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  1. Help with the lacquer I brought
  2. Panel lining on White surface. Black or Grey?
  3. Titanium Finishes
  4. Decals/Stickers
  5. Hand Paint?
  6. Applying stickers on wet surface?
  7. Clearcoat and details
  8. Enamel paints not mixing with zippo lighter fluid
  9. How long do you let Future dry?
  10. Acrylic gloss paints
  11. Panel Wash Clarification
  12. Airbrush question
  13. What are undergates?
  14. paint that oxidizes?
  15. Anyone ordered parts from Gentai parts?
  16. Painting Clear Color Gundam kits with acrylic
  17. Panel Lining RG Justice Gundam - Which colour do I use?
  18. Tamiya spray paint
  19. Hardware
  20. How to get stickers to stay... stuck.
  21. Dust in Enamel paint
  22. Mr. Color Lacquer Shelf Life
  23. Lacquer thinner resistance cutting mat
  24. Paint Removal
  25. Dried out markers for panel lining, need advice please.
  26. Rust tutorial
  27. Painting inner frames
  28. Pla Plate
  29. Some more painting help on Limited Edition HG Kits
  30. Question - Soaking
  31. Things not to buy...
  32. Panel line on top of water slide decals.
  33. Gundam Marker vs Sakura, which is better? (my first time panel-lining)
  34. Airbrushing clear colors
  35. Is this airbrush good?
  36. Removing clear coat?
  37. RG decal?
  38. Newbie Question on painting Gundam BB
  39. Complete noob. And I just bought 2 MG kits...... help!!
  40. Flat Coat?
  41. Buying Airbush
  42. Better side cutters
  43. Best rattlecans
  44. Which of these kits are worth building? (pics included)
  45. Sinanju Gold Trim
  46. Budget Spray Booth
  47. Gundam Wing Zero Fenice Custom
  48. Question about lining pens (Copic brand)
  49. Airbrush Recommendations Welcome.
  50. Need to pull apart a glued piece. Advice?
  51. Brake fluid paint stripping
  52. Waterslides
  53. Custom Fenice
  54. Painting and moving parts
  55. Storage, display, and dusting
  56. Cheaper top coat?
  57. Looking for a couple of craft files
  58. Getting rid of nubs
  59. top coat problem
  60. Painting without spraying
  61. Displaying 1/144 Funnels?
  62. Shopping service from Japan??????
  63. Help with Zaku II 2.0
  64. Creating Effect Parts?
  65. any problems with Alclad II clear coat matt?
  66. Tamiya Primer questions
  67. Best way to paint removable armor kits?
  68. Before or After
  69. How can I get an aurora effect through paint?
  70. It's something I will be trying to do on a project later on but...
  71. Airbrush is splattering please help!
  72. Using metal parts
  73. How do/can I panel line dark colored Gundam models? (navy blue, cobalt blue)
  74. Help me with kitbash please!
  75. Recasting Gunpla Parts
  76. What is topcoat for?
  77. Craft paints
  78. 3D Printing Gundam Custom Parts? Have any of you done it before?
  79. Storing completed models (especially painted ones)
  80. Gundam markers
  81. Help with hand painting and damaging
  82. help/tips needed filling holes with clearcasting/hotglue to created lightpipes
  83. Respirator recommendations
  84. Battle Damage Tutorials
  85. tips needed: storing partially painted pieces before protective coat has been applied
  86. Stickers, Waterslides, and Dry Transfers
  87. Battle Damage Thread
  88. How to cast plastic parts?
  89. Modding the MG Wing Zero Custom
  90. Where to find Gundam weathering markers?
  91. plastic lens recommendations
  92. How do you store/keep your spare parts?
  93. which gauge of wire
  94. PG Zeta Gundam LED help!
  95. Diorama 101 Series - A Tutorial on Diorama Builds
  96. 00 Raiser - Shoulder help!!
