he fails, we'll fall back and draw this Gundam far away from his duties. That should allow other forces to destroy their resources and support behind them, leaving them stranded."

Nobuyori had to consider it carefully. He only knew about the Gundam's from reputation, and what he knew about their reputation was that the best way to fight one was to avoid one completely and focus on the rest of the enemy forces which were almost certainly weak to make up for the Gundam. When, once lost without allies or ships, the Gundam pilot could be left alone to run out of power and starve to death.

March 26, 2013, 11:50 PM
It felt like an eternity. How long had actually passed, Devros had no idea. But it was finally done. A gundam. His Gundam. It was magnificent.


"Hmm?" Devros was brought back to the present as a technician approached him.

"Sir, we need one more thing from you to complete the unit, sir."

"And that would be?" Devros responded, rather impatiently. He was looking forward to piloting his Gundam.

"A name, sir. Once the unit is named, we can enter its IFF into the system and send it out."

"A name?" Devros thought for a moment. A Gundam this grand would need a fitting name. One the embodied the power of the Gundam itself, and the ideals of The Imperium of Ziebach. Atlas? No. This was not a unit to support the weight of the Empire, this was a warrior. It needed a warrior's name. Ares? Too boastful. It would make him over-confident. "I have it. This is the Spartan Gundam."

"Spartan Gundam?"

"Yes. This Gundam- My Gundam, is a symbol. One that our forces can rally behind, and one our opponents fear. A Spartan is that kind of warrior."

"sir.... yes, sir!" The technician replied, awestruck for a moment. "I understand, and will have your Gundam ready for launch by days end!"

"What's your name?"

"Ensign Arthur Inritius, sir!"

"You're a good soldier. If you'd like, I would like to put in a transfer request for you to be my personal mechanic."

"Sir, it would be an honor!"

"Very well, I'll send it right away." Devros walked over to his new Gundam, and placed his hand upon its leg. "You and I..... we'll do great things together." He murmered to it, then climbed the scaffolding to get in the cockpit. "Let's see.... let's just get familiar with the controls while they set everything up."

March 27, 2013, 2:37 AM
- New Kyoto - Throne Room -
"If the rumors about these Gundams are true, I am not certain we carry any armaments that can harm it. Machineguns roll off it like water, heat swords won't sink very far into the armor and only leave the attacker prone to being killed before any real damage can be done. Grenades and Bazookas do minimal damage, at best momentarily knocking it down. A cannon meant to punch through a ship could potentially do enough damage to disable it and maybe even destroy it after two shots. But if the pilot is at all decent, he is going to react far too quickly for such a slow attack to catch him."

He shook his head a bit before giving a wry smile, he could see now why the Shogun had chosen to send Tachibana along. If anyone could destroy the Gundam, that pilot could-- and it would be easy enough to rig Tachibana's own suit to explode if he turned on his allies again.

"I can keep the javelins pinned down and chip away at their numbers long enough to give Tachibana his duel with this Gundam. If he fails, we'll fall back and draw this Gundam far away from his duties. That should allow other forces to destroy their resources and support behind them, leaving them stranded."

Nobuyori had to consider it carefully. He only knew about the Gundam's from reputation, and what he knew about their reputation was that the best way to fight one was to avoid one completely and focus on the rest of the enemy forces which were almost certainly weak to make up for the Gundam. When, once lost without allies or ships, the Gundam pilot could be left alone to run out of power and starve to death.

"Its not the Gundam you should worry about...a Gundam is just a Mobile Suit with better tech...The Pilot and his Javelins are not amatures or Weekend Warriors...therye seasoned vets of over 9000 planeterial Campaigns and not to be taken lightly...But yes your proposed strategy is the perfect start...A shuttle is awaiting you...it will take you aboard the Jumpship Hanzo...it along with 10 of her sisterships will be heading to Shinjiku...the Dropships, a total of 10, on the Hanzo are your new unit...use them wisely...also..."

the Shogun stepped from his throne and walked up to the young man. as he did he pulled out a small pendant which looked like a wheel encircled in a Flame. inside the circle was the emblem of the Tokugawa Shogunate...

"This seal will show Tachibana that you are to be trusted and as long as you have this...he will attempt to avoid your unit at any cost unless you call upon his assistance...Guard it with your life young man...Now go...for the Glory of the Shogunate..."

On Zeibach...

a Sergeant came up to Captain Devros...

"Sir...A Status Report from Rishtar...Fresh Anglian Forces have arrived and are giving our guys a hard time...Your new unit is ready to go...just waiting for you sir..."

On the Moon...

The Drop Ships landed and out popped several Grarniers (Resemble Zakus), a Zienna with Dark Green Accents (Gelgoog), and of course General Lunar in the Archemedies...First Sergeant Hudson popped the Comm...

"Alright boys...lets paint a pic..."

Several seconds later they see thier target...the Mystery Ship surrounded by Ziebach Forces. The Ship (which resembles the White Base) was Alien in Origin all right...they had never seen a ship like that before and it put some on edge...

"So...what are your orders boss?"

Ghost shepperd
March 27, 2013, 2:52 AM
"I want you to survey the area and create a defensive perimeter around the target."

Lunar headed inside of the ship to gather information on the unknown technology.

March 27, 2013, 2:56 AM
Hudson turned to the Squad behind him...

"Move it out! You heard the General!"

Three Grarniers went left while another Three headed right...another 12 followed Hudson as he headed toward the Ship to protect his General...another few minutes and the perimeter was set...though all they were doing is reinforcing the perimeter already there...

"Boss what are we looking at?"

Zeon's RedComet
March 27, 2013, 3:03 AM
So, they're fortifying the primiter. Lance thought to him self the suit checked out 100 percent. "Times like this I wish I kept the old IFF and paint job so I could sneak into situations like this." Lance said museing about the fact he saw Zienna's out there.

(OOC: Glad to see my name took off for it lol. Anyhow whenever you think it's right I'll start this.)

Ghost shepperd
March 27, 2013, 3:03 AM
"Well Hudson it seems to be human in design, but the equipment seems different. What do you suspect Hudson?"

Lunar looking over the ships craftsmanship

March 27, 2013, 3:08 AM
"Its ancient ill give it that...but thats got to be the shittiest design i have ever seen in my life...No offense boss but ive seen better Shogunate Designs than this scrap heap..."

Hudson kicked the side of the massive vessel...

(ooc: when GS gets to an area on foot and calls Hudson in to see it then you can start the starters gun when one of the Ziebachs Grunts comes across them...)

Ghost shepperd
March 27, 2013, 4:30 AM
Lunar make his way inside the ship and admired the strange technology and then was surprised at what he had found.

"Hudson get in here."

March 27, 2013, 4:41 AM
- New Kyoto Palace -
Nobuyori hadn't really assumed that the wingmen of the Gundam were necessarily entirely without a threat. But, so long as his squads weapons could harm them, he was confident he could defeat them. It would be merely a matter of hitting them in a way they don't expect.

He briefly considered asking more about the unit-- after all, the number of mobile suits and their armaments were far more important than the number of dropships. However, he knew he would find out what he was being supplied with soon enough, and he wasn't likely to be able to negotiate the numbers anyway. So, having reconsidered delving into more details, he merely gave a hesitant nod.

"Your will shall be done, my lord," he spoke obediently as he accepted the pendant. Being that it was a pendant, he put it in the safest place he could think-- around his own neck, adding a bit more spark of decorative color to his outfit.

And, having been dismissed, he bowed deeply before the shogun before turning and heading out of the throne room. As he passed through the palace towards the hanger, trying his best not to get lost this time, he passed across the terrace of the garden once again and noticed that the prince and princesses were now absent. As his audience with the shogun had not taken long, he began to wonder where they could have gone so suddenly as he continued on his way.

March 27, 2013, 4:43 AM
Hudson heard his Commander and entered the Ship via a hatch...he carefully maneuverd his way till he saw Lunar...

"What is it boss? what would make you..."

Hudson stopped talking...before him were two massive capsules...glowing an eerie Green and appeared cold as ice...

"oh my God..."

Meanwhile...outside the perimiter a Garnier was patroling when his radar was picking up something...he moved in to investigate...when he moved up to see what it was...he immediately found himself staring down the barrel of an enemy gun...

"oh SH-"

the poor bastard turned into hamburger meat...but not before setting off a Blip...Hudson heard the alarm go off in his helmet...he looked at Lunar and the latter nodded...Hudson immediately hauled ass back to his Suit and prepped up...

"Alright boys! looks like we got Company!"

March 27, 2013, 6:48 AM
*Tachibana had gone thru 4 training dummies*

"......What could be taking so long? HYAH!" as he slices thru a fifth doll

March 27, 2013, 7:53 AM
On Zeibach...

a Sergeant came up to Captain Devros...
"Sir...A Status Report from Rishtar...Fresh Anglian Forces have arrived and are giving our guys a hard time...Your new unit is ready to go...just waiting for you sir..."

"Well, then, we have no time to lose! Inform the forces there that help is on the way, and set a course."

March 27, 2013, 8:49 AM
"Aye! Aye Sir!"

the Zeibach Unit began to scramble and prep to link up to thier Jump Ship and head to Rishtar...

"By the way Sir, What are you going to call your new Company sir?"

on the Drop Ship near New Kyoto...

a Trooper heard a tranmission...

"About damn time! Get yourself situated! the little brats shuttle just took off to our ship...hes on his way..."

March 27, 2013, 2:10 PM
"Athenian Company has a nice ring to it, I think. What do you think?"

March 27, 2013, 2:23 PM
- New Kyoto Shuttle -

Nobuyori managed to get to the hanger without getting so lost this time, retracing his steps with more confidence than when he arrived. He moved into the passenger section of the shuttle and took his seat, taking a glance around the cabin, he noticed that the cabin could well have held as many as thirty people, but instead it was completely empty. A private shuttle, it would seem. A pity, he might have enjoyed the chance to meet his fellow pilots before arriving on the ship.

However, before he had a chance to do so a voice at near the entrance of the shuttle caught his attention.

"Wait!! Wait!!" the voice said increasingly louder as it neared, the footsteps suggesting a fast run. The owner of the voice, the voice of a determined, but exhausted girl could be heard more clearly as she came aboard, addressing a crewman of the shuttle. "I need you to take me to the Neo Kirin right away!!"

The crewman rejected the order explaining, "We are under the shoguns orders to go to the Hanzo. I'm afraid we can't change that. But, perhaps we can take you to the Neo Kirin before the ships make their jump."

Apparently the girl accepted this because the door to the shuttle closed and as the footsteps made their way towards the passenger section, the sound of the rockets warming up could be heard. Nobuyori turned his head, interested in who could have come aboard the ship. The voice sounded all too familiar, but perhaps it was just his imagination playing tricks on him.

But, it was not. As the door to the passenger section opened up, there stood the girl from earlier, dressed exactly as she had been before, only now exhausted from having run. Nobuyori could hardly contain his surprise, "Princess Suzuka?!"

The two stood there in absolute shock for a long moment. A moment longer than it seemed the shuttle pilot was going to give them to sit down and buckle up. The shuttle suddenly rocked violently forward, the floor suddenly shifting to a steep slant. All Nobuyori could do to avoid falling down was quickly grab the seats nearby and hold on tightly. Suzuka, despite reaching out to grab something, had nothing close enough and let out a sharp scream before she went flying across the compartment.

As she came close, Nobuyori let go of the seat to reach out and grab her to cushion her with his body lest she smash into a metal pole or wall. Of course, not being the strongest of men, her extra weight caused him to lose grip on the seat and they both went tumbling to the ground, Nobuyori falling on the bottom and taking the brunt of their crash. Quickly they both grabbed a hold on the nearby seats to prevent themselves from tumbling across the cabin any more. Once the shuttle straightened a bit more, they were able to pull themselves into the seats and buckle the belts.

A couple seconds after they were safe, Suzuka slapped his arm in a half-angry manner, "PERVERT!!" Generally anyone having grabbed a member of the royal family like that might very well be in for extreme punishment, but at this point Suzuka had pretty much begrudgingly accepted Takeda was the only boy who she couldn't get in trouble for doing so.

Nobuyori bemoaned the situation in a slightly exaggerated way, "Oww... Why did you jump onto my shuttle anyway." Well, he could already piece some of it together. The Neo Kirin would be her brother's ship, which either meant he had gone to his ship already or she had been there earlier and forgotten something important on board.

Clearly not particularly pleased to be sitting so close to the boy she had done her best to convince herself she hated, Suzuka looked away from him, but still answered his questions. "Grandfather released the criminal-- Tachibana. He killed his whole squad, you know. He is going to Shinjiku, I heard it from the daimyo. There is a Gundam there too. I have to warn Ietsugu not to go there."

Nobuyori gave a soft sigh at this. Yes, that was for the best-- as much as he dreaded what he was walking into, he hated the idea of Prince Ietsugu anywhere near either of those monsters. "Yeah, I heard... That's good thinking." Well, he supposed that even the prince couldn't outright refuse to go to the battle if his grandfather ordered him too, but there was a chance the prince would get it in his head to head out there on his own accord if he hadn't been ordered elsewhere. Nobuyori gave a soft, relieved smile despite himself.

Perhaps Suzuka could have remained quiet after that, but a few seconds, the silence felt perhaps a bit too intimate and she begrudgingly questioned, "So why do you have a shuttle anyway? Where are you going?"

Nobuyori's smile disappeared, but he didn't open his eyes. He just whispered the word, it haunting him even as he said it-- as though finally speaking it aloud made his fate real, "Shinjiku."

"Aggh!!" groaned Suzuka as if she had just heard a terrible joke, "I just said that you can't...." the words 'go to Shinjiku' never passed through her lips as she suddenly stopped mid-sentences. A sudden slight tug at his neck caused Nobuyori to open his eyes.

Suzuka was holding the pendant in her hand, staring at it wordlessly save for heavy breathing. Her eyes were filled with dread, as though the pendant were proof that it wasn't a joke. "you can't go," she breathed softly in a long exhale. It was clear to Nobuyori that these words were the tip of the iceberg for what was racing through her mind.

Nobuyori pulled the pendant from Suzuka's grasp, somehow suddenly annoyed with her sudden concern for his safety. "You said your brother can't go. You are right. It is better I oversee this operation than him, right?"

Suzuka's lips tightened, her gaze shot downward and she brooded silently for a moment as Nobuyori awaited what he thought would be an easy answer from her. But, it became obvious that she wasn't going to give an answer.

Giving up on her accepting this, Nobuyori closed his eyes again, he remarked half jokingly, "Anyway, if I do get killed you'll get your wish and you'll never have to marry me." He thought it was best to try to bring levity to the situation-- if only to relieve his own dread. The suddenly pain in his cheek as a force strong enough to have knocked him over had he not been buckled him quickly made it clear he had said the wrong thing-- perhaps the worst thing he could have said.

Opening his eyes in absolute shock, Nobuyori raised a hand to his reddened cheek. Looking at Suzuka, it was clear what happened. Her hands were balled up tightly, her expression was one of both fury and anguish, her eyes welled with tears. However, her fury didn't last long as his eyes caught hers and she seemed to realize herself what she had just done. The first tears rolled down her cheek and she turned away, curling her legs up and burying her face in her knees, wrapping her arms around her legs.

March 27, 2013, 2:24 PM
- Neo Kyoto - Shuttle -

Nobuyori could only stare at her with guilt. He really wasn't sure what to say. For five years, she had picked out and highlighted his every flaw, told him a dozen times that she hated him, swore she would find someone better in every way and fall madly in love-- all the while he had done his best to be kind and patient with her. Perhaps it was his father's influence, but he did find her nearly perfect in every way. But, he also painfully understood well that she hated the arrangement and did not love him. That she had most likely been dreaming of falling in love and eloping to avoid the arrangement.

And yet, now in his face was undeniable proof that just the thought of him dying caused her deep grief. He tried to piece together how this could be, but Suzuka's heart was more indecipherable than any enemy's movements on a battlefield.

It was then that the shuttle could be heard coming to a stop. The rockets cooled down. They had arrived in the Hanzo.

With no time left to think of what to say or do, Nobuyori unbuckled his seatbelt and moved to kneel before Suzuka. He reached his hands out to embrace her around the back just long enough to get her to lower her legs and lift her head jut a bit to look at him. He leaned in, whispering softly, "I'm so sorry, Suzuka." he looked into her eyes behind her knees and, seeing that there were still tears on her cheek, he reached out and wiped then away before vowing, "I promise I will come back alive. You just gave me the reason I need to do so."

Hearing this, Suzuka's eyes widened with surprise and her spirits seemed to rise.

"It won't be a whole year this time and we can talk more next time," Nobuyori continued in a soft voice, trying his best to sooth the wounds he had inadvertently caused her. "For now, just make sure your brother doesn't come to Shinjiku, okay?"

Suzuka nodded briefly, her determination and spirit slowly returning to her. Nobuyori leaned in and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek, something he expected her to lash out at him for-- but, it never happened.

Instead, the door to the exit of the shuttle opened and the crewman, who had been talking to Suzuka when she board, came in only to catch side of the two youths and to read much more into what was going on than perhaps he should have. He blushed a bit and cleared his throat before saying, "We have arrived on the Hanzo."

Nobuyori quickly rose up, separating himself from Suzuka, who quickly straightened her legs and wiped her eyes with her sleeve, both almost certainly silently resolving to keep what had happened during this trip a secret between them. Nobuyori gave a slight bow to the crewman before giving a curt, "Thank you."

As the crewman left, he exchanged a brief look with Suzuka, but he didn't know what else to say to her-- and it seemed she didn't either. So they said nothing for a brief moment before he headed out the door following the crewman. Soon he stepped out through an airlock into the Hanzo. Once the airlock was closed, the shuttle lifted off again and headed out-- surely making its way towards the Neo Kirin.

Zeon's RedComet
March 27, 2013, 3:34 PM
Lance’s Custom Zienna was heading straight for the unknown Ship. “MS Teams split up and keep as many people off me as you can. Dozer, Garza, this is the time when those MAG Rounds would come in handy."

Lance cleaved though a Garner with his Heat Scimar, and kept going twoards the Ship. "Come on just a little closer." the Zienna was obviously faster than a Standard one, He stuck the Scimar out ahead of his suit and pierced though the Ship slaming into it, leaveing enough of a hole for him to get in. He swung out of the cockpit after checking that there was breathable air in the ship still which their was. "Keep the Mobile Suits outside occupied." He told the MS teams as he looked both ways. And proceded down the hall, unbeknownst to him where the pods where.

"Amazing, are you picking this up Katarina?" Lance said as his Mask's optics broad cast what he was seeing to the ship "Definity no known material I've seen...I wonder what the Imperials are upto...maybe the Shogunate. But at the same time, it's Archaeic. Acient...this is odd...to say the least."

March 27, 2013, 4:59 PM
(looks at Jaster-Jesek's post...O.0...Wow...and i thought I was a story teller...bravo...also. may i call you JJ...no offense but your name is prety long to remember lol.)


Hudson was having a hard time trying to shoot at a Pirate Mobile Suit...

"These guys arent Shogunate! looks like the Guilds gotta vested intrest here!...orders to spinem up!"

on Zeibach...

"Hmm...the 98th Athenians...not a bad ring to it sir..."

on Rishtar...

Owen brought his sword down on a Greiner (Zaku) and in the left hand used his assault rifle to keep a Grasshopper (Enact) at bay...

"These bastards are pretty dug in!..."

on the Hanzo...

"Little Brats finally on Board...ill inform the Captains to jump to Shinjiku on the Double..."

about several hours later, the Ships Jumped out of orbit...

March 27, 2013, 5:24 PM
"It seems I have a knack for these things!" Devros laughed, perhaps a little louder then he intended, but to any onlookers, he either didn't notice, or didn't care. "So, how long before we arrive?"

March 27, 2013, 5:50 PM
*Tachibana was shown to a small room*

"Don't disturb me." before he closes the door

*he placed his sword on a stand and took his mask off*

"Shinjiku....there's more to this world than I've been told. I don't know what's worse, having to deal with Ziebach or another Daimyo's son. Hopefully he isn't like the last one."

*Tachibana puts his robe over his stand before laying in a corner*

"Six months in prison....." he grinned, "Atleast it wasn't a total waste....I did learn how to sleep concrete, this room is a luxury compared."

*he's on the other side of the room, his sword and robe are on the other, his mask is within grabbing distance, he's lying undernearth any sort of camera that might have been placed in his room*

".....you shouldn't be sleeping......you should go find out who Tokugawa-Sama brought in.......fehh.....if he's important he'll come to me."

Zeon's RedComet
March 27, 2013, 6:31 PM
Lance skulked down the hallways of the ship, a .45 Pistol is his hand, looking arround keeping an eye out. "There should be a controll room somewhere arround here." He said half to him self, half to Katarina. He turned a corner into another hall way as he rounded the corner pointing his gun down it, he saw no one still and continued on down the hall way, he then arrived in the Chamber with the two pods in it.

He walked in and saw Nero "And you are?" Lance asked in a deadly calm tone peering over to the pods for a split second and then back at Lunar.

(OOC: I hope that's about what you guys had planed for this going down, if not I can change it up)

Ghost shepperd
March 27, 2013, 7:27 PM
Lunar places his finger over his ear while looking at lance.

"Hudson destroy targets"

Lunar then yanked the earpiece off and threw it at Lance. it didn't catch the pirate off guard but it did distract him long enough for Lunar to kick him out of the room, he then Slammed the door shut and locked it... Lunar immediately grabbed the pod on the right. to his surprise it was incredibly light. as he moved it toward his Suit, he turned and saw the pirate attempting to open the door.

Zeon's RedComet
March 27, 2013, 7:32 PM
"Slick I'll give him that." Lance smiled. "Katarina, bring the Revenant about as quickly as you can. Other ships under my command keep the presure up, once I'm out we can scramble."

Lance managed to pop a panel open and hack though the door. Did he really think a Lock would keep a theif out? Lance picked up the other pod. "Light little bugger aren't you?" He ran out of the door and down the same sequence of Hallways he came down. he threw the pod into the Zienna's open cockpit and went in after it hoping into the seat and fireing the suit back up.

He pulled off of the Ship and turned arround seeing a few Garnier's he Cut though one, kicked the other and continued towards the Rendevous point with the Revenant "Come on, come on." a Garnier tried to close in, and nearly caught the Zienna with a heat Axe, but Lance was able to spin arround int he nick of time and loose his Blunderbus like Shotgun and loose arround into the cockpit area, he slung it again not wanting to waste ammo, or time useing it on other people who might close in on him, as he tried to continue back to the ship.

