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December 8, 2012, 10:25 AM
Sup Gunpla fans,

having had lots of issues attempting to amend my brushes, I've now figured/found out how to remove remains of gloss varnish from your brushes.

To commence with, I need to explain WHY I had this problem earlier this morning.

You see, I was gathering all my material to resume assembling my Gunpla.

Having applied paint on parts, I tended, as I always do, to apply gloss varnish on it.
However, slightly examining my brush, I remarked it being as hard as stones.

Then I realised dreadingly : I hadn't cleaned it properly. That brush significant to my sister had almost perished, so to speak.
I wondered about what for me to do next.

I spent 2 hrs on washing them. Unsuccesfully, I didn't manage to fulfil my own goal. It was still stick and solid as stone/steel.
Then I took my secret weapon out :

Eau de Cologne
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eau_de_Cologne) (I'll give you a description as to how to purchase some for a small price.)

However, having found my Eau de cologne lying somewhere, I rushed to fill it in a glass.
I had had experience utilising E.d.C before. Even on the day before, I had successfully cleaned a surface with gloss varnish covering it.

So, as I've just checked/evaluated my brush, I'm able to state rightly, that it helps you to rid your brushes of remaining gloss varnish a lot.

As promised above, I'd like to advise you how to get "Eau de cologne" in the cheapest way.

The essence I used wasn't expensive at all. Just search for a bottle of it (500ml = 3) in your local "oriental store".

You can apply it on :

-Your own skin. That's what it is mainly intended for. It is supposed to wash your skin fastest and rid you of zits.
-Wounds. C'mon, it is mainly composed of alcohol (70-90%, mine is 80%)
- And of course many surfaces in general. It doesn't inflict any damage on it, but it removes the soil.

What I normally utilise is "Turkish Eau de Cologne".
Be instructed to make sure, that if available, choose turkish Eau de Cologne.

According to amazon, it's also known as "Lemon Cologne"

That's it folks,


December 8, 2012, 1:59 PM
alcohol and paint thinner is typically what's used to clean brushes

December 8, 2012, 2:14 PM
I just reckoned it'd be availing to post that here. xD