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  1. Custom Suggestions
  2. Beginner's damage and weathering.
  3. Paint/Topcoat Thread. This is where to ask questions. NOT new threads.
  4. HEEEYY!
  5. Paint Fail
  6. Home Depot Paint
  7. Should i paint a MG?
  8. Using LEDs to add light to models
  9. Sand Paper
  10. Tallgeese III question
  11. what to do?
  12. Help with tools
  13. Gundam Marker Problem
  14. 00 raiser keeps falling off actionbase
  15. Need some tips on how to add a wash to a Gundam for shading details
  16. best way to strip paint from gundam model piece
  17. Battle Scene help
  18. MG Strike Freedom Paint Help
  19. Deathscythe Hell Custom Wings help
  20. Has anyone used weathering powders?
  21. Do you paint your Gundams Gloss, Flat, or leave them stock?
  22. Anyone tried adding LEDs to a HG?
  23. Paint help
  24. HG brave commander type
  25. Highlighting and Panel lining a model?
  26. Upgrading HGUC kits with no grade 144 kits?
  27. First gundam model tips
  28. my GPC prize finally arrived!
  29. Airbrush help - Primer Question / Paint types allowed - Newbie questions
  30. Workflow? Better to Construct - Putty - Sand - Prime - Airbrush - Drybrush ? or...
  31. PG Wing Zero Custom Wiring Help
  32. Runners hazing/very dirty??? weird
  33. Painting really tiny details.
  34. Mr. Color Paints?
  35. Help for a beginner?
  36. Spraying Method
  37. Modification Help
  38. Primer Help
  39. Need help weathering
  40. Anyone use the Aztek deluxe pro airbrush? tips on cleaning the interchangeable tips?
  41. A few paint questions from a newb wanting to paint Tallgeese 1
  42. Needed guide on Panel Lining / Colour Scheme on HG 1/144 Gundam Deathscythe Hell
  43. Anyone have any tips on how to soften the edges when painting?
  44. Putty problems
  45. Having some trouble with my Gabthley's trigger hand.
  46. A few more paint questions.
  47. Need tips for battle scarring and weathering help very much appreciated!!!
  48. Orange Psycho Frame + Clear Red?
  49. Limb Strength please help me out.
  50. Smokey burnt damage!
  51. More painting questions
  52. destiny gundam Z.A.F.T. MOBILE SUIT ZGMF-X42S
  53. Tips on doing an acrylic wash please.
  54. Thinking of buying airbrush, are the hard to use?
  55. Was wondering if this would work out or not.
  56. Help please!
  57. Panel Line washing with enamels on acrylic painted set
  58. Screws
  59. Cost efficient Grey primer?
  60. Best paint..
  61. Questions regarding painting of Kits
  62. Been thinking about geting into modle making.
  63. airbrushing with enamel paints
  64. spraying mr hobby flat finish on my kit
  65. Best dullcoat in a can.
  66. My experience with airbrushing
  67. Panel lining or decal stickers?
  68. Gundam markers, I think I'm doing it wrong
  69. Help finding hobby stores
  70. Resin tips
  71. Help= Glue to use for break parts
  72. Exia Ignition Mode
  73. MG Exia -How to Cut
  74. Panel Lining, Replacements for Gundam Markers?
  75. Gundam Marker Smudges
  76. Spray Painting Techniques using Spray Paints Cans
  77. Panel Lining Markers
  78. Seam line Techniques?
  79. 00 Raiser's holding a double shield on 1 arm
  80. Painting questions
  81. Top Coating
  82. Airbush Suggestions - Looking for advice!
  83. Putty issues
  84. Help with sanding please
  85. Salt weathering technique
  86. Questions on certain GN Sword for Quanta
  87. Decals
  88. first resin kit
  89. Help with Wing Gundam Ver. Ka
  90. Clip mark question
  91. Painting Question
  92. White gundam marker
  93. Dirty Gundam
  94. How to fix my Deathscythe's horn
  95. Water Slide Decals
  96. MG Strike Freedom Alternate Fixing
  97. Help me (details painting)
  98. Holding 1/100 GN Sword Full Saber
  99. panel lines
  100. Help with paint for Hy-gog
  101. 1/100 XN Raiser Adaptors
  102. Help with painting a Gouf Custom
  103. Top Coat Removal
  104. A beginner's BURNING questions.
  105. Help repainting MG Strike Freedom frame
  106. Can I fix MG Exia's feet?
  107. Airbrush Recommendations?
  108. about paint type
  109. 2 questions in one color and shading?
  110. Painting white?
  111. Dried Glue =/= Nail Polisher remover
  112. Basic top coat questions
  113. Airbrushing primer
  114. Part Compatibility
  115. Accurate colors using Tamiya acrylics
  116. Paint remover and more question
  117. Need ideas on how to model an "armored GM visor"
  118. Decals from SamuelDecal
  119. Custom hands for 1/100 kits
  120. Helpful Mr. Color/Gundam paint guides.
  121. Mr. Hobby Gloss Topcoat... Not so glossy?
  122. Super simple panel lines
  123. Color Identification
  124. Fixing my HG Gabthley's Sucky Hands?
  125. For all you Future users out there...
  126. Suggestions for PG 00 Raiser Clear Parts?
  127. Quick and Easy Pistons
  128. thinning enamel paint.