March 27, 2013, 7:50 PM
"You Heard the MAN! Shots have been Fired...Alright Spin em UP!"

The 95th Unleased a roar of rockets at the enemy then began their advance taking care to avoid enemy sniperfire. Hudson turned to see the Archemedies pulling back, this time with one of the pods in hand...

"Boss what the hell happend in there?!"

on the Imperial Jumpship on its way to Rishtar...

"Well the Standard Galactic Jump takes about 2000 Light years away...Id say about 20 Days Sir...So id prep up sir..."

(Dont worry ill time skip in a sec lol)

On Rishtar...

Owen entered an Anglian Camp and sat down...He looked out at his Wyvern as the Techs were busy in the final stages putting it back together...He had been out in the field for 100 Consecutive hours and had barely sleep. He looked at the table as the Commanders were conversing on how to deploy troops...he noticed an abandoned cup on the table and grabbed it. after dipping it in Sterilizing agent, Owen poured himself a cup of extremely Black Coffee and chugged it down...the bitterness was not as bad as his suit overheating but it was bitter none the less...He was about to sit down when a young Captain waved him over...Owen skulked as he walked over to the table...

I just want some f***ing sleep for Christ sake...

"Yes sir?"

"Several Zeibach Squads are in this general area Here...Here...and Here..."

the Captain pointed at the sites...

"I need your advice on what i should do seeing as youve been at those areas..."

Owen had been there alright, he just got back from one of them after a Rebel Suit sent a Dober round into his shoulder, he was lucky it didnt take it clean off.

"This area here..."

Owen pointed at a hill

"...Is heavily fortified with an Artilery piece and its guarded by several Greniers and a Command Groav (Resembles a Gouf)...Personally, id call an air strike on the position and turn it into a crater..."

a Major, who had an arrogant look about him...scoffed...

"Typical response...but sadly...Uh..."

"Cheif Warrant Officer..."

The Majors Arrogance melted away when he heard it...A Commissioned Officer was a man of elite status indeed issued his commission by his Peered Officers and Gentlemen...but a Warrant Officer was issued his Commission By Parliment and Blessed by The Royal Family themselves.

"Sadly Sir, we would like to capture that Artillery piece..."

Before the Major could finish, Owen stepped out of the Tent, tossing he cup aside...He didnt even want to know what plans they had for the other positions

"Consider it done..."

Its Goddamn Suicide Mission...attacking a foritfied position uphill...No matter...if something goes wrong ill just call for a MAG Strike...To hell with the Artillery piece...

Owen hopped into his Wyver...

"But Sir! we havent fixed the Armor on the right Shoulder!"

"Dont Care!"

Owen spun his Wyvern around and headed into the Direction of the hill...He was exhausted but he new...

the longer im out here...the sooner ill find him...

(to avoid confusion...im using Dark Green for my NPCs)

Ghost shepperd
March 27, 2013, 8:00 PM
"Not important. Take this."

Lunar hands Hudson the capsule...

"Get this back to the Drop ship and off world...well be right behind you..."

March 27, 2013, 8:01 PM
"What about the Ship?"

(btw ZRC i dont think that capsule could fit in your cockpit lol)

Ghost shepperd
March 27, 2013, 8:05 PM
Nero tapped on the USB, then looked at the capsule.

"we got what we needed. Turn it to ash. MAG rounds only."

March 27, 2013, 8:13 PM
"Yes Sir..."

Hudson turned his Zienna and hauled it to the Drop ship...

"Algeron! Algeron! This is First Sergeant Hudson! We need Four MAG Round Bursts into the Ship...Dont ask Questions just BRING THE RAIN!"

In space, the Massive Warship charged its main gun...the bow of the ship split open to form a Giant Rail Gun, which is what a MAG is. the electricity began to charge as it locked onto the direlect vessle...

"Never liked it anyway..."

Hudson flipped a Comm...

"ALL UNITS! ALL UNITS! Javelins Listen up! MAG is in Bound! Repeat MAG is in bound at PBR! Clear Out! Screw the Bravo Papas! Just Clear out NOW!"

To the Pirates surprise, the Zeibach troops began to Withdraw as fast as they could...even if it meant ignoring the enemy which was unlike Ziebach...

Zeon's RedComet
March 27, 2013, 8:14 PM
(OOC: Well, I was at a loss, I’ll change it to I latched it onto the Suit’s Skirt or something of the sort.)

Lance’s suit made it back to the Revenant which was still undetected in the dead black of Space. “Let’s blow this joint as soon as we can. I don’t want to wait and see what those folks are going to do.” the distant explosion rumbled the ship “What was that?”

As Lance was geting out of the Zienna Katarina patched in a visual of the ship geting bombarded from all sides, begining to buckle. "Let's get out of here," The Pirate fleet turned about as the Revenant jumped first, sending out a flare that there was a ship there and not just nothing.

March 27, 2013, 8:21 PM
Hudson and the Javelins made it back to their Jump ship...

"Sir! We have incoming Ships! Shogunate!"

"Not our concern! Get us out of here!"

the ships managed to Jump out...but not before one of their ships got picked up by an incoming Shogunate Patrol Ship...

On Rishtar...

Owen was pinned down...He had already taken the Groav out by impaling it with its own Heat Cutlass and it was spewing with Coolant...the site made him a bit queezy...brought back some bad memories...


Owen popped up and fired several Bursts at the enplacement, hitting a Greinier in the shoulder but it didnt stop em from shooting back...


Zeon's RedComet
March 27, 2013, 11:11 PM
"It's not like those Imperials to just leave like that." Katarina said as she entered the Cargo bay, the pod was being lowered and moved to the side, Lance was looking at the pod and then turned arround to hug Katarina they kissed breifly and then he let her go.

"They got what they came for." He shurged and then looked at a lowly technician "Get ahold of Mr. X, tell him I got something he'll want." The tech left leaving Katarina and Lance alone "I hope he dosen't just want to sell it, what ever is in there...the potential ramifications of having it...could easily tear the goverments of space apart...which is exactly what needs to be done to end the cycle of war, small indepant government. But I guess I'm thinking to far ahead."

Katarina shook her head "From making money one second, to the gentel anarchist the next." The huge again looking at one another.

"I guess so." Lance and Katarina finally let go of the embrace "I guess we should get back to business." Lance and Katarina both make for the bridge.

Lance though couldn't help but think, of the past, of what his father taught him about how the world should work, several small governments who look out for their own, and trade peacefully with one another, it was a pipe dream to most people, hell even Lance saw it that way, but he couldn't help but feel that if the people had their own say in how it really ran, not just a 'Democracy' in name but people actually running things...that it could work though, however unlikely.

March 27, 2013, 11:20 PM
Once aboard and the shuttle having whisked away his princess, Nobuyori was split on what to do next. Normally, he would be greeted once aboard and directed to the hanger to check out the mobile suits and meet his fellow pilots then wait for the commander's orders. But, this time, he was the commander. Which meant it was probably best for him to meet the captain and bridge crew on whom his life would depend. The third priority would be to check out his personal quarters, but that could wait until he needed to sleep.

He slipped through the halls of the Hanzo, not really having any idea where he was heading, until he managed to find a lift. He then slipped aboard it and headed up to the bridge. As the lift approached the bridge, he took the time to straighten his outfit properly. And, as the lift doors opened he stepped out of it confidently...

March 28, 2013, 12:11 AM
On the Bridge was a Chinese man of avarage dimensions for that part of the world...he had Jet Black Hair and matching eyes...He wore the Bronze Eagle of a Ships Captain as he turned to the young commander...this was Captain Toto Ohaka...

"Glad to have you aboard Sir..."

(Jaster, ill let you handle his dialogue now, do what helps with the story...change the color if you want lol)

On Rishtar...

Walsh looked at his small Shield and realized the last clip he had was in his Rifle...He holstered his Rifle and drew his sword...

"Screw this range crap..."

Walsh jumped over the boulders he was shielding behind and charged the Position...Owen could feel the bullets of the enemy fire whizzing past his suits head...his anger naturally grew...in seconds he jumped over the defensive wall, sliced a Grenier in two, and grabbed its heat hawk...he drove it inot another suit and it immediately blew up...he then sliced at several other suits and impaled a Doogle (Dom) in the chest. As he kicked the Suit off his blade, he recieved a Comm...It was the sound of an awestruck Woman...a rookie...

"Holy SHIT Sir! You ok?!"

"Yeah, Yeah...im fine..."

"Did you get them all?"

Owen sheathed his sword and drew his gun...

"Hold on a sec..."

he turned and shot at the Doogle as it got up...the huge hole where the Cockpit declared both the Suit and its pilot were dead...

"Now I got em all.."

"So we won?"

Owen Heavily sighed as he looked the sun go down...

"Not yet, Trooper...Battles not over..."

Owen let that last part ring in his head...

Battles not over...Its never over...

19 Days later...

The Imperial Fleet, Including the Jump Ship that Devros was on, arrived into Rishtar's Orbit...a Trooper entered Maximus' Quarters...

"Captain Maximius...We have arrived at Rishtar...the 98th Athenians are ready to deploy at your command..."

March 28, 2013, 1:45 AM
"Excellent. Comms, patch me through to whoever's in charge on my personal terminal. In the meantime, have all ships set up a blockade and prepare to deploy all mobile suits. No sense in getting caught with our pants down."

March 28, 2013, 2:04 AM
Suddenly a boom can be heard...

"And that would be the Anglian Battle blockade already in place...the Dropships will be ready for deployment in 20 minutes...So i suggest you make that call quick..."

the Sergeant hauled it to his Suit...

on the Surface...

Owen stepped out of a makeshift Tent and looked as the Sky began to be overcast...He sighed as he wiped his face after shaving...

be having a damn beard before the days end...where the hell are you?

On the Asteroid...

Mister X Silouete turned to see Captain Bonnaparte enter the room...

"You care to explain what happend?"

Zeon's RedComet
March 28, 2013, 2:09 AM
"We aquired a pod of sorts from the ship." Lance said and then went on "Unfortunately the Impirum Troops decided it was a good time to see if their Dreadnaught's weapons were calibrated just right and the ship was blown to bits. That said I'd also like to present you with this." Lance took a USB drive type deal from a pocket in his Vest and threw it to Mr. X whom caught it.

"That's all the footage my mask caught of the ship's interior as well as what Scans it could run on the ship it's self. If it intrests you at all. That said, taking the ship proved impossible, and it was destoryed since it wasn't able to be caught like you wanted it to be."

March 28, 2013, 2:19 AM
Mister X looked at the Pod...then the USB...

"On the Contrary...this and that pod will be more than enough...but sadly it wont be enough worthy of monetary compensation...how about a Mobile suit as your Compensation...say...a Gundam?"

on the Piercer...

Everyone is looking at the pod they captured...Hudson is nervous but not showing it...

"So...what is it?"

Zeon's RedComet
March 28, 2013, 2:21 AM
My mom allways said if you take what you can get. "Why not, I can send my ideas over for one as soon as possible." Lance said intrigued by what he could put on the Gundam.

Ghost shepperd
March 28, 2013, 2:26 AM
Lunar with a hand on his side arm carefully reached out with the other and when he touched the pod it suddenly hissed consequently then all of the Javelins aimed their weapons at the pod.

March 28, 2013, 2:28 AM
"Exellent...that will be all..."

as Lance left the Room...Mister X eyed the Pod...

one the Piercer...

Hudson, with his Pistol trained on the pod...looked at Lunar...the man's eyes were as wide as the moon...

"W-What is it?"

Ghost shepperd
March 28, 2013, 2:31 AM
Lunar looked into the pod.

"S-She's... Beautiful..."

March 28, 2013, 2:32 AM
Chapter 2: "The Usual Suspects"

Owen looked up from his tent to see the sky light up from the artillery fire.

looks like some fools are trying to break the blockade...basly...stupid but balsy...

Orbit Shinjiku...

the Shogunate Fleet Comes out of Jump over the Planet...

"Sir...we have arrived...When do you want us to deploy..."

Zeon's RedComet
March 28, 2013, 3:10 AM
Lance and Katarina just eyed Lance's new Mobile suit, the LMX-001 Blackguard Gundam. Something that had been a concept for far to long. "I can't belive it, it's finally a reality."

"I know...the cloak looks like it should function as we need it to for stealth." She said adding to it "As well as extra armor."

"Indeed." The hood though was still down, and the F-Vin in an upright position so to speak. "Let's hope we can get a Sister unit ready someday."

"We have the plans, we just need the funds huh?" Katarina said as Lance put his arm arround her and they turned arround to walk to the bridge.

March 28, 2013, 3:50 AM
Orbit Shinjiku...

the Shogunate Fleet Comes out of Jump over the Planet...

"Sir...we have arrived...When do you want us to deploy..."

*Tachibana grins*

"Finally!" as he grabs his mask and straps it on before throwing his robe on and grabbing his katana

*Tachibana exits his room, head held high and full of confidence, and heads towards the hanger, few stand in his way most simple turn their heads to the side or look down delibrately trying to avoid eye contact, occasionally a few who aren't paying attention are shocked to see who they were holding up drop what they're doing and bow with apologies but Tachibana keeps walking*

hahahaha.....seems those on board fear me.....good....fear is a powerful weapon in the right hands, he thinks before entering the hanger, "We just came out of jump, how long till the dropship my suit is on ready to deploy?" as he swings his sheathed katana to his shoulders, he has it by the handle wth the sheath resting on his shoulders holding the bottom of the sheath with his left hand

March 28, 2013, 4:03 AM
"In your case sir...we have something better..."

the Tech-Head pointed toward a Mobile Suit sized cylinder shaped craft...

"Its called a Drop Pod...its normally reserved for our Orbital Drop Troopers and used to get boots on the ground as fast as we can without the hassle of deploying a Dropship and then opening it up and sending out the cargo...here we just situate the suit...in your case you and your Gundam...inside, and then we literall drop you into atmosphere...the pod reaches a certain altitude and then purges itself from your Suit and allows you to murder and mutliate at your leizure...all that without the hassel of a Drop ship...So...what do you think?"

(If youve ever played Armored Core 2 and saw the opening Cinematic...thats it.)

March 28, 2013, 4:15 AM
"Better. Haven't even met the kid who's in command, better to get off before that chance arrives. Launch me near the Ziebach forces.....unless there's sunlight then drop me as close as you can get me in the darkness. I'll make my way to the Ziebach camp on from there."

March 28, 2013, 4:28 AM
"What Camp? The Imperial Scum hold over Half the Planet...if you want to get dropped the best chance would be when their lines get hit with nightfall. Which should be in about..."

The Tech-head looked at a wrist watch...

"...about 30 Minutes...Enough time for you to get ready and for us to mount up the suit...Just Suit up and leave the rest to us...is there anything else you want to take with you besides your Gundam and its Blade your lordship?"

March 28, 2013, 4:40 AM
"So long as my cloak is also equipped nothi.....no scratch that, eight smoke grenades as well. And I said a Ziebach camp," Tachibana stares directly at the guy, his red eyes piercing the very mans soul, "I know they hold half the planet, but not in one large base, there are outskirt camps. Launch me towards a Ziebach camp.......as I said before!"

*Tachibana just heads to the cockpit, he stores his katana and straps in*

"I can wait in here. Just drop me whenever." as he closes the hatch, he goes over all the systems, "Good. Fully powered. That should be plently enough time for me."

March 28, 2013, 5:42 AM
the man bows...

"it shall be done!"

28 minutes come and go and the Gundam has its smoke Grenades placed on and the Cloak wrapped onto the Suit...


the Gundam is sealed into the Pod...all Tachibana can see is darkness...

"We have a target locked for ya sir...youll land about 10 Clicks from a major Imperial Depot...just enough meat for you to chew on...Strap yourself in!"

The Techs lock the suit and the Pod moves out into space. its positioned so when the order was given it could be released...

"Sir...when the Pod is released, the Atmospheric Safety locks will engage. its to keep the damn pod from coming apart in the Gravity well...when it clears, the Locks will disengage and pop is go on your command sir...Copy?"

No Response...

"Hes got the message...Releasing the Oni in 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...NOW!"

In a split second...the Pod was released and it fell toward Sinjiku...

On Rishtar...

Owen climbed into his Wyvern and sealed the hatch...he flipped on the Viewscreens and a few switches...He paused as he looked at his helmet, which bore both his emblem and his Warrant Officer bars...He Cringed as he remembered...that day...


He placed his helmet on and made his Wyvern stand up...he checked his Rifle and saw that the Techs made sure he got the ammo he needed...



What now?

Owen flipped the comm...

"Yes sir?"

an older man was on the other end...

"This is Colonel James Wilson...Am I Addressing Warrant Officer Walsh?"

"You are..."

"Are you located along the Valong Line?"

Owen checked his radar and saw that he was...

"I am sir...what do you need?"

"I need you to assist a Unit that is preparing for an Assault on a Rebel Compound...Thier Commander, Leiutenant Carl Billings could use some extra hands...im sending more units to assist them...about Six more Suits if i was including you..."

Owen groaned silently, hoping the Colonel didnt hear it...

Dammit...another Leiutenant about to send more troops to the slaughter...might as well...

"Tell Leiutenant Billings to sit tight...im on my way..."

"Good man..."

the comm automatically clicked off and Owen sped toward the coordinates given to him...

March 28, 2013, 6:15 AM
*the pod clears the gravity well and the pod purges*

".......wait for it....." as the Shiboushaken Gundam falls fast before he hits the thrusters and lands, "Smooth landing. Time to move."

*he makes his way as silently as he can before coming into a close enough range*

"Alright......ten suits.....all basic types.......there! Toss the smoke grenade there....that's where most of the soldiers should be....." as Tachibana sits and waits for the right moment, ".....Now!"

*the Gundam runs in and throws the smoke grenade, it crashes into makeshift building exploding, the explosion takes many lives, the mobile suits start to move in now noticing the gundam now*

"...finally got noticed." a the gundam draws his katana slicing thru one of the incoming suits

*the gundam moves in the next three suits don't even know what happens*

"That's four....." as he falls back to avoid the incoming fire, "Hmm....guns....what a waste."

*the gundam moves into the smoke, Tachibana slashes thru another two suits before exiting the smoke and slashing the seventh suit*

"Only three suits....there!" the three had formed a small perimeter guarding each others backs, ".....ha....hahahahaha...luck is on my side, the wind is picking up...hahahahaha..."

*the smoke starts blowing into the three suits, Tachibana sees them drop there guns and pull out heat swords*

"Oh.....that won't work..." as Tachibana has the gundam pick something up and toss it across hitting the ground on the other side, the suits flinch

*the Shiboushaken Gundam moves in and in one large slashes takes all three of the MS heads*

"One.....Two......Three....." as he slashes thru the cockpits of the headless suits, "All ten....."

*Tachibana sheaths his gundam's katana before hopping out and heading towards a panel*

"The smell of death....been a while..." as he plugs in a USB into a working console, "Good, that's all I need."

*he hops back into the gundam and plugs in the USB*

"A mapping of the small outposts in the area.....I'll move in and stalk here....no one should be around and there's more than enough cover." as Tachibana makes his way further in finding the right spot to stay hidden and stalk his prey

March 28, 2013, 6:43 AM
Owen sits in his cockpit as he hears the Leiutenant lay out his plan...What they were attacking was nothing more than a shanty town that the Rebels had managed to reinforce with several captured Makeshift Fort parts and essentially turn it into an impressive "Castle" which was what it looked like to Owen...it was located along two Rivers with a hill to its back. what the Leiutenant proposed was to move for the river when the sun goes down...which would happen in a matter of hours...and then take the "Castle" before the Rebels or the Imperials knew what hit them...Owen had to only look at the layout of the fort to see that trying to take it via the rivers would prove disasterous...

"So men...Lets move out..."

"Hold on a minute Leiutenant Billings...Have you sent a scout out there before you formulated this plan?"

"Of course i did...i personally scouted the area where we will attack..."

"Did you scout the entire area, or just where you wanted to attack..."

"With all due respect sir, but yes...i did...so calm down and move it..."

Owen growled...the thing he hated more than arrogant Officers were ones who would blatently fail to heed the wisdom of a veteran...but as they began to move, he started to formulate his own plans...and he was eyeballing that hill as crucial...as they made it to the river under the cover of night, Owen couldnt help but look at the hill...thats when he saw it...his eyes widened as he saw it...he then rushed towards Leiutenant Billings Bradely (GM Command)...


"Not now...were about to Cross..."


the Bradley swung around and brought its 90mm gun to bear...

"Listen here Walsh! I dont know what your problem is, but i am ordering you to fall in! You are endangering these peoples lives by doing what your doing...we dont want another Thark on our hands...Failure to obey will be punishable by death, now FALL IN!"

Owen looked at him...the memories of Thark stung him deep. He just growled and looked at the other 7 Legionares (GM) and a Single Tanker (Leo) that had been loaded with a two recoiless rifles for this mission...He hung his head and turned back to the Leiutenant...

"Understood sir...falling in sir..."

Owen fell to the back behind the Tanker...He looked back at the hill and his angered finally boiled over...He stopped his machine just before everyone hit the water just so he wouldnt be noticed...He made his way toward the hill...

On the Hanzo...

"Lord Takeda...what are your orders sir?"

(Jaster, you can jump in at any time lol...)

March 28, 2013, 8:28 AM
- Hanzo - Bridge -

Nobuyori wasn't set on sending his suits blindly into a fray like this. Sending them down blindly would be to send them down to the slaughter. He looked over the map of the area carefully, checking the terrain and the known locations of the enemy camps. From where the known camps were, he had little trouble deciphering where those that were not yet known were likely to be. At least, he knew where the enemy should have set them up if they were properly defending.

He quickly created markers on the map to highlight these probably camps to get a better picture of the battle. First he noted a few locations, "We need to get our heavy support to these areas. We need our rockets and snipers to have the best possible view of the field possible. But, I would be willing to bet they have some of their own already placed here. Don't send anyone without support. Once they are in place, we'll be able to move their support in to push in against the enemy line."

"Commander Takeda! Tachibana already launched and is engaged with the enemy forces!" called out the voice of Oku Haruka, the communications officer, trying to keep track of what was going on in the field.

