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  1. Black Primer - Recommendations?
  2. gundam markers?
  3. Alclad Chrome?
  4. The "EYES"
  5. top 3 most important tools....
  6. Water Decals and Stickers on Nu Gundam Ver Ka Titanium Finish
  7. Knife Shopping
  8. Problem with a screw in my PG Wing Zero Custom
  10. Micron pens
  11. Skewers for holding parts to paint
  12. Painting the Wing Zero Honoo's transparent parts
  13. Problems with waterslides from SamuelDecal
  14. PG Strike Freedom Color Help
  15. Beginning Gundam/ Beginning Gundam D Build Inquiry
  16. stand for MG RX-178 ver 2
  17. Seam Line Removal for non-painters
  18. Random questions about this Bandai Transient-Dark Matter
  19. Please help panel lining question
  20. Attaching another piece of plastic and metal. Modification help needed
  21. GUNPLA WORKSHOP - Diorama Introduction
  22. vallejo model air paint problems with certain colors
  23. Easy 123 Spray Paint (Primer) Decant for Airbrushing
  24. Which putties for which?
  25. help with resistors.
  26. BTF Full Saber question
  27. Ew mg Epyon
  28. stripping a lacquer wire help needed
  29. Help identifying joints used on a figure?
  30. Planning on painting an RG Zaku II, tips before snapping it?
  31. New way to cast metal parts?
  32. How do I know where to place my decals on my Gundams?
  33. MG Exia and LED's
  34. Magnets
  35. Glue inner frame in a permanent position
  36. Tamyia spray cans, how to remove.
  37. Question about backpack of RG 1/144 Justice Gundam
  38. Strengthening Sockets, MG Exia
  39. Storage of Tools
  40. for all you custom builders
  41. Tutorial: Emotional Manipulator Wrist modification
  42. Question - Shin Musha Gundam Shield
  43. MG strike freedom
  44. how to dissolve Tamiya cement
  45. Action Base 1 adapter for Real Grade Freedom Gundam
  46. Help! Building a spraybooth. Can't find a good fan
  47. Master Grade Hands
  48. Bullet Damage Tutorial
  49. Panel Line Scribe
  50. Sand Paper Maintenance (saving money and time)
  51. Gundam hands
  52. 3D printing pen for gunpla?
  53. Kitbashing a MG GM Cardigan?
  54. Kitbashing questions
  55. Sandy Sand Paper!
  56. Cleaning Before Painting.
  57. A little help here!
  58. Kitbash Help
  59. 1/100 Hand Recommendations
  60. Detailing: Pen Types and when to use them
  61. RG Wing Paint Scheme
  62. Painting/weathering over and between flat clear coat.
  63. putting an hg shoulder on an rg kit?
  64. Hand Painting questions
  65. Help on painting gundams? ( 1/144 HG's for now)
  66. Looking to custom paint a Beargguy
  67. New Zaku Spike set on old MG Zaku a question!
  68. Custom Color Scheme Designer Website?
  69. Beating a dead horse
  70. sazabi ver ka with black decals
  71. Sinanju, custom paint scheme for a friend.
  72. Real world weapon kits that work with 1/100 scale kits.
  73. Issue with gundam stand not being steady.
  74. Looking to identify upgrade parts
  75. Loose joints in Gundam Metal build?
  76. help about painting
  77. Metal parts help.
  78. What's the name of this drill bit?
  79. Knives, nips, and markers... From the dollar store?
  80. Paasche Air Eraser Kit
  81. Decal set??
  82. Panel scribing 1/60 PG...
  83. What am I doing wrong?
  84. How to: stripping paint off of models
  85. Modification/Scratch building/Model kit repair thread.
  86. MG Zaku I + MG Zaku II 2.0 = Zaku I 2.0?
  87. Home Made Work Station - For Small Bedroom
  88. Wing zero custom Feather upgrade
  89. recommendations on soldering irons
  90. technique share: water marbling hydro dip paint gundam parts
  91. Is this piece of a Gundam?
  92. Need help with desert color zaku!!
  93. Putty
  94. kitbash wing gundam zero compatible to gundam 00 raiser???
  95. Need help with Airbrushing/Alclad for Chrome
  96. noob here... just a question about the inner frame waist unit
  97. Panel Line Tutorial
  98. Weathering/Battle Damage thread
  99. Mr Surfacer 1000
  100. Cutting help for aluminum tubing...
  101. Advice needed: Grime
  102. Seeking Advice for My Next Project - a kitbash!
  103. Toolbox...
  104. Advice for frame painting on the 1/144's...
  105. Photography Thread
  106. PG Gundam Astray Red Frame: advice on the build, mods, metal parts, etc?
  107. Panel Lining tips for RG Mk II Titans?
  108. 1/144 and 1/100 scale people/pilots/soldiers?