  129. Materials question for custom made
  130. My first paint experience.
  131. Ima Newtype Painter and detailer info needed plz and help??
  132. First painting attempt with Lacquer paints. Any tips?
  133. Big-Zam, first model in 8 years
  134. New Kit Builder
  135. HG Gundam V Fin
  136. paint job drying a little chalky
  137. Rotary Tool?
  138. Mr. Primer vs. Mr. Surfacer vs. Mr. Primer Surfacer. Also, primer sanding?
  139. Gundam Marker question
  140. Mr. Color Paint
  141. Does anybody have any idea how to fix this?
  142. Metallic color paints for handbrushing?
  143. Couple Things I Learned the Other Day
  144. How and where to order paints for gunpla
  145. Is there a good way to go about taking apart and re-building an old model?
  146. Model Building Horror Stories
  147. Panel line Question??
  148. BTTLDMG 101: Fundamentals of Battle Damage
  149. Krylon and Enamel Paint
  150. What sort of decal do I have ? How do I apply it on my kit's surface ?
  151. Question about enamel for handpainting details
  152. simulated Polished metal look
  153. [How to] Remove dried Gloss Varnish from your Brushes
  154. A beginners questions! Lacquer Paints/Compressors
  155. The Freedom Wings
  156. acrylic washing
  157. V-fin, why are they so small :(
  158. Would this work on ....
  159. Got an airbrush as a present, need help picking the rest of the kit.
  160. absolute gunpla newb question(s)
  161. weathering wheels
  162. Painting over primer with same color
  163. How to mask circles
  164. LED Lighting for Beginners
  165. Creating your own Decal template
  166. Learning as you go: How do you cope?
  167. Help with Airbrush please.
  168. [Decal]White Decal Backing Vs. Transparent Decal backing
  169. Question about mixing paints
  170. Question about paints
  171. Bubbles in paint?
  172. How to build a gundam model (video)
  173. Tamiya Spray Color - Which for Gundam... ?
  174. Primer for lacquer paint?
  175. Airbrush Advice?
  176. 1/100 HG Deathscythe instructions
  177. Anyone ever used these?
  178. Need advice on paints for Epyon
  179. The Airbrush question thread. Ask questions here and not in a new thread.
  180. Removing Light Scuffs from Plastic Chrome
  181. Plamo Tsukurou Central
  182. Jfl0's Model Bases
  183. Tamiya spray color question
  184. Seam line question
  185. A few painting questions
  186. New To Models/Gunplas Suggestions
  187. GUNPLA001- Raw Fundamentals to building plastic models
  188. Question about weathering
  189. Gundam Decal Placement
  190. How to work with Future floor wax as a clear coat
  191. Scribing Custom Panel Lines
  192. Metallic Paints
  193. Clear Coating
  194. Cleaning plastic pieces before painting (what to use)
  195. Panel lining (what method do you use?)
  196. Where to weather?
  197. Diorama Help
  198. Panel line wash?
  199. Tape questions
  200. Pre-shading critique
  201. Need extreme help understanding what happen to my kit while panelwash. Plastic Damage
  202. How to paint PG style Manipulators?
  203. Clear Paint questions
  204. Decal help
  205. first Gundam
  206. LED/wiring thread
  207. The Best Top/Clear Coat?
  208. Very Fine Detail Brushes
  209. Best Side Cutter? What do You Use to Cut Your Models Off the Sprue?
  210. Liquid Decal Film
  211. What Do You Need For a Respirator?
  212. How to paint hoses?
  213. Resin Kits
  214. RG Gundam MKII's Manipulators - Pegs are malfunctioning
  215. Help with my first MG: Heavy Arms EW 1/100
  216. New to Gunpla? This thread will answer your questions. Ask here, and not a new thread
  217. My first Gundam model started
  218. Zeta 2.0 MG Catapult Base
  219. PG Detail
  220. Mr Top Coat Flat and Mr Super Clear Flat - Color Difference
  221. Panel Lining Wash Without a Top Coat
  222. Battle Effect Question?
  223. help on detailing my model
  224. Sets, Stands Etc.
  225. Glue, Putty, and Sealant
  226. Masking Already Painted Parts
  227. MG Zeta Gundam 2.0 hip joint defect. Advice?
  228. White Lacquer Primer?
  229. Polycap question
  230. Gold-plating Strike Freedom inner frame. Advice?
  231. Repairing broken pieces??
  232. Paint questions
  233. Replacing pegs with joints on the shoulders?
  234. Panel line wash staining bare plastic
  235. Stickers, rub offs and sealing
  236. Compressor question
  237. Probably a noob question but any help would be great
  238. What paint is this?
  239. What kind of paint do you use?
  240. How to fix blinking LED units
  241. Water Decal noob question
  242. Question about dry-transfers
  243. Case Tumbler for Sanding Parts?
  244. Spray painting
  245. Need help with Wing EW/Ver. Ka Buster rifle grip
  246. What is your process?
  247. Primer and Testor's One Coat Lacquers?
  248. Paint advise needed.
  249. Stickers
  250. Tinting clear canopy?