Takeda winced a bit from that before shaking his head, "I guess that means three suits won't be launch. Well, let him do as he pleases. He'd just best not have any complaints if we don't make bailing him out or going to fetch him a high priority." With Tachibana effectively out of the picture, they had lost their most important weapon against the Gundam.

Circling a few of the camps with his fingers he noted, "These camps are too open and exposed. They are there for supply lines. If we take them, we cut their supplies and leave their mobile suits caught behind our lines with no chance to restock ammo and can likely cut their communication lines to their home base as well. Let's send a drop ship to either end of both camps to surround them and take them."

Captain Ohaka gave a hesitant nod at the plan. It really didn't seem much of a plan at the time-- take the high ground and break the enemy supply lines before they know what hit them. Perhaps the genius part was what would come next. "What about your own unit, commander? Where shall you go."

Nobuyori tapped another location on the map, a camp that looked particularly entrenched-- one way in and one way out, up against the side of a mountain. "Last two dropships will be with me. The eight of us will focus on this camp. It has natural defenses-- chances are that they will concentrate their most valuable resources here and rely too heavily on the natural fortifications to protect them. Taking this point will demoralize and cripple the enemy. But-- it won't be easy."

Captain Ohaka gave a more confident nod at this. It seemed the Takeda boy wasn't half as cowardly as his record suggested him to be-- having assigned himself to the squad with the most difficult task. "Warrant Officer Oku! Send these plans down to the hanger at once and let's get our squads into action before any more of our men get killed waiting for reinforcements."

March 28, 2013, 9:52 AM
Leiutenant Billings waded across the river with the others...

"Alright...You two...move to the right...you three...you take the Tanker and head over to the..."


three shells came throbing out of the darkness...one hit one of the Legionaires the other two hit water...

"Shit! Contact! Contact! Take Cover!"

"What Cover?!"

The pilot of the Tanker, a woman by the sound of it, had pointed out the obvious...by wading the river, they left themselves exposed to artilery...followed by enemy gunfire...

"Stay low!"

they were pinned down...one of the Legionares attempted to let loose some rounds, only to get turned to hamburger meat by the return fire...

"Alright...were gonna try to fall back...Warrant Officer Walsh...you-?? Where the Hell is Walsh?"

The Troops shook thier heads...


"F*** this is bad...The Man's lost Two guys already...Damn Fool!"

Walsh was getting a good look at the carnage from the side of the hill...he was only a few hundred more meters from the Artilery inplacement located at the top...He looked at the Piece...then he noticed the Tanker's Recoiless Rifles...

Can they hit em...didnt look like they were packing nightvision or else they would be lobing shells right about now...

Owen looked at the Piece then back at the Tanker...He flipped his comm...

"You...the one in the Tanker...Name, Rank, and Regiment..."

the Voice responded with energy...

"Allison, Hilde...Private...Second Batlallion 12th Lance..."

"Keep your head down, youre doin fine kiddo..."

"Umm...thank you sir!"

Walsh couldnt help but think the Woman on the other end suddenly blushed...he probably would be right if he didnt have it on audio...

"Ok...this is what i want you to do...First of all, you are under my command as of that moment...understood?"

"Yes sir..."

"Good...Now when i tell you...i want you to take those Recoiless Guns, and open fire...got it?"

"Yes sir..."

the Young woman, barely outta basic, gripped her controls and prepped her Recoiless Cannons to fire...Billings noticed...

"What are you doing?!"

"Im under orders to fire when called..."

"By Who?!"

Billings was interupted but he got his answer...

"someone whos gonna pull your nuts outta the fire thats who!"

Walsh rushed the Piece, Fireing several shots at unsuspecting targets...he drew his Sword and drove it into the chest of an enemy Suit, sending it into the ground...he then grabbed the Automatic Artilery piece. He activated it and with all his suits stregnth, yanked the barrel upward...the weapons flash began to light up the night sky...

"Allison! Light em up!"

seeing as the flash her cue, Hilde started to unload her Recoiless rifles into the origin of the flash...Owen barely managed to get clear when the rounds started to hit...

"Shit girl! you know how to aim!"

"Thank you sir!"

"Dont stop now! keep firing! Alright! all units! converge on the Fort! dont let up! Hilde! concentrate Fire on the Wall!"

to the Leiutenants surprise the remaining units charged the water Guns firing off in bursts, heading to the wall of the base...Hilde lobbed shells into the wall, tearin it apart as if it were tissue paper...Walsh came charging down the hill, sword in the right hand, gun in the left, tearing at the surprised enemy...

March 28, 2013, 12:57 PM
"Alright, boys, We're gunna drop in hot, and kick some ass! I want to hit the front lines hard! Give these people a reason to fear our Empire!" Devros called over the comms, as his Gundam was loaded into a capsule. "Let's give 'em hell, boys!"

March 28, 2013, 5:01 PM
It was over in a matter of hours...The walls had been demolished, the Gun enplacement silenced...Walsh looked at this "Victory" that he had achieved...it was bitter sweet...

Battles not over...we still got work to do...

Walsh Stepped out of his Cockpit and walked around, looking for any survivors, as he did...he could help but Notice the Leiutenant climbing down from his Bradely with an angry look on his face...He also noticed a couple of pilots climb out of their Units, including that Hilde Woman out of her Tanker...Owen was pissed as well...this son of a bitch's attitude is gonna get alot of men killed in the coming battles...

time to put an end to this...

"Listen here Warrant Officer! I dont know what your problem is with me but let me tell you this your through!"

"But sir! I must protest! This man just secured us a major outpost along the River...if it hadnt been for-"

"I DONT GIVE A F***! He still violated a direct order and therefore he must be punished..."

Owen just looked at him with a deadpan expression...

"Had i not done what i did, your whole unit would have been butchered like pigs...besides do you honestly believe im scared of you?"

the Leiutenant pulled his pistol and aimed at Owen...

Bad move dumbass...just cool off and think...

"Are you Not scared of me now?!"

"Calm down Trooper...holster your weapon and lets move out..."

Owen attempted to turn around when the Leiutenant fired a shot past his ear...

"Dont you dare turn your back on me Soldier!"

Owen turned back to the Leiuteant as he unbuckled his own gun...

"You threatening me Leiutenant?"

"No...Im promising you this...Im promising you that your carreer is down the toilet...Im promising that that womans carreer is down the toilet...and im promising that that both of you will be Flogged before i even let you two off this planet!"

Hilde tried to take a step back to avoid what was coming. Billings detected it and pointed his gun at her, as he did his Pistol accidentilly discharged and a round barely missed her shoulder, but it still had enough force to draw blood...she yelped as she stumbled but recovered. she grabbed her shoulder to stop any bleeding...

Now...youre dead...

Walsh pulled his .45 and pulled the trigger...seconds later Billings slumped to the ground dead...the others looked at the Warrant Officer in shock...Walsh Flinched and holstered his weapon...He took a deep breath...

"You guys head back to main base...file whatever report you want..."

Hilde looked at him...his face was calm, but she knew it wasnt his ass he was worried about...

"As far as im concerned sir...Leiutenant Billings died in the attack..."

Owen looked at her and frowned...

"Tell them the Truth Private...thats an order..."

Hilde was taken aback...

Is he trying to get himself executed?

"Yes sir..."

She saluted along with the rest of the unit. She returned to her Tanker and the others pulled out to the Main Base for thier next assignment...Walsh looked at the dead body of Billings...

Stupid Fool...

Walsh climbed into his Wyvern and followed the others...leaving the body of Billings to burn with the rest of the base...

Zeon's RedComet
March 29, 2013, 12:13 AM
Lance was sitting in his captain’s Chair thinking. The Revenant was skulking in space around a small world. The world was Tiptree, the planet in which he was born, or rather born in orbit of, it was far enough out of the way that he could off load things from the last few raid’s he had done here.

"Come on, you know she'll be fine."

"I haven't seen her in...four...no five years, at least not face to face not even talked, we've sent Messages to and fro...I mean I know her she'll harp about it like no other."

Katarina just looked at Lance and shook her head while rolling her eyes "Then let's just sell what we have on the ship, and go our merry way." She sugested sticking her hands out to her sides in a shrug.

Lance looked down and back up "No, I might as well get the unplesentries out of the way now, take the ship into dock." He ordered the helmsman as the ship began to desend to small space dock, where Lance would get on a Shuttle to the planet.

(OOC: Didn't know if you had anything planed that'd involve me so I'm going to flesh out his backstory a little more, if there is something just contact him in the middle of it all.)

March 29, 2013, 12:49 AM
(Got something in mind...Essentially Mister X is gonna Contract you as a Soldier of Fortune on Frizald (another planet) and thats where you, Maximus, Lunar, and Owen are going to come face to face...but for now do as you please with him lol...)

Owen was in his BDUs as Colonel Wilson was looking over the Reports both Owen and the other squad members filed...he paused, took off his sunglasses and sighed...


"Sir...I take full responsiblity of my actions and await disciplinary action..."

the Colonel looked at him...so did Private Allison puzzled...

"Disobeying a Direct order from a Commissioned Officer and Premediated Murder of said Officer in the Field...These are serious crimes Warrant Officer...Even though your actions allowed us the Capture of a position that will develop a choke point and ultimately capture this sector...you still killed a Commissioned Officer because?"

Owen stared at the Colonel in the eyes and straightened his uniform...

"He fired at Private Allison Sir, Endangering her life and the lives of his surviving squad mates Sir..."

The Colonel rubbed his eyes and looked back at Owen, who stood like a satue...

"If it were up to a younger, more hot headed Officer, you would be placed in chains and sent back to Anglia for Court Marshall...Sadly, i Cant afford to send troops back...not when were so close to recapturing this Planet...So im offering you a Choice...You can accept the charges you yourself have brought against and head back to Anglia as i described...or i send you on a possible suicide Mission...and if you succeed...ill write off officially that Leiutanant Billings died in the Assault...What is your choice sir?"

Owen let his thoughts rush...

Face court marshal...stay and hopefully find the bastard...do i really have to think about it?

"I accept the Mission sir..."

Owen snapped a professional Salute...The Colonel Saluted back and stood up...

"Inquiry Suspended till further notice...Dismissied..."

Owen returned to his Wyvern and slipped into his Cooling Suit...As he was about to Climb into his Mobile Suit...

"Hold up!"

Owen turned to see Private Hilde run up to him...her Blue Hair flailing in the wind, even if it was short....

"Sir...Permission to accompany and assist sir!"

she snapped to attention...Owen just looked at here...

Great...more baggage...oh well...

"Your funeral Kid...Permission Granted..."

"Thank you Sir!"

The young woman double timed it to her Tanker as his Suit powered up...

(Under his breath) "Where are you...Nero Lunar?"

Walsh's Wyvern and Allision's Tanker jolted into runs and headed to thier destination...

On the other Side of Rishtar...

Several of the Athenians were pinned down by Loyalist Gunfire when sudenly a Gold and Red Gundam Flew over them, drawing its blades. It Smashed into the Lines, tearing the enemy into pieces while shoving its spear into the Cockpit of the Commander unit...the Athenians and several Imperal Regulars stood in awe...


An Imperal Sergeant grinned as he brought his Grenier up next to the Gundam...

"Nice Work sir..."

On Shinjiku...

"Sir! we have reinforcecments incoming!"

a young European man turned to the private...

"About damn time! Get me into contact with their leader..."

the Man, with the Markings of a Second Leiutenant...activated the comm to see Takeda on the other end...

a kid? you gotta be kidding me...oh well...beggars cant be choosers...

"This is Second Leiutenant Montgomery of the Shogunate's 15th Cavalry...who am i addressing sir?"

Zeon's RedComet
March 29, 2013, 1:21 AM
Lance and Katarina steped out of the shuttle, a woman in a blue dress who looked to be in her early 60's and wearing what some would consider to much Eye Shadow approached them. "I never said she wasn't...well informed." This woman was Penlope Bonaparte, Lance's mother.

"Lance Barthalomeu Bonaparte! What do you think you're doing here, haven't came to see me in, what Four, no Five years has it been?"

Lance closed his eyes and sighed "You know how business is Mother...it's better to keep contact with family at a minimum."

"Hogwash!" She said waveing her arm in dismissal "We're part of the same Orgnization, granted...I'm a business Woman, and you're a..." she cocks her eye brow and looks him over "...A Masked hoodlum but I'm your Mother for god sakes." She huged Lance and he reluctantly huged back she turned to Katarina and huged her as well "Long time no see Katarina, See Lance she kept in contact with me...maybe you should take some notes?"

Lance closed his eyes and took a deep breath "Yes mother maybe I should...but the price of paper is too damn high in this section of the Galaxy." he replied smileing, his mother laughed.

"Okay now that we have that out of the way, follow me." She led them to a car, a Chufer opened the door, Lance's mother went in first, then Lance, and then Katarina.

"So where to mother?" Lance asked

"Our house, of course, how long can you stay?" She asked looking at Lance.

Lance looked at Katarina, who then said "Oh we have at least three hours to spare, maybe more Penlope."

"Oh call me mom, Lance, it's about time you and her started going out, you were made for one another. Both theiveing, raiding money grubers...just like your dad, and I." She laughed as the car speed towards her home.

March 29, 2013, 2:25 AM
"Work'll be done when this planet is ours. Let's keep the momentum going! Push forward, and take victory!" Devros cried, charging the front lines.

March 29, 2013, 2:55 AM
- Hanzo - Bridge -

Nobuyori hadn't really expected a communication from the surface to reach him. He turns his attention to the communication screen and gave a small bow in greeting.

"It is good to hear from someone so close to the situation, Lieutenant," he began politely. He then answered the question, hardly able to hide a smug smile, "I am Commander Takeda of the Shogun Knights. I've been put in charge of your reinforcements. We have 10 jump ships here with 10 drop ships each. We've located 10 key locations on the planet and we are about to drop forces. I will be leading the unit heading outside the metropolis at 40 north, 116.5 east." A planet was an incredibly large challenge, but hitting the surface with 400 suits at once should at least allow them to stamp out the most active enemy forces and make way for mop up operations.

He was mildly curious as to why the Lieutenant had chosen to contact him when they were about to launch the offensive. But, deciding not to be short with him, Nobuyori merely inquired, "Do you have anything to report before we launch, Lieutenant?"

March 29, 2013, 3:07 AM
"Roger that sir!"

the Athenians let loose...

Elsewhere, near the city of Dunham...the Siege was well underway...Owen, along with Hilde and several other Suits were pinned down along the north end of the city...a large Oliphant (Serpent) with double twin Gatling guns was opening up on them and about to turn their barrier into shreds...

"Were dead man!"

"Take it easy Trooper!"

Owen scanned the outer area...he noticed the Electro magnets near an artillery piece near the north end of the city...Owen turned towards Hilde, who had noticed it as well...

"Remember that town?"

"yes sir..."

"Keep your head down till i give the word..."

Owen tossed a Legionare his Assault rifle and ducked behind buildings hopening that no one would notice him...he made it halfway whe suddenly...

(Insert Classic Alarm Noise)


the Oliphant spotted him and proceeded to shoot...and to make matters worse, he left his weapon behind...

"Dammit! Private Allison! Aim for the Electormagnet!"

"But what about you?!"

"what about me?! the Mission always come first! now fire!"

Hilde looked at the situation and aimed her Dobergun...She aimed...

"Locked on Target..."


the Oliphant went down in a ball of fire to Owen's Surprise...next thing he saw was another round flying downrange, hitting the Electomagnetes and sending up a beautiful purple mushroom cloud...the Rail Artilery instantly went down, leaving the imperial/Rebel forces out gunned...next thing that happend was a barage of artillery strikes one after another...Owen retreived his Assault rifle and poceeded to slice and shoot ever enemy he could get into his sights...then he heard the call...

All units all units...be advised: Golf Uniform November Delta Alpha Mike...repeat Gundam is in area use extreme caution...

Owens eyes dialated...a manic grinn came across his face...

Extreme caution my ass!

"Team...lets get out of here! the Auxillary can handle the rest!"


"Dont worry Private Allison...its just a quick pitstop and then its back in..."

"Understood sir..."

the Team withdrew from the city...heading to an Anglian Temp Base for repairs and rearming...

"We better hurry...chances are that Gundam could be heading here and i-"

Suddenly Owen's Wyvern hauled it outta dodge toward where the Gundam was spotted...

"Warrant Officer!"

(essentially Chars gonna strut his stuff then I sucker punch him...do a cheesy ref line...then the fight...)

on Shinjiku

"No sir...just want to say that youre a breath of fresh air sir! Do you have any medical supplies with you sir? ive got consierable casualties...mostly wounded...copy?"

March 29, 2013, 3:24 AM
Devros broke through the lines defending the city with ease, the specs on his suit, combined with his skills, were more then what the general forces could handle. He made quick work of many suits, growing more and more confident. "I give you all a choice. Lay down your arms and surrender, retreat, or die." He broadcast, a brave soul charging with a heat blade. In an act that could only be described as brutal, he crushed the suit beneath the large shield he carried, the sounds of groaning metal carrying far. "And make your decision quickly, I will not wait long."

March 29, 2013, 3:35 AM
Suddenly the alarm in Devros' unit went off. as he Turned...


the Spartan is bodyslammed like a quarterback failing to throw by a Wyvern...when the suit stands up...Devros heard a young man over the comm...

"What the? You're not him! Dammit!"

The Wyvern drew its heat sword...Owen looked at the Gold and Red Gundam...

"What the Hell is with the Paintjob? who are you trying to impress, Quatre Rajeena? "

March 29, 2013, 4:00 AM
"I see. So you're the one who has halted our advance, then? Once you're removed, this planet will be under our control shortly." He took note of the man's armaments. "And if you think that knife is enough to pierce this Gundam's armor, you're sorely mistaken." Devros yelled, locking blades with the man.

March 29, 2013, 4:03 AM
"Do you honestly think i give a damn?! Now where is he?!"

Owen ducked under the Gundams sheild and slammed it out of its hand...He swung his Broad sword around and it met with the Spartans blade again...

March 29, 2013, 7:51 AM
- Hanzo - Bridge -

Nobuyori gave a brief, warm smile to the Lieutenant as he replied, "I am glad to see your concern for your men. While our first priority is to break the enemy assaults to prevent any further casualties, I will make sure you are supplied. Have your forces pull into a defensive position as we launch. Then, once the dropships have landed-- please send out teams to the nearest dropships to collect the medical supplies and bring them back to your facilities." He then added with a reassuring smile, "The enemy should be too busy engaged to stop you."

Then, looking towards Oku Haruka, he instructs her, "Please send a message out to all dropships to make sure they all double or triple their standard load of medical supplies. Don't worry about leaving large stocks aboard the jumpships-- they aren't going to do anyone any good up here."

Haruka nodded her head once to show she had heard before chirping up, "Right away, sir!" before setting to work sending out the message.

Nobuyori then shot an apologetic look to the captain, "I apologize for getting in your way, sir. I will be headed out shortly. Please inform me if there are any developments up here."

Captain Ohaka seemed plenty assured that, at the very least, the kid wasn't the least capable commander the forces could have. Still, his experienced caused him to doubt some of the boy's decisions, perhaps only because he would have felt more comfortable with a more fully laid out battle plan. Still, he didn't want to be impolite and pull military rank on an aristocrat, "No need to apologize, Commander Takeda. We'll keep watch on you from up here. I look forward to seeing what you can do."

With that, Nobuyori left the bridge in Ohaka's hands and began heading down to the hanger.

March 29, 2013, 10:34 AM
"Thank you sir...I will breif you on the situation as soon as you arrive sir...out..."

On Rishtar...

"Damn you!"

Owen ducked underneath the massive beast of a Gundams swing. he had already lost his left shoulder armor and the inside of his right calf was gone as well...

"Take this!"

Owen aimed his vulcans at the head...emptying the 60mm Vulcans into the cameras...He then pushed the thrusters back as hard as he could and gripped the heat broadsword tight...

"Hilde, what do we have?"

Hilde and the group managed to get into the city and secure two sectors...she landed at the top of a building while taking care to avoid skyliniing herself...

"Just Keep them a little bit more occupied...also, message from headquarters: They said to be ready for the Rain Sir..."

"Roger that!"

Owen pushed up on the Joystick only to be met with a kick by the Spartan...


Owen recovered from the kick and sliced down, taking a piece of the Spartan's leg armor off...

"Now im gonna ask you again...WHERE IS HE?!"

March 29, 2013, 3:34 PM
"I think you should be more worried about me then anyone else." Devros replied feinting to bash with his shield again. As Owen lept back, Devros switched his sword into his pistol and landed two shots into the already damaged shoulder, causing the arm to come off. Switching back to sword mode, he lept back in, meeting the heat blade, and pushing the weakening mobile suit back. "Because you're barely holding on as it is."

March 29, 2013, 4:44 PM
- Hanzo - Dock -

Nobuyori entered into the changing room. Taking off his overly ornamental clothes took some time. As he changed, he could hear the pilots who were waiting for him outside the room. Although he did not care much to eavesdrop, there was little he could do to not hear what they were saying.

"Anyone know about this Commander Takeda? You think he's from the Neo Kai Takedas?"
"Yeah. Apparently he is the daimyo's son."
"Son of the daimyo of Neo Kai?! Oh, man! To have that life-- I bet he spends every night with a different hot girl."
"I've seen his pictures. Young, experienced and rather cute-- maybe I'll have some fun with him."
"Nah. He's probably too soft. I doubt he knows how to really do it right."
"Oh, wait until the victory party tonight. I'll show you girls how to do it right."
"Could you try to act a bit professional."
"Yeah, you are making the kid blush."
"What? It's true."
"Aww.. You jealous, Ryo? Maybe I'll give you a try too."
"Hey.. aaa... don't do that!!"
"That's enough Lin. Anyway, Commander Takeda is only about 19. I don't think he's been involved in any major battles before."
"Just what we need. A rookie commander who has never seen battle and was handed a high rank due to his family's power. This battle is going to go terribly, I can just feel it."
"You don't really think he'd be put in charge of the mission if he wasn't up to it, do you?"
"You've got a lot to learn, Ryo. Anyway, let's just stick together and maybe we can get through this."