  97. Best glue for gluing movable parts in place (to prevent movement)?
  98. Ultrasonic Cleaning and Styrene
  99. Dust control?
  100. Painting the mini figures?
  101. beginners help
  102. Glow effect without black light?
  103. Making clear parts more visible?
  104. Recommendations for what sandpaper stick to use?
  105. Do you keep a log book?
  106. Clamps
  107. Painting painted kits
  108. scratch building 1/60 hyper mega launcher for PG zeta
  109. RX-78 Gundam 3.0 problem :(
  110. Tool kit
  111. Testors Plastic Cement
  112. Making stencils?
  113. Do-It-Yourself Spray Can Extractor / Decanter!
  114. Markers/Paint
  115. A little help.
  116. Decals or Stickers?
  117. Helpful blogs for beginners
  118. Overcoming the fear of starting a project
  119. new to models, questions about topcoats, decals, and details
  120. NG 1/100 Sword Impulse
  121. A Question about Sanding Parts
  122. Nu Gundam ver.ka fin funnels
  123. Couple questions regarding "basing" Gundams (i.e. securing to dioramas, etc)
  124. Hy2m-mgw01 led shining finger replacement.
  125. Gunda List
  126. Brass etch letters/symbols (instead of decals)?
  127. Mixing military kits with Gunpla; how important is scale?
  128. DIY light tent
  129. Mr SUper Clear Semi Gloss
  130. Panel Line pens. A few questions.
  131. Dozle Zabi Zaku Stickers
  132. Preferred Gundam Marker Set for Astray Kits
  133. Need help with painting~!
  134. Noob question regarding nub marks
  135. Thinning out panel lines?
  136. Pinning tutorial (repairing or strengthening joints)
  137. Resin Kits
  138. Tamiya weathering kits and diorama paint?
  139. How to prime, brush paint and seal
  140. Plastic discoloration problem
  141. Tamiya Polishing Compound
  142. How to videos?
  143. Color Choice Help.
  144. How to remove connectors from the bottom of action bases?
  145. Fixing 3.0 finger joints
  146. Modifying the joints old HG 1/100 kit
  147. Restoring paint to diecast parts
  148. Part damaged and don't know how
  149. How do I fix worn plastic on plastic joints?
  150. Best panel line color for Astray Blue Frame
  151. Part damage after cutting (Need help~!)
  152. Finger splitting
  153. Need help regarding over painting some surfaces~
  154. I've recently gotten into Gundam and want to try a model kit, but..
  155. How to sharpen a V-fin
  156. MG Full ArmorUnicorn Gundam Help
  157. Elbows
  158. Hello! I have a question about a stand for 1/60 scale!
  159. Hi! I have a question about rg destiny gundam with hg wing of light
  160. Some Questions about Epoxy Putty
  161. Skirt armor and other blank spaces
  162. Help with choosing the best nipper
  163. After market rings for Zaku piping
  164. Should I buy RG or MG?
  165. gunpla led unit battery lifespan?
  166. Modeling Power Sanders
  167. Where can I find Mark Setter?
  168. Decal Upgrade or Replacement?
  169. Alternative to gundam markers?
  170. Master Grade: Decals
  171. Fix the loose parts/joint
  172. MG Wing Zero Custom EW Ver.
  173. Urgent Problem, Broken Part.
  174. Plastic types of gunpla kits
  175. A question on an unusule mold
  176. Chain base customization.
  177. Help Painting Kotobukiya Anubis
  178. He Dark Hound lining
  179. MG gundam exia trans am panel line
  180. mg gundam rx 78 ver oyw head vent
  181. Plamo Tsukurou
  182. MG gundam destiny wing of light top coat
  183. frame question
  184. Mono Eye stickers...I hate them. Any ideas to replace the sticker?
  185. Gundam markers
  186. Pla Plate help?
  187. Question about MG wing gundam ver ka and wing gundam ew
  188. PG Zaku question
  189. Mg heavyarms shoulder joint question
  190. real grade or master grade logo font
  191. Slow drying epoxies?
  192. Eye Candy FX App
  193. U-shaped water slides in the RX78 3.0 kit
  194. help part rubbing against paint.....
  195. Pin Vise and Rivet questions
  196. Parts Separator for Sanding
  197. Drill Bits
  198. Anyone here own/use an ultrasonic cleaner?
  199. Need some help using Wave eye option parts
  200. Identifying Parts - Age-2 custom
  201. What is the theory behind pre-shading?
  202. making thrusters metallic?
  203. Spray Booth question
  204. Decals sold out?
  205. Computer parts and battle damage
  206. How to get a good price on a Gunpla at your local hobby shop and gloss tips for HG
  207. Airbrush with air canister
  208. Hi-Nu ver Ka
  209. Battle damage tutorial from a Newb **easy to follow? maybe?**
  210. G-System Chrome Plastic Thrusters
  211. Crush Damage
  212. Does anyone Know where I can find this model?
  213. Where to buy decals?
  214. Noob question
  215. Build Burning Glowing Knuckles
  216. Mr. Color Gundam color
  217. In need of display ideas
  218. nail buffer block question
  219. Questions on Top coating
  220. Hip joint fixing advice
  221. Recommend sanding sponges
  222. What am I doing wrong
  223. How do I disassemble properly?
  224. When to color gunpla?
  225. Where to buy spray paint & markers in San Jose, California?
  226. Question on precoated metallic kits
  227. Fixing Toothpick beam sabers?
  228. Joints/ upgrading
  229. enamel panel lining on robot damashii figure
  230. Airbrushing and Modeling Tips - tutorial video series
  231. Re-Shaping/bending Curved Resin Pieces
  232. modding gm sniper's elbow joint into double joint
  233. Blank Sticker in MG Kits?
  234. Masking & Polycaps/Grey "Joints"
  235. Quick Poll, what grit sandpaper do you use?
  236. Best paint for rust
  237. Decaling on colored stickers for Nu Gundam Ver Ka
  238. Fresh Battle Damage
  239. Masking advice for Beargguy faceplate
  240. God gundam kiwami part list
  241. NEED HELP Gundam Seller website
  242. Backpacks for a Beargguy?
  243. Seam lines in same hard sand places?
  244. OLD HIZack Assembly Guide - Any Sources ???
  245. Flags, Non Union
  246. Model Master and Tamiya - Can they be mixed??
  247. Epoxy and parts questions
  248. panel line scibing.....your tips.
  249. Re-Hydrating Water Slide Decals
  250. Airbrushing, paints, and other equipment