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September 13, 2010, 3:39 PM
:!: Forum Rules :!:

The following are the rules to follow on this forum. The list is long, but it is mostly just common sense with a few technical details tossed in. Being “new” isn’t an excuse for not following these rules; likewise, being “old” isn’t an excuse for not checking for updates to the rules. It is imperative that you read this rules and follow them to help the forum run properly and be fun for everyone.

Rules for Personal Info, Profiles, and Avatars

1. Do NOT give out personal info on the forum. Do not post your full name, address, or phone number. No matter how great you think someone is, they could be a psychostalker. So, have fun but keep private info private for your own safety.

2. The max size for avatars is 120x120 pixels, and the max size for banners is 600x100 pixels. If your image is too large, Google a shrinking site online to make it fit these confines.

3. If your avatar or banner is deemed offensive, we reserve the right to remove it.

4. You may only have one banner. Multiple banners cause the signatures to take up too much room on posts, but you may have multiple quotes within reason.

5. Animated avatars and banners must be 40kb or less.

Rules for Posting

1. Make sure to check the topics that have been labeled as “Announcement” or “Sticky” before posting. These designations help stop repeat posts and/or address common issues. Additionally, if you are going to post about something pertaining to a “sticky” issue, you need to post it in the “sticky” thread as long as it is “sticky.”

2. Before posting, search to see if a thread has already been started on your topic. If it hasn’t, post away; if it has, please add to the existing discussion.

3. If you notice you made an error in a post, do not repost. Simply “edit” your original message.

4. Proofread before you post. Use proper grammar and check your spelling. Please, oh please, follow this rule. Imagine that your grammar school teacher is going to grade everything you write, and you don’t want detention again. Please Note: We will be lenient for foreign speakers who are trying their best to properly communicate, and we would hope that our members would all help each other out as much as possible in these cases.

5. Do not use ALL CAPS, texting lingo, L33T, or net/AOLspeak, or teenspeak. These forms of communication not only cause instant migraines, but they are highly annoying and confusing. WA S3RIOSLEY AERNT KIDNG IT SI ANOYNG AND U WIL GET A STRIEK. (We can’t even stand that we typed that example, but the point had to be made.) So, basically, if a mod has to ask “wth” you are saying, it may generate a warning and ultimately a strike.

6. Do not post about members in the forums or have public arguments with members. If a problem arises with a member that you cannot handle or solve, contact a mod.

7. No excessive use of emoticons, pictures, or words. It is annoying.

8. Shameless plugging and advertising is not allowed in the forum. We choose what we advertise, and we have enough commercials. You may, however, link to your non-commercial blog or website in your signature.

Rules for Member Conduct

1. Follow the “GOR, “or “General Overlying Rule”: Don’t be a jerk. Seriously. Don’t steal someone else’s avatar or banner. Don’t steal someone else’s comments or info. Don’t be an asshat, a shadow, a spammer, or a troll. Just relax, be yourself, try to post legibly, and have fun. And remember mommy and daddy’s lesson of treating everyone else as you would like to be treated yourself.

2. No posts asking for anything illegal: torrents, warez, fansubs, mp3s, ROMs, bootlegs, manga scanlations, etc. Posting about these things can get us shut down, and we won’t tolerate it. We also won’t accept a flimsy excuse about “not knowing “ these things are illegal either. This includes Knock Off Gundam Kits. 3rd party kits are allowed but if the kit is a straight bootleg, the posts will be removed. Please remember that this site is sponsored by a store that sells only official merchandise. It is a liability issue.

3. No strong swearing. You can use mild expletives (damn, crap, etc.), but any use of strong curse words (and you know what they are) will be grounds for a warning and your post will be corrected/deleted.

4. No adult content, hentai, or overtly sexual connotations. If you mention/display/link anything of an adult nature--anything that would not get a PG rating in a movie theater--your post will be yanked, and you will be contacted. There are minors of the forum, so don’t be a loser.

5. No “-ist” remarks or content allowed, whether it be sexist, racist, heterosexist, ageist, ableist, or any other “ist.”

6. No trolling, bashing, or flaming. Do not purposely insult people nor try to incite crap. We assure you that we do have the ability to annihilate flamers, but we choose to use that ability for good and not evil. Please don’t make us change our mind.

7. No feeding of the trolls. Responding to trolls and flamers is a useless waste of energy. They are malcontents who are lower on the food scale than the protozoa that feed on rancid pond scum. Notify a mod or admin if you find one of these vile creatures lurking in our midst.

8. No spamming or repeated posting. Don’t post just to post or just to increase your rank. Don’t just post a smile to every message or repeatedly post, “I agree!” or “Cool!” We will be watching you; we know your kind.

9. No threadjacking. Stay on topic when in a thread. No, “Oh, look there’s a chicken” comments. No attempting to sidetrack a popular thread with off-topic comments either.

Rules Enforcement

1. If you break a rule, you will be notified by a mod or admin via a private message. In some cases, you may be given the chance to correct the broken rule or it may be corrected for you.

2. If the warning isn’t followed, or if you repeat the same offense, you will be given a strike and notified of this strike via a Private Message.

3. After three strikes, you’re out; and trust us: banishment sucks. We will allow one appeal to the ForumMaster if you are banished; his decision is final.

4. We can IP track to be sure that you are actually banned, and we won’t allow new accounts to be created after a banishment.

5. If you have any problem with a mod, or feel you are being unfairly called out, notify the ForumMaster.

In Conclusion

We realize that this looks like a never-ending list of rules, but you will probably follow most of them without thinking. The others are there for clarification, reference, and to be sure that the boards work for everyone and are fun to all.

If you have any questions, please post in the Help Section and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation, and we look forward to getting to know you on the board!