The conversation didn't leave Nobuyori with much confidence in himself. It wasn't as though what they had said wasn't true. He knew he would have to prove himself to this squad if they were going to respect him. It sounded like a colorful bunch of personalities, but they all seemed to get along relatively well at least. As he zipped up his flight suit and picked up his helmet, he started heading for the door. However, something caught his eye on the ground by another one of the lockers. Reaching down and picking it up, it turned out to be a small photo of Princess Suzuka-- looking quite demure in the palace garden by a small waterfall, looking up at the viewer with a innocent and vulnerable look, her outfit designed to show her nicely curved form and show just enough skin to be tantalizing without being outright licentious.

It was recognizable as a propaganda beauty picture that could be purchased by fans of the princess, specifically designed to convince those fighting for the shogunate that their royal family was truly worth protecting and dying for and needed their sacrifices to stay safe. While the depiction of the prince were often heroic, his sisters were generally cast almost as if they were damsels in distress. Of course, this was a radical departure from the prince and princesses he knew-- particularly Suzuka from whom he had never seen any hint of this side of her outside of photographs.

Curious where it came from, but deciding to keep it with him for now, Nobuyori headed out of the changing room to see the squad just as there was a brief pause in their conversation.

The first to notice him was one of the older members of the squad, an man of Indian descent-- and who, from hearing his voice, was the one who had most strongly criticized his right to lead, "Commander on deck!"

The various pilots quickly fell in line and bowed before Nobuyori. He returned the bow without any hesitation. Then, upon noticing they were listening he spoke up.

"All right, I'll be honest with you. You have heard this is my first mission in command. You are correct. I understand you might not trust that I know what I am doing. I hope I can change your minds. However... I need to know that you are still willing to follow me."

The youngest of the squad, a boy who was surely too young to be a pilot was the first one to speak up, "Of course... sir."
Others quickly chimed in.
"You can count on me!" spoke a young Korean man, slightly older than Nobuyori, he was tall but a bit plain looking.
"We'll do anything you say, Lord Takeda." spoke a pretty Japanese girl with heavy make-up in a needlessly flirty tone-- who seemed to be speaking for herself and her best friend, a Chinese girl about the same age.
"We've got your back. It's an honor to be assigned to fight alongside the heir of House Takeda." spoke a large, very strong looking young Japanese man who was likely a few years older than Nobuyori.

As though to summarize for him, the oldest member of the team-- a woman in her mid-twenties gave an assuring smile as she said, "Don't worry about that. Whether you do well or poorly, none of us will turn our backs on you. We are with you to see this battle through."
A thin, snarky looking young man with a cocky smirk threw his head back just a bit before remarking, "Hey! My mind is open. Just prove to us what you can do out there. I'll be keeping score."

This left only the Indian man who had first noticed his presence. He was a dark, ominous presence. Nobuyori locked eyes with the man who... didn't seem like he was going to join the others in pledging support. Deciding to let the issue go, Nobuyori made a motion to the dropships. "Well then, let's not keep the ground forces waiting any longer. Send me full specs of your suits on the way down. I need to know what we are working with."

The older woman bowed once more before chiming, "Yes, sir!"

And so the eight pilots split into two groups-- three of them heading with Nobuyori towards one dropship and the other five heading for the ship next to it.

March 29, 2013, 7:00 PM
"I think you should be more worried about me then anyone else." Devros replied feinting to bash with his shield again. As Owen lept back, Devros switched his sword into his pistol and landed two shots into the already damaged shoulder, causing the arm to come off. Switching back to sword mode, he lept back in, meeting the heat blade, and pushing the weakening mobile suit back. "Because you're barely holding on as it is."

Owen looked at his Wyvern, then at the Spartan and laughed...

"Pal, this is just a cakewalk in comparison to what has been done to me!"

To Devros' Surprise, the Wyvern ducked under the Spartan's Guard, knocked the Shileld out of its hand again, and the shield so heavy it lands upright, and double flying Kicked him in the chest, sending him to the ground...Devros was now completly annoyed and proceeded to push himeself back up with the Thrusters...alarms were now going off saying that last kick damaged his chest thrusters...

Owen wasnt fairing as well...his Left arm was gone...his monitors were on the brink of snowing...his Reactor was overheating...and his cooling suit wasnt gonna hold out much longer...and thats what was wrong with the upper part of the body...Owen just looked at the Spartan and stared it down...

cmon...cmom...just a little bit more...alright...

Owen charged the Spartan. He could see Devros in his mind grinning, knowing this charge was an act of desperation...with all his might, he Threw his Heat sword at the Hulking Gundam...as the Blade left his hand, he Yanked his Assault Rifle from its hard point and fired...the heat Sword was swatted away by the Spartan's blade and raised its arms to wear out the Gunfire. the Spartan reared its sword back.

hes either gonna slice me, or switch to gun and blast me when i run out of ammo...

He does run out of ammo, and tosses the Rifle...as he does, he sees the Spartan switching to pistol mode, Its armor riddled with Bullet Dents or Holes...

Ive only got one shot...gotta make it count!

Owen eyed the Spartan's Sheild as the Gundam swung its tiny pistol to bear on the Wyvern. Owen Grabbed the Spartan's Sheild, he knew it was gonna possibly tear the arm off but what else could he do...


The Wyvern was tiny in comparison to the Spartan's hulking shield but to the Athenians surprise, the little guy yanked the shield off the ground and using cinterifugile force, charged the Spartan as he fired off shots...he closed the distance...


Owen Slams the Spartan's Own Shield into Devros, crushing the left arm under its wieght and sending the Spartan flying again. the Wyvern however wasnt immune to the shock...first, it dislocated the right shoulder of the Wyvern and Second, it shocked and disoriented Owen to the point he vomited. He yanked off his helmet and fell back into his seat...his heavy breathing was visible...He looked at his viewscreens and Radar...at the latter he grinned...He opened his hatch and stepped onto the Wyvern's hand and fell to one knee. he then sat crosslegged as he regained his breath...He looked up to see the Spartan dragging itself up from the dirt...the armor of the left arm looked like a mat of flattened Soda cans...the Suit picked up its pistol and took aim at Owen, as he did, he heard a confirmation from his cockpit...but it wasnt about the Spartan...the Muzzle of the pistol was now about 4 meters from Owen's head. He spat out Blood and laughed...

"You...You got about..."

Owen looked up at the sky and pointed in that direction...

"3 Hours till they start spinning up on your asses...now take a good look at the City..."

Devros looked up to see the Flag of the Loyalist flying over head...Thats when it hit Devros: Owen had been distracting him till reinforcements arrived...

"From experience, i knew thered be no way in hell theyd win against a Gundam...so whats the best way to best a military with a Gundam? Keep the Gundam busy till youve got enough Firepower that even it cant handle...Your window of withdrawl is closing fast Gundam...soon youll be trapped without backup..."

As he said this, several MAG Rounds came flying from Orbit, hitting several areas and sending up clouds of debris. Devros, angered to be bested on his first day with his Gundam...Aims his Pistol at Owen...


"I forgot to mention...that pistol is a Six Shooter...you used your first 3 on my left arm...the other when you tired to stop me from bodyslamming you with your own shield...youre empty..."

Devros growled...and was about to leave when Owen stood up, gripping his left arm...

"Yo! One more thing!"

The Spartan Turned around...

"I have a Message...for General Nero Lunar...From Former Second Leiutenant Owen Walsh, 78th Highlanders: Remember Thark...You tell him that..."

March 29, 2013, 7:39 PM
"Owen Walsh? Very well. I am Captain Devros Maximus. Next time we meet, you will not fare so well." Devros replied, already planning to fix the shortcomings of his design. "Should've spoke to a technician, I was hasty. A mistake I will not be making again." He thought. "All forces, fall back! They have earned their victory for now."

March 29, 2013, 7:44 PM
"Captain Maximus?"

The Spartan turned again to see Walsh Standing at attention Saluting him...

"It was an honor dueling you sir..."

March 29, 2013, 7:48 PM
"A man of honor. I respect that." Despite the damage to the left arm, Devors manages to pull off a salute. "As to you, Former Second Lieutenant Walsh."

March 29, 2013, 7:55 PM
"Thank you sir...oh and with all respect intact sir...its now Warrant Offcer...Compliment of General Lunar"

Devros didnt have to see the mans face to hear the shame in the Owen's Voice...

March 29, 2013, 8:46 PM
"My mistake, Warrent Officer Walsh. Until next time."

March 29, 2013, 10:44 PM
"No Problem..."

Walsh watched as the Spartan Gundam and his units fall back to withdraw...

"Ten Imperial Denarium say that this Guy has a big ass beef with General Lunar..."

Zeon's RedComet
March 29, 2013, 11:26 PM
Lance and Katarina arrived back on the ship.

"That was...more pleasant than I thought it would be." he said as he walked into his quarters, Katarina following him. Lance walked into the bath room and rested the mask on a plain faced bust he had to rest it on. He walked back out. "So." Lance said sitting next to Katarina on the couch "We have some, freetime?"

"We do, don't we?" She said looking at him and cocking an eyebrow. She leaned over to Lance and they kissed, putting their arms arround one another.

(OOC: Cuting it off there.)

March 29, 2013, 11:40 PM
"I guessed as much." Devros replied, looking at his flattened left arm. "I'll have to ask the General, though, I'm not too keen on that. Who's in charge of this sector?"

March 30, 2013, 12:12 AM
"No Clue sir...but the one thing is, this place is no longer under out control...besides...sounds like weve been ordered back to Ziebach..."

Owen watched as the last Imperial Drop ship left the planet...He took a deep breath as he walked into the tent of Colonel Wilson, before he fully entered, he turned to see his Wyvern being repaired. He entered the tent to see Wilson prepping some Paperwork...he looked up to see Warrant Officer Walsh enter...

"Good Work Warrant Officer...How did you figure distracting the Gundam Son?"

"I didnt sir..."

Wilson looked at Walsh...After reading the young man's File, he finally understood...

"I see...You know then that was a very foolish thing...taking on a Gundam...an Mobile Suit that is only awarded to the most elite of Pilots and Nobelmen in the Imperium..."

Owen looked over to the entrance and notice Hilde Evesdropping...he couldnt help but grinn...

"I had backup sir in case something went wrong..."

"Huh...That must have been one hell of a backup..."

"It was sir..."

The Colonel eyeballed Walsh and sighed...

"Very...Well...as for the investigation into the Death of Leiutenant Billings...According to the Evidence...it is believed that the Leiutenant Died bravely attemting to capture the enemy base, thereby ensureing that the capture of Dunham possible...Good Work, and may he rest in peace..."

"Thank you sir..."

The Colonel looked at Walsh...

"The Rebellion here has been put down...but alas as one falls another rises...another cell of rebles on Rizald has broken out...and seeing your success here, General Marsden deemed it prudent that you are dispatched there ASAP..."

"Ill be on the next flight out sir..."

The Colonel cocked an eyebrow...

"that soon? I would assume youd want to take some leave after this..."

"No rest for warriors sir...but i do want something sir..."

"and that would be, Warrant Officer Walsh?"

Owen was nervous...he had been wanting this since he graduated the Corps but was thought it too soon...but...

sometimes...you gots to be bold...

"Command of my own squad Sir..."

The Colonel looked at Walsh squinting, on the border between thinking and seeing...the old man placed on his glasses. he signed a few papers and handed them to an aide...he then turned back to Walsh...

"Four Man Squad...you and three others...Thats all i can allow Warrant Officer..."

Walsh couldnt help but betray a grin, followed by a swelling of his chest as he saluted...

"Sir! Thank you Very Much Sir!"

Colonel Wilson Saluted back...


Owen stepped out of the tent and immediately turned toward Allsion...she jerked at attention upon discovery...

"Sir! Sorry to Eavesdrop SIR!"

"At ease Corporal..."

Hilde looked at him confused...

"Um...Sir...Im a Private..."

"Not anymore...Your my acting Coroporal in my new Squad...your it till youre dead...or until i find someone better...fall in..."

Hilde's heart almost stopped...

ive been fresh out of boot camp for 4 months and im already a Corporal?!

"Sir! Thank you SIR!"

She snapped her finiest Salute...Walsh returned it and headed toward his Wyvern...

"Truly...Thank you sir..."

"No problem..."

Hilde couldnt help but blush for a sec...

"Just one more thing sir...What will we call ourselves?"

Owen looked at his Wyvern. as the left arm was reattatched he looked at the sigil on its armor: a Calm Dire Wolf with Navy blue Eyes...His family's Crest...he remembered a Story his Grandfather told him and grinned...

"110th Direwolves Corporal..."

March 30, 2013, 12:25 AM
"Ordered back? Who gave that order? and back to where?" Devros yelled. It felt like he was running away, and he didn't like it.

March 30, 2013, 12:29 AM
The Sergeant hands him orders with the Imperial Seal...

"Emperor Caracalla did sir...and hes requesting your Athenians sir..."

March 30, 2013, 12:41 AM
Devros sighed heavily. "Well, looks like our hands are tied. Set a course, I have some reports to fill out. Have the technicians see what they can do about my Gundam's arm and leg. Tell them to start with the leg, I know that's easily fixed. I want an assessment within an hour." Devros replied, opening the new orders. "Going to have to do a lot better then this to live up the the legend of the Gundam. Today, I failed it. Tomorrow, I won't."

March 30, 2013, 1:03 AM
"It shall be done Sir..."

the Sergeant headed off to the Techs...

somewhere else...


"Sir you have a private call from Mister X..."

Zeon's RedComet
March 30, 2013, 2:43 AM
Lance poped out of the covers, Katarina stayed under embarassed "Fine, Fine be that way." Lance said to her and then he said "Fine patch him though." Lance said leaning over to a night stand and grabing a cigarette and a lighter, he lights one and begins to smoke it.

(OOC: Just realize all of my protags smoke at least a little in my RP's, Ishmael Cigarettes and Cigars, Shep, Cigars, and Cigarettes for lance...yet I don't smoke IRL...funny thing I just noticed, I digress)

March 30, 2013, 3:05 AM
The Shadowy Voice of Mister X sounded off...

"Captain Lance...I have proquired a new Contract for you...a sort of op to spy on the Imperials, are you interested?"

Zeon's RedComet
March 30, 2013, 3:08 AM
Mister X’s face was in shadow over the view screen, and Lance wondered if he knew…or cared rather that he interrupted. “Sure, what are the Details?” Lance said as he took a drag off the cigarette, and pushed a strand of his hair back out of his eyes.

March 30, 2013, 3:13 AM
"oh quite simple...youll be assisting the Imperials in a campaign to conquer a new world..."

Zeon's RedComet
March 30, 2013, 3:18 AM
Lance sighed “Not sure I quite like that, but…” Lance put out the cigarette and released the last puff of smoke “…I guess the info gathering opportunity is worth helping them out. Let me ask you one more thing before you tell me the world and I high tail it there, why me?”

March 30, 2013, 3:27 AM
"Well for one thing your thorough...you may have the flare of a pirate, but i know you would do great to show the true might of the Guild...and it doesnt hurt that your the best...also"

Mister X chuckled

"Lets just say that my intell has reported that a normal h-soldier almost bested a Gundam...find and confirm the existence of this man...It may prove to be useful..."

Zeon's RedComet
March 30, 2013, 3:34 AM
“Okay then, I’ll see if I can find this guy, seems like he may be a good way to test the Blackguard anyways, send the coordinates to my helmsman and we’ll get there as soon as Possible, one last question, does the Imperium know I’ll be there, or do I have to worry about getting shot from both sides?”

March 30, 2013, 3:40 AM
"Straight to Zeibach...it appears the Emperor likes to inspect Mercs himself..."

Zeon's RedComet
March 30, 2013, 3:48 AM
“Good, we’ll get there as soon as we can, Bonaparte out.” the Vid Comm. went Dark, and Katarina popped her head out from the covers. As lance hit the comm. to the bridge “Helmsman, get us to Ziebach on the double.” he acknowledged and the comm. snapped back off.

"Best of the Best huh..." Katarina said playfully she got out of the bed and went into the small bathroom and came out fully clothed "Well what do we do untill we get to Ziebach?"

Lance shook his head "Well my idea went out the window when you got dressed." He said as he got into his own clothes, he walked into the bathroom, and put on his mask. "Though it isn't a long trip to Ziebach from this sector anyways, we should get ready...you coming with me to meet the emporer?"

"No I don't think so, I won't be on the ground anyways, why would he want to see me?"

Lance cocked an eyebrow, though his mask covered it. "Suit your self I guess. Let's just hope he dosen't realize I stole from him hardly a week ago." Lance laughed as he and Katarina left his quarters for the bridge.

March 30, 2013, 4:36 AM
On Shinjiku...near an Imperial Camp...

"Keep close...dont strafe..."


The squad of Imperial Suits were rotating Clockwise...the Four Mules (Strike Dagger) were the only ones left at the base...seeing as some thing had already picked off the others...

"Central Control...this is S-4! We need some backup out here! ??? Control?!"

all the Squad leader could hear was the sound of white noise...he then noticed his screens getting ready pixilate...

"Oh Shit! Hold your fire! 4 round bursts only!"

the Four Mules stood their ground...

March 30, 2013, 6:23 AM
- Shinjiku -
The dropships streaked over the skies of Shinjiku, perhaps the first indications for the Imperial forces that something was terribly, terribly wrong. At several key battle points across the surface of the planet, reports came in of heavy incoming forces. The braver forces tried to take shots at the ships, but for the most part they were found to be too far away. Then came the deployment, mobile suits came from the sky like some sort of nightmarish rain, returning fire upon those who who had fired upon them.

- Shinjiku - East Imperial Headquarters - Forward base -
One particularly noteworthy location outside the major metropolis from which the Imperials had headquartered themselves, nine dropships and then 37 suits came raining down from the sky, dropping down behind the main Imperial line. Immediately forces began to scramble for intercept. However, in less than a minute news on the Tokugawa side came in to the force commander.

"Good news, commander. Looks like they abandoned this point snipers taking position now."
"We got a sniper over here! One suit down!-- okay, we got him. Taking position now."
"Enemy forces are light at Target A, sir. We are moving to surround and take it now."
"Damn!! Target B is heavily guarded. They have us pinned down. Requesting back up."

The battle was moving even faster than Nobuyori had expected. It was hard to keep up. Hearing the reports, he gave his orders. "Escort units, head to Target B to reinforce them. Units 3 and 4, keep my informed of your progress." His unit has landed a bit west of their target point. They moved together, keeping heavy cover as they approached within sight of the position Nobuyori had identified as a key location. Upon getting visual on it, it became clear it wasn't simply up against a mountain-- there was a cavern entrance there which seemed to be well protected with heavy missile turrets.

As they were watching, eight mobile suits (GMs) scrambled out of the cavern and began to head towards the supply camp that was less heavily guarded.

The voice from the ship, keeping track of the progress of the battle sent out an alarm, "Enemy units are scrambling from your target, Commander!"
"Thank you, Officer Oku. I see them."

His Elmeda lifted back its hand as he motioned to the assembled squad behind him-- made up of three Xenos, two Efreets, a ZuOOT and a BuCUE. He gave his orders to the squad, "Jiyong, see how close you can get to that cave without anyone spotting you. Ishikawa, Qian-- get just close enough to get a proper lock on those turrets. The rest of you, let's engage those troops."


With the plan laid out, there was nothing more to do. One of the Efreets headed out in the opposite angle of the enemy troops, but still towards the cavern entrance. The ZuOOT and BuCUE began to approach the cavern entrance cautiously. The Elmeda led the other Efreet and the Xeno towards the enemies who had come out into the open.

The Elmeda and the Xenos rained machine gun fire down upon the Imperial Mobile Suits. Typically not an effective weapon, the element of surprise caused the shells to slam hard into the back of the suits, causing extreme damage as the pilots scrambled to turn around and react. Two of them went down before they were even able to turn around.

"Get in close!" commanded Nobuyori as he continued to charge forward, holding his shield up. The Imperial Mobile suits turned and one fired a heavy shotgun shell at the Elemeda, slamming into the shield and causing it to slow down for just a moment.

However, with the shot fired, the Efreet leapt over the commanded and came down upon the enemy, swiping its swords in an X and slicing into the torso of the shotgun, wielding mobile suit, cutting the cockpit out of the machine with almost scalpel-like precision. "See you in hell, bastard!" cried out Yuan Weng as his suits swords ended the life of the imperial with one clean cut.

The other Imperial suits turned their attention upon the Efreet, scrambling to shift from their guns to their swords as they fell back a bit from their positions. However, as they did, the Xenos-- who were similarly in the process of switching weapons, slammed into them shoulder-first, knocking the Imperial suits to the ground.

Only one Xeno stayed back from the rest of the pack, still wielding the machinegun and firing into the fray where possible. Apparently he wasn't convinced going into melee when outnumbered by purportedly superior suits was a wise strategy and decided to rebuff Nobuyori's orders.

The Elmeda followed behind the Efreet, who followed up downing the first suit by charging into a second suit, though this next one more prepared for the Efreet's assault. The Imperial Mobile Suit caught the Efreet's swords against its shield while it pulled out its own sword. As the Efreet pushed the Mobile Suit backwards, sinking its swords deeper into the suit's shield as though trying to break right through it. Another Imperial suit came alongside it with a sword raised to cut down the vulnerable Efreet.

The Elmeda swooped in, catching the Imperial suit's sword with its own, deflecting the blow before driving it back towards the cavern entrance with a hard shoulder block.

With their opponent's on the ground, one of the Xeno's acted quickly, driving its spear down into the center of the Imperial Mobile Suit and pressing down with all its weight until the armor of the Imperial suit cracked like a shell and the spear pierced straight down into the cockpit, the small splatter of blood gushing up from the cockpit as the spear drove its way through the suit. "Got you!"

The other Xeno unit didn't act as quickly and the Imperial Mobile suit managed to roll out of harms way and start stumbling back to its feet before the Xeno could finish it off. Although the spear-wielding Xeno was recovering as it had to pull its spear from the ground, rolling away from the group and turning its back on the combat, even for a couple seconds, turned out to be a fatal mistake. The Xeno who had stayed clear of the fray locked its machine gun onto the unit immediately and opened fire, peppering the back of the suit with the heavy shells. The result was the Imperial Suit's ammo overheating from the assault and exploding within it, sending pieces of the suit flying everywhere.

"Thanks, Parai!" called out the pilot of the first Xeno.

The Elmeda made a slice at the enemy mobile suit, and then another-- the first being easily dodged but the suit weaving further from the stray and the second being easily parried. "Parai! MOVE IN NOW!!"

