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  1. I hate Kira... and more ice, cold, Gundam-related haterade.
  2. Android vs iOS
  3. Twilight must be mocked/hated on; do so here.
  4. Guidelines Quick-Reference
  6. Oh god here goes.
  7. Marvel or DC comics?
  8. Katoki
  9. The true Battleground
  10. Principality of Zeon
  11. Macross or Robotech?
  12. the indestructible?
  13. Gundam vs Transformers(who would win in a fight?)
  14. Most Powerful Gundam
  15. Most powerful super robot!
  16. Most Powerful NewType Ever
  17. Most Powerful Grunt Suit
  18. Bias towards foreign markets
  19. Thought's Of Gundam Age So far
  20. Gundam Seed Hate
  21. F91 Vs The Unicorn
  22. Non- New Type Pilots
  23. Trying to Function
  24. Peaceful Gundam Argument
  25. Favorite Gundams
  26. DEATH BATTLE: Heero Yuy/Wing Gundam Zero Vs Shinji Ikari/Eva Unit 01
  27. DEATHBATTLE!!! Sousuke Sagara Vs Lelouch Vi Britannia
  28. Could the Gundam Metaverse Survive the Reapers? (Mass Effect)
  29. Sword Impulse VS Force Impulse
  30. Gundam War?
  31. Katoki and his fanboys.
  32. Shiro Amada vs. Kou Uraki?
  33. Char Vs Full Frontal
  34. Gundam Seravee VS ORB-1 Akatsuki
  35. Anavel Gato vs Norris Packard, battle of the ace Old Types
  36. Arch Destiny Vs Hi-Nu
  37. Just How Good are Bernie Wiseman and Christina Mackenzie as Pilots?
  38. Strike freedom vs destiny vs infinite justice
  39. Jotaro Kujo(JJBA Stardust Crusader) vs Narukami Yu(P4 Anime ver.)
  40. Char Zaku II F2 vs Norris Gouf Custom vs Shin Matsunaga Dom
  41. Exia vs Epyon
  42. "Cyborg" Franky vs Android 18
  43. Koromaru (P3) vs Iggy(JJBA pt3)
  44. Berserker Aila vs Third Meijin Tatsuya
  45. Who is the strongest DB character Videl could beat?
  46. Freedom vs Saviour (True Battle)
  47. Darth Vader vs Zeon; What does it take? Also other Gundam vs Star wars talk.
  48. Which mobile suit is superior?
  49. Which mech will win, America or Japan?
  50. Gundam Multiverse vs Armored Core
  51. Winner of Hi Nu Gundam Amuro Ray VS Strike Freedom Gundam Kira Yamato?
  52. Kira in Strike Freedom vs. Amuro in Hi-Nu
  53. Rezel (UC) vs Murasame (CE)
  54. Do you agree?
  55. Gusion Rebake vs Barbatos - Beauty Contest!
  56. Turn A vs Ideon
  57. Gundam vs Gunpla; Which matters more to you?
  58. Bernie wiseman VS Shiro Amada
  59. Quatre Raberba vs Duo Maxwell
  60. Andrew Waltfeld vs Ramba Ral
  61. Barbatos Lupus Rex vs Strike
  62. G-Saviour vs Saviour Gundam
  63. Upgrading/Rebooting for a Global audience