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November 21, 2012, 5:05 PM
I'll just transplant the article here. What are you getting, or asking for, this holiday season?

I haven't posted lately, and for that I apologize. I have been busy lately with real life, Borderlands 2, Elder Scrolls V, and retro Playstation 1 games like Star Fighter, Tomba and Crash Bandicoot.

Since I can't have what I initially wanted for Yuletide, I am going to look at affordable gundam kits on my list of stuff to buy. From High Grades to Master Grades to Real Grades to Perfect Grades, there is a total of about 45 kits I want to build. Will I build them all? probably not. You never know though. The estimated cost to build all of these kits is a staggering $2,238. Well, when you put it that way it is certainly possible to acquire them over the course of 2-5 year with a career (job), but almost impossible to build them all in that time frame, with PGs requiring at least an estimated year of work, barring real life and video game releases.

I have two options: Steam games or model kits. Perhaps I can dabble in both, but I really miss building model kits. I am also fortunate enough to still receive birthday gifts, so that is down the pipeline at the end of March.

My Yonem Kirks Zaku Sniper took me around 35 days to complete, and at 27 minutes a day (I would likely do an hour a day, the Kirks was a different circumstance) A HG would last me around 17-25 days before I move to the next one.

Assuming it takes me that long to finish a kit, 25 days, if I began building again on Dec. 26, and I received five HGs for Christmas, I would be building until about the 30th of April, 2013. I am also going to need an estimate on paints and supplies. The building, realistically would begin after the GM Custom is complete. By the way, I resumed working on it last night. I made a mock missile launcher out of clay last night and decided that two of them on the shoulders, and not on the waist armor would look badass. I am trying a new system of structural support and plastic plate, and so far it is working out nicely. I should be able to add a fair amount of detail to the missile pods.

I intend on making a door with a hinge. I would likely install the missile pods after final painting is complete. I want to make sure I get underneath to the shoulder while I am painting. I would likely scrape some paint off of the bottom of the missile pod and definitely paint off of the attachment points on the shoulder. I am considering using hot glue, a first for me in terms of model building. Know what? I may just go with the tried and true super glue.

As for the waist armor- there are attachment points there that would look unfinished the way they are. I'll design a grenade rack for the GM so that he can throw grenades. The other side skirt has not been modified- I may keep it that way, or at least add some type of plastic plate for embellishment. Practical embellishment, anyways.

As for the 800mm cannon- I am going to scratch that project on the GM Custom due to me wanting to finish the kit and a lack of space. Don't think that's the end of the cannon idea however- I am glad I put it into AUTOCAD because now I have a reference drawing to fall back on if I want to use the cannon in the future.

So what kits have I been looking at, anyways? Originally I wanted just the MG Epyon to build. I may post pone that to the end of March and request the following:


#1 Pick- EMS-10 Zudah
I was drawn to this kit while window shopping online months ago. There is one, and only one reason at the time that I wanted this kit: the BFG sniper rifle. Apart from that, I have warmed up to the mobile suit design. My simplified matrix of "price per desire" indicates that this is the next kit I should buy to maximize desire and savings. I am going to pick it up if the price is right, and it is certainly right after GM Custom. $26.98 USD.

#2 Pick- MSM-07E Z'gok-E
I have always liked Z'goks, but the one used in 0079 Gundam by Char kind of turned me off. This version, from War in the Pocket, suits my tastes better. It's weird, it looks cool, and I want it. Originally, the Gelgog Jager (#45 HGUC) was primed to take this pick, but it has fallen out of my favor at the moment. The UC Jesta Cannon was next in line, but that kit has not come out yet, slated for a 2013 release. Next up then? MSM-07E. $23.98 USD.

#3 Pick- MSM-03C Hy-Gogg
After I saw Vegeta8259's review of this kit, I had to have it. I fell in love with the mobile suit well before then though. Back in the late 1990s I purchased Gundam Battle Assault for the Playstation. One of the playable fighters in the game was Hy-Gogg. He may share a lot of similarities with the MSM-07E, but this is a kit I still want, and would proudly display on my shelf. $23.00 USD.

#4 Pick- RGM-90-De Jegan ECOAS Type
Similar to the Jesta, this design of mobile suit was for special operations. I like the look of the MS in addition to the badass stinger/bazooka. I would definitely pick this kit up. $29.98 USD.

#5 Pick- RX-110 Gabthley
This suit is.... weird. It combines an alien look with those awesome "leg arms" the O has. Honestly, the BFG was NOT my first choice for this kit- the design itself was. $23.99 USD.