The Efreet, still struggling with the suit whose swords were stuck into its shields, glanced over to the Elmeda who didn't seem to be taking the battle seriously. "What are you doing, commander?!! Finish him!!" shouted Weng from within it.

It was then that the missile turrets from entrance of the cave had apparently decided they had safely locked onto the engaging enemy and send out a stream of missiles.

As the missiles streaked towards the position of Takeda's assembled squad, the Xeno that had held back shifted its position even further back. "No! Get back!!" cried Parai, deciding from experience that the squad being grouped when fire was incoming was the worst possible thing to do.

As the missiles drew close, the Elmeda with a quick maneuver disarmed the enemy mobile suit and with a hard shield blow sent it flying back directly into the path of the missiles. The missiles exploded around their allied suit, annihilating it utterly. Unfortunately, the second group of missiles slammed directly into the lone Xeno, tearing it to fiery pieces.

"PARAI!!" called out Ryo's voice, in utter shock of his squadmate's fate.

March 30, 2013, 6:24 AM
The Imperial Mobile suit holding off the assault of the Efreet seemed to catch sight of the fate of its ally, it seemed more determined than ever and pushed back against the Efreet. However, the Efreet's rockets were recharged and it suddenly released its own swords and leapt into the air. It landed behind the Imperial mobile suit, still charging forward blindly and sent a pair of heat katana's into the back. The Imperial Mobile suit collapsed to the ground, surging, sparking and convulsing in a sickly manner.

From the squad's original position, heavy cannon fire rang out across the battlefield as the ZuOOT and BuCue finally made their shots-- heavy cannon fire directly impacting one of the missile towers and a railgun shot impacting the other, tearing both distracted towers apart with relative ease.

"Last one's yours, Nakamura!" called out Nobuyori. What did he mean? The last Imperial Mobile Suit of the squad leapt towards the Elmeda, surely confident of its success having seen the Elmeda use up its booster rockets to knock the previous mobile suit away. The Elmeda knelt down and deflected the incoming sword strike as the Xeno who has previously impaled another suit charged forward and drove its spear through the center of this last suit, the suit's own weight coming down simply serving to drive the spear harder through its center.

"Got it!" chimed Nakamura.
The mobile suit went limp and was allowed to crash to the ground between the Xeno and the Elmeda. The Xeno stomped on the body of the suit while pulling back on the hilt of the spear and extracting it from the mobile suit's body.

The Efreet made its way towards its prone enemy and went over to the shield. It stomped on the shield and pulled back upon the swords, tearing them from the shield. Then turned to the still convulsing enemy mobile suit that seemed to be struggling for all it was worth to make it back to its feet. One sword was driven into the center of the suit-- and that struggling stopped for good. "Serves you right."

"Everyone, let's make our way to the cavern." ordered Nobuyori, not taking any time yet to mourn the loss of their squadmate. There was no time to mourn now.

"O... okay." consented Ryo in an unenthusiastic voice.

The squad, as well as the ZuOOT, after crouching down into tank form, and BuCue began to approach entrance of the cavern when two more Imperial Mobile Suits appeared-- these ones tank ones armed with heavy cannons. They turned their cannons upon the BuCue and the ZuOOT, they first let off with their machine guns as the cannons charged up.

"We need help out here!" called out Risa from inside the BuCue. Both the BuCue and the ZuOOT seemed to be more than capable of sliding out of the way of the incoming machinegun fire-- however, chances are they wouldn't do well once those cannons had locked on.

"Jiyong! You got this?" called out Nobuyori, playing the last ace up his sleeve.

"I'm on it!" called out the Korean man's voice. And suddenly the second Efreet leaped out of cover near the entrance of the cavern. The first Imperial mobile suit didn't even have a chance to pivot before the swords of the Efreet began cutting away at its body. The second suit managed to pivot towards the Efreet and aimed towards its position, but was clearly not willing to open fire with its ally in the way.

The rest of the squad charged forward at full speed towards the cavern entrance, no more enemies to stop their path. As they did, more chatter came in on the line.

"We've taken target A, Comander!"
"Commander, the enemy forces from the frontline are pulling back to your position."

Nobuyori sent out his orders, "Okay, hold target A against any resistance. Oku, tell Lieutenant Montgomery to have his forces charge and push back against the retreating enemy line. Let's not give them any chance to regroup. How are we coming with Target B?"

The Efreet, having finished with the first suit, leaped over it and towards the second. The suit, the pilot no doubt thinking it was clever, attempted to fire at the Efreet in midair with its cannons. Unfortunately, it missed and the cannon shots merely crashed into the top of the cavern causing heavy rocks to rain down upon its partner, crushing it and any hope that there was life left in that machine. The Efreet then set to work carving up the Imperial Suit, something that was done in a matter of seconds.

"We are still having problems with Target B, commander. We have taken some casualties-- we really need that reinforcement."
"We are almost there! Just a few more seconds!"

"Hurry up! We don't have much more time." he called out. He knew that the enemy forces falling back from the front line were going to come down upon his allies at those camps like a ton of bricks. He would need to hurry up.

The Takeda squad slipped past the two lifeless tank Imperial suits and entered into the cavern...

March 30, 2013, 6:43 AM

The Squad was blasting at anything that moved with 4 round bursts...

"Shit, where the hell is this guy?!"

Suddenly a call comes over the Comm...

all units! all units! Be advised, Shogunate Forces have arrived on Shinjiku! Repeat, Shogunate Forces are on Shinjiku...

"Dammit not this! Stay focused People!"

(Exia, i believe thats your cue...dinner is served lol)

March 30, 2013, 6:38 PM
*Tachibana had just been sitting there, watching their movements. Most pilots would have flinched when the burst came, but Tachibana isn't like most pilots*

".....it's really just these four....." he sounds disgusted with this, "Might as well keep moving on."

*one of the Mules fires another burst, running out. He's reloading.....*

".....Now." the Shiboushaken Gundam rushes in from the darkness, the tip of the blade just barely pierces the enemy cockpit

*the three others start firing with no care to aim, it's a costly mistake as all that is heard is chk chk chk, the sound of empty guns*

"Now die!" Tachibana slashes thru one suit, he goes to pierce another when the third suit jumps in the way grabbing onto the blade

"Get him! While I can hold him!" screamed the guy

*Tachibana lets go of the blade*

"There's more to this Gundam than just a blade, " as the Gundam forms a fist and punches that third suit, rattling the pilot. He keeps punching at the cockpit until the suit stops moving, "Now back to you...."

*that other suit isn't doing hot, it's barely backing up still holding onto the blade if for no other reason than the arm servos broke leaving the arm locked in place*

"No! No! Stay back!"

*Tachibana trips up the suit*

"I'll be taking my sword back," as he grabs the handle, twists the blade then pulls it out. he then delievers a quick jab to the cockpit with it before sheathing it, "This was too easy..."

*Tachibana set his gundam down and started doing the work on a map*

"Huh? I've only run into a third of the forces I should be running into." he opens the cockpit, climbs his way to the gundams head and starts tinkering with an area, pulling out a satalite dish, "Can't believe I'm doing this...."

*Tachibana heads back to the cockpit and sets up the comm to the Hanzo*

"Tachibana to the Hanzo, I repeat, Tachibana to the Hanzo. There's something wrong down here, " he transmits the map, it shows his landing point as well as his path along with number of suits he's run into and destroyed (it's 27), "I've only run into a third of the forces expected. What do the eyes in the sky see? There aren't any Aces down here, they're all basic pilots. Basic at best."

Zeon's RedComet
March 30, 2013, 9:01 PM
The Revenant arrived in the sector the planet Ziebach is in. "Open up comms with their High Command, ask them where they want their Mercenary to park."

The comms. tech noded and asked the question.

March 30, 2013, 9:17 PM
.On Ziebach...

"This is Z-Control...Reading your IFF and registering it 'Cleared'...We are requesting all defenseive precautions a temporary stand down of arms. you will be escorted in by the ZBS Sandoga...Welcome to the Ziebach Imperium..."

on the Revenant's Starboard side, an Imperial Battle ship appeared out of nowhere...though the defensive precautions were ordered to stand down, its Guns were still hot and ready...

On Shinjiku...

The Imperial General looked at his screens and rubbed his eyes...

"Dammit all to hell! Concentrate all fire on Sectors Alpha, Zulu, and Golf...Keep them off our backs!"

"Sir! A Message from Ziebach SIR!"

the General looked at the message and read it carefully...

Zeon's RedComet
March 30, 2013, 9:21 PM
"Stealthy...still not as impressive as the Revenant." Lance said has the Battleship appearned next to the ship, he followed the Ship to where it was going.

March 30, 2013, 9:37 PM
Near Zeibach...
the Sandoga and Revenant came toward Zeibach...it was rather large planet, almost the size of Two Earths combined. it had a strange purpleish hue from Space but it looked like blue sky from the Surface of Zeibach...

"This is the Sandoga...please engange your Synchronous Orbit patterns at the following coordinates...also, please disengage all weapons on board...you are now in Ziebach Security Space..."

On Shinjiku...

The General scrunched up the message and growled...

"So...thats how its gonna be? FINE! Captain! Ready your Sledges with Bazookas! Recall all forces! order them into a defesnive perimeter around the City!"

Zeon's RedComet
March 30, 2013, 9:42 PM
“Disable the weapons…didn’t come this far to create an incident…sadly.” Lance said as he hit the mute on the comm. So they couldn’t hear him, he flicked it back on “Weapons are disengaged, we’re orbiting at the Coordinates now.”

March 30, 2013, 9:51 PM
On Zeibach...

"Be On Standby Captain...a shuttle will be enroute to retreive you and your envoy..."

the Sandoga turned and returned to its position...as it did, Lance couldnt help but notice several space stations orbiting above and below him...theire appearance were the forms of Giant Satalite Dishes with a cone peircing out of the center...

On Shinjiku...

Several Imperial Mobile Suits held onto outposts as long as they could till ground forces and staff could evacutate to the Main city. Almost all, save for small pockets in several sectors and the group trapped inside a cave made it to the Central City. on the outskirts, several squads of Sledges (Doms) take up positions with heat Odachis and Gatling Guns plus Bazookas. The mass exodus didnt go unnoticed by Takeda and Tachibana...

Zeon's RedComet
March 30, 2013, 9:53 PM
Lance stood there making observations for a second. "Well he said something about Envoy...I guess that means you're coming Katarina."

"I guess it does." She said geting up and walking over to Lance they walked to the Shuttle Bay together.

(OOC: At least that's what I thought you meant lol unless you mean the Envoy is in the shuttle lol.)

March 30, 2013, 9:56 PM
(Essentially people say that for protocols sake)

on Zeibach...

a Shuttle from the surface arrives and docks...the airlock doors open to show an Imperial Officer and several Armed guards standing on the other end...

"If you please sir..."

Zeon's RedComet
March 31, 2013, 1:13 AM
Lance walked into the shuttle and sat down where instructed silently. Katarina stayed behind though.

The whole ride down he remained silent.

March 31, 2013, 1:50 AM
in the Imperial Palace, Ziebach...

three men enter what appears to be a private apartment overlooking the city below...the men were led by General Lunar. To his right was Captain Maximus, to his Left was Captain Bonaparte...in front of them, standing in robes with his back to them was Emperor Caracalla, with his arms folded behind his back...as he heard the men appoaching, he turned around...

"Dont bother with the formalities Gentlemen..."

The Emperor looked at the Three Men...

"General Lunar, I heard that your mission was a success?"

Zeon's RedComet
March 31, 2013, 1:58 AM
Lance looked at Luna out of the Corner of his eye. So, he was the Emperor’s fist huh…I suspected but never knew for sure. Wonder if he‘ll mention that I stole from them. Also who‘s this. he Wondered about Maximums.

Ghost shepperd
March 31, 2013, 2:04 AM
"Yes my emperor... the mission was success."

Lunar was thinking it was just short while ago where Bonaparte had a gun pointed at him.

March 31, 2013, 2:06 AM
"Excelent! Once again you have proven why you are known as my Iron Fist..."

The Emperor turned to Captain Maximus...

"And what of you, Captain? What happened on Rishtar?"

No Response...

"No need to feel down Captain...Im sorry to say that sadly me and my intell knew that Rishtar was a lost cause...but from reports i have recieved, you and your 98th Athenians have proven more than worthy to be My newest Company...You have done well in light of the loss of Rishtar..."

The Emperor then looked at Lance...

"And you must be the one Mister X Sent me i presume?"

on Shinjiku...

Montgomery, with fresh troops and supplies, went down a mountain range. even under the cover of night he could see the rice fields ringing the slopes...in the distance he could see his forces were winning...yet it didnt comfort him...

Weve been fighting these bastards...practically getting our asses handed to us in the past month, and now theyre like rookies fresh out of bootcamp. What the hell?

Montgomery the noticed the troops of the Imperium withdrawing back to their Main base...He immediately started his recorder and grabbed his radio...

"All units, All units...anybody out there? Commander Nobuyori Come in?"

Zeon's RedComet
March 31, 2013, 4:54 AM
“That I am, my name is Lance Bonaparte, at your service. Emperor.” Lance said with a slight incline in his head.

March 31, 2013, 4:57 AM
- Shinjiku -

As Takeda's squad move into the cave, there was a sudden flash of light and a thunderous rumbling noise from within. The cave filled with dust from an explosion in front of them.

"Everyone all right?!"
"I think so-- what was that?"
"A landmine, I think."
"No!! Look!!"

Before them was a very large ship that had been hidden in the cavern, a ship large enough to carry a whole deployment of Mobile Suits. Compared to the small squad, it was truly enormous. Furthermore, its main cannon was pointed directly at the squad. It was pure luck and chance that the first shot missed-- likely the gunner was scared and was a bit too hasty in firing the shell. There were also various weapons and spare parts for mobile suits arranged along the walls. There was no question that this was an important location to the enemy force.

Takeda took no time in sending out his orders, "Ishikawa, Qian!! Take out that main cannon. Onishi, go left and take out their side guns, Nakamura, go right and do the same."


The squad scattered as the cannon fired once again, spreading out in the cave. Once again, the squad managed to avoid any casualties. And, in response, a railgun shot fired from the top of the BuCue smashing into the cannon and causing it some damage. The ZuOOT stood upright once again as it locked its head cannons onto the main cannon.

The two Xeno maneuvered around to each side of the ship and began exchanging machinegun fire with the ship's other guns. This probably would have been considerably more difficult, but parked in the cavern it wasn't terribly difficult for the Xenos to attack from just outside the gun's firing arc.

"Commander! Most of the enemy force seems to be withdrawing into the city, but you have a fairly large force heading in your direction."
"Target B is secure, sir. Last of the enemy resistance has been wiped out. It seems we don't have any more incoming."
"We have no more enemies at Target A either."

"Okay, snipers and heavy support, maintain your position and don't open fire until my command. Everyone else, begin following the force headed here, but keep your distance." Nobuyori had to imagine the battlefield in his head, even as he was maneuvering to save his life. His plan was coming to fruition, but it was difficult to concentrate with everything happening at once.

The ship's cannon fired another shot at Nobuyori and his squad, his mind on other things-- Nobuyori barely managed to move out of the way before the shells impacted the ground and filled the cavern with more blinding smoke and dirt clouds.

It was the last shot the cannon would make as the ZuOOT's powerful blast impacted the cannon and tore it right off the ship.

"I've taken care of the side turrets on this side."
"Yeah I've almost... almost... there!! Done on this side too."

Now disarmed, the ship began to take off, rising up slowly and carefully and slowly forward with caution.

"Jiyong! Weng! Cut their engines. Onishi, Nakamura-- grab some of those enemy bazookas. Then everyone take positions at the cavern entrance. We have incoming." There was no time to celebrate any sort of victory-- if they paused for even a moment, they would be dead.

The Efreets zipped underneath the ship, their heads almost scrapping against the bottom of the ship, being careful to weave around the ship's downward thrusters. Soon they got to the back of the ship.

The Xenos returned and went to the enemy weapon stores, taking a few of the bazookas as instructed. Nakamura grabbed some extra ammo as well.

Then, the Elmeda, the ZuOOT, the BuCUE and the Xenos took a position at the entrance of the cavern. The enemy mobile suits could be seen approaching from the roads, an army barreling down on the small squad. It seemed as though they had no chance against such overwhelming numbers.

"Wait for my signal," instructed Takeda.

As the enemy mobile suits approached, those in the lead began firing machine gun rounds. A few bounced off the Elmeda's shield and the heavy front armor of the squad, but most of the shells wildly missed. As the enemy forces collected, they formed a V formation and began heading towards the cavern entrance. The Elmeda stepped forward and threw a grenade. The Mobile Suit in the lead tried to slow, only to be pushed forward by the machine behind it and was knocked directly into the grenade.

The explosion ripped the front of the lead mobile suit open and, in shock, the other suits around it scattered away-- only to crash into the numerous suits behind it. Taking that to be the signal, the Xenos, the ZuOOT and the BuCUE suddenly opened fire on the collected enemy with their heavy weapons. In addition, the snipers and heavy weapons located on the hills taken earlier also opened up, raining powerful killing shots upon the enemy mobile suits from behind.

The field the enemy was in suddenly turned into a hellscape of explosive fire, burning metal and black smoke. The suits, once impacted, exploded damaging those around them. Panicked, several enemy suits began opening fire blindly, shooting one another in the fray.

The Efreets made quick work of cutting the forward thrusters of the ship. With the energy they were using gone, the ship suddenly lifted up much faster, crashing into the ceiling of the cavern and likely destroying its own top missile pods. The ship then sank down slowly as its hangers opened. Quickly a pair of mobile suits emerged, a pair of what were clearly hastily repaired suits. As they emerged, they took quick shots at the Efreets. One of the shots impacted the leg of an Efreet.


The Efreets engaged the suits, one charging quickly towards the suit that had missed it and swinging its blades in what appeared to be a fairly wild and fashion. Surprisingly, the hastily repaired suit seemed to be able to block the blades with its own. The other Efreet threw a heat kunai at the suit that had damaged its leg, but the suit dodged and then returned fire again, but despite limping-- somehow the Efreet managed to hop out of the way using its thrusters.

At the entrance of the cavern, one heavily damaged suit managed to limp its way out of the fiery chaos that had been their formation and began to head towards the squad, reminiscent of a zombie. However, before it got too far it was cut down and torn to pieces by a powerful rail gun shot. Still, enemies seemed to be getting closer by pure perseverance.

Less suicidal members of the enemy squad had attempted to fall back and retreat along the two roads they had come in on. However, the Tokugawa forces who had taken the supply camps only moments earlier had already taken those road and quickly engaged and cut down the surprised retreating suits.

At the back of the ship, the fight between the Efreets and the enemy suits continued. The undamaged Efreet continued its wild, relentless assault against the enemy suit who seemed to be able to expertly defend against every shot, dodging and deflecting before attempting to return attacks. However, the Efreet was too skilled and merely ducked under the suit's blade and charged directly into the torso of the enemy suit, bringing its blades together like a scissor. This time the enemy suit didn't have a good answer and was cut in half at the waist.

The damaged Efreet continued to hop, barely escaping the rifle shots from the enemy suit. Each time it managed to get a bit closer, but it seemed the battle was hopeless until the enemy suit made a critical mistake and slammed itself against its own ship. Suddenly stumbling to regain its balance, the suit could not fire a shot for just a couple seconds and the Efreet hopped in and impaled it against its own ship expertly. As the sword was withdrawn, the enemy suit slumped dead to the ground.

"I'm out!!" called out Ryo, who hadn't grabbed the extra ammo.
"I'm out too." chimed Ishikawa, the ZuOOT not known for its large ammo capacity.

March 31, 2013, 4:57 AM
This left only the BuCue and the one Xeno firing shots upon the enemies. Taking this opportunity, the enemies pushed forward. Two of them came forward quickly, one of them the Elmeda was able to move in to catch as it was heading towards the ZuOOT. One expert swing of the heat saber literally disarmed the mobile suit and a second swing cut the enemy's legs from under them. Although the pilot was technically still alive inside, face down with one arm it wasn't going to be much of a threat. The ZuOOT turned its machine gun on the machine and tore it to pieces with shells just in case.

The other suit headed towards the Xeno that was no longer firing bazooka shots. Having not yet switched weapons, the Xeno could do nothing but jump back out of the way of the blade. However, the undamaged Efreet suddenly appeared, cutting the recovering enemy to ribbons in a seconds in it surprise assault.

Another enemy came forward out of the fiery field and began heading toward the squad. This one was taken down by one of Nakamura's bazooka shots. However, then a shot from behind suddenly ripped the Xeno to pieces.


The assembled squad turned to see what had fired the shot. On the top of the ship stood one last enemy unit, one that had no doubt emerged from the hanger after the Efreets had come forward. It was easy to imagine it was piloted by the captain of the ship, for only a captain would be entrusted with such a suit. For it was a suit that was infamous throughout the galaxy.

"We're all out up here!" called out a voice over the communications channel. That was it-- no more heavy weapons and the enemy forces still remained in that field, even if they were surrounded. There was only one thing that could be done.

"All forces, close in and finish the enemy off. I'll stay here and handle it."

"Handle what, sir?"

"The Gundam."

March 31, 2013, 6:57 AM

Montgomery looked at the City...he was seeing it...but he couldnt believe it...

"Commander Nobuyori Come In!"

No Response...

"DAMMIT! Anybody out there!"

(Exia...got something for ya...)


The Emperor returned in Kind...


Emperor Damascus pushed a button, next thing that happend a hologram of a planet appeared in the center of the room...it was a marginally small planet (about the size of mars), but it appeared to mostly be covered by forest and plains...two seas were located on the poles instead of icecaps and in one area was what looked like a massive city...

"...This is Rizald...a planet outside the territories but in league with Anglia...that is until its King imposed harsh taxes to the point a Rebellion sprouted up...The Rebles have declared that if we assist them, they will declare full alliegance to the Imperium...The planet has been classified as a major agricultural and fishing planet, with small forms of industry in the capital city of Bax. They are located along the fold line...an area that has been noted of making Jump Drive much faster than usual. The Rebles on Rizald, unlike the ones on Rishtar, were smart enough to accept our offer early in the game...had the ones on Rishtar did that Cluster f*** of a rebellion would have worked...we will not fall prey to the same mistake again. Now General Lunar could easily take this planet but there are Two reasons why i called Captains Maximus and Boneparte in on this...the first Reason is that though your men performed excellently on Rishtar Maximus, they could use some more work before i send you on more larger campaigns, and the second is that i have a special mission for Captain Boneparte: the "rescue" of a political prisoner...you will be briefed before you leave...Gentlemen...I want this planet...at all cost...Do you Understand?"