  109. How well do HG Zaku IIs and HG Gelgoogs parts fit together?
  110. Extra's question
  111. Pre-shading (hand painting)
  112. Hand Painting using Vallejo Game Color
  113. Mixing clear paints to get purple
  114. Custom Orders?
  115. Paint Ideas?
  116. Gundam/other markers
  117. Help with first PG? (Zaku II)
  118. Dremel for filing/sanding.
  119. Sinanju System Weapon Bazooka.
  120. Master Grade Gundam Exia packaging error??
  121. How do you scribe perfect panel lines ?
  122. How do you keep your kit from falling apart?
  123. Panel Lining turning out very smudgey
  124. Dry transfers and stickers
  125. Tamiya Putty vs Tamiya Cement Vs Tamiya Extra Thin Cement
  126. Kit Confidence Question
  127. Gundam Bow or Kits with bows
  128. Top End Building Order?
  129. Gundam Catwalk [model photography]
  130. Pla Plating Help For Corners
  131. What would be the best way to assemble a PG?
  132. Pla Plating my tool box .
  133. Advice on an RG
  134. Identifying paint colours
  135. Plaplate Genji Head Custom Need advice
  136. Can i scribe details after painting? also can i sand primed surfaces?
  137. Plaplate heatless bending.
  138. Scriber Vs Chisel. Which should i get?
  139. How to take Models apart?
  140. Weathering with Dry Brush
  141. Mr Setter/Softer
  142. Panel lining and detail infill with chalk
  143. Flat Topcoat help
  144. Vallejo Acrylic Paint
  145. Seam lines
  146. Excellent Video resource
  147. Paint Brushes
  148. 1/144 RG MS-06F Zaku II Instructions unclear
  149. Perfect grade Zero custom wires
  150. Scale figure diorama question
  151. Panel Lining Problem
  152. The DON'TS of Gunpla
  153. mrhobby setter and softer
  154. how to tighten up the fingers?
  155. Tips to unbend a plastic wing?
  156. Tamiya Sprays
  157. decals
  158. Deathscythe Hell custom paint job suggestions?
  159. Using Pledge to close seam lines??
  160. About Gundam Markers
  161. Stencils for Painting
  162. problem when parts touch together
  163. Gundam Barbatos 1/100 Decals
  164. Gundams that have tails
  165. Fixing 1/144 HG Gundam Gusion seem lines ??
  166. Coming from a Warhammer background... have some questions
  167. Decals and Glue
  168. Hyaku Shiki- water transfer or dry transfer?
  169. How do I remove seam lines and still use a custom paint job?
  170. Zeta Gundam Perfect Grade help
  171. Best kits to harvest jet thruster parts and other mechanical details?
  172. For those of you that use Gundam Markers to Panel Line...
  173. Getting good chrome by handbrushing/rattlecan
  174. Missing decal page EW HeavyArms MG
  175. Metal 'Detail Up' Parts Sizes and Questions for 144 Scale Kits
  176. Fogging on plastic
  177. Food dehydrator to dry and cure paint.
  178. Next level painting YouTube videos
  179. Madworks Chisels
  180. I have a few questions...
  181. Gluin resin parts to plastic
  182. Specific Gunpla detail question
  183. Odd Completed Kits Question
  184. Removing deep scratches for paint prep
  185. Panel Line Marker
  186. Useful Tools
  187. Decal Tweezers?
  188. New Here, Looking for Tips
  189. Soft Vinyl model needs some weight suggesstions needed for filler(s)!!!
  190. Question about my 00 seven sword kit.
  191. Custom tools!
  192. Troubles with painting models!
  193. Black Wash on Gunpla?
  194. Trouble with the bandai hg #22 00 gundam
  195. Can't find a alternative part for a high grade Genoace custom
  196. Made a couple of video tutorials for beginners
  197. Future / Pledge in spray bottle
  198. Best color for panel liking blue parts?
  199. Panel Lining Oops
  200. Pinoy! Pen for panel lining
  201. Need help with my RG Astray Red Frame (Inner Frame snapped)
  202. Dull side cutters ruining plastic?
  203. My idea for a using Aluminum Foil in Gundam Model Kits
  204. Mod Podge on Gunpla
  205. Safe way to remove V fin?
  206. Putty or cement?
  207. Gesso Experiment.
  208. How to cover up putty?
  209. How to safely glue my PG Exia
  210. Alternative to painting.
  211. Vallejo Mecha Colors; anyone use them yet???
  212. Painting Vulcans?
  213. Removing paint from model?
  214. Tamiya panel line won't easily clean up
  215. Finally! Primer experiment done.
  216. Mr. Pain't Remover works?
  217. Decanning issue
  218. Anyone know how I can get a couple of pages from a Modeling Book Translated??
  219. Tamiya and aqueous compatibility?
  220. 1st time painting gunpla model (kshatriya HGUC)
  221. Painted part has rubber cement residue
  222. Panel Lining a embedded detail
  223. Can UHU Plast replace tamiya cement?
  224. Panel Lining with Pink, Ultra Fine Point Sharpie.
  225. Is tamiya 400 grit too coarse for nub removal?
  226. Lego Pneumatic Hoses?
  228. Will the application of Super Glue help Stickers stick better to models?
  229. How much do you take your kits apart to paint?
  230. Are the God Hands or similar pliers worth it? Any other nub-removing speed up tips?
  231. Topcoat removal
  232. SMS Paints
  233. How can I attach limbs to a master grade ball?
  234. Identical Inner Frames
  235. PG Gundam LED Light
  236. MG Geara Doga custom pipes?