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December 15, 2010, 8:21 PM
Recording this now, though I'm not even remotely starting this yet- I'd like to make a mish mosh kit to show what Amuro's suit would have been in 0093 if the Guncannon, rather than the Gundam, had been the Federation's go-to mobile suit.

Amuro Ray's custom advanced Guncannon ought to be pretty fantastic. I'll probably start with a Guncannon HG, give it Nu Gundam colors, and incorporate funnels into it somehow (shoulder cannon fin funnels?).

I'll heed any recommendations as for what I should do with this, so if you have any ideas to make this suit whimsically awesome, please share!

December 16, 2010, 2:06 PM
Guncannon was alright, but I feel that Guntank should have been the Go-to suit.

Regardless, I want to see this. Good luck mate.

December 18, 2010, 2:23 PM
Maybe I'll try out some kind of Guntank update sometime, too. What made me pick the Guncannon to start was the Gundam novelization, where Amuro at one point muses that he might actually like the Guncannon better than the Gundam.

December 18, 2010, 2:30 PM
True enough mate. I love that part in MSG where they send out the core fighter and gundam to battle, then use guncannon. Then Bright states something along the lines of "and if we need to, we'll send in the guntank".

Why? Cuz it's a damn superweapon is why!
I dunno that part fueled my guntanklove.

January 1, 2011, 2:18 AM
After studying all my HG models, I'm afraid I'd need to combine 3 HG model kits to get what I want. Guncannon, Guntank, and Nu Gundam.

My tentative blueprint would be-
Body of Nu Gundam, with white parts painted a deep red instead.
Head of Guncannon, with antennae painted gold. Not sure if I want to change the color of the head from white or leave it.
Shoulder cannons taken from the Guntank. Perhaps I'd trim them down if they're too ridiculously long.
Shoulder would have a stylized 108 instead of the Amuro logo.

After building a MG Guncannon, I figured that I'd need to do a lot of work to make a Guncannon kit look like it came from 0093 (it's bulbous joints don't really suit that era), which is why my plan includes taking the body from Nu Gundam.

January 1, 2011, 2:19 AM
Actually, since I have HGs of those, I can throw together a mockup of that design. The colors wont be right, but at least it'll give me an idea of how it'll look.