March 31, 2013, 1:10 PM
"Yes, my Lord. I shall not fail you, this time."

Zeon's RedComet
March 31, 2013, 3:33 PM
“Of course. And you’ve hired the right man for a retrieval job.” Lance said. Goal One: Find this Angilian Pilot, Goal Two: Save this Prisoner, all the while digging up what ever I can on the Imperium. Simple enough.

March 31, 2013, 6:53 PM

Montgomery looked at the City...he was seeing it...but he couldnt believe it...

"Commander Nobuyori Come In!"

No Response...

"DAMMIT! Anybody out there!"

(Exia...got something for ya...)

*Tachibana was sitting in the cockpit when he heard the comm*

"Ehh....." he starts half and halfing with his hands (raising the right while lowering the left and vice versa), "Screw it."

*he grabs the comm*

".....Yeah? What do ya' need?"

March 31, 2013, 7:12 PM

"Whoever this is...take a look at this..."

Montgomery sent the feed...which was footage of Dropships heading to the city en masse...

"Its as if...they..."


"Very Good men...Maximus...prepare your men...Captian Boneparte...my steward outside the door will hand you a care package...it will have all you need for your assignment. General Lunar...Good luck...Dismissed."


The Imperial General stood at his desk, rubbing his forehead...

"How many casualties..."

"To soon to tell sir...but there are still several units out there sir...and the Captain out in sector November has engaged with the Shougnates New Commander...Hes requesting reinforcements..."

"Tell him and the others that they need to drop what theyre doing and fall back to the City..."

the Message the Emperor sent him was still reeling in his head...

To The Commander in Charge of the Sinjiku Campagin: You have done well in keeping this planet, but it has been decided that this planet is no longer considered to have any strategic value to the Imperium...Begin immediate Withdrawl when convenient...May Zeibach Be with you...Emperor Caracalla Damascus.

The General Growled...

Convenient my ass!

He turned to his staff...

"Send a message to all forces that havent made it to the City: We are Leaving! If youre not here when we do you get left behind!"

He got a myriad of "Yes Sir!" from his staff and turned around to watch the evac...

March 31, 2013, 8:08 PM
"As you command."

Zeon's RedComet
March 31, 2013, 8:17 PM
Lance walked outside the door and got the Package from the Steward.

(OOC: Gonna leave it to Keni to tell me what's in there lol)

March 31, 2013, 8:30 PM
Lance was handed the package, inside was a dossier and several intel photos of a man, whose name was Johan Dalx (Da-AH-lx). General Lunar walked out with Maximus behind him. standing in the corridor was First Sergeant Hudson, with his gun at the ready...


Hudson saluted the Three...

Zeon's RedComet
March 31, 2013, 8:37 PM
"I take it this man is yours General?" Lance said noticeing Hudson's hand on his gun looking side ways at Lunar "Must have told him about me, no need to worry, I'm the hired help on this one." he said looking back to Hudson while reading the Dossier.

Ghost shepperd
March 31, 2013, 8:41 PM
"He is, and he's a tad grumpy from our last encounter."

he notices Hudson gripping the gun harder.


Zeon's RedComet
March 31, 2013, 8:48 PM
Lance looks at Lunar again "It was just business." he said "nothing personal."

March 31, 2013, 8:52 PM
"Yeah...like id believe that..."

Hudson looked at Lunar, who wasnt enjoying Hudsons remark...

"Sorry sir...Ill ready the 95th..."

Zeon's RedComet
March 31, 2013, 8:56 PM
Lance just shook his head. "So will we be taking our seprate ships or heading there together Lunar?" Lance asked the General. Still reviewing the Dosier.

Ghost shepperd
March 31, 2013, 9:07 PM
"We will be traveling separately , you will be dropping in after ours...the last thing we need is for my men to start blasting yours"

Lunar walked up to his First Sergeant and tapped him on the shoulder.

"keep an eye on him...he may be contracted to our side but he still pointed a weapon at me"

March 31, 2013, 9:16 PM

"You got it boss...oh and..."

he nodded him closer to avoid wandering ears.

"hows that woman we found. Eve wasnt it?"

Lunar nodded, indicating an "ok". Hudson nodded him even closer...

"And Cleo?"

Lunar lowered his head, indicating something grimm...

"still the same...(Sighs)...this day just keeps getting better and better."

Captain Maximus, Sergeant Hudson, and General Lunar head for the Imperial Drydocks, while Captain Lance is escorted back to the shuttle...


Montomery finally realizes whats goin on...

"Commander Nobuyor! Whoever talked to me earlier...Zeibach Forces are attempting to get off World! Orders?!"

Zeon's RedComet
March 31, 2013, 9:17 PM
"Don't worry about my men, I'll be the only one droping down. I prefer doing retrival's solo." Lance said "And don't worry about me going in alone...you're first sargent saw what I could do in a Mass Production suit, let alone what I can do in my Gundam." Lance smiled while walking away.

This is fun, the sheer entertainment of this should make the mission worth it.

March 31, 2013, 9:45 PM
Devros saluted the man, pausing for a moment. "General, when you have a moment." He beckoned for Lunar to follow.

March 31, 2013, 9:48 PM
Lunar and Hudson stopped and turned to the Captain...Lance was close enough hear but not to notice...

March 31, 2013, 9:55 PM
"Owen Walsh. I'd like all information you have on him. and I know you have quite a bit on him."

April 1, 2013, 1:06 AM
"Who the bloody Hell is that?"

April 1, 2013, 4:30 AM
*Tachibana placed his comm back and readied his gundam*

"Not far away from the city they're fleeing to, but not that far away from a Shogunate camp.........fight fleeing Imperials? or begin heading back to the Hanzo? Hmm.....decisions, decisions, decisions......on the one hand the Takeda kid will probably be blamed for my....."lack of interest"......on the other hand I might end up up in front of the Shogun and have to defend my actions......screw it....there's no strategy inplace and I was only sent here to take Shinjiku back from Ziebach, if they're fleeing my job's done."

*Tachibana heads back to Shogunate controlled land, the camp sees a cloaked cover suit walking nearly upon the camp*

April 1, 2013, 7:19 AM
Of course, Montgomery had been wasting his time trying to get ahold of Takeda on the com. Not only was the boy very busy, but he was commanding a unit, even counting losses, of over 30 men. Of course, Warrant Office Oku had been listening to the communication channel and informed Nobuyori of what was going on.

"Commander, the enemy is gathering their forces in the city center. They might be evacuating. Lieutenant Montgomery wants to know what to do!"

The rifle shots from the Gundam rained down upon the squad, but all but Takeda's Elmeda, they headed out of the cavern and into the battle. The shots impacted the Elmeda's shield with such force that the mobile suit was driven back. With a small boost of the thrusters, he managed to jump out of the way of a second shot.

Although his mind was occupied watching the movements of the Gundam carefully, trying to avoid taking any of those shells. He had trouble imagining what the lieutenant was so panicked about. Frankly, with 10 jump ships in orbit, the imperials trying to flee the planet would almost certainly cause them to take significant casualties. Furthermore-- driving the imperials from the planet was sort of the point of the whole mission. If they were feeling particularly cowardly today, it made it easier.

"Are you the commander of this unit?!" boomed the voice of an older man through the chamber, originating from the Gundam.

Answering on the communications channel, Nobuyori spit, "Tell him I'm a bit busy right now. Obviously everyone should pursue with caution." What was it with low ranking officers who suddenly lost the ability to use their damn head once someone of higher rank was around? These ground forces had been holding this planet for at least a week-- now that the battle had been turned in their favor in the span of 20 minutes, now-- when he is in pitch battle with an enemy he is pretty sure he can't beat, they need their hand held and every decision made for them? Maybe the idea of 'winning' is just so foreign to them, they don't know how to handle it?

Oku Haruka, of course, relayed the message in a more tactful manner, "Lieutenant Montgomery, sir. Command Takeda is currently engaged with an enemy command ship-- please have your forces pursue, but watch for ambushes and traps."

Of course, the Gundam's pilot didn't take well to the lack of response and fired a few more shots at Takeda, shots that Takeda barely managed to dodge or deflect with his shield. He wasn't going to be able to keep doing that for very long. The shield had already taken a significant beating in this battle. "ANSWER ME!!" demanded the Imperial Captain's voice echoing from the Gundam.

Turning his communication channel off for the moment and turning his voice to speakers, he replied to the Gundam. "Yes, I am."

The Imperial Captain seemed less than thrilled to hear this. "A boy?!! Only a boy?!" The Gundam fired another powerful rifle round, this one Nobuyori not being able to dodge and only being able to block, once again the power of the shot very nearly overwhelming the shield and causing his suit to stumble a bit.

"I have been through over 500 successful campaigns!!" another powerful rifle shot rang out from the Gundam. Nobuyori managed to dodge and switched his machine gun, looking for an opportunity to exchange fire.

"And yet you come here and in only ten minutes you manage to slaughter my entire platoon!!" yet another powerful shot.

"Take my base!!" and again, the powerful rifle went off sending searing hot explosives towards the Elmeda.

"Disable my ship!!" and yet another, the assault seemed relentless.

"With mass production units-- how old are you?!!" An audible click sounded, but this time there was no rifle shot. The Gundam set to reloading its rifle.

Seeing an opportunity to exchange fire, Takeda had the Elmeda raise its machine gun-- and then remembered what he had been told-- 'machine gun fire rolls off a gundam's armor like water.' Thinking better of it, Takeda released the machine gun-- causing the Elmeda to lift the machine gun and then throw it aside. He answered the question in his calmest manner, "I am 19. Old enough to know not to risk anything you can't stand to lose in battle."

This sent a surprising signal to the Gundam. The pilot chuckled a bit, "All right, boy. You are right-- let's handle this like true warriors." The gundam tossed its own rifle to the side and drew its powerful looking sword before jumping down from the top of the ship to the ground.

This gave the Elmeda a chance to walk away from the corner it had been backed into and begin approaching, drawing its own heat sword.

As the two warriors faced off, the Gundam with a single sword and the Elmeda with a sword and shield, the seemingly quite talkative Gundam pilot spoke up again, "You should know, boy, I am Captain Labotas. I haven't been defeated in sword combat in over 15 years."

Nobuyori swallowed hard at this. It was bad enough to be up against a suit that he wasn't even certain his sword could damage-- but to be piloted by someone specialized in this combat, he would need to be careful. The Elmeda pointed his sword outwards and approached slowly. As he came close, the Gundam easily swatted the sword aside with a casual strike. The Elmeda hopped backwards, but the Gundam didn't even attempt to strike back-- as though it had clearly spotted the trap.

The Elmeda began to circle around the Gundam, keeping its sword ready to strike or defend depending on how the enemy reacted. And, sure enough, as the Elmeda was nearing the rear of the Gundam, it lashed out and a lightning quick strike that was over before most might have noticed it began, however the Elmeda was just barely out of striking range-- perhaps seeing an opening, the Elmeda lunged forward with the sword pointed towards the Gundam's side.

With this, the Gundam merely hopped back with ease and then lunged forward itself. The Elmeda stepped backwards and deflected the strike with its shield. However, the Gundam then struck again-- and then again-- and then again-- each strike with more than enough power to send the Elmeda stumbling backwards. Finally the Gundam charged forward, pointing its heat sword directly at the Elmeda as it tried to run it through. The sword broke directly through the shield and the end of the Gundam's sword came very close to impaling the head of the Elmeda. However, the sword just couldn't sink deep enough into the shield to finish the strike.

Whipping its arm back, the Gundam tore the shield from the Elmeda's grasp and then shoot it off the sword. Seeing an opportunity, the Elmeda made a quick strike at the torso of the Gundam, but the Gundam hopped backwards, the Elmeda struck again, and then again, but twice more the Gundam expertly dodged the strikes. The shield finally broke free of the sword and as the Elmeda struck again, the Gundam caught the heat sword with its own.

The two heat swords clashed together, the mobile suits pressing their weights against them. Sparks flew between the two swords as the energy coating each surged as they tried to cut through one another. However, the Gundam was clearly winning the exchange and as the two swords pressed closer and closer to the Elmeda, the Elmeda did only thing it could and slid towards the direction the Gundam was striking and tried to step back.

April 1, 2013, 7:19 AM
The Gundam then got the offensive and it struck at the Elmeda, a strike the Elmeda barely blocked with its sword-- and the force of the impact was almost enough to knock the sword from the Elmeda's grasp-- then another strike, again the Elmeda managed to parry, but it seemed impossible to parry a third. The Gundam grasped its sword with both hands and did an overhead swing, attempting to chop the Elmeda in half vertically. This time the Elmeda leaped backwards from the Gundam's position, barely avoiding its fate.

Landing a bit awkwardly, the Elmeda continued to stumble backwards, trying to regain its footing and take a defensive stance. Luckily, the Gundam took enough time to recover from its powerful swing that it was able to do so. The Gundam then held its sword to its side, in a manner that seemed benefiting a stereotypical samurai-- perhaps mocking the boy from the Shogunate. "It's over."

The Gundam then charged towards the Elmeda, its body low and its head down to gain more speed. The Elmeda grasped something cylindrical from its waist and dropped it to the ground before taking a quick hop backwards using the last of its jump jet charge, landing with the right foot and its sword closer to the Gundam. It drew its arm back and lifted the forward leg up....

Inside the cockpit, Nobuyori took a quick glance towards the gravure style photo of his fiance that he had found in the locker room earlier. He looked into the eyes of the photo for half a second, but what seemed to him like him for more than long enough. He then looked back towards the Gundam, seemingly approaching in slow motion. He took a sharp breath as he saw the Gundam's arm slowly move, about to bring that sword around to cleave the Elmeda in two. 'This isn't going to work' thought Nobuyori to himself, 'I'm so sorry...' he said silently to the photo and the girl it was of.

Then, as the Gundam's foot came upon the silver cylinder it happened-- an explosion erupted around the Gundam, causing its stance to be lost completely as it was tossed up and forward with the force. On that signal, the Elmeda stomped its foot to the ground and lunged the sword forward with all the power the machine could muster without its jets.

And then the smoke cleared. Nobuyori had half expected his sword to merely shatter against the armor, but-- no. The sword has sunk deep into the torso of the Gundam. If a Mobile Suit could look stunned, the Gundam almost certainly would be. It stumbled backwards, ripping itself from the Elmeda's heat sword, sparks covering the 'wound' upon the Gundam. But the Elmeda stepped forward with its back foot, bringing it to the forward foot and then took yet another step with the forward foot, lifting its arm back and thrusting the sword forward again as it did-- and, again, the heat sword sank into the Gundam's body. Once again the Gundam ripped itself from the sword, only for it to be repeated again-- and then a fourth time.

However, on the last time, the Gundam didn't fall backwards. Instead, it reached out with its free hand desperately, like the deathly groping of a zombie. "What... what is your name, boy?..." groaned the audible wounded pilot from inside the Gundam.

With no small hint of pride and determination, Nobuyori answered, "Commander Takeda Nobuyori of the NeoKai Takeda."

The Gundam having grabbed ahold of the Elmeda's shoulder lifted its sword up, clearly intending to drive its sword through the Elmeda and take it with it. The pilot's voice echoed hauntingly, as if casting some sort of deadly curse, "Ta... ke...daAAAAAAAA!!"

The Elmeda twisted its sword in the body of the Gundam before ripping it out the side across the previous wounds and pulling back with enough force to rip itself from the Gundam's grip. The force of the movement was enough for the Elmeda to be forced to step back and spin around. Behind its back, the sparking suddenly turned into violent explosions, ripping through the frame of the Gundam with its upraised arm.

The rest of the squad began to come back in, starting with Ishikawa and Onishi, who had not traveled terribly far into the fray. They bore witness to the destruction of the enemy mobile suit. Nobuyori turned back on his communications channel in order to hear their report.

"My god-- the commander just took down a Gundam single handedly..."
"That's impossible, right?"
"But.. I just saw..."

Nobuyori interrupted and broke in to their awe, "Onishi is right. If that had been a real Gundam, my sword wouldn't have penetrated it like that. It was just a command production model made to look like one. How did the battle go?"

"Just finishing the rest of them off right now, commander!" Weng's voice broke in over the channel.

The BuCue returned shortly after, limping and with a heat sword still stuck right through its turret. "They didn't put up too much resistance." called out Nogami confidently, apparently not aware of the damage to her own machine.

Luckily, someone else, Jiyong in his returning Efreet, commented so that Nobuyori didn't. "NOGAMI!! Your turret!!"

There was a small confused sound from Nogami and then sound of shuffling around in the BuCue's cockpit. The muted voice could be heard, "Lin... LIN?!!.. oh, no... no..." followed by an ear-splitting shriek of absolute horror and then deep sobbing as Nogami no doubt discovered the horrific fate of her best friend-- as bad as things looked from outside, it was impossible to imagine how they looked inside the BuCue.

Choking back as Takeda finally let himself absorb the guilt of having allowed three of his squad to die during the first mission. He did his best to compose himself before sending a message to Oku. "Warrant Officer Oku. Please inform Lieutenant Montgomery that we've captured an enemy command ship. We need to repair and resupply and then will be available to help him."

Of course, Haruka aboard the Hanzo did just that.

April 1, 2013, 7:46 AM
"Roger, Well proceed with Caution!"

Montgomery ordered his Troops to take the City, as he did he saw the Drop Ships leaving the surface...


his Cannons opened fired on the escaping Drop Ships. out the 100+ships that landed..about 1/3rds they managed to shoot down before they escaped range...Montomery, though no stranger to defeat and victory, was troubled...

"Commander...Thank you for your assistance My Lord. For the past Month weve been keeping these bastards at bay and in turn they gave us complete and total hell...then suddenly our forces got a break for a week and of course...you guys showed up...were still trying to figure it out...Its as if something happend last week that made them loose their resolve to take this place..."

April 1, 2013, 12:58 PM
"Someone who has a shared past with the General. Someone who now fights the Emperor, and I would like to know why. General? He asked for you by name."

April 1, 2013, 5:04 PM
"HMMM...nope doesnt ring a bell...did he say anything, like what unit he was in?"

April 1, 2013, 5:52 PM
"He was Former Second Leiutenant Owen Walsh, 78th Highlanders. He wanted to deliver a message to you. 'Remember Thark'. I want some answers on this, Lunar. He was no ordinary pilot. Not by far."

April 1, 2013, 8:16 PM
When Maximus said 78th Highlanders and Thark, Sergeant Hudson's eyes suddenly sunk into the back of his head...he then looked to the corner of his left eye to see General Lunars own eyes contract and bitting his lower lip till it drew blood...Lunar turned his back to wipe the blood from his mouth...but in a furious roar, he hit a solid stone bust of an Imperial Knight with such force, it tore the head clean off the shoulders...the roar and the sudden destruction was enough to make even Lance jump...

"Captain...a Word with you in private...General...just head on to the Docks, ill meet you there..."

the General stormed off...

"Let me ask you, are you familiar with something called the 'Christmas Eve Massacre'?"

Zeon's RedComet
April 1, 2013, 8:20 PM
Lance had made it to the shuttle and rode back to the Revenant he got into his captain’s chair and ordered the ship to wait for when they were to leave.

So I rescue this guy. Shouldn‘t be to hard, I get in and get out as fast as possible using the Blackguard‘s power to smash though anyone in my path, all while trying to dig up info on this pilot. Lance then thought about what they were talking about, that Maximus was wondering about someone but Lance failed to rember the name he mentioned Oh well, dosen‘t matter I‘ll find out who that pilot is soon enough, may not even be the man or woman he‘s asking about.

Katarina looked over to lance from the Commander's chair and then said "You look embroiled in thought, what happened down there?"

Lance shruged "I met the emperor, I have to say despite being a political big wig, I like him none of the formality crap with him it seems at least not when talking about things like we're talking about. My job isn't so much as helping win the planet as it is geting this guy." Lance hands her the dossier "Oh and doing what I'm really here for of course. As you know you were their when Mister X called" Katarina shot Lance a dirty look and got back to looking at the dossier "That said I ran into the guy I did back on that ship, he was Nero Lunar after all, his guard dog is angry that I pointed a Gun at him, Nero probobly is too but he'd too controlled to try something."

"You sound like you're enjoying this." Katarina mused.

Lance cocked a smile and adjusted his mask arround his eyes "I am, you know how it amuses me to rob someone blind and know they need, or are being forced to accept my help. Makes me happier than anything else in the world."

Katarina looked over at him "Happier than most anything?"

Lance looked dead into her eyes "Most everything but you, my love."

April 1, 2013, 10:07 PM
"Not a whole lot. Wasn't something I was involved in, so, until now, I didn't really care. Fill me in."

April 1, 2013, 10:57 PM
Hudson Sighed...he hated repeating this story to rooks.

"About 3 years ago...the 95th were on an Icy Hellhole of a planet named Thark..."

(Think Hoth but with Mountains)

"...We were there to oversee the signing over of the Planet to the Anglian Commonwealth as a token of peace...well that all went to hell when the General, without good reason, butchered 100 Anglian Troops all by himself...That unit, i later found out, was known as Anglia's 78th Highlanders. No one really knows what they did to set off Lunar, hell even I dont know what made him do it, but according to him it was with good reason...Well in the wake of what became the 'Christmas Eve Massacre', due in large part it happend on December 24th, He Got a Verbal Reprimand from the Emperor, and the 78th Highlanders were all but decomissioned. Apparently, you met one of the sole Survivors of the butchery...This Owen Walsh..."


The ACS-Hovell came out of Jump near Rizald...the Imperials had not come yet...

Thank goodness...

Owen turned to Hilde, now in her uniform...

shes pretty when shes not covered in mud and cooling fluid.

"So...how are our new guys doin?"

"Private Bell looks a bit nervous, and PFC Snord is acting up agian sir..."

"Hes just chomping at the bit, Snord...dont worry about him Corporal..."

Corporal...that still ringing in my head...and to think i was a private only but two weeks ago...

"...I wont sir..."

"Good...now get prepped up...the Dire Wolves and the Iron Mongers will be dropping as the Advance units to clear LZ's for the Drop ships..."

"Yes sir..."

Hilde salutes and heads to her temp quarters to get her gear...Owen looked at his fully repaired Wyvern, now with missile packs and a bazooka...

