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August 9, 2011, 2:07 PM
Have you guys been to his blog before?

Previously, I was one of the many that went over to Ngee Khiong's blog for Gundam news. But he unfortunately shut down his main blog and now occasionally does kits and takes pictures of it as he makes progress.

So for the past while now, I've been on Gundam Guy's blog. He's definitely a great GunPla news blogger.

If you're new to GunPla, then he's also a great source to go as well. He also has an online store too and he sells like almost everything. If you don't see something listed on his online store, send their customer service an email and ask if he have that certain kit in stock.

He doesn't list everything he has in his warehouse because he probably sells some other stuff to retailers or does like local purchase & pick up stuff... But yea.

Check out his blog and buy stuff from him. I know you can get stuff cheaper, but I support this guy all the time. He's just too good of a GunPla business person, and he's a great person in general too. And his staff are really good too.

The link to his blog is in my signature. =) Thank me later and keep GunPla'ing! (Plus, buying Bandai GunPla kits will help support Japan's economy which is in the craps right now as we all know).

Zeon's RedComet
August 11, 2011, 8:46 AM
Are you that same xxnike692xx or what not dude from GameFAQ's gundam board?