The Imperium better send him...im tired of second raters...

April 1, 2013, 11:09 PM
"Hmmm. That story has far too many holes in it for my liking." Devros rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "Is that all you have?"

April 1, 2013, 11:15 PM
"Im sorry...honestly even I dont have a clue why the General Did it...personally i believed it was a waste of time and lives, not to mention it nearly drew us into war with Anglia...But i still hold strong he had a good reason...but to really get the truth, youd have to ask the General himself...but that alone is easier said than done...as for this Owen Walsh, the 95th Javelins have thier own Inteligence wing on the Piercer...Ill see what we can dig up...by the way...care for your men to hitch a ride with us? we reserve plenty of room aboard for extra units to accompany us."

April 2, 2013, 12:41 AM
With the enemy troops cleared out, it didn't take long for the rest of the forces to catch up to Takeda's squad, the dropship followed them in. Soon the crews of the dropships had set about repairing and restocking all the mobile suits in the platoon. In the meantime, troops boarded the command ship and set about arresting the crew, summarily executing those that seemed likely to rebel at the first opportunity. The ship would be a great asset later, but the engines would have to be repaired before they could take it with them.

After taking the time to plan an assault strategy on the city with the other squad leaders, Takeda had a chance to speak to his squad.

"All the battles Parai survived-- and yet he was the first to go here," commented Ryo, stunned now that he had a chance to really absorb what had happened.

"Nakamura too. Who would have thought we'd lose the two most experienced members of the squad in a single battle," mourned Kazumi softly, thinking back over the good times they had had together.

Not wanting to fall under the same sort of sorrow, Yuan attempted to rebel against the emotion overtaking the others and stated firmly, "Just goes to show-- no matter how many battles you've seen, when your number is up-- it's up."

Dong seemed hesitant to agree with that. Instead he simply suggested, "I don't know-- maybe we were too reckless. Maybe if we'd just watched each other's backs a bit better... Poor Qian..."

"It was my fault!!" sobbed Risa inconsolably.

"Don't say that, Nogami."

"Why shouldn't I?! It's true. We were supposed to be safe together, but... I screwed up... and now she's gone."

"I really don't think she would have blamed you."

There wasn't much that Nobuyori could say or do. The squad had been together for longer than they had been with him. Perhaps if his plan had been a bit better-- had he reacted a bit quicker, he could have saved the lives that were lost. He was the commander and so, ultimately, the responsibility was with him.

His thoughts were interrupted when he was addressed by Kazumi, "Hey, commander! How did you know you beat the Gundam?"

Nobuyori shook his head slowly, protesting this as he corrected, "It wasn't a real Gundam."

"Maybe... but you didn't know that."

It was true. He hadn't known that what had been facing was not really a Gundam. And he really didn't think he was going to win the battle either. But, he knew that if they had attacked together, the pilot would simply shoot down whomever lowered their guard-- and there was no way he could protect the rest of the squad. At least if he faced the Gundam alone, he knew all the attacks were going to be directed at him and could react accordingly. But... he really didn't believe he was going to win. He just believed he could hold the Gundam off long enough for his platoon to finish off the enemies. Then, even if he was dead, the Gundam wasn't going to be able to defeat an entire platoon alone and would be forced to surrender. But... it was probably best not to admit this to the soldiers.

Instead, he bluffed, "I am a son of the Takeda clan. Do you really think a single Gundam is enough to take me down?" he declared, striking a particularly confident looking pose.

The rest of the squad looked stunned at this for a moment and then, all but Risa, let out a laugh.

One of the mechanics appeared and gave an update to the squad, "Your suits have been repaired, you can move out whenever you are ready."

It was difficult not to be impressed by how quickly the mechanics worked. Making a motion to the squad, Nobuyori called out, "Well, let's get back out there then. The enemy is in full retreat-- we don't have any time to lose."

From the last count, it appeared as though he still had twenty eight suits in his platoon. Lost nine in the first battle. He wasn't sure they still had enough force to take the city, but-- it would have to be enough. They didn't have time to wait for reinforcements.

Considering what Haruka had conveyed from Lieutenant Montgomery earlier, he reached for his communicator and spoke into it, "Warrant Officer Oku, I want you to check with the other jump ships. Find out if any other platoon has spotted the Archemedias Gundam or the 95th Javelins-- or if any of the platoons entirely disappeared before they could report anything."

Planets were pretty huge. It was entirely possible that the Gundam and his squadron weren't at any of the 10 points he had chosen to strike. If that was the case, it could well take them hours, if not days, to respond to the distress signals from their bases. It was why Nobuyori was trying to destroy all major enemy resistance in less than an hour. However, it had been a few weeks since the reports of them being sighted on Shinjiku-- it was equally possible that they had already left.

As Nobuyori glanced back, he noticed that while the rest of the squad had headed to their suits, Risa Nogami remained sitting. Clicking off his communicator link, he approached her and questioned, "Why aren't you going to your suit?"

"I... I can't..." she pleaded softly, "Not after what happened to Lin."

Nobuyori didn't have to think long before informing the girl, "I don't know what you are going through right now, but-- I think we need everyone to get through this... Still, if you don't feel ready to have others depending on you, I won't force you to come."

Risa nodded slowly and sadly.

With that said, Nobuyori walked away and headed to his Elmeda. As he climbed into it and moved out to meet his squad assembling in front of the cavern, the voice of Ryo spoke up over the communicator, "Where is Risa?"

Nobuyori wasn't sure how to answer, he simply suggested, "She needs a few moments. She'll catch up."

With that, the squad made up of Nobuyori's Elmeda, Ryo's Xeno, Kazumi's ZuOOT and the two Efreets piloted by Yuan and Dong headed out towards the city. The rest of the platoon followed along.

April 2, 2013, 12:56 AM
12 groups of Advance Scout consisting of Vans (Zaku I) spread from the City...Montgomery looked into the sky as the Last Surviving Dropship of the Imperium left the surface...he grinned...

"My Lord...though there may be some small resistiance still here...officially...Sinjiku is ours...Honor to the Shogunate!"

April 2, 2013, 7:25 AM
"We'll be fine, thank you. I'd rather have the spare ship in case anything happens."

April 2, 2013, 7:37 AM
Hudson couldnt help but laugh his boiserous laugh.

"WELL SAID MY BOY! WELL SAID! Im begining to like you Captain!"

before Hudson left...

"Ive been in the Imperial Army for about...40 years...Im about 60 years old now, and ive seen only Two men in my lifetime become Great warriors...General Tiberius Damascus..."

Suddenly the room roared with men and women shouting "PRAISE SAINT TIBERIUS!"...

"Yes, praise Saint Tiberius...anyway...Him, and General Nero Lunar...you young man if you keep honor in your heart and a wise mind in that head of yours, you will be Great Warrior Number Three...And i look forward to that...Good luck Young man...Nay...Good Luck Captain..."

Hudson Saluted Maximus and headed to the Docks...

April 2, 2013, 4:54 PM
Devros saluted sharply, slightly confused. "Damn, no pressure, huh?"

April 2, 2013, 8:01 PM
*Tachibana headed into the camp, set his gundam down and hopped out*

"Resupply my gundam. And get whatever's needed to send me back up to the Hanzo ready." as Tachibana headed towards a shaded area, not far away just enough to stay out of the way and keep watch on most of the camp, but more specifically his gundam

April 2, 2013, 11:36 PM
On Shinjiku...

The Scouts Come back from thier mission...

"Alirght ill patch you through...Commander Nobuyori, heads up..."

Montgomery flips as switch, on Takedas comm he heard the voice of an older gentlemen...

"This is Sergeant Hiko. Me and my men have scouted ever inch of this planet. So far we have not encountered General Lunar and his Javelins...By the looks of it, they havent been here for almost a Week. Your orders sir?"

On Rizald...

Walsh walks up to see His Wyvern standing in an open Drop pod...armed with its standard Heat Sword, Sheild, Rifle, and Knives. Along with that were Missile pods on the Shoulders and with the Rilfe on the Rear Waist, the Wyvern was packing a Bazooka. To its Left, Owen saw Hilde's Tanker, Private First Class Snord's Legionarre Heavy Version, and Private Bell's Mule, all armed with thier loadouts, ready for drop...Walsh sighed...

this is gonna be a looooong day...

April 2, 2013, 11:49 PM

While Tachibana was planning on leaving the planet, the squad led by Takeda made its way into the city. There really was very little resistance. A couple turrets that were taken down with a shots from a machine gun, a few scattered mobile suits who perhaps got stranded when the ships took off. The Efreets easily dodged their shells and took them down in seconds.

It wasn't until the troops neared the enemy headquarters that something was clearly amiss. The ground began to rumble and shake, nearly knocking many of the mobile suits off their feet. The ground near the enemy headquarters cracked and opened, revealing a hidden hanger. Up from the giant hellish pit that had opened up in the middle of the city rose the project the Imperium had been working on for a month, but hadn't been able to take with them-- a truly enormous mobile armor that rose into the air under propulsion very similar to that of a ship.

Nearby Shogunate troops began opening fire upon it, but their machine guns merely bounced off the machine's heavy armor. It returned fire, a powerful blast impacting the suits and tearing them to shreds in seconds. The mobile armor then began to hover over the city, patrolling around for more targets. From the same pit that the mobile armor emerged from, about half a dozen more mobile suits also appeared.

"Damn!! Mobile Armor!! What do we do now?!" cried the voice of one of the Tokugawa soldiers over the communications channel.

"Be careful, remain in defensive positions and try to draw its fire away from heavy weapons. Those with heavy weapons, try to hit it at any opportunity," ordered Nobuyori. It seemed clear that only the most powerful of their weapons was going to have any real effect.

Takeda's squad pushed forward at high speed as the Tokugawa troops did their best to follow the orders. However, their screams followed by the powerful booming sounds of explosions suggested they weren't doing particularly well. Although bazookas and snipers did manage to get some lucky shots on the mobile armor, none seemed to really take the machine down-- and after only a single shot, those with such weapons revealed themselves. Those that the mobile armor could not lock onto were quickly pursued by the mobile suits.

April 3, 2013, 1:18 AM
As the squad approached ever closer to the enemy headquarters, they could hear the mobile armor humming above. No doubt having spotted the squad on the radar, two of the Imperial suits ambushed the squad. They tossed grenades towards the squad's direction, forcing them to split up and take cover behind buildings. In the confusion, they were able to split up and maneuver around the buildings to attempt to get a drop on the squad from the rear.

One of them wasn't so successful, as it rounded the corner it came face to face with Dong Jiyong's Efreet, its blades ready. Before the mobile suit could even get off a shot, Dong Jiyong's blades whirled around in a stunning fashion, cutting the mobile suit to pieces. However, the other Imperial suit had a bit more luck. Successful sneaking up on Ryo Onishi's Xeno, it sprayed the rear of his mobile suit with machine gun bullets from close range, doing a good deal of damage. However, before he could be destroyed, Yuan Weng's Efreet knocked the Xeno out of the way and, in one quick motion, impaled the torso of the Imperial suit with its heat swords before pulling them apart, slicing the mobile in half.

Meanwhile the Mobile Armor approached, its cannon lowered and trained itself on the gathered squad. "Look up!!" called out Ishikawa, trying to indicate the position of the Mobile Armor above the buildings. However, it seemed unlikely that they were going to be able to scatter out of the way between the various buildings.

But-- when it seemed all hope was lost, a rocket lit up the air and smashed into the Mobile Armor, knocking the aim of the cannon off and causing the powerful blast to shoot out towards a building that blew up in a brilliant fireball. "Sorry I am late!" called out Risa Nogami over the communications channel. Now in a Xeno armed with a bazooka, she was perched on a nearby building. Apparently she had traded her Bucue with another soldier in order to get the Xeno.

"Not at all!!" called out Jiyong with relief, "It seems you are right on time."

Quickly formulating a plan, Nobuyori called out, "Ishikawa, Nogami-- try to get a proper shot on that thing. Jiyong, Weng, protect them. Onishi-- it is up to you and I to try to keep this thing distracted. Now-- everyone-- SCATTER!!"

The suits in the squad did so before the Mobile Armor could lock onto them again. The Xeno with the bazooka was accompanied by one Efreet while the ZuOOT was followed by another. The Xeno and the Elmeda scattered in their own directions.

One of the enemy suits caught sight of the ZuOOT and locked on with a rocket. It fired the rocket, but in its tank form, the ZuOOT was able to dodge out of the way with a quick burst of speed. However, the Efreet piloted by Weng turned his attention to the shoot. The Imperial switched weapons and began firing machine gun shots at the Efreet, but it took too much time doing so-- a few shots hit the Efreet, but did very little damage before the Efreet counterattacked, first tossing a heat kunai at the suit, hitting with accuracy and causing the suit to be stunned and then doing a quick spin to gain momentum before driving its sword into the suit with a horizontal slash. The sword very nearly cleaved the suit in half, stopping about half-way through the torso of the suit. It was enough to kill the pilot though. The Imperial Suit went limp and the Efreet placed its foot upon it before kicking it off the heat sword.

Ryo sprayed the Mobile Armor with his Xeno's machine gun, successfully getting its attention. As the Mobile Armor locked onto his suit, the Xeno boosted quickly to get behind a building and into cover. However, as the Mobile Armor's shot impacted the ground, the explosion was more than large enough to still engulf part of the already damaged Xeno. It was driven to the ground and as Ryo tried to pilot it back to its feet, it became clear that the legs weren't responding. "I'm sorry! It looks like I can't do any more."

Meanwhile an enemy suit managed to locate the Elmeda, apparently aiming for glory by trying to take down the commander alone. As Nobuyori was busy spraying the Mobile Armor attempting to get its attention, he didn't react particularly quickly in refocusing on the imperial suit and ended up taking a few shots from the machine gun. Only when the Imperial suit charged towards towards him, did he turn his attention towards it, blocking the axe shot with his shield. However, he didn't take his attention entirely after the Mobile Armor. Without switching to his sword, he suddenly boosted back at full speed. The confused the Imperial suit who paused only momentarily before trying to pursue. This, however, only caused the suit to dive right into an incoming powerful blast from the Mobile Armor who was apparently not particularly careful about watching out for its allies. The Imperial suit was utterly destroyed by the friendly fire.

As Nogami found a perch on a building and aimed at the distracted Mobile Armor, trying to locate a weak point, she didn't notice an Imperial suit hopping up to a nearby building and locking its own bazooka onto her. However, right before it could fire, the Jiyong's Efreet suddenly appeared out of no where, leaping up onto the building and cutting the legs of the mobile suit from under it. Instead of towards the Xeno, the rocket fired directly up into the air before slowly falling back down into the city, falling and landing on the enemy's headquarters.

Due to this shot, the Mobile Armor began turning just as Nogami released her shot. The sudden movement of the Mobile Armor was enough to cause the rocket to smash into an armored area of the Mobile Armor and be nearly entirely ineffective. When the Mobile Armor returned fire, the Xeno tried to dive behind the building it was standing on. Unfortunately for it, the shot blew that very building to pieces and caused them to rain down on the Xeno. Although the Xeno survived the building collapsing on it, the end result was that the Xeno wasn't able to move. "NO!! I am pinned!!"

Nobuyori felt a sinking feeling in his stomach. There was only one hope left in destroying this enemy. "Ishikawa!! It is all up to you!!" he called out to the Zuoot's pilot. Perhaps he shouldn't have put too much pressure on the ZuOOT.

Ishikawa had found stable ground though and transformed into its mobile suit form. It locked its heavy cannons onto the Mobile Armor and searched for a weak point to strike. But, on his radar he could see an approaching enemy mobile suit-- the last member of the Mobile Armor's squad. "I need some help!!" he called out.

Just as the enemy suit leaped up into the air, raising its axe up to shop down the Zuoot, Weng's Efreet reappeared and made a slash at the Imperial mobile suit. However, this pilot wasn't going down easily and blocked the shot. Weng began a relentless series of strikes against the enemy, who seemed to be able to expertly dodge and block each and every shot. Yet, Weng's efforts did manage to drive it back from the Zuoot.

With its path cleared, the Zuoot finally released a powerful blast from its cannons that shook the entire ground around it. The mobile armor was engulfed in a giant fireball. Cheers from various members of the squad could be heard over the communication's channel. Yet, as the smoke cleared, the heavily damaged mobile armor was still hovering in midair-- worse, its cannons were now pointed directly towards the Zuoot.

Ishikawa quickly tried to fire again, but the Zuoot had not yet reloaded its cannons. And, as it wasn't a very maneuverable suit, there was little it could to go get out of the way before the giant fireball of the mobile armor's cannons engulfed and destroyed it.

"KAZUMI!!" called out Weng, realizing he had failed to defend his friend. His distraction caused the enemy mobile suit to get the drop on him and the axe cut directly into the Efreet's armor, causing it to spark wildly as though it was about to explode. Weng did his best to hold his suit together.

Nobuyori's heart sank as he realized his squad had no weapons left with which to take down the enemy mobile suit.

April 3, 2013, 2:21 AM
Montgomerys hover truck and squad approached the city to see the MA in sight...

"By the Shogunate! Where the hell did they get their hands on THAT ancient Tech?!"

Montgomery saw that Takedas unit was in trouble...

might as well...God ive been waiting all day to use this!

Montgomery grabbed another radio...

"Shuriken Four Come in?!"

the Radio was only quiet for a second...

"Shuriken Four reading you loud and Clear Over?!"

"You Seeing This Mother(CENSORED)?!"

"Copy that!"

"I want You and Shuriken Five in position Copy?!"

He heard two confirmation Beeps and then sees Two Sledges (Doms) Hauling it towards the MA...one had a large ass Rifle (think Zudahs Anti Ship Rilfe with a big cylinder on the back) the other had a strange Folded weapon on its back. One Sledge took aim at the MA...

"Shuriken Four Ready..."

The Other Sledge took up position, as he did, the weapon on its back folded out into a large Shoulder mounted rifle (Imagine the Zaku Warriors cannon) and the Sledge grasped the trigger.

"Shuriken Five Ready..."


Montgomery called to Takeda...

"Nobuyori! If you can hear me, CLEAR OUT OR TAKE COVER!"

Montgomery grabbed the Comm to the Two again...


Shuriken Five aimed as best as he could...He had never fired a Gauss Rifle before...


The Copper Green hue of the Nickle Slug came roaring out of the Gauss Rifle toward the MA...

(Jaster, do with what you please with this...BTW Guys, Just a reminder, I said before Beam Weapons are non existent but i never said you cant use Gauss Rifles [which uses Nickle Slugs] and Rail Guns [which uses Ferous (Iron) Slugs])

April 3, 2013, 3:58 AM
(Jaster, do with what you please with this...BTW Guys, Just a reminder, I said before Beam Weapons are non existent but i never said you cant use Gauss Rifles [which uses Nickle Slugs] and Rail Guns [which uses Ferous (Iron) Slugs])

(ooc: didn't know what a gauss rifle was and the rail guns I know were satalite based weapons, though the main reason I won't be using ranged weapons is cause of the nerfing to the targeting systems, it's like we're gonna be forced into T16ing wombats since there'll be no "use the force" spirit voice in the background. it's like we got 21s century missles with WWII targeting systems, too far a gap for me so I'll be pure close range)

"Wonder what could be taking so long.......still on world.....after two hours of waiting around." said Tachibana quietly as he sat waiting to be told he was good to go back to the Hanzo

April 3, 2013, 4:23 AM
(ooc: I was just reminding the others :p lol and dont worry the Targeting systems will start to get better later on in the story)

April 3, 2013, 3:10 PM

The long range shot from a powerful gauss rifle was something that perhaps no one had expected. Of course, having tuned Lieutenant Montgommery out, the first warning that the squad got that anything odd was happening was the giant fireball impacting the Mobile Armor's shell. The deafening explosion drowned out the rumbling *BOOM* that announced the shot being fired seconds after it had impacted.

It was only then that Haruka's voice could be heard over the channel, "Lieutenant Montgomery advises you to take cover, sir." a warning that late was almost an insult added to injury.

The Mobile Armor, knocked like a billiard ball, went flying out of the sky and was driven down into skyscrapers, crashing through them and sending twisted, burning metal and glass out in all direction. This was surely enough to finally destroy the Mobile Armor, was it not?

Although Onishi's Xeno's legs were not functioning, as the last of the Imperial Mobile Suits, pressing up against Weng's Efreet came into his sight, he was able to point his machine gun at it and begin firing. Between the surprise of the Mobile Armor being downed without warning and the sudden machine gun fire, the Mobile Suit made the mistake of backing off its attack-- only momentarily. It was enough though. The Efreet finally deflected the axe with one of its swords and then drove the other into the heart of the enemy mobile suit, killing the pilot in a practiced, assassin-like maneuver. Unfortunately, he realized too late that he had accidentally stabbed into the reactor as well. The suit exploded in close quarters with his own and sent him flying back away, the Efreet tumbling along the ground before coming to a hard rest-- Weng inside dizzy and likely injured from the experience.

Nobuyori's Elmeda slowly approached the sight of the Mobile Armor's crash, wanting to confirm that the enemy was in fact down. Sounds stirred from within the buildings and, as he approached, it became clear that the sounds were those of the machine trying its best to lift up into the air, but the Guass Rifle had simply done too much damage to allow it to do so. Apparently the pilot gave up on the pursuit and, realizing all its allies left in the city were dead, suddenly began firing as though its cannons were mortars in random directions.

Explosions lit up the city around the location of the fallen mobile armor. The building around it blew outward as she shells knocked the walls around. Other buildings in the area were engulfed in giant explosions that left only craters in the ground where buildings once stood. Nobuyori began to approach on his own, only to realize a shell was about to come down on him and had to jump back, holding his shield up to defend himself as the explosion knocked his mobile suit further back from his target.

"I've got this, commander!!" called out Jiyong, his Efreet suddenly appearing on top of the building that contained the mobile armor. Nobuyori's Elmeda slowly made its way back to its feet, staring towards the Efreet that saluted the Elmeda as Jiyong's voice called over the channel, "It was a pleasure serving with you, sir!" and then the Efreet leaped, swords first into the hole the mobile armor was hidden within. A moment later, the ground shook once again as if another earthquake had ripped through the area and a geyser of fire shot up from the hole into the heavens bringing with it a dragon-like roar.

As the flames from that final explosion, Nobuyori gave a final sigh before calling out over his communication channel, "That's it. The last of the enemy forces here are dead. The battle is over-- the city is ours."

Haruka sent out the messages to all ground forces and ships, "Attention all forces, we have captured the East Imperial Headquarters! Repeat, we have captured the East Imperial Headquarters!!"

The announcement was perhaps a bit hasty-- they still had to make their way into the building and officially cut down or arrest those forces still within the enemy headquarters, but that last desperate attempt at revenge was surely the last of the enemy mobile suits. Which means the enemy had little choice but to surrender.

Nobuyori could only hope the rest of the Shogunate forces on the planet had managed to decimate the enemy forces as well as he had-- if they had faced similar threats or, worse, if they ran into the true Gundam and the 95th Lances, it was possible this was a mere stepping stone in the campaign to take back this planet.

April 3, 2013, 7:28 PM
"This is Shuriken Five, Direct hit! Nobuyori's Men finished the beast off..."

Montgomery Grinned...

"Good work Men! thought id have to give it another shot from the Antiship rifle. Still Good work...You boys fall back when you cool down. Mission accomplished."

the Two Sledges saluted and fell back to Camp...

"Commander Nobuyouri...Are you still alive Sir?"

Elsewhere, on the other side of Shinjiku...

"Lord Tachibana...The Planet is now under Shogun control...the next Drop Ship will be heading back to the Hanzo in two hours..."

Zeon's RedComet
April 3, 2013, 7:51 PM
(OOC: I have a perfect idea for what Katarina is going to do with her Gauss rifle now…it’s gonna be good…nothing plot wise just a phrase.)

Lance continued waiting on the bridge for the Imperial troops to get ready “They sure do take awhile don’t they love?” he asked Katarina whom nodded her agreement. “No matter I get paid either way.” you could tell Lance was slightly itching for some sort of action, as he hadn’t had much since the theft of the pod.

April 3, 2013, 7:52 PM
Elsewhere, on the other side of Shinjiku...

"Lord Tachibana...The Planet is now under Shogun control...the next Drop Ship will be heading back to the Hanzo in two hours..."

"Ugh.....Don't call me "lord". And it's obvious the planet is under our control. Ziebach pulled all their top ranks out before we even got here. And considering how long this has been going on, no one on the ground noticed the lacking in quality of the enemy troops. Can't really blame you, if sieged long enough most would forget about that best of the best crap. Only thing that mattered was surviving."

April 3, 2013, 8:08 PM
"Agreed sir, the next Drop ship has enough room for your suit sir and it leaves within the hour...see you up there sir..."

the Tech walks off...

On Zeibach...

The Drop Ships of the 95th and 98th took off, a total of 30 Ships for the 95th, and 10 for the 98th. Each made thier way to a Jump Ship, the Peircer being the largest of the three Jump ships. (a Traditional Jump Ship is large enough to hold about 10 Drop Ships...the Peircer can clearly hold 30.*) General Lunar and 1st Sergeant Hudson made thier way to the bridge of the Piercer, and looked to see Bonapartes ship, and the 98ths Jump Ship...Captain Gavain, a man who clearly had enough experience due to the scars on his face, turned to General Lunar.

"Well be at Rizald in about 1 Full (2 Weeks) Jump..."

"Very Good...Taker out Gavain..."

"Attention Ships! Well be Jumping in 1 Hour, saddle up!"

*Will post a table in discussion soon.

Zeon's RedComet
April 3, 2013, 8:17 PM
(OOC: Please tell me there's a time skip lol. jk)

Lance pressed a button sending an awknowledgment signal.

Lance got up out of his chair and walked off of the bridge. He walked into his office and sat at the desk stareing at the wall for awhile before taking off his mask and leaning back in the Chair. "Ahh I guess I can continue those designs here." he said pulling out a Data pad and working on something labled LMX-002.

April 3, 2013, 9:25 PM
(Yes...there will be lol...)

April 3, 2013, 9:34 PM
"So, what're we doing about repairs on my Gundam?"

"Sir, we've almost replaced the arm, as well as reinforced the hand to prevent it from being knocked out again."

"Good, good."

"And one more special feature; Your gun is a six-shooter, but we managed to hide a seventh shot on it. I imagine that'll get out soon, so it'll only have a surprise factor for son long."


April 3, 2013, 10:30 PM
An hour Goes by...

"Alright Lads...Lets fly!"

What felt like Seconds, The Thee Ships, Pluse Five Battle ships, Jumped into the Blackness of Space...

April 4, 2013, 12:41 AM
"Agreed sir, the next Drop ship has enough room for your suit sir and it leaves within the hour...see you up there sir..."

the Tech walks off...


*the hour goes by, Tachibana is sitting in his cockpit, he's placed his katana back underneath the seat and pulls another weapon. looks baton like, it must be a collaspable weapon*

(ooc: guess I'll just be on the Hanzo unless something happens)

April 4, 2013, 1:07 AM
Time came and went but before the Sun rose over Shinjiku agian, the Planet officially belonged to the Shogunate once more...as the downtime began, a scout came to Nobuyori...

"Sir, I Found this on a computer near where the Javelins were stationed...standby..."

a minute later, the message appeared on Takedas screen...

To General Nero Lunar, 95th Javelins: Return immediately to Zeibach and report to the Emperor. Urgent Mission along Shogunate border requires your talents. Signed, Imperial High Command.

On Rizald...

Walsh climbed into the Cockpit of his Wyvern and sealed the Hatch. He flipped on his equipment and his Comms...

"Dire Wolves Sound off..."

seconds later, three faces came on small screens

"Corporal Hilde Allison, Tanker, Ready to Go..."

"PFC Victor Snord Mate, Legionare Heavy, Ready..."

"Private August Bell, Mule, Go for Combat Drop..."

im 21...God the troops are getting young...makes me sick...

"Alright Team, Standby..."

Seconds later, the Drop Pods the Suits were hitched up to sealed, encapsulating the Four Mobile Suits...Walsh felt the Pods moving from inside of the Jump ship to outside...another minute later and another face came up on screen. it was a man of 30 with already graying hair and a damaged eye...

"This is Sergeant Teal Gram of the Iron Mongers...Were ready to go when you are..."

"Glad to hear Sergeant...well be dropping in 5 minutes..."


a Total of eight Pods prepped for combat...Owen took a deep breath...5 Minutes come and go...


a millesecond after shouting, Owen and the others drop out of the sky like rocks. another 10 minutes go by and the Pods purge thier cargo...and the Dire Wolves began their mission...

April 4, 2013, 2:10 AM
As the rest of the squad decided to take a break, absorbing the latest losses to their team-- a team that now found itself with less than half the members it had when it first arrived on the planet, Nobuyori had decided to review the battle data and reports from around the planet. He sat in a chair in what had previously been the Imperial headquarters, using their screens to look at what had happened from the Imperial's perspective as well as the data from his own side. There was much to learn from it-- but sadly, it told him very little of the Imperial's motives.

Things had gone well-- perhaps too well. The truth was that the Imperials clearly hadn't prepared their forces for an assault on such a massive scale. The fleetness with which they had turned tail and run, even if his squad had come across a couple nasty surprises, also didn't sit well with him.

He couldn't help but to suspect that perhaps the battle for this planet had been merely meant to be a distraction. Even though they had taken the entire planet back in a day, just bringing the jumpships here had meant pulling them from where they could have been more useful for about two entire weeks.

Upon reading the message (which I will assume has a date-stamp despite that not being in the post), Nobuyori gave a knowing nod. "I thought as much," he murmured to himself.

He reached for his communication link. He sent a message to his ship, "Warrant Officer Oku, it appears as though the Gundam we were hunting and his squad were pulled from this planet to patrol our border about a week ago. They left while we were traveling here."

"Got it!" called Haruka, "What message would you like me to send to NeoKyoto?"

Nobuyori didn't have to think long on this, "Tell them 'Our forces were successful in taking Shinjiku, however the targets left before we arrived. They appear to have been headed to patrol our border about a week ago, but we have no more precise information about where. We await further instructions.' Over. Also, send them a report on our casualties and remaining forces as well as the remaining planetary forces. I imagine they'll want to transfer some portion of our forces to defend the planet."

"Okay!! I've got it... and... message sent!!" chimed Haruka over the communications link.

It had taken the ship two weeks in hyperspace to reach the planet, it could take just as long for the message to reach NeoKyoto and then just as long for them to send a reply. That would mean they were very likely to be stuck here waiting a whole month just to hear what they were supposed to do next. It would take just as long for the Imperials to send a message to their own headquarters to request reinforcements. That meant there was little chance more Imperial forces were going to show up to try to take the planet-- if they did, they would be scattered reinforcements who would arrive entirely lacking the knowledge that the planet had already been taken from them--such a force would be easily dispatched.

April 4, 2013, 2:30 AM
On Rizald...

Owen fired a bazooka Round into an enemy unit, hitting him square in the head. the exposion was enough to melt the top of the torso and sending it to the ground...He turned to his right to see Bells Mule coming over the hill...followed by the unmistakable sound of his suits Gauss Rilfe discharging. the next thing Walsh saw was a Copper Green Vapor Trail heading down range and hitting something in the distance. Owen returned his gaze at Bell and saw the Suit retract its G-Rilfe back into standby postion and grab its guns. Bell then proceeded down the hill and let off some missiles.

Nice work...

"Allison, whats your 20?"

Hilde's Tanker was hit several times but holding up...She fired off some rounds and drew a Heat Sword.

"Im in sector 44...About 40 Klicks from Bax Sir!"

"and wheres PFC Snord?!"

Owen Got his answer in the form of a 100mm shell whizzing by him and hitting a suit in the cockpit, causing it to explode...

"You rang?!"

"Shoulder that rifle! youll need that for later!"


the hulking Legionarre threw the Rifle over its shoudler and drew the Solid Cav Saber from its hardpoint and formed up on Walsh.

"Orders Sir?!"

"Head over to Sector 44 and assist Corporal Allsion...me and Private Bell got this..."


Snords Machine then roared to life as he hauled it to his itenerary. the Mule of Private Bell swung itself to be back to back with Walsh...


"Keep your Machine gun up and follow my lead..."


Walsh and Bells units went in the oposite direction of Snord...

April 4, 2013, 9:48 AM
(Shameless Bump)

on Shinjiku....

"Sir! Response from the Shogunate!"

The message to Takeda appeared on a Datapad...

Nobuyori Takeda: Congratulations on your Victory of retaking Shinjiku...We are Mournful of your units loss, but rest assured thier deaths were not in vain. As much as we would love for you to return to New Kyoto For Celebration We Are sorry to inform you but your Unit is being assigned to another Campaign...A message from the Shogun Himself will be addressing this to you and Tachibana Via hologram message...Be Ready for it. Signed, Shogunate Court.

En Route to Rizald...

On board the Piercer, First Sergeant Hudson, now in his Cooling Suit stood in front of a collumn of Mobile Suits. Standing at the right foot of the Archimedes Gundam in his own cooling suit was none other than Nero himself...Hudson Looked at the 95th, each unit packing thier signature Weapon: thier infamous Gun-Lance (Think the GN Lance from OO) along with each pilots personal loadouts...Hudson turned to Lunar, who then gave a slight nod...Hudson turned back to the men...

"Javelins Listen up! Rizald will Not be like Shinjiku...more like Dalvan only with inexperienced Weekend Warriors with some Anglian Guardsman mixed in...like dirty laundry being washed with already clean Tights! Now what did we do on Dalvan?"


"WHOORAH! thats what im talking about! Now Listen up! Were gonna do the same exact thing here as we did on Dlvan, on Shinjiku, and on all the other Planets we have conqured for the Glory of the Imperium..."


"WHOORAH! Now What i want you to do, is grab your gear, move it all assholes and elbows, and lock and load. DO-YOU-GET-ME?!"

Response: "SIR! WE GET YOU SIR!"


Hudson turned to Lunar, who nodded once more...

"You heard the General! Saddle up!"

in seconds, the Pilots, Medics, Techs, and all personell that were gonna go Planet-side began preperations for the coming drop...

April 4, 2013, 2:28 PM
Devros sighed heavily as the pre-combat speech came to an end. "Little bit over the top dont'cha think?"

"Sir, I-"

"Course, I can see why he did it. Keeps morale up. Also keeps anyone from standing out. They're a single voice. Chop off the head, and they don't know what to do. It all falls apart."

"Um, sir?"

"Remember this: Think for yourself, don't rely on your commanding officers. Unless they're right beside you in the thick of it, they won't give a second thought to sending you to your death." He finished walking over to his machine.

".... Yes, sir. I will."

Zeon's RedComet
April 4, 2013, 6:58 PM
Lance was in the Revenant. Getting the Blackguard Gundam ready. "How are you geting down there Lance?" Katarina asked as she helped him get the Gundam ready.

"You know that Drop pod we stole and modified? That."

Katarina looked shocked "No, it's not safe yet-"

Lance shruged and looked at her dead in the eye "Perfect time to test it, that and I want to get down there quicker than some damn drop ship, not that I'd trust my self to be on an Imperium drop ship, I'd rather take this, get down there quicker, and right in the thick of it, and get to where I need to go."

She sighed and noded "Might as well I guess."

April 4, 2013, 7:53 PM
Hudson made his way to his Mech, His Towering Zienna Stood there like a statue on the brink of coming to life...


a Trooper Turned to Hudson...

"Yes sir?"

"How are your Rams?"

the Trooper, revealed to be a leiutenant, looked at his men.

"the Rams are ready as theyll ever be..."

"Good man!"

Sergeant Hudson patted him on the back and walked on toward his suit.

On Rizald...

Owen Couldnt help but poke his head up but immediately jerke back when the Gunfire erupted to take it off.

This day is just getting better and better...

"Hilde, you and Bell circle left and be on standby...Snord, nows the time to use that gun..."

Owen heard confirmation beeps from his console, followed by the units heading to thier points. He reloaded his Rilfe, and then drew a heat knife.

Hope this works...

Owen stood up and let off a volley of missiles from his backpack...when the last missile fell off the pod on the backpack jettisoned. He then lifted his Bazooka with his left hand and fired a shot, which was then followed by Snord's 180mm Cannon. the two were bombarded by enemy fire while they returned in kind.

They havent noticed Hilde and Bell...Good

"Bell Let em have it!"

The Next thing the pocket of enemy suits knew was a Nickle Slug landing in the middle of thier gun nest...the Slug exploded into a fireball, the extreme heat melted the armor of whoever was close to the blast.

"Alright Move out!"

Owen and Snord hopped out of their hiding place and charged the nest, followed by Hilde and Bell from the rear...

April 5, 2013, 12:37 AM
By the time he got a reply from the Shogunate, Nobuyori and his crew had returned to the Hanzo and, for at least a week, he had been working hard planning and setting up defenses for the planet for the likely event that the Imperial forces would attempt to strike again. He was in the process of just that when the message finally reached him.

He looked down at the datapad, not terribly surprised by the message-- other than the lack of information regarding the assignment of the troops under his command. Possibly the information would be contained in this message. Perhaps things would be explained better in this hologram message mentioned by the message. However, he wasn't certain why the hologram wasn't simply sent along with the original message. After all, if he was expected to give any input or ask any questions, it would have been far better to recall him to Neo Kyoto for a short conference before assigning him elsewhere-- or, at least sending a representative fully informed about the details of the mission to come and speak with him.

Still, it occurred to him that he should pass what he had learned along to Tachibana, since apparently the next message would be addressed to both of them. He lifted his communicator from his side, typed in the code to send a private message to Tachibana and then spoke into it, "Attention Tachibana. This is Commander Takeda Nobuyori. Be aware that the shogun will be sending a private message for us soon. Be ready to come to the tactical room when called for."

He didn't know if Tachibana was listening, but he could simply hear the message when he had the chance. This wasn't an urgent matter for now, after all, he just needed to inform the man that the next message would be urgent and he should not go very far.

April 5, 2013, 12:57 AM
*Tachibana had been in the middle of training with the specific weapon he brought with himself*

"Ugh.....I hate zero gravity.....it messes with all of my strikes......can't wait for a new mission." as he stopped for a second he noticed Takeda's message, he then played it, "......Hmm......why would I need to be included in that meeting? Ahh well, not like I'm going anywhere."

*Tachibana grabbed the baton and extends it, it's a kursarigama! he starts swinging it to a point where it looks like he's wielding a staff*

April 5, 2013, 1:37 AM
a hologram of the Shogun appeared on the tac room of Takeda.

"This is Tokugawa Hittori, Shogun of the Tokugawanate. Congratulations of your succsessful mission on Shinjiku...As for you Takeda, Well done on your defeat of that Mobile Armor. we will dispatch a team to recover the Armor. For now, This invasion of Shinjiku will not go unpunished. I am sending you, your unit and Tachibana to the Imperial Planet of Vope..."

Another holograme appeared showing a planet. One Continent appeared to be completely coverd in what appears to be a massive city. Another continent appeared to moutainous with a massive lake in the center. and a third Continent on the Planet was a massive Icecap...

"...The Strategic Value of This Planet to the Imperium is Absolute...I want this Planet in the hands of the Shogunate. Can it be done Lord Takeda?"

elsewhere, in Tachibanas Quarters...another, different Message appeared before him...

"Tachibana...Well done on your mission...once again you have made your Shogun proud...But now i have an assignment for you..."

a hologram appeared before Tachiban...it was of a man about his height, weight, and Shogun style clothing. He had Jet Black Hair, and Green Eyes.

"This is Masuka Takahachi*...This Bastard has defected to the Imperium with information that could compromise the security of the Shogunate...Find him, and Bring him to me...Alive..."

The Message for Tachibana deactivated...

April 5, 2013, 1:45 AM
"Hmm.....he didn't say where.........Masuka Takahachi huh? Never heard of him.....guess it's good for him I was told specifically to bring him back alive."

April 5, 2013, 4:10 PM
It was almost cruel to hear that the point of his mission that stuck out the most was the battle against the mobile armor-- where he had been the least useful to his squad. But, he also had to be a bit amused-- wondering if there was enough left of that machine to be worth trying to salvage. They had to beat it up pretty well in order to get it down and destroy it.

He turned his attention of the map of Vope and couldn't help but feel that the way it had been settled was strikingly strange. Why overbuild on a single continent and leave the other two untouched? Particularly when one had what appeared to be a massive fresh water source? It really didn't seem right to him-- and what strategic value did the planet have?

He didn't bother to answer the question to the recorded message, instead merely gave a quick sigh and muttered to himself, "yeah, anything can be conquered if one has enough force..." and he honestly wasn't certain he did. His forces had taken a serious beating taking Shinjiku back-- to try to invade and hold an Imperial planet was a considerably more difficult matter that would generally require a much larger force.

Since he had wisely chosen to listen to the message in the Tactical Room, what he needed was close at hand. He activated other systems in the computer in order to get it to tell him all it new about the planet Vope. It was probably a long shot hoping that there was much detailed information about Vope in this ship's native database. It was, after all, an Imperial world and one that this ship likely didn't know it would be heading towards. However, during his mission he had luckily captured an Imperial Command Ship and had already taken the liberty of copying all the files from its database over into the Hanzo's computer systems. And there was a much higher probability that there would be information about the planet that was not widespread through the Shogunate.

April 5, 2013, 8:28 PM
"Forces will be Dispatched to bolster any losses youve sustained...but for now..."


Computer: Another Incoming message...

the Message was not a Hologram but a sort of Dossier of the Planet from what Shogunate intell could get their hands on it...

Planet: Vope

# of Continents: 3

# of Cities: 1

# of Settlements: 50

Types of Setlements: Mining, Farming, Trade and Industrial+Manufacturing (City)

Location of Setlements: City and 10 Trade Centers on C1, 10 Ice mining settelments on Ice Continent, 10 Mineral Mining Settlements and 20 Farming selttements on Mountain Continent.

# Military Bases: 7+several Outposts

Location of Military Bases: Central Bases located in City, rest Unknown.

Military Force: X# of Anti Ship Artillery Pieces, 1 Brigade of Mobile Suits+2 Brigades of Infantry, 3 Companies of Tanks, and X# of Staff and Officers+Medical.

Strategic Point of Planet: Along The Imperial Border and a Defense Planet for 5 mor planets and moons

Strategic Value of Planet: ABSOLUTE

The Shogun then reappeared on hologram...

"One More thing: An Assignment has been issued to Tahcibana, one that should he ask for assistance, you are to do so in any way...his mission is vital to the Security of the Shogunate...Good Luck Commander, and may your coming conquest bring Honor to the Shogunate..."

the Shoguns's face disappeared and the Tac room returned to normal...

Zeon's RedComet
April 5, 2013, 9:41 PM
Lance noticed the Ziebach drop ships geting ready. "Launch the pod."

"We haven't..."

Lance sighed "Drop the pod now." the tech finally just let the pod go, and it streaked passed the ships and plumited to the ground below. The Monitors in the Blackguard Gundam were dark aside from the few pop up Hallo screens showing the telemetry of the pod and the suit. The pod was hauling ass to say the least.

"Droping stage one." Lance flicked a switch on the suit's console and several rings jetisoned from the pod still red from the atmoshpereic rentry. Lance flicked a few more switches, and a few restro rockets on the bottom flicked on for a split second, the telemetry showed that the speed droped by a supriseing 560KM/H exactly the ammount of speed Lance wanted it to drop, the pod then slamed into the ground leaveing a small crater arround it. The outside hull the Jetisoned into four pieces flying out from the crater.

The Blackguard's head leveled upwards to see a Tanker looking at it from the crater. The red eyes of the Gundam then flashed to life and the blade on the Gunblade flung forward as Lance hit the thrusters full bore, the V-Fin's slamed into a down facing position and the seven overlaping pieces of the hood flung over the head as the blade sunk into the tankers cockpit lance pulled it out and then fired a string of Five shots at a Van, two missed the last three hit the engine and the suit exploded.

"This is Captain Bonaparte. I've landed."

April 5, 2013, 10:33 PM
"I've got some reputation to regain. Gentlemen! You have your drop coordinates! I'm going to link up with you a little later."


"I've got a plan, don't worry. See you all on the ground." Devros took a drop pod down, aiming for an enemy formation. He landed on top of them, and burst out of the pod.

"A..... a gundam!" One of the screamed, trying to upholster his weapons. It was a small group, and was dealt with rather quickly.

"This is Maximus, I've landed, heading for rendezvous coordinates." He sent over the allied channel. "Man, didn't expect to land on top of them."